Friday, November 30, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Forty-Three - Bad Dog

Tobie: "Are you sure I'm going to be decent at roller skating? The whole idea of moving across a smooth surface with wheels under my feet isn't that comforting to me."
Amaranth: "You'll catch onto it, just like...just like Gator and I have."

It still seems strange to Amaranth to call her husband "Gator" for Tobie. Although Tobie's grown more accepting of Gator, he still continues to call him Gator rather than "dad." Amaranth supposes it's to be expected. Gator isn't Tobie's father and he'd only come into their lives recently. Still, it's a little uncomfortable to call him "dad" around Severin and "Gator" around Tobie.

Amaranth had convinced Gator to spend the day at the festival, trying to teach the boys to roller skate. Secretly she'd wanted to have a talk with Tobie. He'd seemed a bit quieter, a bit more hesitant, even a bit morose as of late. She wonders what's going through his mind, if it's something as small as school stuff, or if he'd started to think about his own parents. Amaranth herself doesn't know Tobie's birth mother, and after Tobie grew to loathe Zack for what he'd done to his mother and older brother, Amaranth is reluctant to tell Tobie that Zack is his father as well.

Amaranth hopes the festival will be a laidback way to start the conversation with Tobie. Much to her irritation, Severin has insisted upon staying at the castle. He claims he wants to make his own car out of exploded toilets or something. He's certainly a bit eccentric and likely to actually pull it off. Still, Amaranth wishes he'd cooperate with family plans sometimes.

Gator, Amaranth, and Tobie get into the car and head to the park. Tobie's stomach twists as soon as he sees the skating rink. This really isn't his idea of a good time. He's not particularly adventurous.
Gator: "...I really hope we'll still have a castle to come back to when we're done here."
Amaranth: "I'd scold you for not trusting Severin enough except that your concerns are completely valid."
Tobie: "How many toilets do you think he's going to blow up this time?"
Gator: "I'm pretty sure the plumbing company thinks I'm the most insane man ever to reside in Moonlight Falls. I don't think they believe me when I tell them my son keeps blowing up toilets."

Severin has, in fact, been trying to work on creating a vehicle out of toilets. But he'd wanted to stay home for an entirely different reason. Someone had accidentally texted him last night, meaning to send it to another number. It turns out the texter was Tracey Harris, whom Severin thought fairly attractive - attractive enough to start playing his game with. After texting into the long hours, Tracey has agreed to come over this morning, after Severin had convinced her his family would be gone. Severin is rather excited. He does plenty of flirting at school, but the hallway patrol is pretty strict about PDA. Now, without his parents watching, there's no line for Severin to stop at. He can go as far as he wants. And not only is Tracey attractive, but she's a decent bit older than he is. She'd graduated high school a little while ago. Imagine - he'll be king of all the locker room talk, getting the older girl!
Tracey: "Wow...I've never actually seen your place before. What's it like living in a castle?"
Severin: "It's appropriate for an Overlord. I hope to get a throne installed after I take over my family's legacy. Not like a toilet, though. That's what I'm making my car out of."
Tracey: "Sounds like you've got your future all planned out."
Severin: "Well, mostly. I'm open to a few...surprises along the way."

With a sly smile, Severin places a hand on Tracey's back, gently pushing her towards the castle as an indication that they should go inside. Severin's heart races faster. He's never been alone with a girl at home before. This could go places.

As Tracey turns to go inside, Severin looks up at her just in time to catch her eyes dart down to the front of his boxers, then just as quickly she looks away. Severin's face flushes and he can feel the blood rushing through him. Did she just do that?
For a brief moment, Severin has a fear that Tracey might end up with the upper-hand out of this. He's supposed to be in charge of the situation, and here all she has to do is look down his body and he already feels a bit out of control. Calm down, Severin, he whispers to himself. You can get what you want today, but you're gonna have to be more strategic than that.

