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Overlord Legacy - Chapter Twenty-Six - I'm Here To Find Your Mouthwash, Kid

It's scary, yet a bit exciting when everyone has left and Amaranth realizes she has the whole castle to herself. It's even emptier than what she grew up with - Oliver took the sketching table, Jakkson took the gem-cutting machine (but left the gems), and Phantom disposed of his plants which were nearly dead anyway and sold his beekeeping box (he'd never liked it, after repeatedly getting stung). Now she can make some decisions on what she wants to fill the house with. Her mother left her with a decent amount of money.

She doesn't know exactly what she wants to do with it yet, but she does know she wants the dungeon removed. She doesn't have any need for it anymore. In its place, she purchases a big black beauty, an amenity that the Overlords had never owned before.
She spends all afternoon learning logic at the science facility (she rather wishes she'd paid more attention in school) and heading to the police department to get a job as a private investigator. She's pretty excited about it. She gets to help people, but she also gets information on people's private lives. She doesn't know how she's going to be able to manipulate their lives later on, like her mother would want, but at least she can collect the information now.
The police academy doesn't think twice about hiring her, although she's not sure if it's because they liked her resume or they were worried to turn down an Overlord. She noticed the police officers looking at her uneasily. Amaranth knows they're aware of her mother's overthrow of the military. Perhaps they're afraid Amaranth will overthrow the police academy. As long as she stays a private investigator, however, Amaranth doesn't have control of the academy. Hopefully they'll relax around her a little.

She gets back home and discovers the bills lying on the floor. This irks her more than anything. It doesn't take much effort to put the bills in the mailbox. Not to mention the Overlord Castle is probably the last place a person would want to toss precious financial stuff on the grass.

She writes the checks, then places them in the mailbox. Then she freezes. She can feel a presence behind her. She'd be more frightened if she didn't recognize the cologne.
 Zack: "So...everyone's moved out, huh?"
Amaranth: "Why are you still in your graduation robes?"
Zack: "I'm valedictorian, silly. Not everyone in the town knows yet."
Amaranth: "Conversation starter, eh?"
Zack: "Of course. I'll put them away tomorrow, but there's nothing wrong with being a little proud of your achievements, right?"
Amaranth: "I suppose not. I was voted most likely to become a millionaire."
Zack: "You own a flipping castle and you're the granddaughter of Rufus Overlord. Of course you're going to be a millionaire one day."
Amaranth: " there a reason you came? Are we going to stand here or paint the town?"
Zack: "Well, actually...."
Zack: "...I was thinking we could stay here at the castle. There's plenty for us to do together, if you know what I mean."

She may be all grown up, but Amaranth still feels as giddy as she did as a teenager. Zack's was a pretty popular kid in school. He could've had anyone he wanted and yet he chose her. Finally someone who doesn't fear or hate her because of her last name, someone who understands that she's a person too. Her feelings for him have gotten deeper and deeper as time goes on, and now she's sure she loves him. She'd been told that her grandparents fell in love in high school. She's sure her story is similar.
Amaranth: "I'm really happy you're here, Zack. You always make me smile."
Zack: "Well, good. I love seeing it."

Trying not to giggle like a five-year-old, Amaranth slowly walks back inside, with Zack following close behind. Her heart pounds like a drum. Tonight could be the night that she gives herself all away. She wonders if she's completely ready for that. She knows she loves Zack. She knows she wants to marry him. Should she save herself until then? But then, why wait if she knows?

She's jolted out of her thoughts when Zack grabs her and kisses her passionately.
Amaranth melts as his warm mouth presses against hers, as his soft hands caress her shoulders, as his strong body pushes against her. She knows it's time. She knows she loves him, and she knows he loves her too. She's ready to give herself to him. She's ready to experience the greatest act in the world.
Zack: "Come on, love...I know where the bedroom is. Your vampire friend showed me when I first came to visit."
Amaranth: "He gave you a pretty sexy hairstyle, you know."
Zack: "Meh. I still liked my mullet."

