Monday, November 12, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Thirty-Six - Godzilla Ate Her

Chaotic. That's the only word Amaranth can use to describe the situation. She'd woken up shortly after the police arrived at the tavern. A nurse had been standing over her, checking her injuries. Her head was throbbing, but otherwise she didn't feel too terrible. She remembers looking across the room to find medical personnel placing a mangled bloody figure onto a stretcher. Had Amaranth not had a confrontation with him earlier, she never would've been able to tell he was Zack. His face had claw marks left and right.

Then looking to her left, she'd seen four or five police officers pinning Gator to the ground. Amaranth noticed he wasn't in werewolf form any longer. He had some blood on him, but Amaranth suspected it was all Zack's. More disturbing was how tightly Gator's wrists were handcuffed behind him, how one officer had him by the hair, how the police were muttering racial slurs against the werewolf.

Glancing to her right, Amaranth noticed a crowd had gathered, all in shock. It appeared that no one had actually seen the exchange - they had come running when all the noise started. The police were interviewing one such "witness," who claimed the werewolf had attacked both Amaranth and Zack.

Ignoring the medic's commands to stay seated and relax, Amaranth had bolted up, marched up to the officer, and told him what had happened. Zack, after attacking her son earlier in the day, had attempting to attack her as well, even as she laid on the ground. Gator had simply come to her rescue.

Gator had still been arrested, but was released after Amaranth insisted he'd only come to her self-defense. Based on other accounts of those who'd heard the rabble, Gator's actual attack hadn't lasted very long. Just long enough to see Amaranth safe.

Now Amaranth sits at home, in a daze. How could Zack do something like this to her and her family? She knows she'll have to write a report in the newspaper for it - not only to tell others that Zack is now physically dangerous, but also to redeem Gator's name. Many citizens are still terrified of werewolves.

She gets up to look out the window, then hears the door gently open behind her. Her heart flutters she hope it's who she thinks it is. Who she wants it to be.
 Amaranth: "...Is everything worked out?"
Gator: "Not exactly. I'm afraid I...kind of started a little war in the town. Zack has the politicians and the upper classes on his side. The majority of the citizens around town listen to your side. The police listened to you and acquitted me of all charges, but the politicians are outraged. They're painting me a monster. Should be on the front pages of tomorrow's paper."
Amaranth: "I'll have my side in the papers very soon. The politicians may have the front page, but the people decide what they want to believe...and I have the feeling they're more inclined to believe me."
Gator: "I hope that's the case. Meanwhile..."
Gator: "...Come here. Are you okay? Did he...did he actually hit you?"
Amaranth: "No. I only fell down and hit my head, but I didn't even get a concussion or anything. You stopped him in time. And Gator...I realize that could've gotten you in so much trouble. You could be sitting in jail right now."
Gator: "If it weren't for you, I would be. Having the last name of Overlord does help convince people after all."
Amaranth: "...Thank you. I...I wasn't strong at that moment. I panicked. Thank you...not only for rescuing me, but for giving the jerk his lesson. I'm tired of him interfering with my family's life. I don't want to deal with him anymore. I don't ever want to see him again and..."
Gator: "It's alright. I think things are being taken care of."
Amaranth: "Once he gets out of the hospital, I'm pretty sure he's going to have a death wish for me."
Gator: "Well, for one, I'm going to protect you as best I can. Secondly, I got a phone call from a guy named Oliver. I think he said he's your uncle. I don't know how he got my number, but anyway, he told me not to worry about anything else, that he'd take care of it. He sounded pretty convincing."

Amaranth smiles, then steps away to ponder. What is Oliver going to do? And when did he get into the mix anyway? Oliver's always cool and calm and collected. She's never even seen him angry. She wonders how he's going to "take care of things."
Gator: "Hey...what are you thinking about?"
Amaranth: "Oh, nothing."
Gator: "Come on. I know you're thinking about something."
Amaranth: "Hmm. Maybe I'm thinking about how you can see the trees from up the stairs."
Amaranth: "Do you ever feel like the Sim Deity yells at you sometimes?"
Gator: "Not really. She doesn't really talk to me a lot. Don't really talk to her either. But I think she's full of love. At least I feel like she loves me anyway."
Oodles and oodles, Gator.
Amaranth: "But really...I'm just thinking about how I can reward you for being such a good boy today."
Gator: "Well, I can think of something."
Amaranth just melts. She wonders if she should be used to this by now. Gator's kissed her plenty of times before. Yet as he holds her now, she feels just like she did when she kissed him the very first time. She wonders if he can feel the goosebumps on her arms.