Heading inside the castle, Severin decides now is the time to turn on the charm. He's not entirely sure when his family is going to be back, and he knows they wouldn't approve of this, especially since Tracey isn't even his age. He must be clever and perhaps even a little sickeningly romantic, but his prize will surely come. Most of the guys at school, as much as they talk a good game, haven't even gone past making out and touching. Only a couple of guys have gone all the way, and Severin's ready to become a part of that club.
Severin: "So, this is the inside of the castle. It's pretty fitting."\
Tracey: "'s so dark in here. I guess you get used to it?"
Severin: "Light disgusts me."
Tracey: "Hmm...well, I do like it. It's so different...I almost feel like royalty just standing here."
Severin: "Well, being in a castle, you rather deserve to be treated like royalty. I don't suppose I can get anything for you? Anything to make you more comfortable?"
Tracey: "Almost as comfortable as you are? You haven't even changed out of your boxers. You're not concerned about that?"
Severin: "I don't have anything to hide. Are you concerned about it?"

Severin flashes her one of his trademark smirks. He can tell she's trying not to smile back, but she can't help it. He watches as her cheeks turn red...but she's still giving him one of those looks. Severin knows he's getting somewhere. He swallows, trying to calm down his rapidly beating heart.
Tracey: "Well, you're certainly not shy about anything."
Severin: "Others would say I'm a little too bold. But I'm willing to risk it."
Tracey: "Oh? And what if I turned you down?"
Severin: "Turned me down for what? Are you suggesting something, Tracey?"
Tracey: "...Am I, Severin?"

Severin's hope isn't the only thing that starts to slowly rise.

Tobie: "Gator, I'm really not sure about this whole thing..."
Gator: "You're doing fine, Tobie. I'll come join you in a second."
Tobie: "I'm thinking I'll get off."
Gator: "You've just started. Just hang in there. You'll get better. Try going a little faster."
Tobie: "Faster?!"

Due to Tobie's panicking on the roller skates, Amaranth hasn't had the opportunity to talk to him like she'd wanted to. She hopes she'll have a better opportunity later. For now, she and Gator try to convince him to keep trying and to push himself. Gator especially wants to see Tobie face his fears and overcome them. Tobie might not be a werewolf, but Gator can still use his werewolf knowledge on him.

Gator pauses before getting on the rink, his mind drifting to what Severin's doing. No doubt Gator will have to buy another toilet by the time he gets back. Severin's done a lot of things in his short lifetime. Being normal hasn't been one of them.
Severin: "Well. I'll have you know I make the suggestions around here. It's my domain, after all."
Tracey: "And just what makes you think I'll like any of your suggestions?"
Severin: "Trust me. I can make you like them. A lot."
Tracey: "Are you truly that experienced, Severin Overlord? You were always a smooth talker in school. I'm not sure you can back that up..."
Severin: "Are you challenging me?"
Tracey: "Did I hurt your feelings?"
Severin: "I'm a werewolf, dear. I'd give you proof of my abilities, but it might hurt too much."
Tracey: "Ooh! Bad dog!"

Tracey playfully flicks her hand at Severin's face, pretending to bop his nose. Severin lets out a deep growl, keeping his smile on his face. He's rather proud that he can growl that low. Makes him seem quite a bit older. Deciding to be a little bolder, Severin makes a swipe at Tracey's side. Laughing, Tracey wraps her arms around his neck. Severin's next growl sounds more like a purr. Things are moving very, very well.
Tracey: " know, if light disgusts you, why don't you dye your hair black? This blond stuff isn't quite suitable for you, is it?"
Severin holds still for a moment as Tracey runs her fingers through his hair and rubs the back of his neck.
Severin: "You mistakenly assume that all blonds are good people. People will fear blond hair by the time I'm done."
Tracey: "Am I going to fear blond people by the time you're done?"
Severin: "Well, that just depends on what you fear..."

Severin takes a chance and plants a kiss on Tracey's neck while he's so close to it. He can hear her take a deep breath and continue to stroke his hair. He takes it as permission to move forward. His kisses on her neck gets deeper, and he can hear Tracey let out a tiny moan.
Tracey: "You're different than I thought you would be. I always thought you were a dumb arrogant teenager. Sexy, maybe, but dumb and arrogant."
Severin: "I'm just getting started. This isn't anything yet."

