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Overlord Legacy - Chapter Forty-Five - The Day You Knew Would Arrive

Amaranth: "So, did you two find dates to go to the prom with?"
Severin: "Of course. Tobie's going with me."
Tobie: "No, we didn't find dates. But there's, uh...not a wide selection to choose from at school."
Amaranth: "That's not very nice."
Severin: "At least he's honest."

The past couple of days have been slightly tense-filled, but Severin gives his parents credit for staying laidback and fairly normal. Severin knows he'll have to take responsibility soon - whenever the baby is born, it will be his responsibility to take care of it. He knows he's not ready to take that on. He doesn't think he ever will be. But he got himself into this mess, so he has to deal with the consequences. It still doesn't seem real to him. But it's going to be very soon.

The Overlords disperse from lunch. Gator and Amaranth discuss something in their room, while Tobie clears the dishes from the table and washes them in the sink. Severin walks over to a window and stares out of it, sighing. It's been such a crazy couple of days, he'd almost forgotten today is his birthday. Tobie's too. The reigns of Overlordship will be his tonight. Will he be ready?

Of course he'll be ready. Sure, he's got a child to worry about, but that changes nothing. Overlords are supposed to be unstoppable, unable to be defeated, all-powerful. With or without children, Severin can accomplish this. He's sure of it. In fact, perhaps he can use the baby to his advantage. Should the hero show up, he can just plop his little darling on his lap and ask the hero why he would kill this poor baby's daddy right in front of their eyes. No hero with any sense of morality would go forward with his execution.

Turning around, Severin spots Tobie heading for the computer. He's always on that stupid computer. Regardless, Severin wants to talk to him.
Severin: "Hey, Tobie. I have an idea. You should stay in the castle after we graduate tomorrow."
Tobie: "Why?"
Severin: "What do you mean why? Don't you want to be around when I brainwash the minds and hearts of all the Moonlight Falls citizens and put them under Overlord control?"
Tobie: "I'm sure I'll see it when it happens, Severin. I don't have to live in the castle for that."
Severin: "...So you're really not going to stick around?"
Tobie: "...No? Typically only heirs keep the house, you know. I've got my own dreams and plans to pursue, just like you have yours."
Severin: "Oh....okay."
Tobie: "Hey, man, it's alright. It's not like I'm dropping off the face of the earth. I'll be around to hang out. We've just got our own lives to live, and we have to go our separate ways to do it. Yeesh, if I didn't know better, I'd almost think you were sad about me leaving."
Severin: "Of course I'm not."
Tobie: "Sure you're not."
Severin: "I was simply asking for my own benefits, not because I have any sentimental feelings for you as my brother. That's a disgusting thought."
Tobie: "Sure it is."
Severin: "Stop picking on me."
Tobie: "I'm not picking on you."
Severin: "I've stapled a man's nostrils together for less."
Tobie: "I don't even want to know if you actually did that."

Tobie walks away from their mini-argument, a small smile on his face. Try as he might, his brother's not entirely heartless. He'll be a ruthless-enough overlord, but Tobie suspects he'll always keep his friendship with him.

Severin, meanwhile, grabs his guitar to try and do some mindless playing. His face is bright red. Stupid Tobie, making Severin admit he actually likes him a little bit. Just a little bit. Severin decides to play a smooth, calm, beautiful song on his guitar. The chords seem to draw out emotion so well.
Gator emerges from the room, hearing the soothing melody. He stands and watches his son play through the song, performing as if he hasn't a care in the world. There's nothing about Severin that indicates fear or apprehension or anger or depression. There's nothing indicating uncertainty about the future, unease about the new roles he's about to obtain, nervousness about growing up tonight and becoming a father soon. Everything about Severin's demeanor screams confidence, assurance, and strength. He's not worried about what will happen because he knows he'll make it. The day he knew would arrive is here...and he'll survive.

