Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Fifty-Eight - Leisure Day

Darth Furball: "Who is this intruder that sneaks across my master's lot this early in the morning?"
Dog: "Why, oh, why did I let my friends double-dog dare me into this?"
Darth Furball: "I will let you leave alive, silly fool. But I shall require a bit of your ear as a token."

Such is another standard morning guarding the house for the now-famous attack cat, Darth Furball. Man and beast cannot get past his watchful gaze. Not even a little tiny beast.
Darth Furball: "What in the world is this? A tiny spy that thinks he can sneak into my master's castle? Not likely."

As Darth Furball finishes his rounds, the rest of the Overlord household begins to wake up and go about their regular routine. And it has become quite regular.
Ransom: "Wit dis finger...I take over world wit dis finger..."
Gator: "Are you picking your nose again, Ransom?"
Ransom: "I pick next city to 'splode...wit dis finger..."
Gator: "Speaking of 'explode'..."
Darth Furball: "I fear that toilet will soon spontaneously combust from all the abuse it has been put through."
Ransom: "Machine-gun fart!" BIT BIT BIT BIT BIT BIT.
Gator: "How in the world do you do that?"

Requiem and Banshee's morning has gotten off to much the same start as it always has. They have already argued about which outfit looks better for school, even barging into Katt's room to make her be the judge, only to be told by an aggravated Katt that they don't even have school today - it's Leisure Day.

It doesn't turn them off for very long. The girls follow behind Katt as she gets breakfast, bickering the entire time about who's better at this and that. Arguing continues over breakfast, with Katt trying her hardest to keep herself contained. She'd woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, as well as with a headache, and the last thing she needs is the constant harping of her immature sisters. They don't even quiet down when dad enters the room. Severin begins to calmly address them, which pisses Katt off even more. Can't he be assertive? They're being brats! She doesn't even want to wait for her dad to continue his passive lecture and decides to take action herself. She even surprises herself by the loud, angry slew of words that tumble out of her mouth. When she's finished, her sisters stare at her in stunned silence, their faces pale. Her father simply looks at her, his jaw set for a moment. He then tells Requiem and Banshee to head upstairs and watch TV for a moment. The girls timidly obey.
 Requiem: "Well, that was uncalled for."
Banshee: "...sniff..."
Requiem: "Oh, come on. Don't be a baby about it. It wasn't that bad."
Banshee: "Katt's n-never yelled at us before..."
Requiem: "It's not a big deal."
Banshee: "...Why're we watching a TV show about a tattoo and piercing shop?"
Requiem: "'Cause I'm gonna go visit one when I become a teenager. See that artist right there?"
Banshee: "The one with, like, three colors in her hair and a bunch of metal in her face? Eww."
Requiem: "That's gonna be me someday."
Banshee: "Eww!"

Katt tries to hold her toughness as her dad steps up to face her, but inside she knows she's disappointed with herself. Why did she have to let her grumpiness show through? Her dad's only been upset with her a couple of times and neither time was fun. He wasn't particularly harsh or anything; she just hates disappointing him.
Severin: "I believe I'm the parent here, Katt. I was handling the matter just fine before you butted in."
Katt: "I just...they were being brats and you weren't even being harsh with them. They're not going to learn if--"
Severin: "Katt. I believe I'm the parent here."
Katt: "But you let them get away with so much! They argue constantly and you do nothing to stop it! Even now, you just told them they should be nicer to each other, which they're never going to listen to."
Severin: "What I said was only the beginning of the discussion I was going to bring up. I was planning on sitting them down and having the three of us talk through the issue together so they can help work out their relationship themselves."
Katt: "...Really?..."
Severin: "I think sometimes you mistakenly assume I turn a blind eye and don't care about the arguments between Banshee and Requiem. It's time you realized that's not true. I've been briefly talking to them here and there and giving them chances to work through it themselves. Now when I finally decided to step in, you took over my role and you were not kind about it."
Katt: "I'm sorry, dad. I'm just...really cranky today and I didn't control my temper."
Severin: "I know. Everyone slips. I'm not going to ground you or anything, but do watch that you don't let your temper get the best of you from here on out. The best villains know how to keep themselves under control, which is why I didn't start yelling at your sisters. Now then, I'm going to go talk to them, then you can go ahead and grab your swimsuit. It's Leisure Day, so we might as well do something as a family."

