Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Twenty-Eight - Pregnancy Pains

Quietly, by herself, Amaranth slowly eats her bowl of mac n' cheese. It's quite good - Phantom had cooked several meals for her before leaving so she wouldn't have to start learning to cook for herself just yet. At this moment, she's eternally grateful for it. She's been way too stressed to ever think about learning a brand new skill. Hopefully the mac n' cheese won't give her too much heartburn.

She can't believe everything that's just happened to her. She'd never expected to be pregnant and alone. She can't believe Zack would leave her like that. She thought she knew him better. What hurts the most is that she knows she loved him. And she can't just stop loving him, even if he treated her this way. If she admits it, she still waits for her phone to ring. Of course, if it did and it was him, she doesn't know if she'd answer. She's bitter and angry at him. But yet she still loves him. She doesn't know how to react to anything anymore.

Although she changes into her detective uniform, Amaranth figures it's probably not wise to take on a case just yet. Her mind's in a fog, which can't help her solve anything. She decides to wander down to the salon. Maybe Oliver's working there today.

Instead of Oliver, though, she runs into a different familiar friend.
Amaranth: "Bizzie! Hmm...I guess I should call you Phantom, right? We're grown-ups, after all."
Phantom: "You can call me whatever you want, Detective Overlordpants."

Somehow just Phantom's presence brightens Amaranth's mood immediately. It's just hard to be around him without smiling.

Amaranth: "What are you doing at the salon? Is Toof...is Oliver here?"
Phantom: "I haven't seen him. I'm here 'cause Delia wanted to get a makeover. We've got a little more money now so she doesn't have to wear her old worn clothes anymore. I'm fine with whatever she does. I think she's beautiful anyway."
Amaranth: "She's very lucky to have you, Phantom. I can't imagine what my life would be like without you."
Phantom: "I can't imagine either. That would be one less person I could play pranks on. Do you know how horrific a thought that is?"
Amaranth: "I'm sure if..."

Amaranth pauses, burping up acid. Stupid heartburn. Did her mother have so many issues with this when she was pregnant with her?
Phantom: "That was a gurgly burp."
Amaranth: "Yeah...I, uh...I have heartburn."
Phantom: "Yours must be really mild. I burp up fire when I have heartburn. Did you just develop acid reflux?"
Amaranth: "No, it's.....sigh. I have heartburn because of this."
Awkwardly Amaranth takes off her detective coat and shows Phantom the unmistakeable evidence. At least she thinks it's unmistakeable.
Phantom: "Ooh. I knew acid reflux sometimes caused bloating, but that's pretty bad."
Amaranth: "It's...it's not bloating, Phantom. It's...a baby. I'm pregnant. In fact, very pregnant."

Amaranth expects Phantom to be stunned at the news, but of course, she should know better than to expect anything normal from Phantom.
Phantom: "You've got a BABY in there?!?"
Phantom: "That's the bestest news ever! Babies are so much fun. I got to play with one at some point in your house. She farted and pooped and cried and spit and sneezed all over me at times but she was lots of fun. And now she's all grown up and she's growing another farting pooping crying spitting sneezing thing! Can I play with it sometime?"
Amaranth: "No, Phantom, it's...it's not like that. When I was born, mom had you and Oliver and my dad to help take care of me. You loved me. The father of the baby..."
Phantom: "You mean Mack?"
Amaranth: "Zack. He's the father, and he exploded when I told him I was pregnant. He didn't want anything to do with the baby. I love him, Phantom, and I thought he loved me. But he left me, and not only that, but he's dating this other girl that I don't even like..."

And as she has been doing lately, Amaranth breaks down in tears. Her mourning immediately pierces Phantom's soul, and he holds her close to try and console her.
Phantom: "Ammy, don't cry..."
Amaranth: "I c-can't help it, Ph-phantom...I s-still love him, but I n-never want to see him again...I d-don't know what to do..."
Phantom: "I know what you're feeling."
Amaranth: "How can you p-possibly know what I'm f-feeling? You fell in love and...and she loved you and you g-got married..."
Phantom: "No, Amaranth. I mean I know what you're feeling. I can feel it too."

