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Overlord Legacy - Chapter Fifty-Six - The Overlord Princesses

Having another little girl to tend to has its challenges, but Gator Overlord is more than happy to take it on. He even finds himself getting up early in the morning to head upstairs and start the day with the little darlings. He'd never expected how much he'd enjoy being a grandfather, but he certainly knows now.
Gator: "Who's a pretty baby? Who's a pretty baby?"
Gator takes a step back as a tiny spark flashes from Ransom's fingers and zaps him like a tiny shock of static electricity. Gator cocks his head at her. It appears she does have some witch powers after all.
Gator: "Alright, who's an evil pretty baby?"
Ransom: "Meeee!"

Seeing that the toddlers are still snoozing (and Ransom has already worn herself out), Gator gently places her back in her crib and heads downstairs to fill his starving belly. It isn't long before the noise begins, however.
Banshee: "Yawn...Morning?"
Requiem merely turns over and ignores her. Banshee stays quiet momentarily, grabbing her stuffed werewolf bear and playing with him. Then she notices she's hungry. Very, very hungry.
Banshee: "DADDY!!!!!!"

Severin, who's just gotten out of bed himself, hears the scream, closes his eyes, and sighs. Scrambling to pull his pants on, then giving up when it just doesn't want to cooperate with him quickly enough, Severin darts up the stairs to quiet the little one before she wakes up the entire block.
Banshee: "DADDY!!! HUNGRY!!!"
Requiem: "MAKE HER SHUT UP!!"
Banshee: "I WANT FOOD!!"
Requiem: "TOO LOUD!!"
Severin: "...Ransom, how in the world are you sleeping through this?"

He asks the question too soon. Ransom opens her eyes, then scrunches up her face. Severin thinks she's getting ready to cry and gently lifts her out of the crib to go move her to the swings, where there might be a little more peace and quiet. He realizes too late that the face-scrunching is a result of her pushing. A hiss, then an enormous fart as diarrhea explodes all over Ransom's blanket. Severin stares at his baby in horror. Is this special defecation a result of her being a witch or her being a buttbaby?
Requiem: "HUNGRY, DAD!!"
Banshee: "NO!!! FEED ME FIRST!!!"
Ransom: "AAAAAAHHH!!! POOOOP!!!!"
Severin: "If I stuff my head in that potty chair, will the noise stop?"
Requiem: "DADDY, I POOPOO!!"

Severin's pretty sure he's losing hundreds of brain cells a second at this rate, but he somehow keeps his mind long enough to bring Ransom over to the changing table and get her all cleaned up. Requiem and Banshee continue to howl and cry as he quickly finishes up and carries Ransom back to the crib. Much to Severin's relief, the nursery door opens and grandpa comes in.
Gator: "My goodness. I come out from a nice warm shower to the sounds of a madhouse."
Banshee: "WAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!"
Requiem: "I hungry!! Leave dumb sissy and feed me first!"
Severin: "Banshee and Requiem are hungry, and from the wonderful aroma of the room, they've both crapped their diapers as well."
Gator: "The scent is...enough to make a skunk's eyes cross."
Severin: "Most of it can be blamed on Ransom. She just released a muddy waterfall from her rear end. I was holding her when it happened."
Gator: "Oh, Severin..."
Severin: "Could you tend to Banshee and Requiem? I think I'd like to spend the next couple of hours in the fetal position, rocking back and forth and bawling my eyes out."

Gator is happy to spend some time with the young ones, even if they are screeching and hollering. Severin trots downstairs and washes his hands seven times in succession, desperately trying to get any last hint of baby poop off of them. After he's fairly certain they're acceptable, Severin grabs some pancakes from the counter. Apparently Katt has tried her hand at them this morning.
Katt: "They actually turned out pretty good. I didn't burn them or anything."
Severin: "Well, I look forward to them then."
Katt: "...You know you're not even dressed yet, right?"
Severin: "I had an epic battle with my jeans this morning. As the little ones cried, I viciously tried to pull those jeans on my body, but they fiercely fought against me. The ankle holes disappeared and they wouldn't come up past my knees. I had to admit defeat and tend to the babies in my skivvies."
Katt: "You know, sometimes I wonder how boring life would be if I had a normal dad."
Severin: "Mm."
Katt: "...Hey, dad. You're off work today, aren't you?"
Severin: "Yep."
Katt: "I was wondering if we know, go do something today. We can just hang out, and then later we could go to the summer festival with everyone."
Severin: "My goodness. It's summer already."

