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Overlord Legacy - Chapter Twenty-Five - Events In An (Ab)Normal Teenager's Life

It wasn't long after Midnight's birthday that she retired from the military (having taken complete control of it anyway).
Midnight: "We're one step closer to world domination. My father...he would've been proud of me."
Amaranth: "Congratulations, Mom!"
Oliver: "The Yeti has retired! Woohoo!"
Midnight: "...Oliver, I may be old, but I'm not too old to smite you."
Oliver: "Aw, come on, Midnight, I've been waiting forever for an excuse to use this Yeti sign."

That evening, Amaranth peers out the window and notices a surprise visitor. Her heart immediately begins pounding in her chest. Trying to contain her giggles, she crawls out the window and creeps up behind.
 Zack: "Hmm...I wonder if she's home. I wonder if I can talk to her this time without--"
Amaranth: "Peekaboo!"
Zack: "Aah! Oh, goodness, Amaranth, it's just you."
Amaranth: "Hee hee! Scared you, didn't I?"
Zack: "Heh, you sure did."
Amaranth: "Between my mom and Bizzie, I learned how to sneak really well."
Zack: "That's cool. But uh, hey, Am...I have something I want to say to you. Can we talk about it out here?"
Amaranth: "Yeah...yeah, that's fine. What is it?"
Zack: "Well...honestly, I...Amaranth, I have strong feelings for you."
Amaranth's heart erupts. Is this really real? Is she dreaming? Could this possibly be happening - the boy of her dreams, interested in her too?
Amaranth: "...Are you for real? I you really mean it?"
Zack: "Of course I mean it, Am....I don't know if you realize how beautiful you are."
Amaranth: " really think so, Zack?"
Zack: "I know so."
Amaranth: "...I just can't believe this. This is all...all so wonderful."
Zack: "Mm, you look tense. I'm pretty good at giving massages, you know."
Melting under his touch, Amaranth hopes this night never ends. She feels as if her heart is in her throat, pounding away. What if...what if he tries to kiss her tonight? She's never been kissed before. She's always fantasized about how it might feel. She wonders if it's as wonderful as it is in the movies, if there'll be fireworks going off and music in her mind playing away.

She turns around after Zack finishes, to find she's much closer to his face than she first thought. A small smile graces his lips. She can't help but look at them. She can hardly breathe - she knows he's going to lean forward. She knows this is it. Smiling, she inches even closer.
Amaranth: "Well, Zack...are you going to kiss me?"
Jakkson: "Yeah, Zack, are you going to kiss her?"
Startled, Amaranth whirls around, her hair smacking Zack across the face.
Amaranth: "Woofie!"
Jakkson: "What in the world are you two doing out here?"
Amaranth: "We're just talking."
Jakkson: "Oh, sure. Maybe you were about to speak in tongues, but you certainly weren't talking."
Amaranth: "Woofie! Oh my gosh..."
Jakkson: "It's almost curfew. I'm sure Zack has to get home so he can get enough sleep before school tomorrow. As you should be doing as well, I might add."
Amaranth: "....Fine. ...Bye, Zack. I'll see you at school tomorrow."
Zack: "Sweet dreams, Am."


School is drab and boring. It's certainly made better by flirting exchanges between Amaranth and Zack in the hallways, but it comes slumping down again when Amaranth's math teacher instructs her to meet up with a Wilhelmina Wolff who would tutor her - otherwise he would have to fail her and her graduation would be pushed back. After school dismisses, Amaranth reluctantly follows the directions on the map her tutor gave her. Stepping up to a rather large looking house, Amaranth cautiously rings the bell. She doesn't really know the Wolffs, but she's heard about them - how they're a pretty rowdy bunch. She's not sure what to expect.
 Wilhelmina: "Who are you?"
Amaranth: "Uhh....uh....I'm...I'm Amaranth. Mr. Fincher told me to, meet with you. Like, you would tutor me, I mean."
Wilhelmina: "...Amaranth Overlord?"
Amaranth: "Y-yeah, that's my name."
Wilhelmina: "....If Mr. Fincher says so. You can come inside."