Amaranth: "Gator! Gator, look! I can still spin, even in my old age."
Gator rather wishes his wife wouldn't do such things - he's getting much better on skates, but still not confident enough to rush to her and catch her if she falls. Still, he gives her a sweet smile. He also swallows, sudden tears springing up to his eyes. He skates faster, trying to push his emotions down. He has a beautiful, graceful wife that he adores more than anything in the world. He loves her more deeply each and every day. And yet he knows she's getting older. He knows there will come a time when he will be alone. He won't be able to kiss her forehead when he gets up in the morning. He won't be able to look into her beautiful eyes. He will have to get by alone.
Amaranth tries even more spinning tricks. She's so pleased to know she can still do this, that her bones aren't too brittle for her to gracefully maneuver around the rink. She swallows as she remembers how her father couldn't do anything like this. His hips were too bad. She definitely feels her body aging, but she's still rather healthy. And she still feels beautiful. Her husband still looks at her with that deep affectionate gaze in his eyes,  and she knows she's still beautiful to him.

Tobie tries to head for the center of the rink, but quickly finds his feet coming out from under him. Gator, noticing the accident about to happen, attempts to skate over to him, but it's far too late.
Gator: "It's alright, Tobe, I've"
Tobie: "Waaaah!"
Amaranth: "Isn't skating so much fun?"
Amaranth: "Isn't--....Tobie?"
Gator: "I've got him."
Tobie: "That's what you said shortly before I started flying for approximately two-thirds of a second!"

Back at home, Severin progresses further and further. At this point, he's sure he'll get what he's after. It will be his first experience in the most intense act of physical pleasure and he can't wait. He wonders if he should plan to brag on it when he gets back at school. Nah, there's no point. This'll be the first of many other encounters. The other pitiful excuses for men at school will know I've won after I gain my celebrity status.
Tracey: "You're just adorable. You know that?"

Severin's sure Tracey means it as a compliment, but especially after she kisses his forehead, he feels a little miffed. Adorable is what you call little toddlers and he is certainly not a little toddler anymore. He's a big bad wolf and he's certainly going to prove it. Nonetheless, he stays quiet and lets her kiss him where she wants.
Tracey: "You really know how to make a woman feel good."
Severin: "I've got a knack for it, I guess."
Tracey: "I should've paid more attention to you in high school."
Severin: "I don't mind. You've got my attention now. And you could get a lot more, if you're a good girl..."

Without any attempts to make it look accidental, Severin slides a hand down to grab her rear. Tracey squeals and playfully smacks his shoulder. Suddenly more aggressive, Severin goes in for the kisses he craves. He's tired of waiting around, stalling the inevitable. He knows he wants her and he knows she wants him too. They end up before the wall before Tracey gently pushes him away and, with a smirk, tells him, "Now, now. I'd give you a lot more if you were to pick a more romantic location."

Severin smiles, takes her by the hand, and leads her to his parents' bedroom. He can feel her grip tighten on his hand. Tracey looks absolutely delighted. Her face falls a bit when Severin leads her right past the bed and into the master bathroom where the shower is. Severin's not that concerned. He sucks at making beds, so it would be impossible to do it correctly. By the time his parents got home, they'd certainly know he'd been doing something and then he'd probably get grounded, and what kind of evil overlord-to-be allows himself to get grounded?
Tracey: "Well, this is certainly...uh, romantic."
Severin: "And clean."
Tracey: "Hmm. I kind of expected you to like your sex dirty."
Severin: "Oh, the filth will come dripping off in the shower, trust me."
Tracey: "Don't hurt me too much, werewolf boy."
Severin: "I can't promise that."

Giving him another smirk, Tracey startles Severin by suddenly shoving him against the wall and giving him a very deep kiss. It's a nice surprise, he guesses, but he rather likes being the one in control. Tracey goes even farther by firmly pinning his hands over his head with her own hands, to where Severin can't move his arms. Severin's sure Tracey's having fun with him, as much as this is not his cup of tea. He doesn't really mind the pin-to-the-wall-bondage stuff, just so long as he's the one pinning, not the one being pinned.

