Thursday, February 28, 2013

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Sixty - A Place For Everyone

It's an early (and dreary) autumn morning, much like autumn always is in Moonlight Falls. It's also an important morning in the Overlord household. Yesterday had been the birthdays. Today Severin must relay the most important decision of his life - who gets to take on the legacy after him.

But first the Sim Deity must hide those headline effects. They do make for such poor screenshots. And...

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Gosh darn it. This week has been absurd. Okay, she thinks the Shift key is involved. Yes, it has to be involved. And...the C key too?
No! No! No! Don't take a freaking picture! Nobody wants to see this. The awkward situations the Overlords put the Sim Deity through are meant for her eyes only. And why are all three of you in the bathroom?! Gator's about to pee himself. Get out. Get--...Why do you keep deleting my queue, Severin. Who's in charge here. I am in charge. GET...OUT...



It's an early (and dreary) autumn morning, much like autumn always is in Moonlight Falls. It's also an important morning in the Overlord household. Yesterday had been the birthdays. Today Severin must relay the most important decision of his life - who gets to take on the legacy after him.
Severin: "Hey Ransom. What were you doing outside? It's raining."
Ransom: "Taking the patch off the butt of my onesie and mooning people."
Severin: "You would."
Ransom: "The mayor looked particularly appalled as he looked out of his limo."

Severin's other two daughters stumble down the stairs for some breakfast before school. Severin quietly observes them, running over his decision in his mind. In a way, he thinks he has the hardest decision of all his ancestors. Among his own siblings, Severin was clearly the maniacal one. The same had been true of his grandmother Midnight. And, of course, his mother Amaranth was an only child and thus the only one to carry on the legacy. But Severin has three viable heirs to choose from. All have their strengths. Is he making the best decision?
Ransom: "Don't look now, but your head is bleeding."
Requiem: "I know. I was head-banging in the shower and I just nailed my head right on the shower head. Then I licked my own blood all off the shower walls."
Ransom: "Whoa...really?!"
Requiem: "No, you idiot. It's red hair dye."
Ransom: "...I liked your other explanation better."
Requiem: "Tough. You don't always get what you want."
Ransom: "You're a cranky-pants."
Requiem: "You're a buttbaby."
Ransom: "What?!"
Severin: "AHERMM...."
Requiem: "Nothing."
Ransom: "What is a buttbaby, anyway?"
Banshee: "It's just a name that Requiem likes to call people. Kind of like calling you a butthead and a baby at the same time."
Ransom: "Well, that's mean."
Requiem: "Says the girl who's mooning the mayor in the front yard."

Severin blinks as he listens to them. He doesn't know whether to be disappointed in their constant bickering with each other or delighted that they all have a mean streak to them. Deciding now is not a good time to reveal his decision, he pulls out his trusty guitar and brushes up on his skill. He's so close to perfect. He's gotten the attention of just about the whole town with his performances and celebrity status. Of course, as with every celebrity, he's not loved by everyone, but he certainly has his fanatical fans and that's what he was aiming for.

The school bus honks. The girls hurry to get dressed and run out the door.
Requiem: "Heels? Really? You know they're going to sink in the mud."
Banshee: "I can clean them off at school. I'll wear what I want to. I'm not afraid of a little rain."
Ransom: "The rain shall be afraid of me one day."
Banshee: "I hope so. It's been raining non-stop."
Requiem: "I prefer it to the sunshine, thank you."
Banshee: "You know, there's rumors that some vampires in faraway places don't fry in the sun. They simply sparkle."
Requiem: "That's bull crap."
Banshee: "I'm pretty sure the bus driver hates us. We do this every time."
Severin: "If it's still Mrs. Haggenwatts, she started hating this castle way back in my day."

The girls rush out the door and smile sweetly at Mrs. Haggenwatts, whose frown wrinkles get more pronounced every day. She gives one last glare into the large front window of the castle. Severin strums his guitar as he peeks out the window and winks at her. She slams on the gas, lurching all the kids forward as she angrily speeds off.