Amaranth tries to get her trembling hands under control. She hadn't expected to see a transformed werewolf greeting her in broad daylight. In fact, she'd never really seen a female werewolf. She can't get used to the huge underbite Wilhelmina has - Jakkson has fangs, certainly, but not an underbite.
Branch: "Y-you can't bothth me around! I-I came here to be trained tho I can get into shape, a-and catch the eye of that thekthy Pikthie I thaw thome time ago."
Erika: "It'll take more than just dropping your flab to make you sexy for anyone, Timberly."
Wilhelmina: "Hey, mom."
Erika: "Lose those nasty tights and the cropped purple jacket. Did you use Seventeen Magazine to style yourself?"
Wilhelmina: "Mom."
Erika: "And for Pete's sake, either shave or let your beard grow--"
Wilhelmina: "Mom! We have to postpone our day out for a few minutes. I have someone I need to tutor."
Erika: "...Whatever."

Amaranth feels all sorts of awkward. Erika seems to have the fierceness of her own mother...only, of course, Erika's not her mother. Amaranth can't even get over the amount of hair on her back. Plus, she evidently pushed back some plans of theirs just by showing up, inconveniencing them even further. She tries to be as attentive as possible to what Wilhelmina shows her. Fortunately it doesn't take long. As soon as Amaranth is finished, she heads for the door...until she notices a curious figure by the dining table. From behind, the frame seems to be that of a male...but he has really long hair, much longer than Toof's. Not something she sees everyday.
Curiously, Amaranth sits down at the table. He's a rather interesting-looking fellow, but not snarling or rough-looking like the others in the family. She hasn't really noticed him in school - then again, he only just started high school.
Amaranth: "So, I really hate swimming. Water just...ugh. It freaks me out. Know what I mean?"
The boy doesn't say anything. Doesn't even look up from his homework. Amaranth swallows, then tries again.
Amaranth: "I-is that math? I suck at math. Wilhelmina had to be my tutor."
Still no reply.
Amaranth: "I'm...I'm Amaranth, by the way. Amaranth Overlord."
Finally he looks up, although it's not a very pleasant look. "I'm aware," he replies, then finishes up his homework. Amaranth feels even more awkward than ever, wondering if she should just get up and leave now. She's not sure why this guy doesn't like her. She doesn't even know his name.

After putting away his homework, the boy gets up and heads to the kitchen. Taking in a deep breath, Amaranth tries one last time to calm the awkwardness and strike up a conversation.
Amaranth: " there something wrong with me? Or spinach in my teeth, or something? I don't understand why you don't want to talk to me. I don't even know your name."
Finally the boy opens up.
Gator: "Okay, first off, the name's Gator."
Amaranth: "...Gator?"
Gator: "Yes, Gator.'re an Overlord. What reason do you have for talking to me? I don't know all the details of your family history, but I've heard you're actively trying to take over the world. I'm just...I'm just wondering why you're talking to me. What purpose do you have in mind?"
Amaranth: "Oh, I...I don't have anything in mind. I just wanted to meet you, just 'cause you...well, you looked different. I haven't ever seen a guy with hair as long as yours before."
Gator: "That's just the way I like it."
Amaranth: "I think that's cool. Look, I know...I know I'm an Overlord and I have to carry on my family's legacy. But I think we're just misunderstood a lot of the time. We're not that terrible. My mom's a bit maniacal, I admit, but once you get to know her, she's great. I'm not plotting to hurt people or anything. I don't have a hidden agenda. I just wanted to get to know you, because if you're as interesting as you look, well...I think you could be a cool friend."

Much to her relief, Gator finally elicits a relaxed smile.
Gator: "Oh. I...I'm sorry. I guess I didn't really know that much about you or your family. I just went off of what I'd heard."
Amaranth: "It's okay. A lot of people misunderstand us. I'm sure you get misunderstood a lot too - being a bunch of werewolves, after all."
Gator: "Oh, man. Yes."

And that easily Gator and Amaranth start up a conversation, which leads to many others. Amaranth discovers Gator is every bit as interesting as his hair - lively and energetic about nearly everything he talks about. They spend so much time in discussion that Amaranth doesn't realize it's nearly evening. She should return home - she knows her mother wouldn't be happy about her staying out this long without informing her.
Amaranth: "Well, I should go. My family is expecting me. And uh...don't look now, but I think that fairy behind you is staring at your butt."
Gator: "Sigh. He's done that before."
Amaranth: "Oh...aren't you uncomfortable with him being in your house?"
Gator: "I'd honestly be more comfortable with Pedobear in the house than Branch Timberly."

After saying goodbye to her new friend, Amaranth heads home. Branch Timberly, however, doesn't get quite so lucky.
Erika: "I heard you were staring at my son's butt again. IS THIS TRUE?"
Branch: "Well, uh...I mean, erm..."
Dwayne, Wilhelmina, Gator: "Fight, fight, fight, fight!"