Severin doesn't have many days off (especially in conjunction with Katt's school days), so he decides to take her up on her offer. Katt's growing up quickly. He won't have much longer to spend some quality time with her. As he and Katt head out to the beach, Gator supervises Katt's three sisters in the playroom.
Requiem: "Rrrgh!"
Gator: "Uh...Requiem, you're supposed to use that to play the xylophone with."
Requiem: "Rawrr!"
Gator: "...Not to mention you can't suck blood out of wood."
Banshee: "Tank! I go blow up world!"
Gator: "You remind me more and more of your father everyday."
Banshee: "BOOM!!"
Ransom: "Muah ha ha ha ha!"
Gator: "Babies should not be able to laugh like that."

Severin and Katt arrive at the beach. As seems to be the case, they attract trouble immediately.
Katt: "So I was thinking we! Dad, watch out!"
Severin: "Is this horse trying to do a back flip on me?"
Katt: "I think you're stepping on his tail, dad."

Trying to get away from the monstrous horse, Severin and Katt dash towards the sandy beach, the soft sand squishing under their shoes.
Katt: "That was close. I thought you were about to get flattened."
Severin: "We may yet. The horse is staring at us."
Katt: "I hate horses."
Severin: "I hate them too. Heroes ride on them."

Katt and Severin both freeze at the same time. Could this be the hero's horse? Deciding to stay aware of their surroundings, they choose to ignore the horse and head towards the ocean. Katt has always wanted to swim in the ocean. She's heard the salty water feels quite different from a chlorinated pool to swim in. She's also heard not to swallow the ocean water.

The water is cool and wonderful as Katt begins to step into it. The sand meshing through her toes feels great in the ocean. She's so focused on the delightful sensation that she doesn't even realize her father's entered the ocean at a different location.
Katt: "Hey! What are you doing over there?"
Severin: "I wanted to jump in from the slope."

Katt laughs at her dad. He still acts like a kid sometimes, which makes him a fun dad especially for the toddlers. As they swim towards each other farther out, Katt thinks about her family and how "imperfect" it is.  Her family is everything it shouldn't be, according to her psychology class at school. She and her sisters have grown up - and will likely always live - without a mother in their lives. Her father seems to have no intentions of finding a mate to do life with and help care for the girls. Her grandfather is the one that helps around the house most of all. And, of course, her dad's the fourth generation Overlord heir, indulging in unhealthy obsessions and clearly feeding into his mental disability by trying to take over the world.

Yet, somehow, Katt has never felt deprived, or dysfunctional, or abused, or neglected. She's heard her teachers discussing in private how "terrible" a father she has, but Katt feels he's been just the opposite. Not that he's flawless, but at least he does what he can for his family.
Katt: "Have you ever gone swimming in the ocean before, dad?"
Severin: "I haven't, actually. Uncle Tobie has, though. He did it with Grandma Amaranth. She hated it."
Katt: "I wish I could've gotten to know Grandma Amaranth more. It sounds like she was an amazing woman."
Severin: "She was. She sacrificed a lot for her kids and still did her part in the legacy. I have a lot to live up to yet."
Katt: "I think you've lived up to that just fine. You're the best dad anyone could want."
Severin: "I wouldn't say that..."
Katt: "Well, okay. You're the best dad I could want."
Severin doesn't know how to respond to this. He enjoys flattery and praise, but he's still not sure if he's really the best dad that he could be. He's trying to be, but he knows his flaws with parenting.
Katt: " were you thinking of making the heir for our legacy? I know that's...that it's a really important role."
Severin: "It's of utmost importance. I...rather wish I had someone selected for certain. It was going to fall on you, before I brought in two more daughters and pulled one more out of my butt."
Katt: "I suspected so..."
Severin: "But I've been observing that this isn't something you feel comfortable taking over. Am I correct?"
Katt: "...Yes. I support all that you do, dad, and I want to do what I can to help. But...I just don't feel comfortable taking over the responsibilities of the heir. I don't feel competent enough. I don't even know what direction I want to go with my life."
Severin: "I understand. I also need a little bit of extra time to complete my legacy aspirations. I'm almost there. The heir inheritance will need to be placed on one of your sisters, but...I haven't determined which yet."
Katt: "Well, there's still time."
Severin: "Not much time. If you're a teenager already, it won't be long before they grow up too."
Katt: "...Hey, dad. I've always wondered...did you want a big family? You seem to be really good with kids."
Severin: "Hurrk!"