Katt watches as her father calmly heads up the stairs and feels terrible about how she reacted. He would've handled the situation just fine if she'd simply kept her mouth shut for a couple more minutes. How could she mistake her father for being irresponsible? Just when she thinks he doesn't care about the situation, he shows that he's been aware of it and handling it the entire time.

Thirty minutes later, the family gathers together and prepares to go to the indoor pool for the start of their Leisure Day. Banshee and Requiem appear to be in a much better mood.
Requiem: "I've never been to the indoor pool before! This is going to be so much fun!"
Ransom: "What the big deal?"
Gator: "When you get older and learn how to swim, you'll see."

They squeeze into the family car, a tight fit as always but somehow still legal in Moonlight Falls. It's a bit of a drive to the pool, but the car is mostly filled with laughter and smiles (and occasional pokes and whines and glares between Requiem and Banshee). As soon as Severin parks the car, Banshee and Requiem zoom out and fly into the building, swimsuits in their arms as they prepare to leap into the shower for a few seconds before entering the pool area. Severin laughs at his overexcited girls, staying behind briefly to help pull his dad out of the car (it's not as easy as it used to be) and grab some toys for Ransom. When he finally makes his way to the building, he's greeted by a rather inappropriate spirit.
Ghost: "Oh my! Is this Severin Overlord?"
Severin: "I believe you have some personal space issues."
Ghost: "I am a ghost. I occupy no space, for I am not matter."
Severin: "Would you stop looking at me like that?"
Ghost: "Your eyebrows are very well-groomed. Do you wax or pluck?"
Severin: "There's something strange in my neighborhood. Now who should I call?"
Ghost: "Now, none of that."

Katt quickly makes her way to the shower area to make sure her little sisters do more than just splash water on their head before diving into the pool. By the time they get finished, Severin is already at the pool area preparing to get in.
Katt: "My goodness, it's so cold when you first get in."
Severin: "Feels good, actually."
Katt: "Well, you're a werewolf. Your blood is naturally warmer anyway."

As Severin, Katt, Requiem, and Banshee settle into the pool and begin their morning of splashing, swimming, shrieking, and laughing, Gator contentedly watches them from a lounge chair. He hasn't wanted to admit it to Severin, especially with how well things have been going lately, but he's been feeling more and more tired as the days go on. He knows he's close, so close to the Day of Finality - it's a day that comes to every Sim who's lived to old age, the day where one acknowledges that now the Reaper may come for him at any moment, so he had better set things in order while he still has time. Many people live well past the Day of Finality. Many other people - including his beloved wife - don't. Gator is not sure which will be the case for him. He only knows his body is preparing for that day and he needn't push himself. He's lived a good, long life, and he will strongly miss who he leaves behind...but he will be very glad for who he is reunited with on the other side.


Ransom: "Long chair die! All wubble! Wubble and twash on floor!"
Gator: "Hey! I told you to stay over here, Ransom."
Ransom: "Long chair give me evil eye. Must die."
Gator: "Lounge chairs don't have eyes. C'mere."
Gator: "Stop scratching the furniture. We don't want to have to take home a broken lounge chair."
Ransom: "It need my wath."
Gator: "It did not need your wrath. It was an innocent lounge chair. It did nothing against you."
Ransom: "I kill it."

As Gator carries Ransom back to his lounge chair and vows to keep his attention on her, the play continues in the pool. Severin and Katt have some grown-up discussions (boring to Banshee and Requiem) while Severin makes sure to glance over at Ransom from time to time. He'd swam over to the end of the pool close to Ransom when she wandered away from her lost-in-thought grandfather, just in case she toddled over and fell in. Banshee and Requiem seem to be having a competition (who knew?) over who can splash water the highest.
Banshee: "See? Mine's highest."
Requiem: "No, it's not. My last one was higher than that one."
Banshee: "No, it wasn't!"
Requiem: "Gah! You don't have to splash it in my eyes!"
Banshee: "I didn't mean to."
Requiem: "You know what? I have a new idea. Let's see who can hold our breath underwater the longest."
Banshee: "Ooh! Let's do it with Katt and daddy too!"
Requiem: "I bet I can beat you, dad!"
Severin: "Mm. We'll see about that."

