Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Fifty-Seven - This Means War

Banshee: "Ugh...Requiem, why do you have to be so loud? I could've gotten a little more sleep."
Requiem: "You're going to accuse me of being loud? Really? Whatever, Banshee."
Darth Furball: "The loud one is awake. I certainly hope my master is prepared."

Making the "twins" sleep in the same bedroom might not have been the best of ideas, as it's been occurring to Severin lately. He'd naturally assumed it would work the same way it did with him and Tobie growing up. They got into occasional fights, but otherwise they got along. The same doesn't appear to be true for Requiem and Banshee.
Requiem: "Herrrre, kitty, kitty, kitty."
Darth Furball: "...What am I supposed to be smelling?"
Requiem: "Here, let's give you a quick brushing. We wouldn't want you shedding as much as my hairy sister does."
Banshee: "DADDY!!!!"

Requiem and Banshee, fortunately, aren't the only ones awake, so Banshee's shrieks don't wake anyone. A third little Overlord princess goes on a few adventures of her own.
Ransom: "Aha! Tweas...ure..."
Ransom: "My invizzble tweasure."

Severin has quickly come to realize that, as much energy as Banshee and Requiem required as toddlers to run after them, Ransom requires twice that much. Not only is she a constant fire hazard with her popping out sparks at random from the tips of her fingers, she also likes to play rough with her toys, run around like a chicken with its head cut off, and scratch the furniture more than her siblings combined. When Severin or Gator scoops her away, she cackles maniacally.

She's also proven to have little patience for things that don't go quite her way.
Ransom: "Block go in dis hole.....no, dis one...go in DIS one..."
The block goes flying across the room and Ransom storms away, like usual. In a rage, she plops in front of her dollhouse and yanks a doll out of it.
Ransom: "Stupid...block...no go in hole..."
A few twists and the poor doll's head pops right off. Ransom shoves his now-headless body into one of the dollhouse bedrooms and stuffs the head down the chimney at the very top, which she can barely reach. She pauses, then smiles at her dastardly deeds. Turning around, she notices a delightful table.
Ransom: "Ah...I plan take over world!"
Severin: "Ransom!"

Excitedly Ransom toddles over to her father, who's run upstairs to check on her after hearing the sound of the block hitting the wall.
Severin: "Are you losing your temper again?"
Ransom: "I no lose temper. I trow it away."
Severin: "You need to learn to keep your temper under control. Many a villain has fallen in the middle of a stupid temper tantrum."
Ransom: "I behead doll."
Severin: "That's all well and good, but you still need to keep your temper under control. Now it's time to go use the potty chair. Darth Furball, I need you to go wake Katt up. The bus is going to be here soon."
Darth Furball: "Yes sir."
Ransom: "I be good dis time."
Severin: "You've said that every single time, Ransom. And every single time you've hopped up from the chair just as you were doing one of your magic explosive poops. I'm holding you down this time."
Ransom: "I like poop."
Severin: "I...can certainly imagine why."

Darth Furball does his duty and wakes Katt up. She stumbles downstairs quickly to get some breakfast before school, kicking herself for not waking up earlier to eat breakfast and then leave earlier. Her sisters are a hassle to deal with any time of the day, but especially in the morning.
Requiem: "Where were you last night?"
Katt: "I was on a date."
Requiem: "You mean like...with a boy?"
Katt: "Yes, Requiem. With a boy."
Banshee: "OOH! Did you kiss? Did you kiss?"
Katt: "Maybe once."
Requiem: "You DID?! Gross!"
Katt: "The day will come when you'll think it's romantic."
Requiem: "I hope that day's a long time away."
Katt: "I need to go change my clothes real quick. The bus will be here any minute. You guys need to hurry up and eat."
Requiem: "Whatever."
Banshee: "Aww. I spilled my milk on the table."
Requiem: "Ditz."
Banshee: "SHUT UP!!"
Katt: "Deity...sometimes I wonder why dad had more kids."