How she hopes Gator's mother will approve of their relationship...and that Soren will approve as well. She's never happier than in a moment like this. It makes her shudder just to imagine getting married to Gator. What if that dream is even closer than she realizes?

As Gator slowly pulls away from the kiss, he gives Amaranth a smirk. She knows what that smirk means.
Gator: "You know, I like this bed. I've slept in it several times now, and...I quite like it. It's very comfortable."
Amaranth: "Well, hopefully, you'll get to sleep in it permanently at some point. It's a lot warmer when you're in it with me."
Gator: "True. Of course we have to be under the covers first."
Amaranth: "You know, I think you're right. But it does get rather stuffy being under the comforter with all these clothes on. I'm afraid I'll have to take them off to be comfortable. Hopefully you won't mind..."
Gator: "No, I quite agree with you. I've been in these sweatpants long enough today. Need to breathe, you know."
Amaranth: "YOU need to breathe, or Mr. Happy needs to breathe?"
Gator: "Oh, Mr. Happy is excited to see you, my dear."

Making love is just as magical as it always is. Being close to Gator, feeling his heartbeat, their warm bodies together...nothing is better. Absolutely nothing.
Amaranth: "...Please tell me, someday soon, that we'll be able to do this again. Only you'll have to take off my wedding dress before we get into bed. Please tell me this will happen soon."
Gator: "You know I want that just as much as you do. We'll make it somehow."

There's still plenty of daylight left, so Amaranth gets out of bed to go attend to the children, who seem to be playing quietly (which is cause for suspicion, of course). Gator takes a little longer to get out of bed, savoring the awesome pleasure he's received from Amaranth. Then he decides to join Amaranth with the babies. So wrapped in his own ecstasy, he forgets his clothes are on the floor.

Nothing like doing the Strut of Glory in your skivvies.
As Amaranth finishes potty training Tobie (finally he learns!), Gator picks up his son, who's gotten a little bigger since the last time he saw him. He's heard stories from Amaranth about his intelligence, along with how rascally the little guy is. He wouldn't be surprised - his own mother said the same thing about him when he was just a pup.
Gator: "Hey, Severin. You've gotten so big!"
Gator: "...You're definitely my son, alright."
Severin: "I love you."
Gator: "I pulled that one on my parents all the time too."
Severin: "...So it not work with you?"
Gator: "Nope. I know all those tricks."
Gator: "Oh come on, surely you can do better than that."
Amaranth: "Don't encourage him, Gator!"
Severin: "Daddy?"
Gator: "Yes, Sev?"
Severin: "Why you not wear clothes?"
Gator: "I, eh..."
Severin: "No worry. I tell whole town."
Gator: "I'm the alpha wolf in this house, buddy. I wouldn't push it."

Gator hangs out for a while longer. He's got some time before work. Meanwhile Soren gets home from school and immediately sits down to do his homework.
He can hardly concentrate, though. He'd heard about the confrontation between his mother and father. He'd heard how Zack had tried to physically attack his mother just like he'd attacked Soren. He can't believe it. Is it partially his fault? He'd gotten his father angry earlier. And maybe if he'd told his mom what happened, she would've avoided him completely if she'd seen him at the tavern. 

Soren has also heard that Gator was there, and he'd viciously attacked Zack to protect his mother. He doesn't even know what to think about that. He knows his father deserved it. In fact, Soren grows to hate his father more every minute. But how should he feel about Gator? He actually did something to help the family. He protected Soren's mom, even risking his own reputation and freedom to do so. 

It's a step in the right direction, but is it enough? Is he going to do anything else? Is he going to finally take responsibility and help raise the family? 

Soren's surprised when he sees Gator coming down the stairs in his "work" clothes (can't get away with wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants in any other work place that Soren knows). Soren wonders what he's doing here. Is he here to make a difference or is he just getting what he wants out of Soren's mom and leaving like usual?
Soren: "...You know what you did doesn't make up for all the time you were never here. You think you can just waltz in and out of our lives and not take any responsibility, and then just make up for it by turning into the big bad wolf one time. That doesn't make up for anything. You were never around to help my mom when she needed you most!"

