Monday, October 22, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Twenty-Seven - Will You Be There For Me

Amaranth stares in the mirror, trying to recognize her reflection. This is the last thing she expected to have happen to her. After all, the old phrase goes, "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage." She wants kids, of course, but not just yet. She's barely started her career, and she and Zack aren't even married yet. In her dreams, she and Zack would cuddle and smile, knowing there's a baby on the way, a couple days after a beautiful flowery wedding.

Oh well. Life goes on, she supposes. She can't change the fact that she's pregnant, so she might as well embrace and prepare for it. First she needs to relay the news to the father, of course.
Amaranth: "Hey, Zack...yeah, yesterday was my first day of work too. It was actually pretty exciting, albeit a bit annoying at times. But hey, I have something I wanted to tell you...The old tavern? Yeah, we can meet there. I, uh, won't have time to drink anything though."

Feeling a bit better, Amaranth drives to the tavern. She wonders how Zack will react to the news. She assumes he'll probably be very surprised, much like she was. Maybe it'll take him a few minutes to get over it. But hey, it just gives them incentive to get married sooner.
Zack: "Hey, love. You look pretty today."
Amaranth: "Thank you! This dress is really comfy too. How was work yesterday?"
Zack: "Oh, it was great. I got a promotion already. Won't be long before I'm the head of the science facility. It's a lot of just growing plants and stuff now, but I'll get into the heavier stuff later. How about you? Did you catch any delinquents yesterday?"
Amaranth: "Ugh, yes. Older delinquents too. Rainflower Ivy stole a little boy's mouthwash."
Zack: "Yeah, the town is crazy like that."
Amaranth: "Well, remember when I told you on the phone I had news for you?"
Zack: "Yeah?"
Amaranth: "Well, it''s pretty big news. It really surprised me at first, but now I'm kind of excited about it."
Zack: "Did you get a promotion too?"
Amaranth: "No, not that. Something even bigger."
Amaranth: "...You're going to be a daddy, Zack!"
Zack: "Uh....what?"
Amaranth: "We're having a baby. I know, a bit surprising. I was really startled too when the Sim Deity told me last night. But...we have a bundle of joy coming."

Amaranth expects there to be a pause as the news sinks in. She's startled out of her mind when Zack reacts entirely differently.
Zack: "A baby?! No! That's not possible! We're not....tell me you're just joking. You're just kidding, right?"
Amaranth: "No, Zack. I'm really pregnant. We're going to start a family together."
Zack: "A family?!! No. We're not starting a family. I am not going to be a father."
Amaranth: "But's your baby."
Zack: "Is there any way you can get rid of it?"
Amaranth: "Get rid of...? No! I know this is unexpected, but we can get through it--"
Zack: "We're not getting through it. This is not...I'm not dealing with this."
Amaranth: "Zack!"
Quickly Zack hops back onto his bike and pedals away, leaving Amaranth to stand by herself. She's not entirely sure what to think about that exchange. Maybe this is all just shock? Perhaps Zack will accept it later, after it sinks in. Having a baby right out of high school is a big deal. They should've used more protection. Or perhaps even waited...

Confused and hurt, Amaranth decides to go visit her parents. Maybe that will get her mind out of the fog. Her father at least deserves to know she's with child. She can only imagine her mother flipping out much like Zack did. Midnight had told her time and time again not to mess around with boys while trying for her world domination plans.
Amaranth: "Wow...this is a really nice place, dad."
Jakkson: "I really like the fireplace. Gets real cozy at night."
Amaranth: "Is Phantom just visiting?"
Jakkson: "Yeah, his wife's at work so he stopped by to hang out."
Amaranth: "I can't believe he's married already. I mean, he and his wife are an adorable couple, but I would never picture him as the first one of all of us to be married....Hang on, dad. I have to answer my phone."
Amaranth answers, her heart skipping a beat when she hears Zack's voice on the other end. Has he reconsidered? Has he thought about it a little bit more?
Zack: "Hey, honey. I, uh, just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out."
Amaranth: "Oh, um...yeah, sure. Have you thought about what we talked about?"
Zack: "....Wait, Amaranth?"
Amaranth: "Yes?"
Zack: "Um....sorry, this...wrong number."

Wrong number?
Amaranth hangs up, trying not to let the shock reveal in her face.
Jakkson: "Who was that?"
Amaranth: "Oh, that...that was, um...that was just my doctor. He just had to tell me something."
Jakkson: "Doctor? Are you feeling sick?"
Amaranth: "No, not sick. Just....sigh. Dad, I need to tell you something, and I don't think I can tell mom yet."
Phantom: "Oh, hey, Midnight! I like your bathroom!"
Midnight (offscreen): "You're not even in the bathroom."
Phantom: "The Sim Deity left the walls down again."
Jakkson: "....You're pregnant?"
Amaranth: "Yes, dad. I just learned yesterday."
Jakkson: " it Zack's?"
Amaranth: "Yes, it is. It's...a bit unexpected."
Jakkson: "Does Zack know?"
Amaranth: "...Yes, he knows. He and I still have to really talk about it."
Jakkson: "I imagine so. Having a baby is a big deal. Do you....are you going to be okay living in the castle? If you need to move back in with me and your mother..."
Amaranth: "...I think I'll be okay. I still have to make decisions with Zack. I'm strong enough to do this."
Jakkson: "I like your attitude, Amaranth. This is a bit unexpected,'s something you have to go through with. I'm always here if you need me, Am."