With a great big breath, the four Overlords sink under the water and hold. Gator watches, hoping this doesn't end in a disaster or something stupid.
Gator also marvels at the magic chlorine in the water. Apparently it doesn't keep making people float to the top, if his son and granddaughters can sink and stay just fine. What won't they think of nowadays...
Ransom: "I go swim now."
Gator: "You can't swim, Ransom. You'll drown. You need to stay here where I can see you. See, daddy brought you plenty of toys to play with."
Ransom: "I know how swim."
Gator: "No, you don't."
Ransom: "Sigh...hey, where dey go?"
Gator: "They're holding their breath underwater. You can't see them from here."
Ransom: "I go save dem."
Gator: "You can't swim."
Ransom: "Dat means nuffing."
Gator: "You can't save people in the pool if you can't swim, Ransom. My've inherited your father's evilness, but certainly not his genius."

Katt and Requiem bob up about the same time (Katt, in a rush to keep up with the others, hadn't taken a sufficient breath before going under).
Requiem is surprised to see Katt lose so quickly, but quite bummed to see Banshee still under the water. Banshee swims up only a few seconds later.
Banshee: "Yeah! I won!"
Requiem: "No, you didn't. Dad's still down there."

Sure enough, he is. And he stays down for quite a bit longer. Banshee and Requiem are so impressed that they forget about their own competition with each other and cheer when Severin finally surfaces. Winking at his daughters, Severin grins and leans against the edge of the pool to relax a little.
Gator: "You really like that Loch Ness Monster toy, don't you?"
Ransom: "Pwetty monster...swim in ocean...find boat...EAT BOAT!! DIE, BOAT!! Full monster...pwetty monster...swim in ocean..."

After a couple of hours, the Overlords dry off and decide to go spend a little bit of time at the summer festival as well. Fall is arriving tomorrow, so they might as well enjoy their last day of summer, even if rain is in the forecast. Fortunately it's still dry when they arrive. Not for long, of course - a water balloon war is announced.
Banshee: "YEAH! Daddy's on my team! Let's win this, daddy! Werewolves versus the not-werewolves!"
Severin: "Let's stay sharp, Banshee. We've got some tough competition, but I think we can do it."
Katt: "What? Come on, Requiem, we're not gonna let them trash-talk us like that. Let's kick their little doggie butts!"
Ransom: "War? I must fight!"
Gator: "You're a bit young for a water balloon fight, Ransom."
Ransom: "I MUST FIGHT!"
Requiem: "It's too dangerous, Ransom. Only big kids can do this."
Ransom: "RRRRGH!"

Gator pulls Ransom out of her carriage prison before she destroys the thing, holding her to make sure she doesn't valiantly charge into the fray and get annihilated by a water balloon. The two teams get their water balloon supply and begin chucking them.
Banshee: "Hey, dad! Katt's open! Throw it, throw it, throw it!"
Requiem: "Aww, don't be chicken, dad! I dare you to throw it at me!"
Severin: "Careful what you ask for, Requiem, 'cause you're gonna get it."
Requiem: "Oof!"
Katt: "Whoa! That was close. You almost nailed me, Banshee."
Severin: "You okay, Requiem?"
Requiem: "Yeah, just let me stick my brains back in through my ears and I'll be ready..."

His arms already becoming weary, Gator gently sets Ransom on the ground. Fortunately, instead of crawling towards the battlefield, she crawls away from it.
Ransom: "Silly fam' let me fight...I show them...I show them all..."
Ransom: "I pop! Pop balloons! Pop hope! Pop dweams!"
Gator: "Ransom! Do you know how much time and effort went into blowing up those balloons?"
Ransom: "I hope lots and lots." POP.

The water war continues, with fierce competition from both sides.
Banshee: "Agh! Whew!"
Severin: "Nice dodge, Banshee. We got this in the bag."
Banshee: "Whoa, dad, watch out!"
Severin: "That...was just a little low..."
Requiem: "Sorry, dad."
Severin: "It's okay...I didn't plan on having any more babies..."

The game doesn't last too much longer after that, but Severin and Banshee do end up winning. Gator, meanwhile, has given up on running after Ransom and risk hurting his back even worse by constantly bending over to pick her up. He's past the age of being able to run after toddlers anymore. Thus it's Katt's turn to run after her as she faithfully begins to destroy every set of balloons on the festival grounds.
Katt: "Knock it off, Ransom."
Ransom: "No! I wanna pop it!"