As Severin and Katt make their way back to the castle to round up the rest of the gang, Banshee and Requiem happily finish up their play session in the play room. They've really grown to appreciate it ever since Severin had it put in.
Requiem mashes the round block, trying to fit it through the triangle hole. Why isn't this working?! Frustrated, she decides to try the square hole. It falls right through. Ah! Logically, round blocks must fit in square holes. Eagerly she picks up another round block and pushes it through the square hole again. She's such a genius! So if round blocks fit in square holes, that must mean square blocks fit in round holes. Requiem picks up a square block and pushes it into the round hole...but it won't go through. She tries again. It still doesn't go through. She tries the triangle hole. It doesn't fit there either. Finally she tries the square hole. It goes through. So the key is, everything goes through the square hole and the other two holes don't even matter?

Banshee gave up on the logic puzzle a long time ago. She prefers to play with toys and use her imagination as her guide.
Such a colorful SimBot. She wonders if her daddy could make a SimBot that looks like this. Only Banshee wants it to have pink on it too. Maybe purple too. And it needs to shoot fire and sweep the floor and clean the toys when she's done playing with them and make spaghetti and read her a bedtime story when she's sleepy. And it needs to help daddy take over the world.

The girls hear footsteps and both glance in the direction of them. Their faces light up when they see daddy walk into the room, and they both totter over to greet him. Grandpa and Katt are right behind him, soon helping them get their shoes on so they can go spend some time outside. Severin smiles as Ransom blinks open her sleepy eyes in her swinging chair.
Severin: "Hey, Ransom. We're going to the summer festival. We have to take our seasonal family picture, you know. The last one we took, you were, made me fat."
Ransom: "Hee hee."
Severin: "Now, now, none of that. You give evil laughs and fiendish grins to good people, not to your evil daddy."

After a bit of scrambling (as usually happens when trying to get two toddlers and one infant ready to go on a short trip), the Overlords finally load into the car, drive the short while to the festival, park it, and walk out in style.
Old dude: "Whoa...what am I witnessing here?"
Katt: "What are you witnessing? My grandfather, descendant of the founders of Moonlight Falls; my dad, the overlord in charge of Moonlight Falls; and four Overlord princesses, ready to enjoy our time in the sun."
Old dude: "My goodness...just when I thought Moonlight Falls was becoming more peaceful, the Overlords are breeding like rabbits."
Severin: "Babies. Lots of babies. It's the true secret to power."

The Overlords spend some time exploring the summer festival (or, in Gator's and Severin's case, reminiscing about it), watching roller-skaters fall down, laughing at orange people coming out of the tanning booth, sharing snow cones, kicking over firecrackers, and saying hello to the Reaper after an unfortunate accident at the hot-dog-eating contest. Finally it was time to take their family picture before going back to the castle.
Gator: "The flash of light was just the camera taking a picture of us, Banshee. There was no ghost. Ghosts aren't terrible things, anyway."
Banshee: "SO TERRIBLE!"
Gator: "We've done this before, Banshee."
Requiem: "Dumb sissy yell too much."
Katt: "Your sister Banshee is a little bit afraid of the dark."
Requiem: "Pansy."
Katt: "Sigh. How is daddy going to deal with you two once you get older?"
Severin: "Hiding in the trash can outside sounds like a good idea."

As they walk back to the car and pile in, they don't even notice as another Overlord enters the festival lot. This Overlord smiles as he watches them laugh and chat while they roll down the windows and drive away.
Tobie: "My, my,'ve grown up fast. Things have changed so much."
Brandon: "Didn't you say that Uncle Severin wasn't going to have any more kids after Katt, dad?"
Tobie: "I think he's surprised us all, Brandon. Hey, wanna go kick the soccer ball?"
Indeed, Severin's family looks nothing like he anticipated at the start of his legacy. Now, though, he isn't sure he'd want it any other way.


Evening approaches, a rather important evening for the Overlords. Fortunately Katt will be home all evening to keep an eye on things.
Banshee: "Where you go tonight, Gampa?"
Gator: "It's a full moon night, Banshee. Daddy and I are going hunting as werewolves tonight."
Banshee: "I WEREWOLF!"
Gator: "Yes, you are. When you get older, you'll get to come hunting with us too."

The full moon peeks through. Gator feels his old body getting ready for the transformation. He appreciates full moons, actually. His body feels so much younger and more able in werewolf form than in human form.
Banshee: "Up, up, and away, wocket!"
Gator: "Rrgh...rrgh!...HOOOOWWWL!"
Gator: "Banshee?...You okay, Banshee?"
Requiem: "Grr!"

Gator glances over at Requiem, who was also in the room at the time of his transformation. Instead of fainting like Banshee, Requiem is prowling around, bearing her fangs and snarling.
Requiem: "I go hunt! Hunt for gem...hunt for stuff."
Gator: "My vampire granddaughter is clawing the ground and preparing to hunt. My werewolf granddaughter has passed out of fright. This is a...rather sad scene."