As soon as Tracey lightens her grip, Severin wriggles out of her grip and turns away for a moment, looking up and letting out a breath to celebrate his freedom. As soon as he turns back around, all of Tracey's clothes have hit the floor. She gives him a very suggestive smile, then steps into the shower and turns the water on. The hot steam, the glistening wetness of her naked body, the fact that Severin hasn't actually seen a naked female body's all enough for him.
No sense standing outside and being a peeping tom when he can have the real deal. Slipping off his own clothes and trying to breathe through the heavy pounding of his heart, Severin squeezes into the shower and has his way. The release is wonderful. The way Tracey moans his name is even more wonderful. A surge of pride runs through him. Little do the guys at school know he's beaten them all! He's got a young adult woman whimpering at his talents right here.
The shower itself rocks back and forth, threatening to wobble over at the rough activity. Satisfying himself, Severin steps back out, feeling like an alpha wolf. Tracey also retreats out of the shower with flushed cheeks and a giddy smile. Things couldn't be more amazing.

...And then it happens.
Tracey: "Oh my gosh...Sev, we...we broke the shower."
Severin stares in disbelief at the burst shower head, pouring water all over the place. Just my luck. Just my f**king luck.
Tracey: "W-what are we going to do? Should you call a plumber?"
Severin: "A plumber?! What, are you crazy? I don't let creepy service people into my house. Any one of them could be the hero."
Tracey: "What are you talking about?"
Severin: "I'm an Overlord, Tracey. I have to be alert to the hero destined to overthrow the family."
Tracey: "That's not what's important right now, Severin."
Severin: "You need to get your priorities straight. Defending against the hero is always important."

Supposing he can just tell his dad later that the shower head busted after he'd taken a shower that morning, Severin decides to push on with the day. He still feels like he could go again. He just needs sweet-talk his way into another round. Only this time it will have to be somewhere other than the shower.
Severin: "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm rather hungry, and I can turn pretty ugly in more ways than one if I'm really hungry. Why don't we hit the diner?"
Tracey: "Severin, I can't believe you. You just broke the shower after our lovemaking--"
Severin: "I just broke the shower?"
Tracey: "Yes, you were the one thrusting like an animal."
Severin: "I am part animal."
Tracey: "Listen, we're not going anywhere until this shower gets fixed. I don't want to get in trouble with your parents. Being eradicated off the face of the earth by angering the Overlord over the town isn't exactly my idea of a good time. If you're not going to call a plumber, then you're going to fix the shower yourself. And besides...we can't be seen together. Ralph will...he'll..."
Severin: "Who's Ralph?"
Tracey: "Would you just go fix the shower already? Do it before your parents get home!"

Wishing he could find a ray gun and blast her, Severin decides to go find a wrench and get to work on the shower instead. He can't believe she turned him off just as easily as she'd turned him on. He has absolutely no knowledge of how to fix a shower head, but he knows he can't call a plumber. Plumbers can be unstoppable heroes. Just look at Mario.

When Tracey grumbles, "Hurry, Sev! I don't know when your parents are going to get here!", Severin feels like throwing the wrench right at her. He's drenched, his arms are already tired, and the shower head isn't cooperating with him at all. This, he tells himself, is why I don't want relationships. I never want a relationship. Things are all nice and fun, and then something goes wrong and who gets the blame? I do, of course, because I'm the man. And then I get nagged and nagged to death. Ugh. When I take over, I will never share my castle with a woman. Never. Or any man who'd want to share my castle either.
Tracey: "Are you about done with that yet? I thought I heard your front door open."
Severin: "You're just hearing things. Quit freaking out."
Tracey: "I'm not freaking out! I'm taking this seriously because it needs to be taken seriously! You're just goofing off over there!"
Severin: "Tracey, could you get me some tape?"
Tracey: "Tape is going to fix that thing?"
Severin: "It's going to shut you up so I can concentrate on fixing this thing."
Tracey: "You're the one that needs to be shut up!"
Severin: "You know what? If you're so concerned, you can just leave now. That way you don't have to worry about getting caught by my parents and I don't have to listen to your incessant whining."
Tracey: "You are such a jerk! I can't believe I ever stooped to having sex with you!"
Severin: "You must've enjoyed it more than you like it with Ralph. Otherwise you wouldn't have come looking elsewhere."

Furious, Tracey turns to storm out of the bathroom...only to have the bathroom door open up on them. Tracey stifles a scream and Severin nearly smacks his head on one of the shower walls as he spins around to check who it is. He hadn't heard their front door open. Are his parents really here? He'd have a lot of explaining to do.

