Friday, December 21, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Forty-Six - Baby Steps

Gator: "Well...are you ready for this?"
Amaranth: "I went through it once with Soren. I hope it will be easier this time around. At least we'll get to stay with Severin. The more I think about it, the more I'm really glad we made that choice."
Gator: "We really didn't have any other option. Or rather, he didn't."
Amaranth: "I wasn't looking forward to leaving the castle anyway. I have so many memories in this place."

Amaranth tries not to let her fears show through too much. She's lived a good life, accomplished what she wanted and needed to accomplish, survived rock bottom, and ended up raising three sons to young adulthood and getting married to the man she'd been in love with nearly all her life. It has been a very good life. But still, it seems to have been so short. Time has flown way too quickly. She's old. Her children are grown. It was just yesterday when they were babies - now Severin has a baby of his own. It's not that Amaranth fears death. She just doesn't want it to come so quickly.

Gator knows that, even though he's getting older himself, his part in the life of Severin has really just begun. Severin won't be able to function without him. He needs him more than ever. While Gator couldn't be around to help him when he was a child, he'll make up for it now.

Gator also realizes it's a task that, soon, he'll have to do alone. The crushing realization of his wife's imminent departure from the world makes Gator sick every time he thinks about it, but he knows he needs to think about it. He can't turn off his mind and pretend Amaranth's time isn't coming to a close. If he can learn to accept it now, it will be easier to deal with when the time comes.

Checking his watch, Gator sighs.
Gator: "I suppose we're going to have to get them up before they miss their own graduation ceremony."
Amaranth: "We always had to get them up for school, what makes you think it'll be any different now that they're adults?"

As it turns out, Katt has beaten Amaranth and Gator to the punch in getting the boys up.
Gator: "I'll have to remember to thank Katt for getting you two up."
Severin: "Whose brilliant idea was it to put the crib in our bedroom?"
Tobie: "Well, it prevents us from having to get an alarm clock."
Severin: "Tobie. My voice is dripping with so much sarcasm that I practically need to tie a tourniquet to my tongue to stop it."
Tobie: "I'd rather wake up to a baby than a high-pitched screeching alarm clock."
Severin: "I can drop-kick alarm clocks out windows to turn them off. I can't do that with babies."
Amaranth: "Aww, does someone want a little love?"
Severin: "As long as it doesn't involve commitment."
Amaranth: "...I was talking to Katt."

It seems as if the high school days aren't quite over yet as Amaranth and Gator struggle to get the boys in their graduation robes and ready to get out the door so they don't miss their own graduation ceremony. For a moment, Amaranth almost regrets wishing the boys hadn't grown up so fast. It hardly seems as if they've grown up at all. But eventually, the Overlords make it to city hall, graduates and baby in tow. Tobie graduates with high honors and is voted by his peers, "Most Likely to Get Married" (Amaranth wipes away a tear, Severin tries not to barf). Meanwhile, the school considers it an honor that they managed to graduate Severin and get him out of their school system at all, and Severin's classmates vote him, "Most Likely to Take Over the World." For once, Severin breaks out in a smile about the whole process.

After the graduation ceremony, they spend some time outside city hall. Tobie is leaving straight from city hall for his new apartment in town. He has everything packed and in his car already.
Severin: "Alright, I'm glad that's over with. I want to burn these robes and everything associated with this brainless education institution. Except my prom king crown. Whenever I get my throne room build, I want that in a guarded glass case."
Tobie: "Is Katt feeling okay? I noticed she was crying during the ceremony."
Amaranth: "Yeah, she just had a bit of an accident in her diaper."
Severin: "An 'accident'?"
Amaranth: "You know what I mean, Severin."
Severin: "She sure farts and strains a lot to 'accidentally' crap her diaper."