Katt hurries to pull on some clothes, buttoning up her jeans just as the bus horn honks. She dashes down the stairs, noticing her sisters still finishing their cereal.
Katt: "Sigh...come on, girls. You don't want to be late for your first day of school."
Requiem: "I'm almost done."
Banshee is only halfway done, so she shovels the food into her mouth as fast as possible. Requiem laughs at the spectacle, calmly finishing her own cereal. Banshee glares at her sister, trying to hold the glare to keep herself from crying out of embarrassment.
Requiem: "Come on, Banshee. You're gonna hold the bus up."
Banshee: "I'm coming! Wait for me!"
Requiem: "I'm not waiting. It's your fault you started yelling instead of eating your cereal so now you're holding the bus up."

Banshee swallows the last of her cereal and prepares to protest further, but Requiem is already out the door.  Fighting back frustrated tears, Banshee trots after her sister, more upset with herself than with her sister. Why can't she be strong and tough like Requiem? Why isn't she smart enough to think of quick answers? Worse, her dad surely sees those strengths in Requiem. What if he automatically picks Requiem to be the heir and doesn't even consider her at all?
Banshee: "I'll show him I'm worth considering...my stupid sister's not going to run away with it."

As the girls head to school and Severin puts a sleepy Ransom in her swing, Severin and Gator finally make their way to breakfast themselves.
Gator: "You came in a bit late last night, I take it. I went to bed at eleven and you still weren't home."
Severin: "I came in around one. I had business to take care of."
Gator: "Work business? Celebrity business?"
Severin: "Not quite."
Gator: "...You consulted the Gathering of Werewolves."
Severin: "I did."
Gator: "I take it your purpose was to convince them to allow Requiem and eventually Ransom to hunt in a pack, as they are part-werewolf."
Severin: "They shot me down immediately. Only full-blooded werewolves can partake in werewolf tradition, as has always been the rule. I stayed longer and brought my case. I assumed a full-blooded werewolf meant someone descended from two werewolf parents. In that case, I'm not full-blooded werewolf myself. I have a werewolf father and a human mother. They did listen patiently and briefly discuss it among themselves after I finished, but it was determined that supernatural blood cleans out human blood."
Gator: "In other words, no matter who your parents are, if you are born supernatural, you are all supernatural. Supernatural DNA is much, much stronger than human DNA and overtakes it completely. One cannot be a supernatural-human hybrid."
Severin: "Yes. Thus I am still a full-blooded werewolf and can partake of werewolf tradition, as can Banshee. But Ransom and Requiem cannot participate."
Gator: "I figured that would be the ruling. You did try, though."
Severin: "It's quite disappointing."
Severin: "Well. I ought to brush up on my guitar work. I have a couple of concerts coming up."
Gator: "You're not even out of young adulthood and you're already very, very near completing your part of the legacy."
Severin: "I'll be out of young adulthood shortly, though. My birthday's in a couple of days...as is Katt's."
Gator: "I will certainly miss her."
Severin: "...I know I have to let her go, let her start on her own life. It wouldn't be fair for me to try and convince her to stay."
Gator: "It's the great dilemma of a parent, Severin."
Darth Furball: "I notice some crumbs on your plate, master. May I offer my services?"

Severin does sprinkle some crumbs down for his cat, then grabs his father's dish as well and washes them both. His dad's done plenty of dishwashing. Then he grabs his guitar and heads outside for some fresh air while he practices his set. Much to his aggravation, a paparazzi has crossed his bridge.
Wade Gill: "This is a mighty fine place here. The papers will love all my close-ups!"
Darth Furball: "You have trespassed on my master's property. You are a foolish old man."
Wade Gill: "Th-there he is! M-Mr. Overlord, it's such a pleasure to--"
Severin: "What are you doing on my property? There is a sign posted very clearly at the front of my bridge that I don't permit uninvited guests across the bridge."
Wade Gill: "Well, ah...ah..."
Severin: "Darth Furball, I trust that you'll take care of the matter."
Darth Furball: "With pleasure. Old fool, I suggest you return from whence you came, or else do you know what I can do?"
Darth Furball: "I can do THIS. And THIS. Shred you to BITS like this PAPER."
Wade Gill: "Erm...I, heh...I should probably leave now..."
Darth Furball: "DIE PAPER DIE!!!"