Severin finishes playing the rest of his latest song, then gently sets the guitar back on the stand. The door quietly opens behind him. He turns to see his father shaking out his umbrella outside and closing the door afterwards. Severin smiles. He's thankful for every day he gets to see his father. He knows it's all up to the Reaper now as to how long he lives from here.
Gator: "I must say, that waterproof insulation you created and installed in the basement did turn out to be genius after all. After all this rain, I'm surprised above-ground isn't flooded."
Severin: "You doubted my genius?"
Gator: "Never mind. Anyway, I was going to ask you where you were on your decision process."
Severin: "About my heir, you mean?"
Gator: "Yes. Katt's already out of the house and your other three girls are growing up very quickly. Not to sound like a nag, but you do need to come to a decision soon. The heir needs to take over once she reaches young adulthood. Regardless of who she is, she needs plenty of time to play out her part."
Severin: "I know, dad. I've been thinking about it really deeply. It's's been hard. But...I've finally come to my decision. I'll let her know this afternoon when she gets back from school."
Gator: "Ah. Who is your choice?"
Severin: "...I chose Requiem. She seems to have the most drive. It's a vital trait to have for the legacy. It's true that if Banshee were the heir, I could train her to be the heir and the alpha wolf at the same time, but...I really can't justify having that as a bias. And Ransom...well, she's certainly evil enough, but she has so little focus that I can see her causing a lot of chaos without actually advancing the legacy much further. So...I finally chose Requiem."
Gator: "I think you chose wisely. You thought about it a lot. I know it couldn't have been easy."
Severin: "It's hard to think that I'm picking one over the other. I don't want my girls to think I'm playing favorites."
Gator: "Then don't give them reason to believe you're playing favorites. You'll have to start training Requiem to be the heir, but that doesn't mean you have to neglect Banshee and Ransom. You'll have to put in time training Banshee in the traditions of the werewolf, and Ransom...well, I'm sure she'll get your attention when she wants it."
Severin: "No doubt. Meanwhile, tonight's the full moon, isn't it? ...Crap. I have work tonight."
Gator: "Well...I suppose I could take Banshee out hunting by myself. I was rather hoping you'd be the alpha wolf tonight, though."
Severin: "...That's more important tonight. I'll figure something out."

As Gator wanders off to do some laundry and some cleaning (Severin almost wonders if he enjoys that kind of stuff), Severin ponders his predicament. He's close to getting a promotion, but he certainly can't miss the hunt tonight. He has no option of not being able to transform anyway, and he doesn't exactly want to see the pictures in the tabloids when he performs as a shaggy werewolf.
Severin: "There's gotta be a way I can make this work out to where I don't have to work, but I still get paid..."

Deciding to give it a go, Severin dials his work number.
Tristan: "Hello?"
Severin: "*cough cough* Hey, it's Severin."
Tristan: "Severin? You sound sick. What's going on? You were fine yesterday."
Severin: "It all happened so suddenly. I was coming home from work last night and I was hungry but the shops were all closed so I looked in the dumpster, but I didn't find any food. No, instead there was a Dumpster Vampire."
Tristan: "A Dumpster Vampire?"
Severin: "A Dumpster Vampire. He gave me such a sleazy look and then he vomited all over me and oh, you don't want to get Dumpster Vampire vomit on you."
Tristan: "Severin, I am a vampire, and I haven't heard of any--"
Severin: "That stuff gives you the common cold, the flu, chicken pox, thyroid disease, ankle rash, and a temporary form of leprosy all overnight. I tried to get up this morning and get ready for work, but I swooned and bashed my head against my blender and it had pancake batter in it, and it got all in my eyes and now I'm half-blind. When I tried to wash it out, I grabbed the dish soap instead of the eye drops and now I feel like a mutant freak, so I tried to put a paper bag over my head to hide my shame, but it had potatoes in it and the potatoes had rabid maggots in them and boy, you don't want those in your hair. It took me forever to wash them out, especially after using my body wash as shampoo. My hair just doesn't look right at the moment, and you know how much of a crisis that is in this industry. So, clearly I can't come into work today. I did so desperately try though."
Tristan: "Alright. do sound awful."
Severin: "My life is in shambles."
Tristan: "We'll give you a sick day. Make sure you rest."
Severin: "I will. And Mr. Van Gould?"
Tristan: "Yes?"
Severin: "Don't look in the dumpsters at night."