After some chatting, the time comes for Tobie to make his way to his new home. It's a hard moment, even for Severin.
Gator: "I'm proud of you, Tobie. You've worked hard to become who you are. I know you'll do well out there. I only wish I could've been there for you a little more as you were growing up."
Tobie: "No, It's okay. I'm sorry I haven't been as appreciative of you as I should have been. You've done so much for this family and I'm only now starting to see it. Thank you, dad."
Gator: "Keep in touch, Tobe, and don't be afraid to visit. We'll always be happy to have you around."
Tobie: "I'll definitely do that. You need an extra pair of eyes to watch out for Severin anyway."
Gator: "That we do."
Severin: "Nonsense. The whole world will be watching me soon."
Gator: "Please do visit sometime, Tobie."

Unfortunately Gator can't stay for long - he has a game to prepare for at the stadium - but he hangs around for a couple minutes longer as Severin says goodbye to his "twin" brother and his best buddy. As much as he wants to avoid being mushy and affectionate, Severin decides to give in just this once.
Severin: "'s been fun. My toilet car is almost complete. You'll have to drop by and see it sometime. Hopefully before I get famous and have fans falling all over me."
Tobie: "Haha! You never lose your sense of humor, Sev."
Severin: "I was being serious."
Tobie: "Admit it. You'll miss me."
Severin: "Blasphemy."
Tobie: "You will and you know it."
Severin: "I don't even..."
Tobie: "Say it. 'Man, I'm gonna miss you, Tobie.'"
Severin: "I am not a sentimental man."
Tobie: "And IIIIIIIII will always love youuuuuu, oh, IIII--"
Severin: "Stop swaying with me. Stop swaying with me!"
Gator: "You two are just fun to watch."

Severin manages to pry himself away from his brother's grip, convinced he will never hug another human being out of sentiment again unless he hopes to have sex with them somewhere down the road. It's Amaranth's turn to say goodbye to her son.
Amaranth: "Tobie..."
Tobie: "Oh mom, don't cry. You know I hate that."
Severin: "Cry, mom. Lots and lots of tears."
Tobie: "You're just mad because I serenaded you in public."
Amaranth: "Oh, I don't mean to cry. I'm proud of you. I'm proud of both of you. And I know you have such a bright future ahead of you, Tobie. I'm going to miss you around the house a lot. I have always loved you and I've been grateful every day that you're my son."

Amaranth and Tobie share a long embrace while Amaranth sniffles out the last of her tears. That leaves only one last person for Tobie to say goodbye to.
Tobie: "Hey, Katt...Uncle Tobie has to leave now. But he'll come to visit, don't worry....I can't wait to see how you grow up. Your father's a good man."
Severin: "What?!?"
Tobie: "...Rather, your father'll be an awesome father. An interesting father, I think, but an awesome one. I'll see you later, little Katt."

Hugging his mother one last time, Tobie gets into his new car and drives away to his new home and new life. Amaranth watches after him, wiping away the last of her tears. She's had to say goodbye to two of her sons, and it hasn't been easy. Still, her ancestors before her had left the castle and all their children. She at least still has the Overlord Castle as her home. Glancing at her youngest son whom she'll be spending the rest of her life with, Amaranth smiles and says, "Ready to go home, pup?"


After relaxing for a little while at home, Severin knows he has some business yet to do for the day. The legacy is officially his. There is much he needs to do, and the earlier the better.
Severin: "After I finish dinner, I need to stop by the theater and demand a job."
Amaranth: "You could just interview like normal people. You won't have any problems with it."
Severin: "Interviewing leaves them the option of telling me no. There is no option of telling me no."
Amaranth: "Sigh. Well, I can't exactly tell you what to do anymore. You're a young adult now, and you're in charge of this legacy. I trust you to make the best decisions to further the legacy as a whole, not just yourself."
Severin: "I know, mom. I have this all planned out in my head. My intellect is unorthodox but it will work nonetheless. I'll do my part and the door will be wide open for the next Overlord heir. Presumably Katt. I don't want any more babies."
Amaranth: "Well, you never know. Only the Sim Deity knows."
Severin: "I don't want any more babies."
Amaranth: "Speaking of babies, where is Katt? Did you put her in her crib?"
Severin: "She's, uh...resting. And gaining character."
Amaranth: "Have you checked on her lately?"
Severin: "She's fine."