Gator himself has felt a bit uneasy ever since he learned of Severin's child on the way. He hasn't always been sure of what will happen next. He wants to support Severin and his future endeavors, even if that means supporting his world domination plans (Gator did marry into the Overlord household, after all). But he hasn't been sure what Severin would do, now that his plans seem to have been stepped on.

But the way Severin plays his guitar has a calming effect on Gator. Somehow he realizes things are going to be okay. Severin's going to pull through.
Amaranth also emerges from the room to listen to her son's playing. He really does have a lot of talent. Perhaps not as natural as Soren's talent had been, but Severin's worked hard at it. Severin's definitely got a good performance mindset. Amaranth's certain that no matter what happens in Severin's life, he'll always stay focused on his goal. She only hopes he turns out to be a good father. She's still not sure how much time he'll put into his child.

The beautiful, peaceful song ends. Then Severin slowly starts another song. Gator closes his eyes and sighs. He recognizes the melody. It's the "Pinky and the Brain" theme song. Gorgeous moments can't last forever with Severin, he supposes.

Then comes a knock at the door.
Severin puts down his guitar and peers out the door. He might as well get used to being cautious. He takes over tonight and he doesn't need a hero picking him off before he's had his first full day of overlordship. He sees an older woman that he recognizes as a paparazzi. She always hangs around that one celebrity - oh, what's his name? - the one that Severin plans on forcing an apology out of someday. Why is she here? And why does she have a--...
Severin: "You, must be...a baby."
Severin: "Yeah, you're definitely mine."
Baby: "Dada?"
Severin: "...You can say that already? Hmm...wait. Does this mean that you've..."
...inherited my GENIUS??"

Severin's mouth slowly forms into a grin as he looks at his new baby girl. Perhaps this little gurgly thing won't be so bad after all. Not only does he have his hero repellent now, but he can train her to use a weapon, so when the hero is busy contemplating his moral dilemma, she can attack. Severin's not opposed to letting babies have a little fun every now and then.

The paparazzi, who's also the little girl's grandmother, appears to have no interest in the baby girl, but hangs around anyway, keeping an eye on Severin. Gator watches her, suspecting she's gotten the news that Severin's about to inherit the "throne." He hasn't exactly been quiet about his plans around school. The whole town certainly knows of his legacy. They've laughed about it, not realizing how serious he actually is. The paparazzi might be looking for a good story for the tabloids.

Severin: "Hmm. I think I like you."
Then the screaming starts.
Severin: "Then again, I've been known to speak rashly."
Baby: "Dada! Baba!"
Severin: "I don't need two names for 'father', Gurgles. You can call me 'daddy' or you can call me 'sir' or you can even call me 'your Highness.' But I don't need to be called papa."
Tobie: "I think she's asking for a bottle, Sev. 'Baba' tends to mean 'bottle,' I think."
Amaranth: "...And please tell me you're not naming her Gurgles."
Severin: "Nah...her name will be Katt."
Amaranth: "Katt?"
Gator: "I'm surprised. That sounds kind of normal."
Severin: "That's what everyone will think. Then she'll tell everyone that her daddy named her after the cat-o'-nine-tails flogging device and everyone will fear her name. Now come on, Katt. Drink this and stop your wailing."
Tobie: "Sev, do you have to stand right here? I need to check my email."
Severin: "Babies come first."
Tobie: "All you have to do is take a couple of steps backward."
Severin: "Hey, wait...I think I might've found an effective weapon."
Tobie: "What?"

Waiting for Katt to suck down the last of her formula, Severin props her up against his shoulder, gently turning her head away. Then he starts thumping her back. He thumps and thumps and thumps, then takes a couple steps toward Tobie. One more thump and Katt hurls her lunch all over Tobie's shirt.
Severin: "Yes!! My first super weapon!!"
Gator: "Severin. Babies aren't super weapons."
Severin: "This one is. She doesn't even need to start flogging people yet. I hope you get hungry again soon, Katt. We need to keep you loaded in case the hero shows up soon."