Amaranth feels horrible. How could she have forgotten Phantom's sensitivity to emotions? Now she's making him feel just as bad as she's feeling. She tries to calm herself down. Phantom holds her until the tears finally stop. As he releases her, he motions for her to cup her hands.
Phantom: "You should have this. It's pixie dust. It'll help you a lot in the hardest situations."
Amaranth: "Thank you, Phantom...but...I mean, how will it help exactly?"
Phantom: "Easy. When you look at it, you'll think that it's pixie dust, and when you think of pixie dust, you'll think of Pixies, and when you think of Pixies, you'll think of me, and then I can come help you when you need something. I can babysit really good!"
Amaranth: "Oh, Phantom...you're the best fairy in the world. In fact, one of the best people in the world, period."
Phantom: "Hey, Amaranth...can you promise me something?"
Amaranth: "Anything, Phantom."
Phantom: "...When the baby gets older, can I play pranks on it?"
Amaranth: "Oh goodness, Phantom. I thought you were asking something serious at first."
Phantom: "It is serious."
Amaranth: "I suppose, if the child's in good humor about it."
Phantom: "But it's no fun if they're in good humor about it."

Amaranth feels a little bit better about telling Phantom. Somehow, even though he's such a mischief maker, she feels as if he truly understands her in a lot of ways. She turns to leave and start to work on a case, but Phantom grabs her arm and drags her to another room.
Phantom: "Amaranth! This is Delia, my beautiful Brownie wife. Delia, my beautiful Brownie wife, this is Amaranth. She's an Overlord and a detective and she doesn't poop or fart as much as she used to when I first met her, but she's a lovely person."
Delia: "It's wonderful to meet you, Amaranth. Phantom talks about you all the time."
Amaranth: "It's a pleasure to meet you too, Delia. Phantom talks about you all the time too!"
Phantom: "I like to talk about everyone I know to everyone I meet until they get annoyed and then I prank them because that's the best time to prank people."
Delia: "I see you're...expecting? Congratulations!"
Amaranth: "Oh, it's....yes. Thank you very much....Well, I hate to say goodbye so soon, but I do have cases to investigate!"
Delia: "Oh, certainly. You should stop by soon! We'd love to see the baby."

Amaranth smiles, then slowly waddles away. Delia seems like a wonderful fairy, worth every bit of the good reputation Phantom gave her. Amaranth would prefer not to butt into their date time, however. They deserve their couple time without her. She does have casework to do anyway.

She begins to walk out the door when she bumps into a girl she knew from high school. Her name is Haley.
Haley: "Hey, would you watch where you're going?"
Amaranth: "...Sorry. I can't walk as well as I'd like to."
Haley: "Maybe if you didn't mess with MY BOYFRIEND, you wouldn't be having this problem."
Amaranth: "Excuse me?! YOUR BOYFRIEND said absolutely nothing about you. I wouldn't have ever pursued him if I knew you were part of the equation. Judge me how you want, but I'm not a slut."
Haley: "Don't lie to me. You knew about me."
Amaranth: "I had no clue. Don't slander me."
Haley: "I'm not the one slandering you for being a knocked-up whore!"
Amaranth: "What?!"
Haley: "Your fat belly is evidence enough itself. The whole town knows you're a cheating slut."
Amaranth: "...If this is how you are all the time, then I'm not surprised Zack went looking elsewhere while he was dating you. Just saying."
Haley: "You dare to---?! I don't care if you're pregnant, b**ch, I will claw your face right off if you dare to cross me."
Woman in background: "Ughh....URK!"

Suddenly the entire salon rushes into the room, gasping in shock. Amaranth and Haley stop their dispute for a moment and gather to see what's happening. They enter the room just in time to see the Grim Reaper emerge from the floor. Amaranth's heart nearly stops. She's never seen the Reaper before, though she's heard much about him. His deep voice thunders and he slowly floats across the floor to the unfortunate soul.
 Worse yet, Amaranth recognizes the deceased woman. It's Doreen Caliente, Zack's grandmother. Of all the people...
Doreen looks Amaranth straight in the eye, staring at her intensely before the Reaper finally claims her and drags her to the Netherworld.
Amaranth is left frightened and disturbed. Why was Zack's grandmother looking at her that way? Did she hate her? Were her last thoughts of complete and utter disgust of Amaranth? The situation just keeps getting worse. First Zack's girlfriend, then Zack's grandmother. She just needs to get out of here before she runs into Zack's sister, or parents, or worse - Zack himself.