Heading outside (after burning his graduation robes), Severin stops by the mailbox. He spots a short, sweet note from Jackie. She's just broken up with her boyfriend, apparently. Severin smiles. He'll have to stop by her place sometime tomorrow. Meanwhile, there's a more important task at hand. He'd read an ad in the newspaper this morning, pleading with the citizens of Moonlight Falls to save the baby llamas, those poor, helpless, skinny, scared baby llamas. And there were pictures of these strange, ugly looking creatures with long necks and big buck teeth and enough hair to make the Yeti jealous. Severin's never seen a llama before. In fact, he doesn't know that they exist, and if they do, why would these goofy animal-type things need anyone's money? And the newspaper tried to pull them off as "cute."
Slipping in a check, Severin flips up the red flag on the side of the mailbox and lets out a deep, contented sigh. There's hardly anything as satisfying as undermining a dumb charity.

He's also mailed off an acceptance letter to acquire something he's been wanting to have for a long time. He can't wait until he gets to receive it tomorrow.

Catching a taxi, Severin heads for the theater. A couple days from now he'll be riding to work in style, with his very own toilet car. It's almost finished. He just needs to fit the final pieces on tonight.
Everything seems to stop - time, people, the world itself - as Severin Overlord walks into the theater and asks to speak with the manager. There's no doubt as to what he wants. The manager doesn't quite recognize him at first, but as soon as the young man introduces himself, the manager turns pale and immediately asks, "When do you want to start working?"
Severin: "Well...that was simple. And so it begins. The manager of this joint still trembles at the name of Rufus Overlord. Think of how the world will react after I'm done. Praise, respect, and fear. All coming up."

Realizing he has much work left to do in order to bring about this praise, respect, and fear, Severin heads home, finishes up his obligations with his car, and practices his guitar. He recognizes that he's getting much better with it. Still not to where he'd like to be - not legendary status - but he's improving. Even Overlords need to practice.
Gator: "...Hmm. You're getting really good with that. What's the song you're playing now?"
Severin: "All for freedom and for pleasure,
Nothing ever lasts forever,
Everybody wants to rule the world."
Gator: "I should've guessed. Do you know anything else?"
Severin: "Yeah. The sun on the meadow is summery warm,
The stag in the forest runs free,
But gathered together to greet the storm,
Tomorrow belongs to me."
Gator: "You know you're gonna have to release at least one love song to really make it in the music industry."
Severin: "I do love someone."
Gator: "Oh, you do?"
Severin: "Yes. Someone who's smart, witty, and incredibly sexy. It's unfortunate, though. Every time I try to take this person in my arms and hold on tight, I bang my face on the mirror."
Gator: "...There will be no hope for humanity after you're done."


The next morning starts abruptly for Severin, thanks to a very special person.
Severin: "How do I turn it off?"
Amaranth: "She's hungry. I tried to make it up here in time before she started crying, but it appears I was a bit too slow in coming up the stairs. I've warmed the bottle, though. Do you want to feed her?"
Severin: "Do I want...?"
Amaranth: "...Okay, rephrase. Feed her, Severin. She's your daughter. You have to take responsibility for her and take care of her."
Severin: "I'm equally hungry. I'll feed her after breakfast--"
Amaranth: "You will feed her now. Children require sacrifices, Severin."
Severin: "Find me an altar and I'll tear my heart out now."
Amaranth: "It's not that bad. Just pick her up and give her the bottle."