The day has turned out to be interesting for the other members of the Overlord household as well. Oliver's styling services have gone mostly well, but after carefully designing party outfits for a client, she spits at him, "What? I thought I saw fangs! Don't tell me you're one of those cold, heartless, disgusting, wretched vampires!"
  Unwilling to accept such a scathing remark to his identity after spending so much time working on her outfits, Oliver recommends another makeover to her. She accepts, though with her haughty nose in the air this time. Oliver has his revenge.
Woman: "What on earth have you done to me?!"
Oliver: "You look how I feel right now."

Oliver knows better than to accept another client after being pissed off, but he does anyway. She's a quiet old woman, albeit a bit cranky. She asks for a makeup job. She wants to try the latest trends, but she doesn't know how to apply them. She demands Oliver make her look beautiful. Just wanting to go home, Oliver makes over her face.
Much to his surprise, she loves it. It's apparent to Oliver that she knows absolutely nothing about the latest trends. He feels a bit bad about leaving her like this, but he really doesn't have the energy or attitude to redo it.

Meanwhile, Phantom has a secret meeting with someone very special at the fairy gardens.
Delia: "I...I only have a few minutes before work. But...I wanted to see you."
Phantom: "I've wanted to see you lots."
Delia: "Haha! Oh, Phantom. Always so honest."
Phantom: "Mama Pixie always told me I couldn't tell a lie if someone pointed a gun at my head and told me to."
Delia: "...It's really wonderful, to know everything you're telling me is the truth. That you really do think I'm beautiful."
Phantom: "I think you're the most beautiful fairy in the world."
Delia: "...Besides you, of course!"
Phantom: "Pixies aren't supposed to be beautiful. We're supposed to be nasty little stinks that make everyone's lives miserable. Actually, I think that's just me."
Delia: "Well, you certainly don't make me miserable."
Phantom: "I still love you lots, even if I don't play as many pranks on you."
Delia: "...You love me?"
Phantom: "Yes. Do you love me?"
Delia: "...Yes. Yes, I do....oh my. I have work. I have to leave now, or I'll be late. And whoever heard of a Brownie being late to work!"
Phantom: "That's okay. But can I give you something?"
Delia: "Of course."


The rest of the week goes by in a blur. Amaranth tries to focus on each day at a time, knowing her teenage years are almost gone. Among the events in her (ab)normal life, her father aged up to adulthood, although he had to be woken out of bed to do it.
Amaranth: "Happy birthday,"
Jakkson: "Thanks, sweetie."

At one point, Phantom decides, hey, it's a Monday, and he doesn't have anything better to do. So he lets out this bloodcurdling scream.

Amaranth continues to talk with Gator Wolff, making good friends with him especially at school.
Amaranth: "...Gator? Who is this punk kid that's driving the bus?"
Gator: "If I don't look at him, I don't have to become freaked out."

They even have a run-in with a burglar one night. Poor, unfortunate burglar.
Burglar: "Heh heh...Overlord Castle. Who knows what riches I'll find in here? I've heard the werewolf's a collector."
Burglar: "All the jewels, all the treasures, all the--...huh?"
Midnight: "DIE!!!"
Poor, poor burglar. Midnight may be old, but she can still kick anyone's rear.

But perhaps the most special of occasions is when Zack shows up at the castle again one night. Amaranth shows him the trophy room.
He lets his hand "slip" rather intentionally. Amaranth's magical moment  comes that evening.

And, of course, what's the teenage years without a little wild, free-spirited living?


The week goes by in a blur. One day Amaranth wakes up and realizes it's her birthday. She hopes her family will have a celebration for her when she gets back from school, perhaps even a cake. Little does she know, her mother has decided to loosen up ever so slightly and plan something much bigger for her daughter's birthday.
A couple hours after Amaranth arrives home from school, the fun really starts.

Soon it is time to gather around the cake and cheer for the birthday girl. Amaranth can't believe what's happening. She wonders if a person could ever feel happier than she feels right now. And her mother set all of this up! Her jaw aches from all the smiling and laughing she's done in the last couple of hours. Now she just needs to make a wish, and that wish is rather simple - that she be this happy for the rest of her life.
Amaranth blows out the candles and feels the sparkles zooming around her body. She's just seconds away from young adulthood. A brand new adventure is about to await her.