As Amaranth takes off, Phantom and Delia watch her leave. Then they look back at each other. Then Phantom zooms up to Delia's face.
Phantom: "Let's play Crazy Eyes. I bet I can stare at you with crazy eyes until you get so weirded out that you back away. Then I win."
Delia: "Ohhh no. I can play this game too."
Phantom: "But you won't win."
Delia: "I bet I can."
Phantom: "I can see up your nose."
Delia: "I'm still not moving away."
Phantom: "Pixies always win this game."
Delia: "Not this time. ...By the way, Phantom, do you think we should've told her?"
Phantom: "Told Amaranth? About what? Oh, you mean the little Brownie you've got baking in the oven?"
Delia: "Yeah. I mean, she's going to have her baby soon. After our bundle of joy is born, maybe they can have play dates."
Phantom: "Only if I get to play with them too."
Delia: "I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to play with them. Then Amaranth and I can get to know each other a little better while you're with the kids."
Phantom: "Sounds like a deal. I'm still going to win this thing."
Delia: "Nope. Not this time."


Before leaving to investigate a case, Amaranth decides to let her frustrations out on a crane game at the local tavern. Normally if one is frustrated, the crane game is really not a wise choice (take it from the Sim Deity herself), but Amaranth managed to snag a little bulldozer toy.
It's small and hardly worth anything, but it's a free toy she gets to give to her baby.

With her brain a little more clear, she conducts a couple of stakeouts, only noticing a little bit of suspicious activity. While at the library writing reports, she spots a woman with the worst makeup job in the world. Amaranth wonders if she did it herself or if she just paid a lousy stylist to apply her makeup.
Little does she know our lovely woman here is the result of Oliver in a bad mood. But she still seems happy with it.

As the afternoon rolls on, Amaranth gets another large surprise. Zack calls her. A rush of feelings flows back into her, and she nearly answers the phone. However, her fingers feel frozen. She'll be bitter and angry if she answers, yet heartbroken and yearning if she doesn't. With such turmoil, she doesn't answer in time.

Zack calls back. In fact, he calls seven times throughout the course of the afternoon. Amaranth can't manage to answer. What could he possibly want anyway? He couldn't want her back, knowing he would have to take care of a child too, could he?

Exhausted and confused, Amaranth sits down to dinner.
As soon as she does, it happens.
She tries to hold off pushing, knowing she has a decision to make. Her mother gave birth to her in the house, and from what she's been told, her grandmother gave birth to all three of her children at home as well. It's a stigma for an Overlord to enter a place of healing and assistance.

But as the excruciating pain comes, Amaranth knows she does not want to deliver this baby at home by herself. Eternally grateful she has a car, Amaranth waddles outside and drives to the hospital. She can explain the ordeal to her mother later. Right now she needs the assistance.
Her cell phone rings while she pushes and strains. She sees Zack on the caller ID again. If she couldn't talk to him earlier, she certainly can't talk to him now. The hospital staff is hesitant and nervous around her, but they help her deliver her child.

After a long, strenuous labor, Amaranth gives birth to a son. He's a beautiful little guy. In keeping with the spirit of the Overlord legacy, Amaranth thinks of a name to give him. Something dark and sullen, yet she wants it to have some sort of meaning. Finally she decides on a darker name with a brutally honest meaning - "to sever." True, she and Zack have severed their relationship. The child, even though coming from that unfortunate reunion, is a gift from it.
With a small contented smile, Amaranth strolls baby Soren and prepares to take him back home to the castle. It's going to be an adventure trying to raise him by herself, but she knows she's not truly alone. She has her parents, and Oliver, and Phantom and Delia. Even if Zack never comes back, she realizes she's truly blessed.