Gator stops and stares confusedly at Soren for a moment. Soren wants to bark back, "Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!" but even he isn't sure. He lets his angry words and glares tumble out at Gator, but he's still not sure whether he should even be mad. He doesn't know how to feel about him.
Gator: "...I'm aware you don't like me, Soren. But I do love your mother very much, and knowing my circumstances, I'm really doing everything I can."
Soren: "Then why am I always the one that helps with the toddlers? Why do I never see you around?"
Gator: "I'm around today, Soren. As soon as it's possible, I swear to the Sim Deity, I will be around for good."

Gator wishes he could stay around a couple minutes longer and actually explain things to Soren. If he really knew, maybe he'd accept Gator a little more. But he's only got a few minutes before he's late for work, so he  trots out the door. Soren stares after him, wondering whether he's glad or not at the prospect of Gator being around "for good."


Evening comes around and it's birthday time for the "twin" boys. Severin apparently thinks it proper to celebrate it downstairs.
Amaranth: "Severin! What are you doing?!"
Severin: "I go downstairs. I make cake for birthday."
Amaranth: "First, there's no way I'm letting you go down the stairs by yourself."
Severin: "I do it before."
Amaranth: ".....!!!! Rrrgh....regardless, you don't have the skills to make a cake. You're a toddler. I think you forget that sometimes. Your spirit is willing, but your body is limited."
Severin: "Nonsense."
Amaranth: "C'mere, Severin, why don't we stay in the play room. Walk with me."
Severin: "No cake?"
Amaranth: "Mommy was too tired to make cake today. Your birthday will be fun nonetheless."
Severin: "I get explosives?"
Amaranth: "Not on your life."

All conversation is over when the sparkles begin. Quite an exhilarating feeling.

 Tobie ages into a fine-looking young man (complete with blond curls!). Well-behaved yet imaginative, the future looks pretty bright.
Severin, meanwhile, looks more and more like his father everyday. This makes the Sim Deity cackle with glee. He's every bit a stinker like he was as a toddler. Only now his body is more capable.
Fun times in the Overlord household coming up. Very fun times.


It's early the next morning when Amaranth gets up. She's got an urge to make pancakes. Particularly banana nut pancakes with butter and maple syrup. She's in the process of flipping them when Soren stumbles down the stairs. Looks like he just woke up. 

Amaranth had called Gator last night to tell him about Severin's and Tobie's birthdays (which he couldn't make since he was working, and by the time he got off, it would be Severin and Tobie's bedtimes anyway). He'd told her about his brief conversation with Soren. Gator desperately wants to mend the relationship but he isn't sure how. He knows he's excited to marry Amaranth, but he doesn't want to do so without the approval of her kids.

Looks like it's time for a talk.
Amaranth: "...Soren, I'm going to be blunt with you right now. I'm not sure how else to go about this. Why don't you like Gator?"
Soren: ".....Sigh. Do we have to talk about this right now, mom?"
Amaranth: "No time like the present. Gator knows you don't like him. He really wants to have a good relationship with you. But he feels like you're shutting him down and he's not sure how to get through."
Soren: "..........."
Amaranth: "Would you feel more comfortable talking about it over pancakes?"
Soren: "...I just...I don't know how to feel around him, mom. I don't even know if I like him or not. I don't think I do, but I don't know. He's never been around to help. He keeps making excuses as to why he can't take his fair responsibility. But...I mean, he did save you from...from my dad."
Amaranth: "Hmm....I wonder. Is there a girl you like at school, Soren?"
Soren: "Well, um...I mean, I kind of like her, but it's just a crush. But what does that have to do with--"
Amaranth: "Imagine you were in love with her. Like, really, truly, strongly in love."
Soren: "....Okay?"
Amaranth: "And imagine she had children."
Soren: "Now wait..."
Amaranth: "You love her, and she loves you, very, very deeply. And every part of you wants to move in and help her with the children. You want to get married...But I'm getting older, and I'm alone, and you're the only one around who can help me. And I don't want you to leave me just yet."
Soren: "Well, I mean, my loyalty lies first"
Amaranth: "But what about the woman you love?"
Soren: "........."
Amaranth: "And now you know where Gator is, honey. That's where he is."

