Generations of Overlordship

The Overlords are a family bent on world domination, taking over the peaceful town of Moonlight Falls one generation at a time. Each generation is responsible for overthrowing or taking control of another facet of the town, until finally, as Generation 11 is reached, total town domination will be achieved. This page follows the Overlord Legacy and their accomplishments, giving them the immortality they always wanted. At least in blog form.

Some things to note:
-Rufus and Bambi (the founders) are Generation 1. I do not have a Generation 0 in this legacy.
-The children are listed in the parents' generation. In other words, Rufus' and Bambi's children who are not the heir (Dungeon and Maiden) are "spares" listed under their generation, not Midnight's (the heir's). Also, spares are shown as young adults and are not pictured before then.
-Additions to the family that are not part of the original roll are pictured later, not with the "generational photo" at the beginning. In Generation 3, Amaranth's marital roll is "single," but she later got married after the rule's restrictions no longer applied, so her husband is pictured later.
-The heirs have a picture of them growing up, from infancy to young adulthood (but not beyond young adulthood). This is purely because I simply wanted to do this. I think it looks cool.
-I do not have the traits of each person listed, because I cannot remember them all. I mainly focus on their stories and their achievements, not necessarily their traits or lifetime wishes.
-I list a brief mention of each story, and then go onto list 'How did it end?'. There are spoilers in that part if you haven't gotten that far yet.
-You will notice some stories are "still in progress." This indicates they are still alive in the story and thus could have many changes as time goes on. When they finally pass on, the ending of their story will be written.

On right: Rufus Overlord
On left: Bambi Overlord
Marital structure: Couple
Number of children: Three
Primary income: Criminal (Evil branch)
Secondary income: Law enforcement (Spy branch)
Generational goal: Hobby or Obsession
Fun goal: Hands Off

Their story: Rufus Overlord (born Rufus Carter) was the black sheep of his good and honest family, changing his last name and setting out to acquire world domination. In high school, he met Bambi, who became his trophy wife shortly after graduation. They then moved to the quiet, peaceful town of Moonlight Falls, a good place to start causing chaos. Rufus quickly joined the criminal ranks while Bambi, unbeknownst to her husband, entered into the law enforcement career to live out a dream of hers. As Rufus climbed the ranks in his career, Bambi tried to keep her profession a secret while being a good wife for her overlord husband and eventually raising three children (Dungeon, Maiden, and Midnight) practically by herself.

How did it end? Rufus did eventually discover his wife's secret career, and there was a disagreement that resulted in silence from both sides for quite some time. But Rufus couldn't deny his love for his wife - as evil an overlord as he was, he still loved her dearly - and they reconciled. Rufus became Emperor of Evil, establishing general control and reign over the town. The generations to follow him would have to work out the details and see the reign extended into the practical areas of Moonlight Falls. After the heir, Midnight, reached young adulthood and took over the "throne," Rufus and Bambi moved to their own quiet little house and spent the rest of their days together.

On left: Dungeon Overlord
On right: Maiden Overlord

Their stories: Dungeon, the oldest, turned out to be a disappointment for his father. While Rufus wanted an equally maniacal heir to take over the Overlord throne, Dungeon strongly took after his mother's good heart instead, role-playing as a hero with his toys and expressing ambitions to help people. Dungeon also had no interest in world domination and came to the conclusion that such desires were wrong. Maiden was the oldest of the twin sisters born after Dungeon and likewise had a gentle heart and a quiet spirit. She tried to keep a good relationship with her father, but as with Dungeon, Rufus didn't quite want anything to do with Maiden either. She did fall in love with her high school sweetheart, a boy named Ari.

How did it end? Dungeon went into the music career, charming the world with his natural talent. Maiden, meanwhile, married Ari. Both Dungeon and Maiden left Moonlight Falls shortly after their adulthood birthdays and went to spend their days in different towns - Bridgeport for Dungeon, and Appaloosa Plains for Maiden and Ari.