Laughing, Amaranth goes with him into the master bedroom, which is now hers. It's dark yet sultry in there - quite appropriate from her dark and sultry mother. Amaranth can't wait. She already feels magical.
Zack: "Well...."
Amaranth: "Well what?"
Zack: "You know exactly what. I want you. Right now."

It doesn't take long. The clothes come off, the hands begin roaming, and Zack climbs on top. Amaranth smiles. Pleasure City, here she comes.


Amaranth wakes up bright and early the next day. Zack has already left - she knows he has a job somewhere that he probably had to leave for and he didn't want to wake her. Hoping to work on her logic a little more before going to investigate some cases, Amaranth searches the galaxy with her brand new telescope that she bought yesterday. It's quite fascinating, really. The universe is so large and incredible. On the day when her family does end up taking over the world, there's still so many worlds left to conquer, more worlds than she can even see through her telescope. Perhaps that's something for future generations to aspire for - universe domination.
World domination doesn't have to be such a bad thing, she ponders. Being in control of the world doesn't mean tormenting the world, right? She can do her part to further the Overlord legacy without being a jerk.

Feeling more prepared, Amaranth heads to the police station to see if there are any reports she needs to investigate on. She finds a cute little slip of paper in her box with large, sloppy handwriting, almost like that of a child's. Upon reading it, she discovers that it does belong to a child - someone stole his mouthwash and he desperately wants it back.

Sighing, Amaranth heads outside to find the boy. She'd been hoping her first case would be something more serious or substantial, but she'll take what she can get. She's the only one bringing income into her household right now anyway, at least until she and Zack get married. He hasn't spoken of proposing yet, but she's sure it'll happen sometime.
The little boy's name is Jake, and he seems quite distressed...and also quite conniving.
Amaranth: "So tell me more about this case you want me to investigate."
Jake: "Oh, Detective Overlord, it was horrible. My breath smells so bad in the morning and I hate tasting it during school. And Detective Overlord, I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me."
Random guy in graduation robes: "He's just a poor boy from a poor family!"
Jake: "Spare me my life from this monstrosity!....And could you spare some Simoleons?"
Amaranth: "Listen, I'm here to find your mouthwash, kid. That's my job. Do you have any idea who would've taken it? Did you see any physical features or anything?"
Jake: "He was old and fat and ugly."
Amaranth: "...Okay. I guess I could...try to narrow that down..."
Jake: "His name is Rainflower, I think."
Amaranth: "Rainflower Ivy? You mean Daydream and Peanut's dad?"
Jake: "Maybe. I've never been to Peanut's house so I don't know who his dad is."
Amaranth: "Okay. I'll go talk to him. We'll see if we can get your mouthwash back."

Frankly disgusted by the case, Amaranth takes her new car to the Ivy household. She wonders if she should've gotten into this profession after all. Sure, she gets the details of people's private lives, but she also gets to see how stupid people are. How could an old man bully a young boy and steal his mouthwash?
Amaranth: "Hello, Mr. Ivy. The environment looks great today, doesn't it?"
Rainflower: "Oh, it certainly does. Thanks to people like my family, of course. There's so much pollution in this town. It's a good thing those Overlords haven't taken charge of the science facility yet, or else they'd find some invention to pump more pollution here. Those Overlords have just ruined everything this beautiful town--"
Amaranth: "Yeah, okay, they're corrupt and mean and nasty. But I'm not here to talk about that. I wanted to know if you'd seen any mouthwash. Little boy named Jake had his stolen and he told me you might have it in your possession."
Rainflower: "I don't believe you have any right to ask me about that."
Amaranth: "Here's my badge."
Rainflower: "...Detective Overlord?"
Amaranth: "Do you know anything about Jake's mouthwash."
Rainflower: "....Nope. I know nothing. Sorry."

Amaranth wants to sock this old bully right in his beer belly. She's starting to wonder if this is why her mother hated people so much. Taking in a deep breath, Amaranth decides to try a different tactic. She has Simoleons to spare, so she might as well use what she has to solve the case.
Amaranth: "You don't know anything about the mouthwash? Are you sure? Hmm. I guess these fifty Simoleons will have to stay in my pocket, then. It's too bad. I was intending to reward the honest person who returned the mouthwash. But I guess it isn't you..."
Rainflower: "Oh! Fifty....? Actually, come to think of it, I do believe I have the mouthwash in my bathroom. Fancy how it wound up there. So, uh...that reward would be quite nice."
Amaranth: "Pleasure doing business with you. The mouthwash, please."
Rainflower: "Always willing to help a nice pretty detective like you. I only used the mouthwash a couple of times."
Amaranth: "...I think I'll just leave that part out, thanks."