Gator glances at Amaranth, who gives an uneasy look back at her husband. They're not sure whether this is a good sign or not. Severin appears to be liking his new baby, which he had originally cringed to take responsibility for. But they're not sure about Severin likening her to a super weapon.

Realizing he only has so much time to get ready for the prom that evening, Severin takes Katt upstairs. Tobie follows, knowing he has to get dressed for the prom too. Up in the hallway, Severin finds what he considers an appropriate napping spot for his new daughter.
Severin: "Here you go. If you're smart, you can kick off this silly blanket and crawl to get some toys over there. I sure as hell can't get it off you. There's probably some guys in jail who wrap these things for their community service. If they're not going anywhere, then these baby blankets sure aren't going anywhere."

Katt sputters as she gets placed on the floor, beginning to whimper and whine. Tobie hears her from inside the bedroom and comes out, shocked to see where Severin's placed her.
Tobie: "What...Severin, why is your baby on the floor??"
Severin: "Well, I figured she'd be more comfortable on the carpet up here than the wood floor downstairs."
Tobie: "Sev, she has a crib! You put babies in cribs! Why is she on the floor?"
Severin: "It builds character."
Tobie: "She's a day old! She's not capable of building character!"
Severin: "Oh dear, Tobie. You know so little. I fear the day when you become a father."
Tobie: "Just--....ugh. She's not staying on the floor. C'mere, Katt."

Tobie pushes past Severin and scoops up the little girl as Amaranth comes up the stairs, eager to play with her granddaughter.
Tobie: "Alright, Kitty, let's come to Uncle Tobie's arms."
Severin: "Her name is Katt. As soon as I make her a little flogging toy, I'll have her practice on anyone who calls her Kitty."
Tobie: "It's just a nickname."
Severin: "You ever heard of a flogging device called a kitty-o'-nine-tails? No. Kitty is wishwashy and cutesie, and my daughter will be neither."
Tobie: "Fine, fine."

Seeing their mother, Tobie hands Katt off to her and talks with Severin about their prom plans.
Tobie: "Okay, so you called the limo, right?"
Severin: "Yes. But he's not getting any tips."
Tobie: "Was he rude over the phone?"
Severin: "There's no drinks or Jacuzzi in the limo. It's a scam, a rip-off. They're lucky they're the only limo business in town."
Tobie: "The school's not that far away. We won't have time for a Jacuzzi."
Severin: "There is always time for a Jacuzzi."

Amaranth stares into her granddaughter's eyes, trying to stop the tears from welling up in her own. In a way she wishes Severin would have waited to have his first child. Perhaps he would find someone later in life who would steal his heart, someone he would fall in love with, and they could have their first child together. He's so young to be taking care of his first child already. Yet in another way, Amaranth is glad things happened the way they did. She knows her time is coming fast. She knows it won't be long before the Reaper touches her shoulder and tells her it's time to be reunited with her mother and father, and the rest of her ancestors. She's at least lived to see the face of her first grandchild -that beautiful, innocent face.
Amaranth knows everything is going to be alright. Hard, maybe, but it's going to be alright. Severin may be unconventional, but Amaranth knows Katt is going to become someone beautiful. Severin will step up to the task of being a father. He'll figure it out.