Midnight Overlord

Her childhood story: Midnight, the younger of the sister twins, possessed the Evil trait that her father cherished so much. It showed early on, with her pretending to be queen over the world and forcing her minions to follow her commands. Rufus would be delighted to know how she had plans to actually fulfill the taking of minions. As a teenager, she talked with her father about her role in achieving world domination - overthrowing the military. With the weaponry and special forces, the town would be unable to launch an official attack against them. Rufus left the legacy in capable hands as Midnight took control of the house upon reaching young adulthood. One of her first big decisions? To transform the Overlord house into the Overlord Castle, complete with turrets and a moat.

In back: Midnight Overlord
On left: Jakkson Smoak
In middle: Oliver Portland
On right: Phantom Felirae
Marital structure: Full House
Number of children: One
Primary income (1): Military
Primary income (2): Stylist
Secondary income (1): Collector
Secondary income (2): Farmer/beekeeper
Generational goal: Deadbeat Parents
Fun goal: It's So You

Their story: Oliver was a successful stylist, well studied in ancient literature and fortunes, and taking great pains to hide his vampiric nature. Jakkson was a secluded loner, ashamed and afraid of his lycanthropy and desperate for sympathetic company. Phantom was an innocent, mischievous Pixie fairy, delighting in pulling pranks and getting on everyone's nerves. Midnight managed to lure these three men who'd never met to one place and captured them as her minions. Implanting a pain device under their skin as incentive not to run away, the men were given various roles to perform around the house and various methods of raising money for the castle. As time went on, Jakkson and Oliver gained the new role of being Midnight's lovers. The day came, however, when Midnight was impregnated by one of them...and no one knew who.

How did it end? After learning Midnight's child, Amaranth, was his daughter, Jakkson fled with her to the wilderness in order to prevent her being shipped away to boarding school. Little did he know, Midnight had had a change of heart and had decided to raise Amaranth, her only child, to carry on the Overlord legacy. After sending Phantom to find the werewolf and his daughter, Oliver and Midnight set out to search for them after Phantom didn't return. After a sticky situation, all were returned home safely, and Midnight got to work on training her daughter in the way of the overlord. Eventually, Midnight released the three men from their servitude.

Midnight succeeded in her plans to overthrow the military, gaining one more notch of town domination under the Overlord belt. When Amaranth reached young adulthood, Midnight moved out with her lover, Jakkson, and spent the rest of her days doing whatever the heck she wanted.

Jakkson moved with Midnight, but their relationship gradually fell apart until they broke up by mutual agreement. Jakkson dated various other girls, but never found a life partner. He did have one more child, a little girl named Keri, who lived with her mother Zoe Durwood through her childhood as Jakkson was not granted custody rights. He got to see his daughter Amaranth grow up and get married, however, so when the Reaper finally came for him, he died a happy wolf.

Phantom fell in love with a beautiful Brownie fairy named Delia, and as soon as Midnight released him from his service to her, Phantom and Delia were married. Week after week they remained a lovely couple, having two daughters named Eva and Tamika. Phantom's story is still in progress.

Oliver continued with his stylist profession, still hiding his vampiric identity to keep his client base secure. He got into many relationships, marrying his "first" wife Serena Durwood (however, knowing Oliver had been living for quite some time, no one knew if he had any wives previous to his being captured by Midnight) and becoming engaged to Janet Pok later. Despite his bitter relationship with Midnight, Oliver continued to be a big part of the Overlords' lives. Oliver's story is still in progress.

Amaranth Overlord

Her childhood story: Amaranth took on the innocence and sweetness of her father and two uncles, rather than the tyrannical evilness of her mother. This innocence made her heart rather tender and fragile, but her father figures protected her as much as possible. As she got older, she realized her part in the Overlord legacy and determined to make her mother proud of her, even if she didn't want to be as maniacal as Midnight would like. Ever curious about people's lives, she decided being a private investigator would be a fantastic job. After all, she could win the hearts of the "little people" and learn all about their secrets, and of course knowledge meant power. In high school, she fell in love with a boy named Zack, which her mother warned her not to get too involved with. She also had a best friend, a werewolf boy named Gator.