Gator briefly watches his son out the window. He finds himself smiling. What a long way the boy has come. Once upon a time he was an impulsive, inexperienced, immature teenager. He'd changed the family dynamics dramatically when he had a child during those teenage years. Gator had once wondered if Severin would ever become a responsible father. Now he has four daughters, and not only has he devoted his time, energy, and love to them, but he's also faithfully fulfilling his part of the legacy.

Just like Amaranth.

Gator swallows, memories of his wife flooding back to him. It won't be too long before he gets to see her again. He wants to stay here as long as he can do help Severin as much as possible, but he does not dread the day the Reaper comes for him. He can hardly imagine the joy of being reunited with his first and only love.

A loud cackle breaks him out of his thoughts. Apparently Ransom is awake.
Ransom: "Haha! World burns down! Napalm stwike! MAHAHAHA--"
Gator: "Ransom. What are you doing?"
Ransom: "Nuffing."
Gator: "I heard you laughing about something."
Ransom: "I good widdle girl."

Gator releases Ransom to play. The afternoon rolls by and Ransom's sisters all get home from school. Banshee had been talking about having a tea party with her teddy bear, so Requiem secretly wants to grab her bear and do one too. One thing Requiem hates about Banshee is that she's so creative and talented - and Requiem is not. Sure, Requiem's a lot braver and smarter and she couldn't care less what people think about her. But there's not really one thing that she's very good at, and she gets most of her play ideas from Banshee. All that talent surely doesn't go unnoticed...what if dad picks her to be the heir and doesn't even consider Requiem?
Banshee: "Hey, Requiem. Can I borrow your bear? I was going to have a tea party."
Requiem: "Uh, no. I was going to have a tea party too."
Banshee: "I thought you were going to do homework first! I asked you this morning if I could borrow your bear to do a tea party and you said I could!"
Ransom: "Pound bear! Stwangle bear! Rrgh!"
Requiem: "No. I want to play with my bear, and I'm going to do a tea party. I told you that earlier."
Banshee: "YOU DID NOT!!"
Requiem: "Why do you always have to scream? This is my bear and I get to choose what to do with it."
Banshee: "...You told me I could borrow your bear earlier. You're a mean, ugly, selfish liar. And my tea party is going to be two million times better than yours."
Ransom: "Off go bear head! Pop!"
Requiem: "Ha ha ha! You don't even know how to do a tea party. You'll have to watch me just to know how to do it right."
Banshee: "No, I won't! I know how to do a tea party!"
Requiem: "No, you don't."
Requiem: "Mine will still be better!"
Banshee: "THIS MEANS WAR!!"
Requiem: "Fine!"
Requiem: "I bet dad will think my tea party's better than yours."
Banshee: "Nuh uh! Daddy will like mine best! And then I'll have more points than you and I'll be closer to being the heir."
Requiem: "What?! No, you won't! I'm winning the tea party contest and then I'll have more points and I'll be the heir!"
Ransom: "Silly sissies. I heir."

Unfortunately the girls discover that dad can't judge their tea parties. He has a concert that he's about to go to.
Requiem: "Dad, can't you wait for a few minutes? Banshee and I are having tea parties and we need you to tell us which one's better."
Severin: "Sorry, Requiem, I'm already running late. Katt can be the judge."
Katt: "Dad...please..."
Banshee: "Okay! Then Katt can tell dad later which one was better."
Requiem: "It will be mine."
Severin: "I'll be eager to hear about it. I'll see you tomorrow, girls. I'm coming home late tonight, so I expect you to be in bed by the time I get back."