Author's notes: Poor Amaranth. So crushed, yet still so in love with Zack. It's not easy to let go of the one you love, after all, even if he is a jerkface.

It'll be kind of nice having a baby boy in the house, after three baby girls in a row (Maiden, Midnight, and Amaranth). Not going to mention his traits just yet...I'll let them be revealed in the story. There be spoilers in the traits.

And yes, as soon as Amaranth left the salon, StoryProgression informed me Phantom and Delia are expecting. I am so flipping excited. I can't wait to see their baby fairy. Phantom is going to be an epic dad.


  1. I know how hard it is to let go of someone who is absolutely horrible to you. I feel so sorry for Amaranth. : (

    Phantom will be an AWESOME dad. And I'm so glad he and Delia are so happy together <3.

    Also awesome: The name Soren. Absolutely love it.

    1. I can't wait to do play dates with Soren and Phantom's baby. By the way, do you know how to do custom stories with MasterController? By that I mean focusing on stories of certain individuals, not just "friends, blood, romance, etc." I want to keep track of Phantom's family (and Jakkson's and Oliver's if they end up getting married/having kids, etc).

      I like the name Soren too. It's one of my favorites actually. If I ever have a baby boy one day, I will probably name him Soren.

  2. Yay for a baby boy!! Can't wait to see what kind of overlord he turns into haha!

    Good for Amaranth staying strong, even in labor, and not talking to that jerk Zack.

    A baby fair for Phantom is definitely going to be epic and awesome!!

    I don't know of any way to focus on another family not active without making them the active family via MC. Whenever I have a family I want to keep tabs on, I just tend to go to map view often, and hover over their bubbles on the map to see what they're up to. If something interesting is happening, I zoom in and take a look so I can take screenshots, etc.

  3. Phantom's going to be a Daddy! Woot! That should be fun to watch!

    Poor Amaranth. I wonder why Zack kept calling her? I love the name Soren, it makes me think of Star Trek. Sorry, trekkie fan here. lol :D

    MC doesn't do stories, StoryProgression does. Unfortunately, it doesn't do it on a sim by sim basis, just the general blood, friends, etc. I have one of Twallan's mods---it might be RelationshipPanel, that allows me to click on any portrait in the relationship panel and the camera immediately focuses on that sim. That is usually how I keep an eye on sims, just click on them every once in a while and see what they are up to. :)

  4. SO looking forward to Soren and baby fairy playtime! His kid is going to be awesome.

  5. Oh wow Nirar just reminded me about the Relationship panel mod by twallan! I always forget to use it (its one I just recently added to try). It's a GREAT way to keep tabs on sims related or friends to your main sim as it just moves the camera to them, does not change them to the active sim. This is another useful tool if you want to write side stories and need screenshots of them about town or at home. But in order to see them doing things in their house you'll need twallan's 'home opener' mod that allows you to pull down the floors/walls in any building your camera is currently over. This mod I do suspect may add some additional lag since it will 'activate' the sims inside instead of how they often go into stasis mode at home if not active. I love it and my machine can handle the extra activity. It allows me to capture moments for side characters without making that family my active household.

    1. Home Opener mod is how I got pics of Cupid staying over at Henry Vigo's house and how I keep tabs on the dogs and their pups. I don't want to switch households all the time to do that. It's great fun to spy on other families and sometimes they do really whacky things when they think you're not looking. Silly sims - Sim Deity sees ALL!

  6. Thank you very much for the answers about Relationship Panel and Home Opener, everyone. I will definitely download them and see if my computer doesn't get too much additional lag, because Phantom and Oliver are going to be living quite a long time (unless they die of tragedy, which would be heartbreaking...) and I know I want to keep track of them as they go. :D

  7. Poor Amaranth *hugs her* that Haley is a right match for the nasty Zack - I hope the two of them make each other's lives a misery!

    I loved Phantom's reaction to Amaranth's pregnancy, it was just so perfect for him and I'm so pleased he and Delia are having a baby too.

  8. Yes, it looks as though Zack will finally get his come-uppance if he sticks with Haley. Can't wait for play dates!