Amaranth Overlord
Marital structure: Single
Number of children: Three
Primary income: Private Investigator
Generational Goal: Social Bunny
Fun Goal: Random Traits

Her story: Amaranth immediately joined the investigator profession after her housemates all left the castle. She became quite good at her work, quickly solving cases and gaining the trust and affections of the people around town. She also continued her relationship with Zack, but before marrying, Amaranth discovered she was pregnant. Much to her dismay, Zack refused to take responsibility for the baby, admitting that he had another girlfriend besides her and had no interest in continuing their relationship. Amaranth raised their child, Soren, by herself. As her best friend Gator came into her life to comfort her, they realized their feelings for each other. It wasn't long before they'd fallen in love. Gator, however, could not marry or move in with her - his mother disapproved of the relationship and, after she'd been unexpectedly left alone, Gator was her only help around the house. Soon Amaranth became pregnant with Gator's child, giving birth to a baby werewolf named Severin. As Severin was born, Zack dropped off a child he'd had with another woman, a child neither of them wanted to care for, and left the boy, Tobie, in Amaranth's possession. Now Amaranth had three children to raise, and she was still just as alone as before.

How did it end? Amaranth managed to keep up with her P.I. career while raising her three children and maintaining a wonderful relationship with Gator. As time went on, Gator's mother grew to accept Amaranth more and more until finally she gave her blessing for the couple to be wed. As Severin and Tobie became teenagers (and Soren a young adult), Amaranth's and Gator's dreams finally came true and they married each other at the castle. Finally Gator was a part of the family. After her son Severin fathered a child of his own during his teenage years, she and Gator made the decision to stay at the Overlord Castle to assist. Amaranth spent the rest of her life helping Severin and loving on his daughter, Katt, before finally passing on in peace.

Gator Overlord (formerly Gator Wolff)

His story: Gator had had deep affection for Amaranth ever since he first met her. Knowing she loved Zack, however, he never admitted it to her. Later on, he became Amaranth's support system when Zack abandoned her with a baby, and their feelings became known to each other. Not long after, Gator became the father of Severin. Gator desperately wished to move in - preferably after marrying - with Amaranth and be a good father to the boys (including Soren and Tobie, whom he hoped to take care of as his own children as well), but his mother needed him back at home and she didn't approve of his relationship with Amaranth. Gator wanted to avoid being disowned - a fate his brother Waylon had received after moving out with the family enemy - but wanted to be with Amaranth as well, and was stuck between the two.

How did it end? Finally Gator's mother approved (and blessed) the relationship with Amaranth, and Gator and Amaranth set out to marry quickly and grandly. Gator became a part of the family and, though late in coming, looked forward to being a good father for Severin and Tobie. Gator's story is still in progress.

On left: Soren Overlord
On right: Tobie Overlord

Their stories: Soren was born with the Good trait, which his mother didn't find quite so bad, but which disqualified him from being the heir. World domination sounded foolish to Soren. He wanted to make the world a better place as it already was. Growing up, Soren was an incredible help to his mother Amaranth. He took care of chores that she didn't have time to get around to, and was a protective, loving, excellent older brother to his siblings Severin and Tobie. Amaranth sorely missed him when he graduated and moved out on his own. Tobie was practically Severin's "twin" - although coming from entirely different parents, Tobie and Severin shared the same birthday and grew up as best friends. Tobie never caught on to his brother's crazy maniacal plans for world domination, but he supported him nonetheless. Although Tobie moved out on his own when he grew up, he promised Severin he'd still be his best buddy.

How did it end? Soren visited his family frequently, and picked up a job as a scientist, despite having a natural talent for music. Soren's story is still in progress.

After a long, hard goodbye, Tobie moved out to a house of his own, ready to start his own life. Tobie's story is still in progress.

Severin Overlord

His childhood story: Midnight's genes must have skipped on down to Severin, because he was born with an evil streak and an obsession with world domination. His great-grandfather Rufus would have been delighted to discover Severin's genius mind. He was talking and scheming even as a toddler. Preparing for his future reign as Overlord heir wasn't the only thing Severin needed to be concerned with, however - Severin inherited his father's werewolf nature and had much to learn about how to behave in a way that honored and respected that heritage. Now, as a young adult, Severin had big plans to climb to high celebrity status and become a rock star, winning the affections and worship of the citizens of Moonlight Falls, putting him in fantastic position to deliver Overlord control. Severin got a surprise birthday present upon his reaching young adulthood, but nothing would stop him now.

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