The Overlord family begins to split off to go try some other things. Gator, hoping to relive some memories of him and Amaranth, heads over to the skating rink. He hopes his body will allow him. Banshee trots after him, eager to spend some time with her werewolf grandfather. Even at this age, she knows he won't be around forever. She wants to spend as much time with him as she can. Requiem stays behind with her dad.
Requiem: "Dad?...I have a question."
Severin: "Yeah?"
Requiem: " you like Banshee more because she's a werewolf just like you?"
Severin: "I love you both the same. What does her being a werewolf have to do with anything?"
Requiem: "I don't know. I just thought...maybe you would like her more because she's more like you."
Severin: "If anyone's most like me, it's Ransom."
Severin: "Quit!"
Requiem: "Okay, I'll agree there."
Gator: "'s all coming back to this old body."
Banshee: "Whoa! How do you do that, grandpa? I can barely stay upright!"
Gator: "I don't really know, honey. It's something your grandmother and I used to do together. I guess it's just natural for my body to remember."
Banshee: "...Hey, grandpa. Do you think daddy likes Requiem more than me?"
Gator: "What?"
Banshee: "Requiem's so much better than me, grandpa. She's brave and tough and smart and I'm a scaredy-wolf."
Gator: "Requiem has her strengths, which are different from your strengths. You are both talented young ladies. And from what Severin tells me every day, he loves the both of you very, very much."
Banshee: "Do you think he's proud of me?"
Gator: "He's very proud of you, Banshee."

Katt forces a toy into Ransom's hands to try and keep her occupied, then notices a tanning booth. She's rather pale, it seems. Surely it wouldn't hurt to try. She checks to make sure her father's watching Ransom, then checks it out.
Katt: "...This thing looks kind of creepy."
Katt: "I, uh...I really don't feel much different."

Requiem: "Why are we raking leaves, dad? Doesn't the town do this?"
Severin: "Yes, they're supposed to. But we're going to do it for two reasons: one, it will eventually be our town completely and I want it to look pretty. Two, before it is our town, it helps to make people think that we actually care for the environment. It gives us good PR before we overthrow everything."
Requiem: "It's kind of funny how half the kids at my school hate you and the other half have posters of you on their walls and dream about making out with you at night."
Severin: "That's, uh...a little more than I wanted to know, thanks."
Severin: "Mm...the rain finally showed up. I wonder if it's going to rain all fall like it did last go-round."
Requiem: "Now our leaves are going to get soggy. Can I jump in before it gets too wet?"
Severin: "You can if you want to. Just remember the Law of Leaf Piles."
Requiem: "The Law of Leaf Piles?"
Severin: "In every pile of leaves, without exception, there is dog poop mixed in with it somewhere."
Requiem: "I, eh...I think I'll pass then."
Severin: "A wise decision."

Gator gathers up Requiem and Banshee to head for the car, as they don't have enough umbrellas to go around. Severin, panicked for a moment, looks around for Ransom, who seems to have disappeared for the few seconds he took his eyes off her. She, meanwhile, is finally contentedly playing with her toy.
Ransom: "Nessie Monster...someday daddy need get me Kracken toy. Eat boats togeder."
The toy suddenly disappears from Ransom's fingers, seemingly disintegrating in midair. Startled, Ransom blinks and looks around for it. What in the world has happened to her toy?! She wanted to get another toy, not make the one she had disappear! Tears well up in her eyes. She knows, even at this age, that she's capable of producing powers that she doesn't see the rest of her family doing. But she never meant to make her toy disappear!
Then a light twinkles by her face. Eagerly she looks at it. POOF. Just as quickly as it disappeared, her Loch Ness Monster toy is back in her hands. Delighted, she hugs it, hoping it will always reappear when she makes it disappear in the future.

She doesn't get to play with it much longer, though. As she realizes the rain, her daddy scoops her up in his arms.
Severin: "Yuck! Look at this rain. We had better get going home."
Ransom: "No more play?"
Severin: "We'll get to play at home, but not at the festival anymore."
Ransom: "Pop one more balloon?"
Severin: "No. No more popping balloons."
Ransom: "I wanna pop balloons!"
Severin: "I wanna pop you."

Before Ransom can realize it, Severin brings his hand to her belly and begins tickling all over. Ransom squeals in delight, finally throwing her arms around her daddy's neck and nuzzling into his neck.
Severin laughs, kissing his little girl on the forehead and walking under a small shelter so they don't continue to get drenched by the rain. Then he spends an extra moment or so just cuddling her. He's fully contented to not have any more kids at this point. Four is quite a lot - any more and he risks becoming the next MacDuff family. But with this being his last child - and with her birthday coming up fast - he knows he needs to appreciate her toddler years before they're gone forever. It won't be too long before Ransom is too big to fit in his arms, too big to snuggle on his shoulder. She'll begin to become more independent. She won't need him as much.