As Severin and Tobie change into their formal wear and head downstairs to quickly eat before going, Gator bounds up the stairs to kiss Amaranth goodbye before leaving for the gym to work out. He needs to keep up with the rest of his teammates in order to benefit the team as a whole.
Amaranth: "...Severin and Tobie are going to become young adults tonight. It's always been tradition for heirs to have the castle to themselves, so they can fully claim it and start their contribution their own way. I've found a very small house for us to possibly move into, but...but I still don't know about leaving Severin alone with Katt. I know how hard it is to be a single parent. Some days I thought I couldn't make it. I don't want Severin to go through that, but...he needs the castle to himself to truly start his reign."
Gator: "No, he doesn't."
Amaranth: "Well, it's always been tradition to be independent."
Gator: "That may be true, but it's a tradition we can't keep at this point."
Amaranth: "...Do you think it will be too hard for Severin?"
Gator: "It would be hard enough with just the prospect of being a single parent, Amaranth. But you know Severin. He doesn't handle strangers inside the castle well. He's never going to hire a babysitter. We both know that. Either he ducks out and leaves Katt alone in the house all day while he's at work..."
Amaranth: "Gator! Severin wouldn't do that."
Gator: "...or he stays at home and gets fired from his job. He doesn't have a back-up plan. His whole goal is to make himself a name and rise the ranks until he's a legitimate rock star. He can't do that if he's holed up at home with the baby because he won't hire a babysitter. For the good of Severin and the Overlord legacy, Amaranth, we have to stay. He may not like it, but he knows he needs us."
Amaranth: "...You're right. Gator, I...I won't be...."
Gator: "I know, Am. I know. But I'll be here. For all the times I couldn't be there for the kids as they were growing up, I promise I'll be there for the grandchildren."

Gator heads to the gym while Amaranth lays Katt in her crib to take a nap. Tobie and Severin finish talking about their plans.
Tobie: "And you've TOLD the limo driver to drive us back by ten? We still have curfew."
Severin: "We'll be aging up tonight, Tobie. It's not that big a deal. By the time the cop gets to us, he'll have no proof we were ever past curfew as teenagers."
Tobie: "Well...I guess so..."

Aware that someone is watching them, Severin looks and sees the crazy paparazzi mother of Tracey still there, watching his every move. Well. He might as well give her a show, if it's a show she wants. It'll be enjoyable before he gets her to leave.
Tobie: "Um...she's taking pictures of us."
Severin: "Well, we look just dapper in our suits. Why wouldn't she?"
Tobie: "I suppose you're going to have to get used to this, especially as more and more people start knowing who you are."
Severin: "I know. It could be a pain, really, but it will be worth it. Soon the whole town will know who I am, and not just as some random Overlord descendant who's got a dream of world domination. I will become a very well-known Overlord descendant who's got a dream of world domination. And the first people group I will target to become my lowly minions will be paparazzi."

The woman stops writing, then slowly backs away and quietly heads out the door. Just in time, too. Severin and Tobie watch their limo pull in front of the castle. Ready for a wild night, the boys get in.
Severin: "See? This thing is a rip-off. It's got NOTHING but seats."
Tobie: "It makes sleeping more comfortable, though."
Severin: "A Jacuzzi makes sleeping more comfortable."

As the boys attend their prom, Gator returns home, ready for his turn to meet little Katt. Amaranth was right - she certainly is beautiful.
Katt giggles as Gator stares into her eyes. Although not all werewolf babies' eyes glow, it's more likely than not that a baby is not a werewolf if the eyes don't glow, and Katt's eyes aren't glowing. Wanting to be sure, Gator ever-so-gently nibbles on Katt's pudgy arm, his teeth barely brushing against the baby's soft skin. A werewolf baby will emit a tiny, squeaky growl. It's supposedly a built-in mechanism in werewolf babies that tries to frighten off attackers.

Katt only stares at her grandfather, then giggles. Gator is right. She's a human baby.
Gator: " won't be a part of our pack activities. But that's not necessary."
Gator: "Not when you can fly like an airplane!"

Katt shrieks out her laughter, waving her arms wildly and showing off her bare-gummed mouth. Gator can't help but laugh along. He remembers when he first saw Severin as a baby. That was a long time ago, yet in a way it's almost seemed like a few days. Now he's already a grandfather. He doesn't feel that old.
Gator: "I'll always be here for you, Katt...I promise this. Till the end of my life, I'll be here for you."