Smiling at his success, Severin runs over his plans forty-two more times in his head. He only has a limited amount of time to figure out Requiem's plans for the legacy once he informs her she's the heir, and then he has to teach Banshee how to hunt. Then he has to pray that Ransom doesn't annihilate the house while the pack is gone.

The school day is done soon enough. Banshee is the first one in the door, grinning as she knows the lunar cycle.
Severin: " ready for tonight?"
Banshee: "I'm a little nervous, but...yeah. I've dreamed about doing this since I was younger. We're really going hunting?"
Severin: "We are. You're a werewolf. We have to honor that heritage and the traditions that come with it. You can't go into life without knowing how to do that."
Banshee: "I'm so excited! Is grandpa coming with us?"
Severin: "He's still got some bite in him. We'll probably have to run to keep up with him."
Banshee: "Tonight's going to be the best! I can't wait to go hunting! This is going to be so much fun! I've always wanted to do this!"
Severin: "It's going to be a special night. I remember my first night hunting. One of the most important days in a werewolf's life."

Requiem stares at the walls, pretending not to hear, but forced to hear everything. She can feel little heartstrings snapping one by one. She's always wanted to go hunting with dad and grandpa too. Even as a toddler she'd pretend to go hunting, with the expectation that she'd be able to one day. But the Gathering of Werewolves said no. No life form esteems tradition as highly as the werewolves do. To break tradition is to dishonor and insult your heritage and such an act can leave one shunned and not considered a werewolf at all. Requiem knows if her grandfather or father let her go hunting, both of their statuses as werewolves would be void, and potentially Banshee's as well.

Still, Requiem hates feeling left out. Banshee gets to spend special time doing special stuff with dad. What does she get to do? She gets to sit at home and watch her bratty and destructive little sister, who will probably attempt to tie her up before the night is over.

Then again, she knows Banshee has her jealousies of her too. While Banshee has a special connection with their father with them both being werewolves, Requiem does have a special connection with their Uncle Oliver. Banshee's even confessed to Requiem that she wonders if Requiem will develop the wisdom and instincts that Uncle Oliver has. Maybe she'll be able to read minds. She'll certainly have powers Banshee won't even come close to having.

Nonetheless, Requiem just knows her dad is going to pick Banshee for the heir. Maybe even Ransom. She's no doubt the last thing on his mind--
Severin: "Alright, so there's only a little bit of time before six o'clock and I need to discuss something with you. Want to head over to the lame tavern that doesn't even sell any alcoholic beverages?"
Requiem: "Um...sure?"
Severin: "Good. We have to leave now. It'll be dark soon."

Not even realizing what's going on, Requiem scrambles after her father and hops into the passenger side of the faithful BathroomMobile.
Requiem: "Don't you think you're going a little fast, dad?"
Severin: "Nonsense."
Requiem: "We're coming up to that car. If we don't slow down, we're going to hit it."
Requiem: "Is that the horn?"
Severin: "They failed to heed our warning. Prepare to ram."
Requiem: "Oh boy..."

As Severin rethinks his plan a couple seconds before hitting and decides to pass in a no-pass zone, Banshee works on homework with Gator so she can be completely free this evening.
Gator: "Is there a reason we're doing this right in front of the kitchen counters?"
Banshee: "It helps me not be so distracted."

The third Overlord princess, meanwhile, dons her training wheels and makes her own way home after school.
Ransom: "Boy, do I hope I run into someone a picnic basket, ruby slippers, and a dumb little dog..."

Severin and Requiem make it safely to the tavern. Requiem grabs an energy drink and sits down at a small table with her dad, her heart pounding a bit. What does he have to say to her? Is he going to break it to her this way that she's not the heir? He could just say it casually. He doesn't need the show.
"Hey! You got a nice butt there, cutie."
Requiem: "Oh my gosh..."
Severin: "Pardon me, Req, while I permanently maim this tactless bimbo of an individual here..."
Requiem: "Wait...isn't that your boss?"
Severin: "Mr.Van Gould?"
Tristan: ", Severin...hey, wait a minute, what are you doing here? I thought you were sick!"
Severin: "How about you pretend I'm still sick and I'll pretend you didn't just cat-call my teenage daughter and put your life and limbs on the line."
Tristan: "Teenage? Oh, um...yeah, sounds fair."
Requiem: "You've gotten soft in your old age, dad."
Severin: "Not really. I'm about to get promoted over him. Then I can fire him for evidence of pedophilia. And I can make it bad."