Hesitantly, Severin picks up Katt and awkwardly feeds her. Amaranth watches to see that he's doing it correctly, then leaves to wash the bottle. Severin stares into the face of his daughter blankly. This doesn't seem real. He knows this is his child. He helped to create this child. He is Katt's father. Yet the little baby seems like a perfect stranger. Severin tries to feel some sort of sentiment, some sort of attachment to this child that's his. Yet he feels like she's just a baby that happens to live in the same house.
Katt: "Dada?"
Severin: "It seems I am."
Katt: "Dada!"
Severin: "Well...I'll try what I can to be a father. I can't change who I am, not even for you, and for that you'll either make me proud and follow in my footsteps, or you'll hate me for the rest of your life. But I'll cover for your basic needs. You'll grow to be strong and self-sufficient. Soon you won't need me. You'll hold your own. And that will be fine. So we might as well start early."

On a nearby dresser, Severin notices a brand new lollipop. His father must've gotten it for Katt while he was out yesterday. Katt's growing teeth already and she's quite intelligent. She'd probably appreciate several licks of the candy, even if she can't eat it completely yet. Not sure where to put her, then deciding on the floor in order to build character, Severin grabs the candy.
Severin: "Look! It's a multi-flavored lollipop just for you, Katt."
Katt: "Caddy!"
Severin: "Yep, candy. It's...all for you..."

Slowly Severin bends down to pick up his daughter and give her a lick of her candy. She seems excited about it. An uncomfortable feeling knots up in Severin's stomach. Then he realizes...he's about to do a good, generous act for someone just because it is a good thing to do. He's not going to get anything out of it and his agenda will be furthered in no way. There is no mischievous or malevolent intent behind his generosity. He's simply giving candy to his daughter.

The thought of such goodness dwelling inside of him sickens him. That's certainly not like him and that's certainly not something he's comfortable with. Swallowing and trying to push past the barrier, Severin's hand trembles as he lowers the candy to his daughter. It's almost in her pudgy little fingers. Her tongue is ready to pop out of her mouth and gleefully slop all over the candy.

Then Severin's stomach growls. A long, low, guttural growl.

Hell, he's missed breakfast in order to feed her and stop her screeching, which did give him a rude awakening this morning. Will he now sacrifice another delicious morsel of food for the baby's sake? Basic needs, Severin reminds himself. I take care of her basic needs. Anything else she needs to learn to get for herself. And she might as well learn early. 
Katt wails and cries as Severin stands back up and proceeds to enjoy the candy himself. It's certainly not substantial enough for breakfast, but it's a start. He does leave a tiny part of the lollipop unlicked and allows Katt to lick it a few times before chucking it in the trash. He didn't want the rest of it anyway. As Gator heads up the stairs to spend some time with his granddaughter, Severin heads outside to visit a friend's house.

The air is very chilly, much colder than Severin's ever remembered it being. Supposedly a new season called "winter" is approaching. A strange new substance called "snow" could be a factor. Severin's interested. He wonders what snow actually is, and if it's anything like the stuff the snow cones were made of at the summer festival. Still, must it be this cold for it to arrive? It's almost uncomfortable.

Sitting on the throne of his beautiful new car, Severin takes a breath and starts the engine for the first time. It roars to life, a beautiful sound. Severin smiles in contentment as he pulls it onto the street.
After exploding enough toilets, Severin finally figured out how to get one to work as a car seat. He'd originally planned to keep it a one-passenger car (no way is anyone else allowed to drive his precious creation), but at the last minute he'd decided to add a bathtub as a side car for another passenger. A rubber ducky horn polishes it off. Best of all, with enough tinkering, he'd gotten his toilet car to speed down the street as fast as a car twenty times its worth.
Severin: "Alright, BathroomMobile, it's time to go pay a visit to Jackie."