Katt tries not to look up from her homework. She'd wanted to spend the evening by herself, doing nice quiet things, without anything to do with her sisters. Her dad always seems to toss her into obligations before he leaves for work.
Requiem: "We're having a blood tea party."
Banshee: "Blech! That's gross!"
Requiem: "You're gross."
Banshee: "Your hair is gross! It looks like pukey mustard!"
Requiem: "Oh yeah? Well, when my teenage birthday comes, I'm going to dye my hair and it will look much cooler than yours. And I'm gonna dress however I want and I'm not gonna care what anyone else thinks."
Banshee: "At least I'll look pretty."
Requiem: "I bet I'll have more friends."
Requiem: "Here is your blood tea, Mister Bear. Is everything to your liking?"
Banshee: "Pffff."
Requiem: "What?"
Banshee: "At least I made actual tea for my bear and didn't just pull out fruit punch from the fridge."
Requiem: "Well, your tea parties take forever then."

The tea parties continue, with each sister glancing to their oldest sister for approval. Katt tries not to look at either of them. She has absolutely no desire to play into their stupid competition.
Requiem: "So...what do you think? Was my tea party the best?"
Katt: "I think both your tea parties were great."
Requiem: "Chicken."
Katt grumbles under her breath to herself, not even really mumbling words. Requiem immediately latches onto the opportunity for a win.
Requiem: "She said I won! My tea party was the best! See, I told you. Now we can tell dad later."
The loss stings more than she knows it should. Banshee glares down at her bear, trying to push back the tears from her eyes. Daddy will know that Requiem did a better tea party and then she'll have more points for the heir position. But Banshee can be a good heir. She knows it! She just has to figure out how to show her daddy that she can be good at stuff too, even if she's not as brave and strong as Requiem. Besides, she should have a bit of an advantage, shouldn't she? She's a full-blooded werewolf. She can go hunting with daddy. She can eventually become an alpha wolf. Requiem will never be a part of any of those things.

Requiem relishes in the (albeit fake) win. She can't wait to tell dad about it. After all, she knows she has to get as much of a head start as possible. It won't be long before Banshee's talent catches up and she starts beating Requiem in activities and skills left and right. Plus, she's full-blooded werewolf just like dad. Surely he'll be leaning naturally towards her anyway. Requiem has to take every opportunity she can to prove that her strength and courage are more suited for the heir position.
Katt: "Come on, you two. This is getting ridiculous."
Requiem: "I can do my homework just fine on my own. In fact, I can probably do it faster."
Banshee: "Nuh uh!"
Katt: "Really? Just...really?"
Banshee: "Hey, Katt..."
Katt: "Why are you whispering, Banshee?"
Banshee: "...Who do you think would make the better heir? Me or Requiem?"
Katt: "Oh, come on, Banshee. I'm not answering that."
Requiem: "No, Darth Furball. Don't disturb me. I'm almost finished..."
Darth Furball: "Why are you sitting on the floor? I thought only toddlers sat on the floor."
Requiem: "Aha! I'm finished!"
Banshee: "What?!"
Requiem: "Beat you!"

Furiously Banshee scribbles out the answers to the rest of her homework. Requiem wins again? How will dad ever consider Banshee to be the heir now? She's already behind! How can she catch up quickly? Looking around, Banshee notices her grandfather scrubbing the counter. The sink looks pretty dirty too...aha!
Banshee: "Here, grandpa! I want to help."
Gator: "Do you?"
Banshee: "Yeah! I'm gonna clean the sink."
Gator: "Well, that's really nice of you. Thank you, Banshee."

Inwardly Banshee smirks. At least she's done something in her favor now. She can feel Requiem's eyes glaring at her from behind. Banshee giggles. Helping grandpa must be worth two points in and of itself! One needs to respect one's elders, after all, right?
Requiem: "...You almost distracted me from my homework. I'd be even further behind if you made me lose."
Darth Furball: "What in the world are you talking about?"
Requiem: "Go do something useful next time, instead of stalking me like a creeper cat."
Darth Furball: "No one talks to an attack cat that way."
Darth Furball: "En garde!"
Requiem: "Oof!"