Amaranth grows up stately and beautiful, developing the Green Thumb trait (must've taken notes from Phantom). The party is a raving success, with everyone having the time of their lives. Oliver quickly cleans up any messes left behind, and after a while, the castle is as quiet as it usually is.
Amaranth: "Oh, mom, I can't thank you enough for tonight. This was the best birthday I could ever have dreamed of! Thank you so much."
Midnight: "Well...this is to make up for all the years I wasn't there for you. We Overlords need to support each other, you know. Learned that from your grandfather and grandmother...I do wish you could've met your grandfather. I think he would've liked you."
Amaranth: "...Thank you, mom. Thank you."


The next day is a hard one for Amaranth. It all starts with graduation, which almost doesn't take place after this mess.
 Fortunately Amaranth makes it through the door in decent time and is voted by her peers as "Most Likely to Become a Millionaire" (which is a pretty safe bet for an Overlord). As the Overlord household returns, Amaranth realizes that it's time to say her goodbyes. Her mother had told her that the castle would be all hers. Any company she wanted she would have to get for herself...much like Midnight had done. 

Amaranth starts by saying goodbye to Oliver.
Amaranth: "Toof...I'm going to miss you so much."
Oliver: "Don't be that concerned, my dear. I'm moving out, but I'll always be around if you need me. Trust me - I'm going to be around for a very long time yet."
Amaranth: "I love you, Toof. Thank you for caring for me and loving me."

Trying to swallow back the tightness from her throat, painfully Amaranth moves onto Phantom.
Amaranth: "Hah! That's pretty colorful garb."
Phantom: "It's my traditional Pixie clothes. We wear them to formal events."
Amaranth: "...You've always been my laughter growing up, Bizzie. I'm going to miss laughing with you and...well, at you. You're one of the best people to be around."
Phantom: "Hmm, maybe. But you ought to meet Delia sometime!"
Amaranth: "I will! Trust me, I will."

Amaranth can't contain the tears as she hugs her father goodbye.
Amaranth: "Oh, dad..."
Jakkson: "It's alright, Am. You'll do great. I have complete faith in you."
Amaranth: "I d-don't want to do it without you..."
Jakkson: "You're a strong woman, Amaranth. Your mother trusts you and I trust you. I know you'll do great things. I'm always just a phone call or a house visit away. I love you, Amaranth."
Amaranth: "I love you too, dad..."

Finally, Amaranth gives one final salute to her mother.
Amaranth: "I hope to make you proud, mom...just like you made my grandfather proud."
Midnight: "...I trust you will. Always keep our legacy in mind. Don't go running around with boys when you have so much to focus on. I know you can do it."

With Oliver and Phantom already moved out, Midnight rubs her hand gently down Jakkson's arm.
Midnight: "Well...are we ready? You are coming with me, right?"
Jakkson: "Can't get rid of me now, Midnight. We've come a long way."
 Midnight: "...Hmm. It's almost as if you're glad I kidnapped you."
Jakkson: "Well, you know what they say. Better to have loved and lost and then loved again than to live in seclusion all your life until you go batty."
Midnight: "Don't think I've heard that one."
Jakkson: "It's my truth."
Midnight: "...So you are glad I kidnapped you."
Jakkson: "I guess you could put it that way."

Author's notes: Yes, I ran through all of Amaranth's high school days in this one chapter. I was eager to get started on Generation Three. It's going to be a very different experience. I don't play single Sims that often, so...yeah. Fair warning - Amaranth's got to be a single mom of three kids, so things have to start moving pretty quick.

For the reference to Phantom scaring Midnight with "it's a Monday," you might recognize this famous quip from "Ghost in the Stalls." If you don't, you must watch this video. You must. Don't make Phantom give you the death glare.

Anyhow, next chapter starts Generation Three's official beginning. Quite excited! Amaranth is very naive and innocent right now, which is interesting to write in the context of what I have been writing. But she'll be Overlord material at some point. Don't worry.

And yes, I introduced Gator. Hopefully I can write him as well as Cece does. Regardless, here he is. :D

Lastly, I figure I should mention that I don't know how I ever lived without downloading twallan's StoryProgression. I'm glad my game can handle it now. Because I don't really cover them in the chapters ahead, I'll reveal some little events that have happened. Each of the Overlord family members that moved out adopted a pet (Midnight and Jakkson, and Phantom got puppies, I think, while Oliver got a cat). Jakkson got a job at the business office and has taken up writing. Oliver flirts around with the ladies (you naughty, naughty vampire). And Phantom? It delights my heart. A couple days after he moved out, he got married to Delia, so now they're happily ever after in their cozy home. I'm so happy!

Anyway. I know it was a long chapter, but hopefully worth the read. :D


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