Zooming down the streets, trying not to cackle with glee the entire time, Severin pulls into Jackie's driveway. She still lives with her parents, but Severin doesn't mind. If her dad really disapproves of his behavior in the house, is he really going to cross him?
It's a large house, kind of nice. Not Severin's cup of tea, though. A bit too cheery, too cozy. He'd never feel comfortable living here. He doesn't understand how his great-grandfather Rufus could live in the Overlord Castle before it was a castle - Severin's mom tells him that their castle used to be a small suburban home as well.

It doesn't take long after ringing the doorbell for Severin's friend to arrive.
Jackie: "Oh! Severin! I wasn't expecting you."
Severin: "I doubt anyone was."
Jackie: "...Double meaning, eh?"
Severin: "Could be. Just thought I'd stop by and say hi, before getting around to other projects."
Jackie: "Other 'projects'?"
Severin: "Yes, projects. I hope you're not comparing yourself to a project, dear."

With a grin, Jackie lets Severin inside. Severin immediately notices her dad, who seems to stiffen when he sees Severin. Severin doesn't mind.
Severin: "So..."
Jackie: "My eyes are up here, Severin."
Severin: "I know they are. I'll get to them eventually."
Jackie: " realize my dad's right over there, right?"
Severin: "I'll have to thank him for helping to produce someone as cute as you."
Jackie: "Oh, come on, Sev...are you just pulling lines on me?"
Severin: "I'm a terrible liar, Jackie. If I didn't mean it, I couldn't say it."
Jackie: "So you think I'm cute?"
Severin: "Well, to put it mildly. Your eyes, especially. They're...just...I love your eyes."
Jackie: "...Really?"
Severin: "I'm serious."
Jackie's father: "...Ugh. Hey, boy. Aren't you that kid who had a baby back in high school?"
Severin: "What?"
Jackie's father: "The one who had a kid with Tracey Harris."
Severin: "Is that the rumor going around?"
Jackie: "Oh dad. You can't believe everything you hear, you know. Severin's a good boy."
Severin: "Uh, no."
Jackie: "Well, I mean...he's just, he's not what you expect."
Jackie's father: "...I'd like to talk to you later, Jackie."
Jackie: "Sigh. Fine."

Jackie's father slowly leaves the room, although Severin can hear him nearby in the kitchen. Severin knows he can't hide the fact that he has a child for long, nor does he think it's a terribly big deal. No, he didn't mean to do it, but it happened and there's nothing he can do to change it now. He just doesn't need to discuss it right now when he's got other things on his mind.
Jackie: "Ugh. I'm sorry. My dad can be...well, a little overprotective."
Severin: "I'm not going to hurt you, just so he knows."
Jackie: "I'll talk to him about that later. He's...not a big fan of you Overlords. He wishes the Leader of the Free World in politics would order the military to put a stop to your, um...domination efforts, I think he called them. It's silly."
Severin: "Silly and uninformed. My grandmother overthrew the military. The Leader of the Free World can't order the military to do diddly-squat because my family has control of it. The military doesn't do anything without our authorization - at the moment, my authorization."
Jackie: "Oh wow. Admittedly, our family doesn't know a whole lot about the history of your family, just that you're coming into power. I don't...I mean, no offense, but I don't even know how far back you guys go."
Severin: "My great-grandfather Rufus Overlord was the first of us. Before Great-Grandpa Rufus, the family name was Carter. Great-Grandpa had big plans, changed his last name, established a name and power over Moonlight Falls, and now the rest of us are just tending to the details."
Jackie: "So, you're, like...legitimately trying to take over Moonlight Falls? I thought that was just a joke."
Severin: "A lot of people do. I guess we'll find out in the end."
Jackie: "You know...I'm a good girl, but I somehow find a bad boy like you rather appealing."

Severin doesn't answer that. He simply leans forward and kisses her. He's never actually kissed Jackie before. Always wanted to. She stiffens slightly, but allows herself to melt into the kiss. They allow themselves a few minutes of kissing and holding. Then Severin allows his hand to slip to her breast.