Requiem can't keep her balance; she falls to the floor. Darth Furball, satisfied, walks off of her. Requiem tries not to look at her stupid sister, who's no doubt grinning at her misfortune.
Banshee: "You have to respect the cat, Requiem, just like I do."
Requiem: "We were just playing, that's all."

Gator sighs as he watches his two granddaughters, ever competitive, ever battling for their father's approval. Severin, my boy, you have your work cut out for you in choosing the heir. No matter who you pick, you risk breaking hearts. It may be your hardest decision yet.

Author's notes: Yes indeed, we have a family feud going on here. The three younger daughters are all viable choices for the heir. Banshee's still loud and a bit of a whiner, but she can be quite creative and, when she puts her mind to something, she does it very well. Requiem is clearly strong, independent, and tough, even to the point of seeming like a bully (but hey, she's an Overlord...they're not all nice). And darling Ransom fully lives out her Evil trait. She has much promise from the get-go.

Severin's going to have a hard decision. (And by Severin, I also mean me.)

Random statement: I hate Requiem's hair color. It's nasty. I can't wait until she ages to a teenager and I get to recolor it.

And yes, the werewolf tradition is upheld. Thus, only Banshee can go hunting with daddy. Does that play into the heir selection process? We shall see...

Comments are appreciated. Even if I don't respond to them right away (or...ever, because I keep meaning to and then I get distracted by homework and then I forget and then I'm a silly dorkface), I really love reading them and seeing if people like the story. :)


  1. Totally Ransom. She's so evil and awesome.

    Glad you're able to make time to write. =) Don't let the homework get you down!

  2. Oops, I forgot to add how much I REALLY love reading the Overlord updates. So, thanks! =D

    1. Thank you for reading! It really adds a lot of enjoyment to my writing the series. My schedule is just starting to clear itself up a little bit, which might lend me a little bit more time to play and write. No joke about the homework, though!

  3. Ooh dear, it really is going to be hard to pick the heir! (Maybe you'll roll full house and they can all help out with their part of the legacy...)

    I'm beginning to think Ransom would be perfect. She's so evil, I love it! But I also love both Banshee and Requiem! It would be easier if he picked Ransom though, as she isn't part of the 'competition' that the other two have invented. Hopefully, Gator or Katt will tell Severin about this, and he can get them to stop it before they hate each other forever.

    I agree with Requiems hair colour. I don't know where that colour comes from, but if you lighten it a bit it's nice.
    Speaking of hair colour, where did Ransoms hair come from? Who is her mother?

    1. I have already rolled for Generation Five. It promises to be an interesting generation, involving a career I haven't yet played. No revelations on the roll for a little bit though...

      Hopefully Requiem and Banshee don't hate each other forever. But they're certainly in stiff competition right now. Not all siblings get along, I guess.

      I'm keeping Requiem's hair color as is for now, as children don't typically dye their hair. But once she reaches teenagehood, it's changing. As for Ransom's hair, her mother is revealed in the next chapter. Not in a very profound way, but just so the mystery is uncovered.

  4. At the moment Ransom is winning the heir vote from me by a mile! Whilst Requiem and Banshee are both entertaining, I find a lot of the entertainment from them is in their interactions with each other (although if you've rolled a "spare" roll...)

    I would also love to read about either Ransom or Requiem challenging the werewolf council over their edict...

    1. Who knows what might happen in the future? Might not be wise to challenge a council of werewolves...

      I have a crap-ton of homework tonight (like, 7 chapters of reading and answering questions about it), but hopefully I can start updating. Two more chapters and then something special..

  5. I really enjoyed this chapter. I'm really starting to like Banshee with the way she acted in this chapter, but I can see why your decision is going to be really hard. It will also be interesting to see how the werewolf council and all of that plays out as well.

    Looking forward to the next chapter!

    1. Ah, Banshee. She wishes she could be as strong and independent as her sister. But she has qualities of her own.

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