Tristan Van Gould doesn't stick around for very long, of course. Severin glares after him as he exits and for a moment, Requiem wonders if her dad's going to run after him in werewolf form and maim him as he'd said. His body is tense enough to where he could possibly bolt. But he stays instead.
Requiem: "You know, I think I agree with what you said the other day about your boss being a perverted douchebag."
Severin: "Do you know how many kids he has floating around here? More than me, even."
Requiem: "Haha! Come on, dad. At least you took responsibility for us all and chose to be the best dad you could be."
Severin: "Well, I tried. I didn't plan on falling in love with four little girls, but it happened."
Requiem: "You know, depending on how you look at that, that could be really cute or insanely creepy."
Severin: "I meant the former."
Requiem: "I know, dad."
Severin: "Now then, down to business. I don't have too much time before I turn into a howling mutt and go rolling in the grass and collecting fleas."
Requiem: "Wait, that's what you do on your hunts?"
Severin: "My time of overseeing and furthering our legacy is coming to a close. I need to prepare for it to be passed down to someone who's dedicated, bold, and certifiably capable of villainy. That way the legacy can stay strong and continue to overtake Moonlight Falls with just as or more fervor than it started. And that's where you come in."
Requiem: "...What?"
Severin: "You have the drive, the bravery, and the evil streak that the legacy needs, Requiem. It's an enormous responsibility and the entire legacy rests on your shoulders, but I think you're the best fit for it."
Requiem: "Really? Oh my gosh, dad, that'! Thank you so much! Dad, I can't believe--"
Severin: "It's a great honor, but make no mistakes, there's a lot at stake with this. Being the heir isn't a title and running the legacy isn't playtime. Of course there's lots of fun stuff that goes with it, but there's a lot of work to be done and you need to have some sort of a plan. What were you thinking of doing once you reached young adulthood, and can we incorporate that into the legacy?"

Requiem pauses, trying to let her thoughts all catch up. She's the heir? Her father is giving the responsibility to her? So her dreams have come true? Swallowing, she tries to start talking right away. She can already see by her dad's face that he's fully aware of how little time he has before the hunt tonight.
Requiem: "Actually I was really thinking about working as a fortune teller."
Severin: "Scamming people out of their money? I do like that idea..."
Requiem: "Well, actually...I don't know. I have these instincts and feelings when I'm with people that I can tell what they're feeling or thinking. I think I might be able to legitimately read minds once I reach young adulthood. Uncle Oliver says that's probable. So I could gain a following by actually being real."
Severin sits back to think about it. Though his face looks a bit skeptical, Requiem can somehow sense that he's genuinely thinking it completely through.
Severin: " you could read minds like a genuine psychic and then give a fortune...and once you've established that you're genuine, you could still greatly influence the minds of your customers, who would then believe you to be completely honest. You could tweak fortunes just enough to suit our cause..."
Requiem: "...And then I could play off of what you and Grandma Amaranth started! She gained the citizens' initial trust, then you gained their emotions. I could influence their minds. And if we begin to have mind-control..."
Severin: "Resistance will crumble. I like this plan. Good thinking."

As their conversation comes to a close, Requiem can't be more excited. She's the heir! The responsibility of the legacy will be hers! Her name will be remembered, her deeds told about. And she has a plan too - a plan that her father approves of.

Severin quickly dashes home to get ready for the hunt as the full moon settles in. Requiem, meanwhile, flies down the sidewalk to tell the person who will be most excited for her news.

Back at the castle...
Gator: "Ugh. These old bones like to creak a little more during the transformation process."
Ransom: "Aww. For a moment I thought you were actually on fire. I was about to get excited."