Jackie immediately pulls back.
Severin: "Whoa. You okay?"
Jackie: "Y-yeah, it's just...I'm not..."
Severin: "You're not what?"

For one utterly terrifying second, Severin wonders if she's going to tell him she's not a girl after all - he has absolutely zero interest in locking lips with his own gender. But she has to be a girl. He felt boobies when she pulled away. Real boobies. Not moobies.

Jackie: "I'm not...ready for that."
Severin: "Not ready for what?"
Jackie: "I don't want you to touch me there. I'm just not comfortable with it. I need know you better and..."
Severin: "Like...become your boyfriend or something?"

The thought disgusts Severin. He quickly finds out it equally disgusts Jackie.
Jackie: "Okay, listen, Sev, I like you. I think you're really hot, but...I have no interest in becoming your girlfriend, or anyone's girlfriend. I've already gotten out of one crappy relationship, I don't want to get into another one. I don't trust anyone. This whole commitment thing is not for me right now and--"
Severin: "You do know I have absolutely no interest in commitment, right?"
Jackie: "...You don't?"
Severin: "None. Was I correct in assuming you wanted a friends-with-benefits thing here?"
Jackie: "Well...well, yes, but..."
Severin: "That's what I was wanting too. I like you and I'm cool with fooling around, but I don't have an interest in any form of commitment or attachment."
Jackie: "Yeah...I don't want a relationship. I just...I like kissing you and I like hugging, but...I don't want to go farther than that. Not right now."
Severin: "Alright. That's cool. Anyway, I've got things to do. Projects to work on. Thanks for letting me stop by."
Jackie: "Severin, I...I didn't mean to turn you away. I'm so sorry, I didn't--"
Severin: "No hard feelings, Jackie. I'm not upset. I legitimately have things to do. I only had time to stop by for a few minutes. Just wanted to see you for a bit."
Jackie: "...You'll stop by again sometime, won't you?"
Severin: "Of course."
Jackie: "Thank you, Sev. Thank you for being so understanding."
Severin: "Not a problem."

Severin walks out of the house, only a little disappointed. He hadn't expected to score within the first fifteen minutes of a house visit, but it appears Jackie is a little more resistant than he'd originally anticipated. Still, he likes her and he's up for a challenge. He's fine with making out for a while. They'll get closer eventually. No rush.

Arriving at home, Severin notices a note on the kitchen counter from mom and dad, telling him they're at a costume party at a friend's house. Uncle Oliver is babysitting Katt at his house, and they'll be picking her up later that afternoon after they're finished with the party. They've also asked him to clean up the pumpkins in the front yard. Severin trots outside, notices the pumpkin, and taps one with the side of his foot. It's quite rotted at this point.
Severin: "Eww..."

Then he gets an idea. What fun is just throwing pumpkins away?
Raising his foot and waiting a second or two, Severin suddenly smashes it right into the top of the pumpkin, sending pumpkin shards splattering everywhere. The tiny explosion delights Severin, and he continues to kick and crush the pumpkin to a pulp beneath his shoe.
Severin remembers as a child that he used to play in a Godzilla costume and pretend to smash cities and cars beneath his feet. As the pumpkin lies in ruins beneath him, Severin feels the same giddy feeling now that he did as a child. Excitedly Severin goes to work destroying the other pumpkins, having entirely too much fun with it.
Severin: "And destroyed! The last of your forces - entirely destroyed beneath my feet! What are you going to throw at me now? I am the Master Commander!"