Severin doesn't even realize he's being watched by various citizens and paparazzi as he continues to goof around with his daughter, keeping her perpetually laughing. He's just lost in the moment with his toddler. He considers himself to be a very lucky man. Children are not just a necessity for carrying on the legacy, he's realized; they are a great blessing for an overlord. Even his legacy duties would only be half as fun without his daughters.
Severin: "Well? You ready to go home, Rans?"
Ransom: "You play wit me at home?"
Severin: "Yeah, we'll go up to the playroom and find something."
Ransom: "Yay!"

Severin and Ransom make their walk to the car. Katt joins them in a moment - after stopping to watch a peculiar woman slather some strange potion all over her (pregnant) body.
Katt: "You're going into the tanning booth? Is that acceptable when you're pregnant?"
Regina: "Oh, it's just fine. Besides, I'm trying my new 'Super Sexee Tanning Loshun.' It's designed to automatically make my skin the perfect shade of sexy when I'm tanning!"
Katt: "Where did you get that?"
Regina: "I made it! I'm a talented witch, you know."
Katt: "Really?"
Regina: "Of course. I've been selling my potions at the alchemy shop. Someone even used my 'Fertilitee' potion within days of me bringing it in! I'll bet the lucky mother conceived right away!"
Katt: "...Uh...actually, it...yeah. I'll bet she did."
Regina: "Time to try my new lotion!"

Katt treks back to the car, hoping to never look into the face of the dolt who got her father pregnant again.
Regina: "Hmm...this lotion appears to have rather strange effects..."

Author's notes: Ransom scratches furniture ALL THE TIME. I can stock her inventory with toys and 8 out of 10 times she will still choose to scratch a nearby piece of furniture. I can't tell you how many times my Sims have to stop what I commanded them to do in order to go after Ransom and make her stop scratching stuff. Nonetheless, she's adorable and I love playing her.

And I did reveal her mom this chapter. She's just a random witch around town.

Tons of birthdays next chapter. Everyone has a birthday, and Gator reaches 52 days (on my 52 day lifespan). It's going to be a big chapter. Severin has to make his heir choice very soon...


  1. I am SO freaking excited to see the "twins" as teens! : D And while I'll be sad to see Katt go, I'm looking forward to the next generation making their own lives.

    Ransom is pretty damn adorable.

  2. I've decided I want Ransom as heir. Let Severin know for me.

    Yaay birthdays! I also can't wait to see the 'twins' as teens, or Ransom as a child, or Katt as a YA...
    But I don't want Gator to die :'( Nooo!!!

  3. I love Ransom! She's really funny and so cute.
    Severin has turned out so responsible, and such a good daddy! I never would have expected it after watching him as a child and teenager. So sad to see that Gator is nearing his time. Makes me all *sniff* sad.

  4. OH YAY, AN OVERLORD UPDATE! This made my...hour! Because now I want another one. :P

    AWWWW RANSOM. I love her! Especially "All wubble! Wubble and twash on floor!" and "Wit dis finger..." Wow, the expression on her face! I think I died!

    I love Banshee and Requiem too. Their characters are so interesting. (Great job!) But they're so focused on which of the two of them will be picked; they may be setting themselves up for Take a Third Option. But it's also possible that your roll allows more than one to stay. Hmmmmm. Can't wait to find out the roll! I suppose it will be a dramatic reveal. =D

    I sympathize with Katt. =( It's difficult to remember, when someone is being unkind, that they also have feelings that could be hurt. At least she felt bad about it and won't want to do it again. And maybe it gave Banshee and Requiem some perspective... although it might have just set a bad example. Family situations can get so difficult. Glad Severin is all mature now and able to handle it so well.

    Aw, Gator is getting all worn out. =( I don't want him to go! He might be my favorite townie ever.

    Ransom's name is one letter difference from random... I'll bet you noticed that since you have to type it all the type. I just accidentally typed Random so I noticed. Heh.

    Thanks again for taking time to write! Your story is great and I've gotten so involved in the characters. =)
    I'm very excited for the next update!

  5. I'll miss Gator when he's gone. I hope Severin copes alright. Especially with all of his crazy kids. He seems a lot more mature now than he was when Am died.

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