Instead, a more loathsome figure walks in.
Maid: "What in...? What are you two doing in here?"
Tracey: "I, ah...I'm...I'm an interior designer. Mrs. Overlord hired me to look at redoing this bathroom, and this young man happened to be fixing a leak in the shower head when I got here. I've made all my notes though. I should definitely be going. Thank you for your time, Mr. Overlord."

Tracey briskly exits the bathroom and bolts away from the Overlord castle. The maid stays in the bathroom for a moment or so, his narrow eyes boring into Severin as the young werewolf tries to ignore him and continue fixing the shower.
Maid: "You're risking a lot, little Severin. It's enough of a taboo in this town to sleep around when you're not married. It's a bigger taboo for a teenager like you to start messing around."
Severin: "You presume a lot, Mr. Shamwow. It's not the wisest thing to slander the heir of the Overlords when you haven't actually witnessed what you're accusing him of."
Maid: "I may be a maid, but I'm not as stupid as you think I am. I found you in the bathroom, together with a woman, fixing a broken shower. Doesn't take a genius to see what's going on. It's a bit threatening to your 'reign', isn't it?"

One last clink and Severin gets the shower head in place. With that fixed, he immediately jerks around and marches straight up to the maid's face, startling the man. With a loud growl, Severin follows the maid as he backs away, remaining in his face until the maid finally backs into the wall.
Severin: "I'm an Overlord, little peasant, and unfortunately for you, I'm dangerously close to taking over the family legacy. Maybe it is taboo to play around without any strings attached, but you know what? I'm an Overlord. I can do anything I want and nobody will care. Got that?"
Maid: "...Anything you want, eh?"
Severin: "Anything I want. And I'm going to start now by firing you. Don't show your face around here again, or the next time I see it, you're not going to have a face."

In a huff, but (as Severin can certainly tell) a bit nervous, the maid turns and heads to exit the front door. Severin follows him to make sure he leaves. Just as the maid reaches the door, Severin sees his family arrive. It's a good thing Tracey left when she did. They'd come back earlier than he thought they would.
Tobie: "Whoa. You look upset today, Mr. Maid."
Maid: "I'm out a job, thanks to your rather loose brother..."
Tobie: "What?"
Maid: "Well played, Severin. I'm sure you must feel whore-able about it. But I'm not too disappointed to leave."
Severin: "I should hope not. You might consider shutting your mouth while you have the chance."
Tobie: "Wait, what? What's going on?"

The maid doesn't answer. He simply storms out the door, nearly running into Gator, and squeals away in his dingy car. Tobie looks at Severin confusedly. Severin ignores him. For as promising as the morning started, this day hasn't been ending quite as well. Gator and Amaranth walk in, Gator watching as the maid leaves. Then, glancing at Amaranth, Gator nods as she gives him a knowing look.
Gator: "Well, looks like the castle's still here. How many toilets did you end up blowing up?"
Severin: "Not a single one."
Gator: "That's....rather suspicious."
Severin: "I blew up the shower instead. But I fixed it."
Gator: "You fixed it yourself?"
Severin: "Yes."
Gator: "That's suspicious too. What have you been doing all morning?"
Severin: "Trying to figure out how to connect a shower to the car I'm trying to make."
Gator: "...Mm. You hungry? Why don't we hit the diner? I'm about starved."
Severin: "Sure."

Severin is immediately suspicious - his dad doesn't normally take him places without his mom - but he can't turn down free fast food, so he follows his father out the door. Amaranth and Tobie watch them walk away, then Amaranth realizes this is her opportunity to talk to Tobie like she'd been meaning to.
Tobie: "Man...that maid was pretty rude when he left."
Amaranth: "I'd been meaning to dismiss him, before Severin got around to it. I didn't expect him to fire him until it was his turn to take over the legacy, but...that's Severin. By the way...are you hungry, Tobe?"
Tobie: "Not really, I ate a lot before we went to the festival."
Amaranth: "Is there anything else you'd like to do?"
Tobie: "...You know, I've always wanted to swim in the river."
Amaranth: "...Swim? The river?"
Tobie: "Yeah, it just looks really cool."
Amaranth: "I guess we that..."