A transformed Severin enters the castle and greets his father. A howl comes from up the stairs. Severin gives a small smile. It's time to form his pack as the alpha wolf.
Banshee: "Well, I feel especially ugly and!"
Gator: "Alright, Ransom. Dad, Banshee, and I are going hunting. We don't want you leaving the castle under any circumstances. Darth Furball will guard the house and Requiem should be here soon. She's in charge."
Ransom: "Yeah, yeah."
Gator: "Well, ready for this? It's all yours now. I'm not giving you any advice, and I'm not giving Banshee any advice either. Her training is all up to you now."
Severin: "Just like my training was all up to you when I was her age. I hope I do as well as you did. I'm a little bit nervous."
Gator: "I was too. It will be fine."
Severin: "Alright, Banshee. You ready?"
Banshee: "Ready as I'll ever be. ...Why is grandpa scratching the furniture?"
Gator: "I'm old. Let me have a little fun."
Severin: "I, uh...I paid a lot for that chair, dad..."
Gator: "I know. That's what makes it fun."
Banshee: "Well? Do I look scary enough?"
Severin: "No, silly. That's not a scary face."
Severin: "This is a scary face."
Banshee: "Doesn't Uncle Oliver make that face from time to time?"
Severin: "It works in getting people to leave him alone."

The pack is formed. Banshee takes a deep breath, then quickly scampers after her father and grandfather as they bolt out the door, ready for their big hunt. Requiem still hasn't returned, but Ransom didn't expect that she would. All the better.  She hones in on her part-werewolf blood and endures the transformation.
Ransom: "Now I shall go to the autumn festival...and see how many people I can make piss their pants..."


Requiem: "Uncle Oliver! Uncle Oliver! Guess what?"

Oliver unlocks his gate, then glances at the familiar voice. He smiles at his vampire niece, then pauses to think for a moment.
Requiem approaches and sees him deep in thought. She pretends not to notice, but subtly she tries to hone in her senses and see if she can get a feel for what he's thinking about. To her surprise, she hears a soft, almost distant-sounding voice echo in her mind: "Nice try." Oliver then raises an eyebrow and smirks at her.
Requiem: "Dang it. How do you do that, Uncle Oliver?"
Oliver: "You'll have to figure that out for yourself."
Requiem: "Oh, come on, Uncle Oliver."
Oliver: "You're an independent young woman. I'm sure you'll get it eventually."
Requiem: "Well, guess what?"

Requiem's sure Oliver could simply read her mind and guess correctly, but he plays dumb anyway.
Requiem: "Dad chose me to be the heir. I'm going to inherit the family legacy! I talked it over with my dad this afternoon. He actually likes the idea of me being a genuine fortune teller. I can actually really help the legacy this way!"
Oliver: "Excellent. Heaven knows this town needs good vampire representation."
Requiem: "Um...yeah. Quite honestly, most of the vampires I've met here are idiots. My dad's vampire boss commented on my butt earlier!"
Oliver: "Meh. He'll no doubt die of thirst at a party sometime."
Requiem: "What?"
Oliver: "What?"
Requiem: "No, what did you say?"
Oliver: "I didn't say anything."
Requiem: "Uncle Oliver!"
"Excuse me...Mr. Portland?"
Oliver: "I've told you enough times. It's Oliver. Mr. Portland was my father."
Requiem: "Who's that? Is he a client?"
Oliver: "No. He's come to Moonlight Falls to, mm...research supernatural beings. I've given him a place to stay until he reaches young adulthood and can move out on his own. His name's Alexander Victor, though much like your own last name, it's been changed."
Alexander: "Changed for the better. Oliver, I was wondering if you had an extra flask available. It turns out I need it, as the melted plutonium and palladium need to be kept separated. If combined, they can expand to rather generous amounts. While looking for another flask, I turned away from the table for a moment and I believe your cat sampled the mixture."
Oliver: "How unfortunate. How much did she swell?"
Alexander: "Well, I'll just say she makes a good throw pillow now. You did say you needed one after a particular werewolf toddler ate your last one."
Oliver: "True enough."

Requiem finds herself staring, so she looks away quickly as Alexander comes out to where Oliver is. She feels a warm, tingling sensation in her stomach. Stop it, Requiem, she scolds herself. You don't need a guy right now. Remember all the guys at school? The ones that drool over you and spurt out immature pick-up lines? Who's to say this guy is any different?