Amaranth knocks firmly on the door of Zack's mansion. She has to know what that phone call was about. She has to know why Zack freaked out so bad. She has a feeling there's a deeper truth behind this and she has to know. Just two days ago she was so sure of everything - of herself, of Zack, of their relationship. Now everything is confusing and frightening. Does she not know him as well as she thought she did?
Zack: "Amaranth..."
Amaranth: "You have to be honest with me, Zack. Tell me the truth. Who did you mean to call when you called me?"
Zack: "Don't do this, Amaranth. You just...just need to leave me alone for today, alright?"
Amaranth: "No. Not until you tell me the truth. Not until you're completely open about what's going on."
Zack: "How do you expect me to react? You just told me you're freaking pregnant and I'm not ready to have a kid. I don't even want kids."
Amaranth: "I thought you loved me! I know it's unexpected. I didn't want kids yet either, but it happened, and you're just as responsible for this as I am. Everything will be better if we work through this together."
Zack: "No, Amaranth. I'm not dealing with a freaking baby."
Amaranth: "Zack!....You mean you just used me the whole time? You didn't love me at all, you just used me!"
Zack: "Okay, you want to know the truth, Amaranth? You want to know the truth? I have a girlfriend, Am. That's who I was calling, okay?"
Amaranth: " what? But I thought I was..."
Zack: "You're sexy, Am, but you're also blissfully ignorant. I've been dating Haley for a long time."
Amaranth: "...Then what was I? Why would you ever pursue me if you're dating someone else?"
Zack: "Well, I liked you. You're hot, you're gentle, you're a lot of things I like. I never asked you out. I thought you knew it was just a fling."
Amaranth: "But you told me you loved me!"
Zack: "It's just something guys say, Amaranth."
Amaranth: "...So this whole thing. It was all a lie. You just wanted me for my body, and now that you've used me and impregnated me, you think you can just throw me away! This is as much your responsibility, Zack! You need to call Haley, tell her what you did, and be a responsible adult!"
Zack: "You're being a psycho right now. Just leave me alone. I'm sorry I knocked you up, but I have no interest in being a father. You can either go get rid of it or take care of it yourself. It's not my concern."
Amaranth can't take any more. She runs out of the house and takes off for her car, speeding the entire way home. Once she walks through her door, she punches the wall, throws her shoes, knocks over chairs, screams in anger. Everything she thought she knew is wrong. Zack doesn't love her. Zack doesn't care about her. Zack's not going to be there for her when the baby is born. Zack's just a heartless hateful jerk that only wanted to screw her. It's not even that he cheated on her - she was the other girl!
Finally Amaranth breaks down. Everything has just become so much worse. She hadn't listened to her mother or her father. She'd let a boy get in the way. Now she's only been on her own a few days and everything is already shaking. She's barely started her career, barely started her own ambitions to influence the people of Moonlight Falls, and now she's pregnant and alone.

She cries and cries all day. It's only after the sun comes up again that she feels well enough to look for more cases to investigate. Life goes on, she tells herself. Things are going to be much more difficult from here, but not impossible. Your mother and father believed in you for a reason. You can do this.

 Erika: "Hmm...mighty big belly you've got there, Detective Overlord. Don't think it's fat either."
Amaranth: "I'm here to investigate your case, Mrs. Wolff."
Erika: "Right out of high school and you're already knocked up. Tsk tsk."
Amaranth: "Mrs. Wolff. The case."
Erika: "...Sure. There's a family in town. They've got connections with an underground crime group. But I'm not sneaky enough to go find proof. I'm sure you'll find something in their mail or their trash. Can I count on you to find those things for me? It shouldn't take you longer than an afternoon, unless your belly gets in the way..."
Amaranth: "Please, Mrs. Wolff. I'm just fine. Thank you for your...concern."
Quickly Amaranth finds the house of mention and sifts through the mail. She already feels embarrassed and humiliated around town. People keep staring at her. She tries to tell herself that they're just staring at her belly out of curiosity, not out of judgment. Still, she can't get over the Erika Wolffs of society, who entirely disapprove.
Finding some evidence in the mailbox, but not yet enough, Amaranth decides to try the trash can. She takes a deep breath. Bending over to sift through the trash will probably give her a hefty dose of heartburn, but she needs to do it. She can't let her pregnancy get in the way of her career.
Finally Amaranth comes up with enough evidence. Erika Wolff was right about the crime syndicate thing.
Amaranth: "Well, I figured it out."
Erika: "You figured out what, the father of the baby?"
Amaranth: "I know the...ugh, never mind. I got the evidence for your case. It's right here."
Erika: "Thank you. Hopefully you didn't have to spend too much time bending over the trash can. Can't be good for the precious little bun you've got baking in the oven there."
Amaranth: "I was alright, thank you."