Soren pauses to think about it. Perhaps...perhaps he can understand that a little better now...

Then the loud pitter-patter of feet come tumbling down the stairs. Amaranth gives a small smile at Soren. The little monsters are awake.
Tobie: "Pancakes! Mom, you're the best."
Amaranth: "By the way, Soren, I'm going into work this morning. You don't mind watching Tobie and Severin for a little while before school, do you?"
Soren: "COUGH COUGH..."
Severin: "Oh good. My toe jam's built up again. I'll need you to remove it before school, or else my shoes just aren't going to smell right."
Soren: "You know, if you would just scrub your feet sometimes when you shower..."
Severin: "Well, I did, but then I realized I was using the same washcloth you use for your face."
Soren: "Urk!"
Amaranth: "Thank you, Soren. Boys, you listen to your older brother! I'll be back later this afternoon. Be good."
Tobie: "We will, mom!"
Severin: "Goodness is rather subjective, I think."
Soren: "You know what she means, Severin. Don't be a pest."
Severin: "Why aren't you wearing pants?"
Soren: "I just got up. Give me a break. Why don't you do something with your hair?"
Severin: "That wasn't a very nice thing to say to Tobie, Mr. Speedo Cheeks."
Soren: "Mom, are you sure you have to go to work now?"
Amaranth: "You're doing great, Soren."

Soren puts his mind to doing the dishes and tries not to pay attention to his younger brothers. Tobie is fine. Soren doesn't mind Tobie at all. But he's certain Severin's whole goal in life is to torment him and make him legally insane by the time he reaches young adulthood. 
Tobie: "I'm really excited about our first day of school. I wonder what's going to happen! I think it's going to be so much fun. What do you think, Sev?"
Severin: "You mean am I excited to attend a corrupt greedy filthy institution paid to brainwash the tender minds of foolish and naive little children and making them believe that good grammar and trigonometry is enough to ensure one's survival in a world where people make-believe that society is right and good, despite cranking out such blasphemous and utterly disgusting films such as 'High School Musical'?"
Tobie: "...I guess you're not?"
Severin: "I hope there are bullies. That'll at least make the day more fun."
Tobie: "Hey, Soren. Is school really a corrupt greedy filthy institution that brain--"
Soren: "School is what you make it. If you want it to be fun, then it's fun. If you want to learn, then you'll learn. If you want to complain about it and assume it has no value, well, then, it won't have any value. I suggest not taking that approach though. You've got a lot of schooling left."
Severin: "What'cha reading, Cheeks?"
Soren: "An assignment for school, Cowlick."
Severin: "Don't tell me you gave us that long lecture and you haven't even finished your homework yet, Hot Pants."
Soren: "It's extra-credit. So my lecture rests, Faux Hawk."
Tobie: "Hey, come on, Severin. Let's play race cars on the couch! By the way, Soren, Severin clogged up the shower drain again."
Soren: "Severin. STOP SHEDDING in the freaking SHOWER."
Severin: "I also clogged the toilet. Blond hair and huge turds kind of look cool together, but it's apparently not good for the plumbing."
Soren: "....I hate you so much, Severin...."
Tobie: "Vrooooom! And Tobie Overlord pulls into second place! He's gaining on first! He slams on the gas! Squealing tires! Smoke! And Tobie makes his move! But where's Severin Overlord?"
Severin: "He gallops into the lead with his chariot! Yah, horses! Yah!"
Tobie: "Chariot...? No, Severin! We're race car drivers!"
Severin: "You're mistaken, Tobie. I am clearly driving a chariot."
Tobie: "Chariot drivers don't wear race car helmets and goggles. We're driving race cars."
Severin: "My horses are as fast as race cars. And they're on fire."
Tobie: "Well, at least quit acting like you're changing gears. You don't change gears when you're driving a chariot."
Severin: "You do on my chariot. Mechanized bits - put 'em in the horses mouths, change gears, and watch 'em run faster. Yah, horses! Yah!"
Severin: "And the finish goal is the school bus! My chariot of fire wins!"
Tobie: "Heyyyy! Severinnnn! Soren, Severin pushed me!"
Soren: "Sigh. We don't have time for this right now, Tobie. It's time to go to school."
Severin: "Corrupt greedy filthy institution, here I come!"