Yet somehow, just by looking at him, she can tell this Alexander is different. Maybe it's the way he carries himself. He seems so much more grown up than the guys at her school. Maybe it's his really deep voice. Maybe it's just that he seems so serious.
Requiem: "So...Alexander, right? Do you like Alex?"
Alexander: "No."
Requiem: "Alright, just asking. Where are you from?"
Alexander: "Sunset Valley. Home to political feuds, quality parenting, and the most dysfunctional and disgusting family of villains the world will ever see."
Requiem: "Oh! That's cool. I'm part of a villain family myself. I'm--"

Alexander quickly glances over at Oliver. Oliver gives a small laugh and replies, "There's no Overlord equivalent of Sprog."
Requiem: "What's a Sprog?"
Alexander: "It's a creature that punches babies, has glowed red since birth, and killed off half the town before his teenage years."
Requiem: "That's...a little extreme."
Alexander: "That's describing some of the kinder things he's done."
Requiem: "Well, I can see why you moved here."
Alexander: "I was quite encouraged to hear Moonlight Falls was occupied by sensible villainy. It's nice to put extra time and effort into my projects without Scumthorpe chaos and general human stupidity following me."
Requiem: "Well, I can't guarantee there won't be general human stupidity here."
Alexander: "Has anyone here ever abandoned a baby right next to a sizzling meteor that just struck the ground?"
Requiem: "...No."
Alexander: "I rest my case."
Alexander: "...Well, I've been talking for long enough. I don't even know your name."
Requiem: "Oh, it's alright. It's Requiem Overlord. I live in the castle near the festival grounds."
Alexander: "You live in a castle? Hmm. I thought they were all torn down long ago. Perhaps I read some faulty textbooks."
Requiem: "Oh, no, ours is new-ish. My great-grandmother Midnight Overlord built it, so it's not an old medieval castle. It's...not even really that big, to be honest. We're kind of cramped in there."
Alexander: "I would be curious to see it. I've always thought a castle would be fitting for a villain. How many family members do you have?"
Requiem: "My grandpa, my dad, and two sisters live with me there."
Alexander: "And you're all vampires?"
Requiem: "No, I'm the only vampire. My grandpa, my dad, and my sister Banshee are all werewolves, and my little sister Ransom is a witch."
Alexander: "...So there's not a human among you?"
Requiem: "My older sister Katt is a human. But she's already moved out."

Requiem hardly notices the time as she talks with Alexander. He seems to be so knowledgeable on so many things, and always probing for more information to add to it. Finally, a guy in her high school that's not an immature dork. Finally a guy she can actually admire and respect a little bit.

The time slips away from her until she only has fifteen minutes before curfew. Realizing she hadn't planned on staying this long (only long enough to tell Uncle Oliver her good news and run back home to watch over Ransom), she charges back, hoping Ransom hasn't gotten into too much trouble while she's been gone.


Severin: "Banshee! Keep up!"
Banshee: "I'm coming! Where's grandpa?"
Severin: "Way ahead of us both."

Severin doesn't plan on going easy on his daughter now. He's explained all his father had explained to him as they left. Banshee now needs to keep up and put in her due effort to honor her heritage. They eventually make it all the way to the beach. Severin had purposely chosen the long route, as his father had chosen one for him during his first hunt.
Banshee: "Oh my gosh...that was such a long run."
Severin: "It was nothing compared to what our ancestors were used to."
Gator: "Ah...this old dog's still got some energy in him yet."
Banshee: "...I smell something in the air. What is it, exactly? How do I smell it out right?"
Gator: "That's for you to discuss with the alpha wolf. He is the one you take instruction from while hunting. All other wolves fall in line behind the alpha."
Banshee: "But you're his dad. You don't fall in line behind him, do you?"
Gator: "While he is alpha wolf, I do. He's been under me for much of his life. Now he has been trained well and I, as a former alpha, have bestowed the alpha role upon him. I am now content to fall in line behind him during hunts. He is competent."
Banshee: "Do you suppose I'll be an alpha wolf one day?"
Gator: "Should your father choose to bestow it upon you when you're ready, yes."