Amaranth has always been afraid of water, after her Uncle Phantom had nearly drowned when she was a little girl. Swimming in a pool has never been her favorite activity. Swimming in the river is a terrifying prospect. Yet she doesn't want to throw away this quality time with her son, so she agrees to it.

On the drive to the restaurant, Gator engages his son in some small talk.
Gator: "So...have you figured anything out about this car you're making?"
Severin: "My design is perfect on paper. Figuring out how to actually put it together is the tricky part."
Gator: "You said you blew up the shower. Do we need to buy a new one of those now?"
Severin: "No. I also told you I fixed it."
Gator: "You normally leave everything for me to fix."
Severin: "I'm not a total jerk. Just ninety-nine percent jerk. The remaining one percent has to come through in some way or another."

Since it's later in the afternoon, there aren't many cars parked in front of the diner. Gator's fine with it - there'll be less of a wait for their food. Sitting down with Severin, Gator decides to get right to the point. No sense beating around the bush.
Gator: "So, Sev...your mother and I have been a little concerned about you lately."
Severin: "I'm not turning into a hero, don't worry."
Gator: "We don't have any doubts of that. We're a bit concerned, though, that you're flirting with mistakes that you can't afford to make right now. We understand you like to take risks. But we don't want you to go too far and end up regretting a decision."
Severin: "I appreciate you buying plane tickets for my guilt trip, but I'm happy where I'm at. My decisions are just fine. Someday I'll be able to pay you back for all the toilets I've blown up, if that's what you're concerned about."
Gator: "As much as I wish you'd get a part-time job and pay for your own toilets to blow up, that's not what I'm talking about. Your teachers have told me you've been getting mediocre grades in school and not turning in your homework. You've also come really close to getting a detention for talking class. Or rather, flirting in class with a new girl everyday. Your teachers have told me you've been doing more than just talking in the hallways."
Severin: "Well, if girls want to throw their arms around me and kiss me, it would be selfish of me to take away their free will and not allow them to."
Gator: "You shouldn't be playing with girls' emotions, Severin. But more importantly, your mom and I don't want you trying to go further and further. That becomes more of a taboo as time goes on. Your mom especially doesn't want you looking for sex until you're married, or at least until you're in a committed relationship. She knows the hardships that can come from not heeding that advice."
Severin: "Dad. One, I don't want to get married and I don't want a committed relationship. Two, if girls are going to play their games, I'm going to play them back. Three, you shouldn't be concerned about me. Really. I'm not going to do anything stupid."
Gator: "...Be straight with me, Sev. I've seen some of this Jackie girl around. Did she stop by while we were gone and are you doing stuff you shouldn't be doing with her?"
Severin: "No. I'm not sleeping with Jackie. Never have. I'm not sleeping with anyone." Having slippery sex and breaking the shower, maybe, but I'm certainly not sleeping.
Gator: "Alright...I'll take your word on that. Just don't do anything you'll regret later, Severin. That's what I'm getting at here."
Severin: "I'm not going to. Trust me."

The water in the river doesn't look too appealing to Amaranth. It's a bit murky and sandy. But Tobie quickly jumps in, grinning and swimming around, having a wonderful time. So Amaranth decides to quit being a wuss and slip in. The chilly water takes her breath away, and the ground quickly drops as she wades through. She doggy-paddles through the water, trying her hardest to talk herself into enjoying this.
Tobie: "Isn't this awesome, mom? River water feels so much better than pool water. It feels really natural."
Amaranth: "Yeah, this...this is great..."
Tobie: "You okay over there, mom?"
Amaranth: "I'm just dandy. Swimming in the river a wonderful idea..."
Tobie: "You look like you're about to throw up. We can go back on the shore if you want."
Amaranth: "No, really, I'm fine."
Tobie: "Let's go on shore."
Amaranth: "That sounds good to me."

With a little help from Tobie, Amaranth wades back to the shore, eager to get out of the water. While she was in, she couldn't help but picture Uncle Phantom's situation when he'd nearly drowned. He'd been kidnapped and trapped, and almost couldn't escape. Until her father arrived, that is. Her good, brave father.
Tobie: "Right behind you, mom."
Amaranth: "Well, that was certainly exhilarating."
Tobie: "I know you hated it. But thank you for letting me try, mom. I really enjoyed it."