Amaranth has a lot to think about as she drives to her next case. Time has flown so fast. The past has been difficult, so difficult she never thought she'd make it. But here she is. Her three children are old enough that they don't even need a babysitter anymore. Besides, Soren can always help. By the time Soren graduates high school and reaches young adulthood, the "twins" will be teenagers.

Not to mention it won't be too long until she's old. She still has many days to go, but it's coming. Will she ever be able to marry Gator? Will 'happily ever after' ever be a reality with him? 
She pulls out her magic bushes, remembering the day at the beach when her father had to watch toddler Soren while she did a stakeout. He was such a fussy baby. Now he's a strong, almost-grown young man. Really, where does the time go?

And what will be the future of her sons? She knows Soren has no interest in taking over the family legacy, and in all honesty, Amaranth's not terribly offended. And she can't see Tobie wanting to do it. That just leaves Severin. He would be quite enthusiastic about it. In fact, Amaranth fears he'd be a little too enthusiastic. The goal is world domination. Amaranth is rather afraid Severin's goal would be world termination.

As Amaranth gets back to the station to report her case, she notices a crowd of people rushing to gather inside. What in the world?
Amaranth: "What's going on?"
Wilhelmina Wolff: "Haven't you heard? You of all people should know! It's Zack Durwood. They're shipping him out to the mental hospital in Riverview this afternoon! He's gone legally insane!"
Amaranth: "What?!"
Woman in one...suit...thing...: "He apparently had a nervous breakdown at the hospital and he's been babbling ever since. Last night he claims a vampire kept appearing at the foot of his bed, but every time he screamed for the nurse, the vampire disappeared. He said the vampire kept getting closer and closer to him until finally it licked his neck and that's when he lost it. But the police found absolutely no evidence that anyone was ever in his room. No fingerprints, nothing out of place. They think Zack was hallucinating. He keeps babbling that the vampire looked so human at the foot of his bed, and then turned more ghastly and frightening and monstrous as he drew closer. But scientists say vampires can't do that. They can't make themselves look human."
Amaranth: "....That's very interesting. So he's really getting sent to Riverview?"
Wilhelmina: "That's where the asylum is."
Man in towel: "Oh! I simply must see this! I heard the news on the radio I have installed in my shower! Enjoy my chest hair, ladies. I grew it myself."

Amaranth makes a mental note to call Oliver later.


Soren: "...Severin? You know mom doesn't want you eating ice cream after school."
Severin: "The most diabolical of brains subsist off of cookie dough ice cream. Learned that at school today."
Soren: "From who?"
Severin: "Never you mind. Your finite brain would never comprehend such data."
Soren: "Sigh. Whatever, Sev. I'm getting ready for the prom tonight. I'm leaving you and Tobie to yourselves for a couple of hours. I'd ask you to behave yourselves, but that's clearly much too high a task for you. So just make sure you don't kill each other and the castle doesn't catch fire. 'Kay?"
Severin: "I'm not sure those tasks are much lower."
Soren: "Just eat your ice cream, Severin."

Soren trots to his bedroom to find some acceptable clothing for the prom. He's not going with a date - he has a crush, but no one he's really liked yet - but he thinks the night will be fun anyway. There's been something of a rumor around school that everyone's going to vote for him as Prom King. 

Tobie comes down and, seeing Severin's example, grabs a tub of ice cream out of the freezer as well.
Tobie: "...Hey, what the heck is on these ice cream cartons? It doesn't look like ice cream. It looks like...biscuits and potatoes."
Severin: "It's a clever ruse. Parents think we're eating biscuits and potatoes."
Tobie: "Out of a carton?"
Severin: "Why not? Technology's advancing."
Hoping the castle doesn't end up in utter shambles while he's gone, Soren heads to the limousine, ready to attend the prom. He wonders what kinds of memories he'll make tonight. 