Eager to learn, Banshee wanders closer to her father and tries to pick up on the scent he so eagerly sniffs the air for.
Banshee: "You seem to be onto something. I can only smell a slight tinge of it. Can you smell it better?"
Severin: "They're rubies. A couple of rubies."
Banshee: "You can even smell it to that detail?!"
Severin: "Your senses will develop as you practice, Banshee. Mine were as pitiful as yours when I was your age. Now, follow what little smell you have. I want you to go find those rubies."

Unsure of herself but willing to try, Banshee stuffs her nose to the ground and scratches to pick up even the slightest bit of extra scent. It takes her a good forty minutes, but she finally finds them. Excitedly she brings them to her father. He simply stares at her. Then she remembers - she's supposed to do a victory howl.
So she does. She gives it all she has, using all her breath. When she finishes, she gasps for air, then side-glances at her father. She blushes to find him grinning in approval.


Ransom: "'s a pity so many people hide during a full moon. There's so few souls to torment here. But hey, there's one over there..."

Taking advantage of being left alone, Ransom pays a quick visit to the autumn festival. She's a bit saddened that there's so few people to scare with her ugly face, but she'll make do with what she has to work with.
Man: "Hey, young lady. Isn't it getting close to your curfew?"
Ransom: "Oh, hey, Beethoven. I didn't know you could talk, what with you being deaf and all."
Man: "Excuse me?"
Ransom: "I guess you are after all. Meanwhile, can I sniff you inappropriately?"
Man: "I dare say!"

Before Ransom can even try, the man huffs away. So Ransom approaches her next victim.
Woman: "Aww, you're a cute little--"
Ransom: "Cute?! You ever seen legs this hairy on a girl and called them cute? Feel good, don't they?"
Woman: "Oh my word! Don't rub them on me!"
Ransom: "Oh, here's something better."
Woman: "Gosh! Put your arm down! My goodness, you have such hairy underarms for a little girl!"
Ransom: "Oh...I'm sorry. I'm...I just don't know how to act sometimes. Can I give you this cookie I got at the stand? I feel terrible."
Woman: "Oh, Chocolate chip. Well, thank you, young lady. I'm sorry I spoke inappropriately of you. My, though, this does have a rather unique taste to it..."
Ransom: "That's because I rubbed it in my armpit hair before I gave it to you. See the crumbs?"
Woman: "Hurrrk!"

Suspecting she only has a little bit of time before Requiem gets back to the castle (and screams at her for leaving), Ransom decides on one last act of mischief before heading back to the castle. She grabs a nearby cat and smothers its face in her armpit hair for a good five seconds.
Ransom: "Well...I can officially say I've traumatized a cat now."


Severin: "Young lady, I believe we told you to stay at the castle. You directly disobeyed orders."
Ransom: "I know..."
Severin: "You're grounded until your next birthday. We take trust around here seriously. After school, you are to come home and stay home."
Ransom: "Fine."
Severin: "What did you even do while you were gone tonight?"
Ransom: "I shoved a cat's face into my armpit hair."
Severin: "...You did what?"
Ransom: "Oh, just normal stuff."
Severin: "...I don't pretend to know what's going on anymore."

Author's notes: Boy, was this a long chapter. Took me six hours to write. Six! But it's kind of worth it since I left you guys, like, three weeks without a chapter. I feel awful about that.

The opening scene of the chapter went exactly like that when I started playing. I remember thinking, "I am not going to quit the game just to look up the stupid code online." Especially because this time around it took ten minutes for my game to load. It's never taken that long before. Fortunately I figured it out eventually, as the later screenshots show.

And, ladies and gentlemen, Alexander Victor, the teenage clone of Darius Victor and specially created character of MinghamSmith. I very much hope I've written Alexander in an accurate light. Again, many, many thanks to Mingham for collaborating with me on this idea and for giving me such a great character to work with.

Leave any comments below! Can't wait to hear from you guys again. I've missed you!

Making Overlord Chapel and Cemetery

So I got an idea a little while ago that I wanted a little area of town to conduct weddings and funerals and I also wanted a specific cemetery for the Overlords, rather than burying them all in the graveyard (as they are now). Eventually that idea grew into a church and, after much thought and much searching for appropriate decor, I have finally built the Overlord Chapel and Cemetery. Is it ridiculously ironic that the Overlords own a church? Yes. Deliciously so.

