Monday, September 10, 2012

The Overlord Legacy - Chapter One - Introducing the Overlords

[This legacy is based off the Random Legacy Challenge ( I've never written a story legacy-style, so this ought to be interesting. For this legacy, I've shortened the lifespan to Medium, with the exception that I have given 7 days to the toddler stage. This is to help me stay engaged - I've traditionally never gotten past the 5th generation of any legacy challenge I've done in the past, and I'm hoping a shorter lifespan will keep me interested longer and also make for a shorter story so I can go onto other challenge stories.]

Generation One
Marital structure: Couple
Number of children: Three
Primary income: Criminal (Evil branch)
Secondary income: Law enforcement (Spy branch)
Generational goal: Hobby or Obsession
Fun goal: Hands Off 

Welcome to the Overlord Legacy. In this fine series, we'll be looking at the life of the Overlords through ten generations as they try to survive the eerie town of Moonlight Falls. Our story starts here, with this fine young couple.
Meet Rufus Overlord. 'Course, he wasn't born an Overlord. Just a few years prior, he still had his pappy's last name, Carter. Little Rufus grew up with seven other little Carter siblings and a hard-working pappy Carter and a nurturing mammy Carter. But there always has to be one black sheep in the bunch and Rufus volunteered. His goal in life? WORLD DOMINATION! It is with this goal in mind that he changed his last name to Overlord. In fact, he already believes he is an overlord - he just doesn't have the control and the gigantic castle yet. His traits include Evil (because, well, how can you be an evil overlord if you're not evil?), Athletic (fat overlords can't wield massive superweapons very well), Genius (c'mon, what evil overlord isn't?), Dramatic (a boring overlord is an unfeared overlord), and Neurotic (you practically have to be, considering the town hates you, any children will desire to usurp your throne, and there's always a hero out there waiting to defeat you).

Oh, we haven't even mentioned the doll next to him. That's Rufus' trophy wife, Bambi. Rufus knew she was the one he wanted as soon as his eyes met hers at their high school prom. She was beautiful, delicate, graceful. He waltzed over to her and asked her to dance with him. Well, first he had to dispose of her date (I think it's been reported that he just now got out of the hospital), but she was putty in his hands. After all, one day he was going to be an overlord and overlords have money and power, and what trophy wife could resist? Of course, after he married her, he made a distressing discovery. Four of her five personality traits were fine (Athletic, Easily Impressed, Over-Emotional, and Schmoozer), but he then discovered she was...Good.
  Oh, it was a rough day for Rufus. For a moment his world seemed to cave in. How could his trophy wife support his plans for world domination if she was Good? While he was busy holding hostages for ransom money and brain-washing the children at the local school, she'd be donating to charities and assisting bomb victims of buildings he'd just demolished. At once he marched up to her, ready to shove divorce papers in her face. Unfortunately for Rufus, I the Sim Deity have rolled to determine his fate and had to tell him...

Rufus also does not want children (sons would just try to usurp his position and daughters would unwittingly fall in love with the hero set to destroy him), but the Sim Deity has already decided his fate in that area as well. He's got about thirty-five Sim days to his life at this point, so it's time to get cracking.

 On Day One, Rufus joined the league of criminals, beginning his career as a decoy. Such status is clearly beneath Rufus' ability, but he has to work his way up. Athletic skill is an immediate requirement for his job and, well...running is not what overlords do best. 

In keeping with the Generational Goal, Rufus also will spend 10 hours each week playing chess, as part of his hobby/obsession (in regards to his Genius trait). He cannot earn money from this, but the logic he gains from it will come in handy once he starts getting up there in the criminal ranks.

Bambi will spend 10 hours each week working on her athletic skill as part of her hobby (and, of course, to maintain her trophy wife figure). It will also be useful for her secret aspiration. It's an aspiration she is too scared to share with her husband, but she hopes it will become real for her just as well...

...and this aspiration is joining law enforcement and becoming an international super spy. She found a Help Wanted ad in the paper for a Desk Jockey position. She secretly applied and got the position. Now she'll just have to go jogging every morning around 7:00 to get to work on time and avoid suspicion from her husband. After all, her job starts one hour earlier than Rufus' does. She also has to get to work right away on the chess table, as logic is required for her position.

Here is the Overlord house, by the way. Doesn't look much like a castle yet (except for the master bedroom, which they were able to renovate with the money they have). The goal is to make this house appropriately dark and horrific, then move to a larger mansion more suitable for an overlord.

To close out, let's take a look at Rufus and Bambi's beautiful relationship. Despite their differences, they really are an adorable couple.


A beautiful relationship indeed.


  1. Awesome start! Rufus, lol. He's hilarious and seems like a really fun character. Also, I did not see that coming- Bambi the spy, haha. I like your sense of humor.

    Rufus though. I'm in love already. He's so diabolically evil, and his name choice is perfect.

  2. Love love love Rufus already! Crazy/weird characters are so much more fun to write about than the normal 'sane' ones! My legacy founder is neurotic and frugal, and though they're not quite as fun as evil, nor is he a criminal, its still fun to make him as annoying as possible to his wife haha!

    I love the opposing good vs. evil and your Sim Deity info was very funny!

  3. Cute start! Love the Evil Overlord. :)

  4. Holy cow, Rufus sure looks like an evil overlord with those eyebrows. I agree with the others, your legacy is off to a great start! Can't wait to read more! :-)

  5. Great start! You have a hysterical writing style. I love the good and evil play.


    Ah, it's about time I got to reading this all the way through. I've always enjoyed your Sim stories. Let's see what happens down the road.