Too exhausted and disheartened to take on another case (or stage a stakeout), Amaranth decides to take a short walk in the park. Maybe her mind will be clearer. Maybe she just needs a couple of minutes to herself to gather her strength again.

As she walks, she bumps into a familiar friend whom she hasn't seen since high school.
Gator: "Hey, Am! Haven't seen you in a while."
Amaranth: "Oh goodness, I know! I've been so busy with...well, a lot of things. How have you been?"
Gator: "You know, just working on school."
Amaranth: "Ugh. I don't miss it."
Gator: "...You got tall."
Amaranth: "Well, that happens with young adulthood."
Gator: "You've also gotten, uh..."
Gator: "...big."
Amaranth: "Um...yeah. That doesn't exactly happen with young adulthood, know."
Gator: "It's Zack's, right? Are you guys starting a family already? I didn't even know you were official yet."
Amaranth: "Well, it''s kind of a long story."
Amaranth: "See, I guess Zack and I weren't officially official, but I kind of thought we were, so we dated a lot and then I aged up and he aged up and we kept dating, and then I knew I loved him and I thought he loved me...well, I mean, I was sure he loved me, so we met together at the castle and, well, you know, just one of those things that happens..."
Amaranth: "And I didn't know it, but then suddenly the Sim Deity just announced I was pregnant, and I was really startled because I really wasn't planning for it or expecting it, but I figured it'd be okay, I could just tell Zack and we'd figure it out together, so I called Zack and we met together at the tavern and I told him about it, but he seemed really upset, and he just left, so I visited my dad and then Zack called, but he meant to call someone else, so I went over to his house to figure out what he meant, and then he told me...well, he told me he had another girlfriend, and...he doesn't...he doesn't..."

Amaranth stops her rambling to bite her lip, trying to hold back the tears. She doesn't need to start bawling in front of Gator. She needs to be in control...she's the adult here...

Then Gator remarks, "That's really low. Zack should never have treated you like that. It isn't right." Somehow the words make Amaranth lose it.
Gator: "I'm sorry, Am. It'll be okay. You have family that can help you, and I mean, I'm stuck in school most of the day, but I can help where you need me to."
Amaranth: "Sniff...thank you, Gator. I'm sorry I broke down on you."
Gator: "Don't worry about it. I don't mind it."
Amaranth: "...Sophie's really lucky to have you, you know."
Gator: "Well, shucks. Thanks, Am. I hope you feel better soon, and that, you know, everything goes well. Let me know when the baby's born."
Amaranth: "I will. Thanks for being here to talk to. Next time I see you, you'll be taller, right?"
Gator: "Hah! Yeah, my birthday's almost here. Then it won't be quite so awkward to try and talk to you."
Amaranth: "Oh, you never know, I'm a pretty awkward kind of person. But then you know that."
Gator: "Yep. And you hate swimming."
Amaranth: "And I hate swimming."

Author's notes: There's a price to pay for being an innocent, naive Overlord, I guess. I'd kept Amaranth and Zack at romantic interests for a while, then as I planned to get them together, Zack began dating Haley, whom he'd been on and off with through high school. Gator has been with Sophie for quite some time. So yeah, the story kind of plays out this way.

And you'd think by now I'd be a pro at taking photos and REMEMBERING TO LEAVE THE WALLS UP. But this is the Sim Deity here, and what's the biggest trait she has? Let's all say it together. Absent-minded. Still gets her sometimes.

Anyway. If you thought this chapter was dramatic, wait till you see the next one! I typically go with the flow in the game, and things just turned out this way.


  1. I've been writing legacies for over a year and I STILL leave the walls down sometimes : P. So don't worry about that. I didn't even notice the bathroom until Phantom mentioned it.

    Zack's an ass. Jakk should go kick his ass in a bit.

    <3 Gator. He's such a sweetie pie.

    1. Lol it's a bit comforting to know I'm not the only one. I never knew until I started setting aside my pictures and writing them into the chapter. I was like, "For real?! Ughhh...."

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    1. You can thank Cece for that. He looked like that in her game and I consequently fell in love. I thought he was a custom character. Then she informed me he's a premade in Moonlight Falls. I had to use him. :P

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    1. Well, if you ask Zack, the pregnancy WAS something bad happening for his misdeeds. ;)

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    1. Hah! Zack's a doofus, but he's not an abusive doofus. Besides, if he ever laid a hand on Amaranth, the Sim Deity would have to briefly take away Amaranth's free will and go against her current character to give that boy what for.

  6. Good riddance I say! Zack can just go back to his mullet life and Amaranth will still rule as Overlord superiority by default!!

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