The prom is...well, it's a wild occasion. Tobie manages to get up his courage to ask Jackie to dance, but her new boyfriend isn't so keen on his invitation, so to avoid a confrontation, Tobie backs away. Severin thinks Jackie's boyfriend acted like a monumental jerk and gets into Tobie's confrontation for him. Words and fists start flying, and soon the whole prom scene is an uproar. Severin gets into four separate fights, winning all of them naturally.

On a more gentle note, Severin does end up becoming prom king. Severin's proud of his crown. It's cheap, but it's his first symbol of royalty.

No sooner than Severin and Tobie step out the door than the magic sparkles begin to swirl around them. Severin grins and braces himself. He's ready for this. He's so ready for this.
Tobie ages up to have a gentle face, a charming smile, and an honorable personality. Deciding it's time to stop hiding behind a cap, Tobie lets his blond hair take the focus. Some lady Sim out there in Moonlight Falls is going to be a very lucky woman someday.
Severin decides to keep his signature look. He's already being recognized around town and he does want to be easily spotted. After all, his time is now here. He's going to take the world by storm. He's going to be the celebrity of celebrities and listen as the audience screams his name at his shows. He's going to raise his daughter to be a proper Overlord. He's going to make his permanent mark in the world. His mother, his grandmother, his great-grandfather will rejoice over his accomplishments. Ready to start his journey, Severin pulls some simple yet appropriate clothing from the dresser. He's ready.
The world had better be ready for him.

Author's notes: It's here! From this point forward, it's Severin's time. His generational goals are over on the right in case you've forgotten them (or aren't aware of them - I'm not sure if I've posted them in the blog like I have on the Random Legacy Challenge thread on Mod the Sims). Gator and Amaranth do need to stay around the house for Severin's goals to be possible. Being a single parent with No Strangers as his fun goal (which means no service Sims - not even babysitters), Severin will never advance in his career and will probably get fired if I don't have the previous generation hanging around to help.

There is also a poll on the right - my very first reader opinion poll! I'm pretty excited about it. For the first time, you get to determine a portion of the story. Please vote! You don't want to miss being a part of Severin's future. ;)

The "Generations of Overlordship" page has also been updated, for those who want to see Severin progress from baby to young adult. The game really blessed me this time. He's a sexy boy.

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    I hope we'll still get to see some of Tobie as well.

    1. Amaranth will still be around the castle, until she meets the Reaper. It really sank in recently that Amaranth will be the first Overlord that dies while inside the castle. Every other one I've sent out so I don't have to deal with it.

      I'm sure Tobie will continue to be a big part of Sev's life. He was an awesome buddy growing up. :D

  2. I was so sure from the title that Amaranth was going to kick the proverbial bucket in this chapter and I was all prepared for it. So glad that's not the case yet.

    I like the name Katt, even though Severin means it as something not normal. It's still pretty.

    1. Yeah, not this chapter, but unfortunately it's close. I'll just warn you ahead of time. I haven't played past this chapter yet, but she's only 2 or 3 days away from her lifespan end, and who knows how long she'll hold on afterwards.

      I'm sure Katt will have fun with her daddy. Especially since he can use her as a weapon. ;)

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    1. Should be in a little while. I may close down the poll before the full 6 days (it was going to be shorter anyway, but I couldn't figure out how to change the date and time on it), but basically that's what I'm waiting on. Severin will be getting his pet (if the votes go that way) pretty soon, so I'll need to wait until that's decided before going on.

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    1. Severin's going to be a great dad in his own way, I think. Not a normal, conventional dad. But it'll be interesting. XD

      It does seem that way with Amaranth, doesn't it? I'm excited to move forward with Severin, but I'm dreading the inevitable arriving with Amaranth.

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    Sev is definitely going to be a crazy fun Dad which will make his generation so great and all his kids will be interesting! Having his parents around to help is a blessing since they can keep things practical and running smoothly. I can't wait to see how it goes. And don't give up on Amaranth yet... I have had Sims live to be over 100 days old on a normal 90 sim day cycle!

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