Hoping she never has to deal with the mean old buffoon again, Amaranth gets in her car and heads back to the police station. She's glad it didn't take that long. She's sure Jake is still at the station waiting for her.
The boy is nearly in tears, asking her if she found his mouthwash. Amaranth isn't sure what the big deal is about the mouthwash, but she returns it to him and he gives her a big hug. She smiles. It's a good feeling.

Having no other cases that day, she decides to conduct a stakeout at the playground. If there are old bullies like Rainflower Ivy around, she should keep an eye out at the playground to catch any more. Switching to her detective clothing, Amaranth grabs her bushes and keeps an eye out. She gets a bad dose of heartburn while she crouches, but it doesn't do much more than cause some gurgling belches. She probably shouldn't have gobbled down that goopy carbonara this morning so fast.
Amaranth: "If Branch Timberly shows up at the playground, I swear I'm calling the police..."

Before long, a rather suspicious-looking individual shows up. Amaranth keeps perfectly quiet behind her bushes, peering through them intently. Another fellow shows up a couple of minutes later.
Stranger: "So,'s the weather, Flint?"
Flint: "It's quite wonderful."
Stranger: "...So, uh....we're kind of in the middle of the playground. Are you sure nobody's watching us?"
Flint: "We're just a couple of friends talking. Unless someone were crouched down right beside us, nobody could know what we're doing."
Stranger: "Okay...well, I don't see anybody."
Flint: "Neither do I. Let's proceed."
Stranger: "...I, uh...'convinced' Harris not to run for mayor, using some rather unique techniques. He'll get out of the hospital eventually, but not until after the big debate tonight. Looks like the position is all yours, Flint."
Amaranth: "Good grief."
Flint: "Good job. That's exactly what I wanted to hear--...wait, who are you?"
Amaranth: "Oh, I'm not here."
Flint: "You're what?"
Amaranth: "I''m not real. I'm a figment of your imagination."
Flint: "Oh...okay. Well, good job, sir. Keep up the good work...people will think twice before trying to run against me for mayor."
Couple in the background: "GAAAAH DIE DHJKFHJSHFJHUDHSUJHDK!!!!!!!!"

Amaranth trots off to the library to write a report on what she saw. So much corruption at the playground, so much chaos. And it's not even Overlord chaos.

She returns to her castle to get a good night's sleep for the next day of investigations. But she can't just yet. The Sim Deity has something to inform her.
Amaranth: "Goodnight, Sim Deity."
Uh, no. Not yet, Amaranth.
Amaranth: "Well, I have to get some sleep before the investigations tomorrow. Can you tell me in the morning?"
Amaranth: "What could you possibly have to tell me right now that can't wait until the morning?"
Take a wild guess.

Author's notes: A rather short-ish chapter, compared to what I have been writing. Put some focus on Amaranth's investigations, since they're often just funny to watch. I really wanted to slug Rainflower Ivy for being such a big jerk and stealing the little boy's mouthwash, but that's not exactly in Amaranth's character, so I couldn't.

And yes, Amaranth is pregnant already. This goes with the challenge of having a shortened lifespan, but it keeps things moving pretty well. I don't think it should feel too rushed, with how I've spaced out the chapters. The biggest surprise for me was that she only had one bout of morning sickness and didn't even throw up from it. I translated it to heartburn rather than nausea.

Hope you enjoyed! :D


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    The P.I. career is my fav to play. So many different ways to play it.

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    I love the spying behind the bush scene! It was funny too, the fight going on in the background---that added to the Corruption at the Playground report. :P

  4. Poor Amaranth. I have bad feelings about Zack.
    But I really enjoyed her hiding behind those...fake bushes! Silly Sims!

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