While Severin goes on his maniacal rampage, Amaranth and Gator attend a rather...lackluster party.
Dante: "Ooh la la, Madame. Cute French maid costume. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Horndog the Corndog. I like to enter into hot...moist...round holes."
Amaranth: "...And then being chewed on repeatedly and spit back onto a napkin, right?"
Dante: "Uh..."
Amaranth: "Sigh. I knew I shouldn't have let Gator talk me into wearing this. I told him I'm too old for it, but he insisted I still looked good in it."
Dante: "Is Gator your stylist? I'll have to give him my compliments. Your sexy curves don't pay attention to time and he recognizes it. May you inside my mansion?"
Amaranth: "Uh, no. Gator's my husband."
Dante: "Oh? Well, he must be missing you at the party. It's -- oh, hello, soldier, the refreshments are around back -- it's a shame he couldn't come. Doesn't sound like he appreciates you very much. Do you feel you're getting what you need out of your husband?"
Amaranth: "Yes, I am."
Dante: "...Mm. You're a popular woman, it seems. The soldier can't stop staring at your butt."
Gator: "I like staring at my wife's butt. I 'appreciate it very much.'"
Dante: "That's...that's your husband?"
Amaranth: "I wouldn't attend a party without my husband, Mr. uh...Horndog."
Dante: "He isn't really in the military, is he?"
Gator: "Professional sports. Similar fitness routine. Not too comforting either way. Why don't you go 'ketchup' with some of your other guests?"
Dante: "Ooh. Are you from Wisconsin? Because that was cheesy."
Gator: "Where the hell is Wisconsin?"
Dante: "It's,'s a place I read about in a book, somewhere in the Sim Deity's realm."
Amaranth: "Ugh. If you two don't clean up your acts,, crap."
Dante: "Dog-gone it, the bad puns just won't stop."
Gator: "If you don't quit, I'll give you a nice Navy blue bruise."


Back at the castle, Severin practices his guitar for a while, then works on writing down more of his world domination plans. Then comes a gentle knock on the door. Suddenly terrified (there is an ice cream truck parked right outside his house, after all...this could be it, the final epic battle), Severin peers out the window. He breathes a sigh in relief when he sees his friend Candy. At least, they're sort of friends. They'd made out a couple times in the halls at school.
Candy: " I've never been inside the castle before."
Severin: "Don't go bragging about it, or else everyone will want to see it. And I don't like strangers."
Candy: "It's alright, I understand."
Candy: "Thank you, by the way...I've been looking all over to give the little guy a home. Then you sent that letter saying you'd take him, and...I'm just really glad. I didn't want to give him to the shelter."
Severin: "No, thank you. I've been wanting one for a long time. I've read about other villains in stories and they're never complete without one."
Candy: "Ha! Of course it would relate to your world domination ambitions. I've always found that adorable about you, Sev."
Severin: "World domination is adorable?"
Candy: "Your obsession with it is."

Severin frowns and tries to stop an annoyed growl from the back of his throat. Candy seems to know, however, and she giggles at him. That's the way Candy has always been. She's one of the only people Severin knows that believes him when he talks about his family literally taking over the town of Moonlight Falls, but she's still always teased him about it, perky and smiling and bubbly. As much as Severin wishes he could stay annoyed with her, her smile quickly slips past his defenses. No matter how grumpy he tries to be, it's practically impossible to make her unhappy, to quell her contagious laughter, or to ruin her day. To this day, Severin doesn't know whether to hate and avoid her, or to allow himself to really become friends. He doesn't want to become too entangled with such a bright, cheery, "good" person. But then, becoming friends has its perks. She's cheered him on bad days before, and she's probably one of the best kissers Severin's ever experienced.

In fact, he'd really like to kiss her now. And he's sure she wouldn't mind. Back in school, he'd only have to give her a suggestive smirk, wait for her to return it, then push her against the wall and enjoy.

But he can wait. Right now he really wants his new little acquisition.
Candy: "So he's in my car. I left it running because I don't have a lot of time, but--...whoops! He's an adventurous little guy. I didn't realize he could get out my open window."

It only takes one look for Severin to completely adore his new pet. Candy digs in her car for some cat essentials (food dish, scratching post, litter box), placing them inside the castle while Severin slowly approaches the kitten and waits for the little guy to come to him. He knows he needs to earn the kitten's trust and affection. Then, in time, classic novels about villains will be written about him, and he will fit right in with his cat. What evil overlord villain doesn't own a cat, after all?