For this area I choose a lot way bigger than I actually needed, but oh well. It's also pretty vast and very simple, i.e. doesn't have a lot of flowers or anything in it. This is because I don't have an eye for (or a brain that thinks in terms of) details; I look at the big overall picture. So if anyone has any ideas about what to add to the lot to make it look even better, please feel free to comment! I am totally open to input here.

And now to the chapel and cemetery!
Here the lot is from the front. It's a very small, one-room church. I didn't design it to be a gigantic thing, but a small building to serve the purpose of weddings, funerals, and other meetings. One thing of note: it took forever for the roofs to look completely right, and it still doesn't all the way around. There's a gap in the back between the steeple and the lower roof that I don't show. But I couldn't think of any way to fix it. The bell I used moveobjects on to get up there.
Here's a nice little pond for quiet reflection, maybe some fishing if a person so desires. Or, theoretically, it could also be used for a spiritual purpose like baptism. Anyway, just nice to have there. Adds to the calm, respectful atmosphere of the lot.
To the left of the church we have a hedged area with a statue dedicated to the great Overlord founder, Rufus. Let's take a closer look...
If you look closely, it looks like the statue is wearing Rufus' trademark outfit. So hey, it works. This is a statue honoring the Overlord founder.
And here's one more look at that little area. I would like to add flowers at some time because I feel that would look better, but I haven't decided on the details of that yet.
Behind the church we have the Overlord Cemetery, where all the Overlords can now rest together. Walking inside the gate, we find...
This first little area here belongs to Generation One. I did, admittedly, use buydebug for the tombstone changes, so technically they're not the actual graves of the Overlords (in that they can't pop out of them). But they represent them and I am okay with that, because I think it looks better this way. So the tall one is obviously Rufus, with the medium sized one being his wife Bambi. Then the small markers are for Dungeon and Maiden, the first two Overlord children to be born.
Here is Generation Two's area. The tall stone belongs to Midnight, the Generation Two heir. The medium stone belongs to Jakkson, father of Amaranth. It's a rather small area. Midnight didn't have any other children. There's only room left for one more medium-sized tombstone, which will go to Phantom when his time finally comes (he's still an Adult in the game at the time of this writing). The only other member of Generation Two is Oliver, who won't taste death at all.
Ah, Generation Three. Here we have Amaranth's grave. The other little tombstone is Soren's. He's dead already. I considered making some grand story for his early departure (and I will for the actual genealogy page), but the truth is, he became a homeless Sim and then became a zombie one night. And he wouldn't stop bothering me, so I shift-click-deleted him. I didn't think it would wipe him totally out of existence, but, did. So he's gone. Anyway, the spot to the right of Soren's grave belongs to Tobie when his time comes. The spot to the left of Soren's grave just breaks my heart to see. It, of course, is Gator's spot. I do not look forward to filling that.
And, of course, this little empty lot is for Generation Four. Severin, Katt, Banshee, and Ransom will all be buried in this area when their times arrive.

Now onto the inside of the church!
The only thing I'm dissatisfied with are the huge lamps from the ceiling. I'm thinking I'll remove those and place candle holders on the walls instead. But otherwise, here's a view of the church from the door. This is it. Just a small little chapel, but I like it. I designed it to be this way.
Here's a better view of the front. We have a lectern here for the preacher/officiant, a church piano to the right, and a table with a Bible on it to the left.
A view from the front looking to the back. Only thing really of notice are the candles in the back. I've only been in a Catholic church a couple of times, and I believe I've seen candles of that nature. But what stood out to me were the candles in the Orthodox churches I got to see in Romania when I visited last year. One side was for prayers for the living, one side was for prayers for the dead. Interesting fact: our Romanian translator told us that if you light a candle for a living person on the dead-people-candle's side, it's as if you're putting a curse on them or wishing they were dead. That could come in handy with the Overlords, I suppose. :P
Finally one last look, a bit to the side just to show the stained glass windows.

So, there's the Overlord Chapel and Cemetery. I'd love to hear feedback!