Hanging out on shore waiting to dry off before getting back into the car, Amaranth and Tobie decide to skip stones across the water.
Amaranth: "I've noticed you've been pretty quiet lately, Tobie."
Tobie: "Well...I mean..."
Amaranth: "What's been going on?"
Tobie: "It's nothing."
Amaranth: "I know that's not true."
Tobie: "...It's just...sigh. Alright. There's a girl at school that I really like a lot. She's really beautiful and she's got the most amazing personality, and...I know she'd never go with me."
Amaranth: "How would you know that? Have you asked her out?"
Tobie: "No. But I already know she wouldn't. Severin flirts with her just like he flirts with every other girl at the school. They all practically throw themselves at his feet. If it weren't for Severin, I might have a chance."
Amaranth: "Have you talked to Severin about this?"
Tobie: "You honestly think talking to Severin and telling him I like Jackie would prevent him from going after her? He'd probably just pursue her even more! I hate that Sev can get any girl he wants, including Jackie, and he doesn't even care about any of them. He doesn't have any real feelings for them, he doesn't want even the most laidback relationship with any of them, and he'll never get past the first date if he even gets there with any of them. And I really care about Jackie and I want something to happen between us, but she won't even pay attention to me because she's one of Severin's fan girls."

Frustrated, Tobie chucks a flat stone hard against the river, making it skip six or seven times. For a moment, Amaranth doesn't even know what to say. Her heart breaks for Tobie. She knows what it's like to have deep affection for someone. She can't imagine that person never showing any affection back. Amaranth knows Severin's behavior and antics at school, and she's talked to him before about it. In fact, she hopes Gator talked to him even further today. But she's not sure what to do at this point. Severin's very headstrong and he'll do what he wants, no matter who tells him to do otherwise.

Amaranth: "Well, Jackie will never know how you feel about her if you don't tell her."
Tobie: "What if she says no?"
Amaranth: "It won't be any different than now. You're not going out with her because you haven't told her you liked her, so what could be the harm in telling her? Maybe something will happen. You never know."
Tobie: "...Maybe."

Gator: "Well, I'm certainly glad we had, discussion...ugh..."
Severin: "What's wrong with your shoulder?"
Gator: "Pulled it last night while we were hunting. If I roll it around a bit, it helps."
Severin: "Don't tell me you're turning old already. You'll be too feeble to be the alpha wolf anymore."
Gator: "I can still bite you where it hurts, you know."
Severin: "I'll refrain, thank you. You go on home, I still have to talk to someone. She's at the park."
Gator: "She?"
Severin: "Some girl from school. I need someone to go to the prom with. It's this Saturday."
Gator: "Hmm. Saturday's also your birthday. You wouldn't rather stay home?"
Severin: "I need to establish my reign as Prom King. That'll leave me with some form of royalty over the school."
Gator: "...If you say so. You can meet with her, but I expect you to be back by curfew. If you're out too long and I have to get woken up by the police who brought you home, you're not going anywhere, prom or otherwise."
Severin: "I've never missed curfew  before, dad."
Gator: "You've cut it close. Be back home soon."

Turning away and rolling his eyes, Severin jogs towards the playground. He can't wait until his birthday comes. It's only a couple of days away. Then the Overlord reign will officially be his and he doesn't have to be bossed around anymore. His parents can still give him advice, but he won't be required to submit to it. He'll have no curfew, no school, nobody telling him how to run his life. He'll be free to do whatever he wants - including take over the world.

He spots his friend at the park. Severin brushes and straightens up his jacket, then heads over to her, ready to turn on the charm. He does need a date to the prom, after all.
Jackie: "Oh, hey, Severin!"
Severin: "Hey, Jackie."
Jackie: "What have you been doing all day?"
Severin: "Thinking about you."
Jackie: "...Really?"
Of course not, you nitwit."Yeah. You have killer eyes, you know. They just stay in a guy's mind forever."
Jackie: "Wow...that's really sweet, Sev."