After a couple of minutes, Banshee wakes back up, a bit dazed as she looks around.
Banshee: "Huhhh? What happen?"
Requiem: "You pass out. Like pansy."
Banshee: "MEANIE!!!!"
Gator: "Hey, now..."

Slowly Gator approaches Banshee, trying not to scare her again. Her eyes grow large as she sees him, but then she smiles when she recognizes her grandfather.
Gator: "It's okay, Banshee. It's just me. I'm in werewolf form now, but I'm still grandpa. Here, let's try something together."
Gator's deep howl and Banshee's squeaky howl blend together perfectly. Requiem giggles as she watches, though secretly jealous that she can't manage to howl. Gator grins, ruffling little Banshee's hair. Someday they'll be able to hunt together, and Severin can take his place as the alpha wolf. Gator still doesn't know how he feels about potentially allowing Requiem to hunt. She's not a full-blooded werewolf, and they do have some stiff traditions about being full-blooded.
Gator: "Well...are you ready?"
Severin: "Ready when you are. Katt's got all the instructions."
Gator: "...The next full moon, you should be ready to take over as alpha wolf. This should be my last outing as the alpha."
Severin: "Dad...I'm happy to let you have that position. It's a position of honor and heaven knows you deserve--"
Gator: "By the time of the next full moon, Banshee will be a child, perhaps even a teenager. It's your responsibility to show her the ropes. It's your responsibility to be the alpha wolf. Prepare well tonight. It's not as easy as it looks."
Severin: "It's werewolf tradition to have a pack of only pure-bloods, right?"
Gator: "...Right. It is a serious thing to break werewolf tradition. It's what we thrive on. It's what defines us."
Severin: "So, when it's time for me to take over the position of alpha wolf...I will be training Banshee, and Banshee only."
Gator: "You might appeal to the Gathering of Werewolves, where representatives of every werewolf family in Moonlight Falls come together for a vote. But they rarely vote to break tradition."
Severin: "I just get the feeling that Requiem will want to come hunting too."
Gator: "You're very intuitive into the lives of your children, Severin. I think you're right. I also think it won't be allowed."
Severin: "That's too bad."
Gator: "...Does that affect the decision of selecting an heir? I don't believe you've selected one yet."
Severin: "I know I haven't. It's...difficult. All three could do well, and I think all three would like to be."
Gator: "You'll have to make your decision soon, Sev."
Severin: "I know, dad...I know."
Gator: "Let's finish up the hunt. We don't have as much time tonight. Three of the princesses have their birthdays and we wouldn't want to miss those."

They finish the hunt and get back to the castle in time to see the magic. Severin swallows as his babies grow up before his eyes. It's even more awkward knowing he's still young himself.

Banshee is the first to go.
Banshee: "Oh boy! I BECOME BIG!!!"

She blossoms into a lovely young lady, and is by far the closest in appearance to her father. In fact, of the three, she resembles her father most in her entirety...only considerably louder.

The magic sparkles find Requiem next.
Requiem: "I big kid now..."

Requiem embraces her tomboyish look and already prides herself in being a strong, brave individual. Who cares if Banshee is a full-blooded werewolf? Requiem's braver than she'll ever be. And if she can't hunt in a pack, then she'll hunt solo.

Finally the youngest Overlord blossoms into the last toddler Severin will have to run after.

Even Ransom's giggles could be classified as maniacal. Her hair, encouraged by the witch powers flowing through her veins, grows full and long immediately. And she's not afraid to use her adorable face to earn people's affections...but not too much. A little bit of eye-crossing throws people off, you know.
Severin smiles at his little "princesses," tucking them into bed after some celebrating. As he goes to bed himself, however, he's troubled. Only one can be the heir. Only one can take over the legacy after him. Every one of them would be competent, and he's sure every one of them is willing.

How will he ever make his decision?


I love toddlers, but right now, I'm kind of glad to be mostly out of that stage (only have Ransom left to go). I'd like to start really focusing on personalities, which can be limited at the toddler stage.

The next flurry of birthdays will be enormous. I'm pretty sure within a few days of each other, Severin, Katt, Requiem, Banshee, and Requiem will all be aging up. Gator's also reaching the end of his life span. I really hope he holds on quite a bit longer, since he has a decently high athletic skill. It would be delightful if I could get Ransom to her child stage before Gator's time comes.

Comments can be left below! I always appreciate hearing from you! I'll try to reply when I find the time (it seems to be hiding from me lately!).


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