Candy gives a few pieces of advice for winking at Severin and driving off for work. The kitten begins to warm up to his new master.
Severin: "C'mere, little are absolutely perfect. You're so adorable that everyone will release their defenses around you. They'll coo at you so much that you'll start to think your name is Awww. But you wait. You'll be an Overlord just like the rest of us. You can assist me while I take care of you, and you will be the most powerful cat in the world."
Kitten: "Mewww?"
Severin: "Hmm...of course a powerful cat needs a powerful name, perhaps named after a particular villain...or group of villains...Got it. Your name shall be Darth Furball. I like it already. Nice ring to it. C'mon, Darth Furball, let's get inside. It's getting really, really cold out here. It's...even..."

Curiously, Severin looks to the sky, then notices tiny, white, powdery flakes falling all around him. A bit startled, Severin holds out his hand to catch one, hoping nothing about them is harmful. He sees one land, but it quickly melts and disappears on his hand.

Is this...snow?
Severin: "Well...who knows what to make of this? Doesn't seem too dangerous. One thing for sure, though - it's freezing outside. It's much warmer in the castle. We can watch it just fine from in there."
Darth Furball: "HAAAAACK!"
Severin: "Your first epic hairball of doom, Darth Furball. Treasure it always. There will be many more to follow. Welcome to the Overlord Castle, little guy."

Author's notes: I'm back. No, I did not die. I just had a crazy past three weeks, and it's starting to settle down now. So, hopefully more frequent updates! I've missed the writing!

By the way, the graduation votes are genuinely what the game gave me. The game actually voted Severin as "most likely to take over the world." I was beyond thrilled. What are the odds?!

After playing Amaranth's generation for so long, it actually felt...kind of weird to start anew with Severin's. Like, I was running around for a few days, wondering what to do, which shots to stage, what was going to happen. I'll get into the swing of it. Severin's generation has to require quite a bit of planning though. The aim is to have at least two or three of Sev's kids early enough to where Gator can watch over them when Severin's at work (because Sev can't call babysitters, due to the rules), or to have them at the point where older siblings can watch over younger siblings without a babysitter. This takes a bit of thinking out. But also, I don't want to have his heir too early, because that could potentially make for a very short generation for Severin. So I'm trying to figure out the balances.

At this point, I realize Severin is likely a character that you will either love or despise...or love one minute and despise the next, then come back to love him again. I intend for him to be that way. He really is a lovable guy, but he can be a jerk too. He basically only thinks about himself, ever. And you'll notice his parenting style is definitely different from Amaranth's. While she sacrificed all she could for her children, Sev is content to provide the basic needs and then let them sink or swim on their own. We'll see how his kids react to it.

Finally, Darth Furball is completely adorable. I normally don't like cats. I swear my cat growing up was demon-possessed and I've hated them ever since. I was actually really hoping to get Sev a dog, but I left that choice up to you, and a cat was the overwhelming majority of the vote! :) But now I'm really, really glad. I adopted from someone Severin knew, so hopefully that cancels out the No Strangers thing. And Darth Furball is a little bundle of adorable. Expect more adorable kitty pictures in the next chapter.

Can't wait to hear your feedback! :D


  1. Hurray for Darth Furball! I'm glad the cat won. *is a cat person*

    I look forward to seeing everything that Severin gets up to now that he's in command of the legacy.

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    Amaranth: "You will feed her now. Children require sacrifices, Severin."
    Severin: "Find me an altar and I'll tear my heart out now."

    :D :D

    Severin is a jerk, but he's an occasionally lovely jerk, so I definitely like him a lot. I also like that he's a bit of a manwhore. It suits him as a character.

    Darth Furball is the best name for a cat ever ever. Ever.

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