Severin admits to himself that he does find Jackie insanely attractive, even more attractive than Tracy. She's very pretty and very sweet. Severin also knows Tobie likes her a lot. Severin wouldn't mind letting Tobie have her, but considering the prospects at school, Severin would rather take the prettiest girl in school for himself. Tobie can take that werewolf girl with the pudding face who sometimes flirts with Tobie but much more often falls all over Severin.
Jackie: "You know, school's almost over for the both of us. We're going to be graduating soon."
Severin: "Yeah. Can't wait. I've wanted to get out of this institution since I was a toddler."
Jackie: "You went into school as a toddler?"
Severin: "No, but I dreaded it even then."
Jackie: "But you need a high school diploma to be hired at any of the businesses around here. Dropouts turn into maids or handymen."
Severin: "I don't need a diploma to take over the world. But I'm going to get one anyway, just because my mom wants me to."
Jackie: "Aww...I love how you talk about your mom. A lot of other guys just tell 'your mom' jokes."
Severin: "Turner did one of those 'your mom' jokes to me the other day, actually."
Jackie: "Oh. Is that how he ended up in the hospital with his eyebrows stapled together?"
Severin: "There's no proof I did that."

Jackie: "You're lucky you didn't get caught. You would've gotten detention for a month."

Severin: "Hey, Turner said he always wanted to get his eyebrow pierced."
Jackie: "Not by a stapler, I imagine."
Severin: "He didn't specify. Anyway, I came here to ask you something."
Jackie: "You did?"
Severin: "Yeah. About the prom..."

Amaranth: "Well? Have you given any more thought to what we talked about?"
Tobie: "Yeah. I'm still thinking about it."
Amaranth: "Well...only you can make the decision in the end. I'm going to go ahead and get to bed. Silly old body can't stay up as late as it used to."
Tobie: "It's okay. Thanks, mom."

A whirlwind of emotions churns inside Tobie's stomach. He really, really likes Jackie, but he's certain she'll never go for him. She's all over Severin, just like every other female in the school. Tobie doesn't understand how he can be best friends with Severin and yet hate him so much at the same time. Severin's always willing to hang out with him and go do things with him. Severin even sticks up for Tobie when he's being bullied at school (after the first incident of Severin hot-gluing the bully's nose to a toilet, however, Tobie's been pretty safe since then). Yet Severin can be so heartless too. He knows Tobie likes Jackie. He knows he'd do anything to get into a relationship with her. And yet Severin flirts with her hardcore in front of Tobie. Tobie knows Severin doesn't care about any of the girls at school. He likes them for what they can give him - a coy smile, a touch on the arm, a full-blown make-out session in the hall - and that's all. And nobody, Jackie included, pays attention to Tobie, who really would care for them.

But what if his mom is onto something? What if something really does happen if Tobie calls Jackie and asks her to the prom? There's nothing really to lose - if she says no, he wasn't going with her anyway if he never asked. He might as well. Nothing to lose, much potentially to be gained.
Tobie: "Alright, Tobie...tomorrow...tomorrow at school, you will go right up to Jackie and ask her to the can do this, Tobie. Tomorrow, I'll ask her. Yes! I'll ask her to the prom!"

Author's notes: And here we get to the really interesting side of Severin. He can be adorable. He can be lovable. He can even draw your sympathy. But he can also be a jerk. He does have the Commitment-Phobe trait, which plays heavily into his personality. He can be a decent friend. But he's also a "bad dog" who wants what he can get without thinking too heavily about the ethics.

Tracey was putty in Severin's hands. They started flirting and suddenly the game informed me Tracey had a boyfriend named Ralph. Severin pushed anyway and she gladly went to the shower with him without him ever having to ask her to break up with her boyfriend. Also: the height difference between adults and teenagers makes their make-out sessions look really...awkward.
Case in point. Tracey looks pretty cute kissing Sev on the forehead...while Sev kisses the air.

Also of note: Severin is now a one-star celebrity. I did sprinkle two celebrities (two-star and three-star, I think) in the neighborhood, but teens can't impress celebrities, so I decided I'd have to wait. Then Gator got promoted at work and with his promotion he got one-star celebrity status out of nowhere. Then, while Sev was playing guitar, Gator watched him and Severin immediately gained a one-star celebrity status. I'm kind of bummed. This wasn't how I wanted to play it. I really would prefer if Severin were the ONLY celeb in the house. But I can't have everything, I guess.

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