Tobie: "Hey, Severin. Wanna play dress-up? Mom got us a costume chest yesterday!"
Severin: "Dress-up?"
Tobie: "Yeah! I mean, we live in a castle so we could play-pretend like we're royalty!"
Severin: "We're not royalty?"
Tobie: "Well, not really. I mean, Moonlight Falls is a free society. We don't live under a monarchy."
Severin: "That's depressing."
Tobie: "Well? Do you wanna play like we're royalty of Moonlight Falls?"
Severin: "Yeah! It'll be good practice for what will eventually happen one day."
Tobie: "Awesome! Okay, one of us has to be the prince and one of us has to be the princess. Nose goes! Ohhh, yes! I'm the prince!"
Severin: "....Excuse me?"
Tobie: "I touched my nose first, so I get to be the prince. You're the princess."
Severin: "I am not going to be a princess."
Tobie: "Yes you are! You agreed we were going to play royalty, and there has to be a prince and a princess in royalty and I won Nose Goes and I get to be the prince, so you have to be the princess. You agreed by the rules, Severin."
Severin: ".....Fine."
Tobie: "Prince Tobie valiantly struts into his noble castle! Slaying dragons? Routing armies? Felling giants? Why, nothing scares brave Prince Tobie! Now, where is his beautiful Princess Severina?"
Tobie: "Why, here she--........"
Severin: "Roar."
Tobie: "NO, Severin! You're supposed to be the princess!!"
Severin: "I was the princess!"
Tobie: "What do you mean you were the princess?"
Severin: "Godzilla ate her."
Tobie: "Godzilla ate her?!? Severin!! You agreed to be the princess!"
Severin: "And a most stunning princess I was. Until Godzilla ate her."
Tobie: "You don't even look like Godzilla. You look like Yoshi."
Severin: "THAT is blasphemous. Godzilla is eating you next."
Tobie: "No. You look like Yoshi. If you're not going to be the princess, at least be Yoshi."
Severin: "I'm not Yoshi! I'm Godzilla!"
Tobie: "If you were Yoshi, then the princess wouldn't be dead. At least I could still save her as the noble prince."
Severin: "If I were Yoshi, I'd swallow the princess, poop her out into an egg, and then sit on the egg."
Tobie: "Why can't you ever play normally for a change?!"
Severin: "Normally?! I'm insulted!"
Tobie: "Okay, fine! Be stupid Godzilla. It gives me a villain to fight."
Tobie: "Valiant Prince Tobie marches up to the fearsome Godzilla-Yoshi-dinosaur! It must be defeated!"
Severin: "I'm not Yoshi! Godzilla ate Yoshi too!"
Tobie: "But you shan't eat me, foul beast!"
Severin: "Rawwwwr!"

After much playing (and roaring, and running, and pounding, and a little bit of crying on Tobie's part), an exhausted prince and Godzilla head downstairs to work on their homework for the next day.
Amaranth: "Why is there ice cream out? Boys?....And why....?"
Tobie: "Severin bit me earlier."
Severin: "Godzilla bit you earlier. I had nothing to do with it."
Tobie: "You did too!"
Severin: "Valiant Prince Tobie, whimpering and crying after Godzilla merely bonked him with his teeth."
Tobie: "You're a doofus, Severin."
Severin: "Don't be silly. Now please, let this man-eating city-destroying reptilian terror do his homework in peace."
Amaranth: "Just....never mind. I don't even know what to say anymore. I just....never mind."

Author's notes: Ah yes, the Overlords have returned. My computer basically crashed last Tuesday, so I've been unable to update since then, even though I had the screenshots to do so. 

By the way, Soren's prom was largely uneventful. He was crowned Prom King, gained a romantic interest in some chick, and asked his crush out to dance and his crush was actually male. So is Soren bisexual? I don't know. I guess I'll leave that to StoryProgresson to decide once he's out of my control.

Tobie and Severin are child-aged now. Although it appears as if Severin just gets on everyone's nerves (which he does, admittedly), as much as Soren hates him sometimes and as much as Tobie wants to get away from him sometimes, the brothers all love each other a bunch. Severin's a pain, but Soren still wants to look after his best interests, and Tobie still enjoys playing with him. I kind of patterned the relationship after my own brothers. They annoyed the crap out of each other sometimes, but they always loved and cared for each other. (I, of course, was the only sister in the house, so my brothers never picked on me all that much.)

Depending on my money situation, I may or may not get Seasons soon. So whether you'll see them in the Overlord's story sooner rather than later remains to be seen. Hope you enjoyed the longish chapter! It hopefully made up for the long absence!


  1. Severin is most definitely my fav of your heirs thus far. He is flat out amazing and I LOVED the idea of Godzilla eating the princess. That's so something me or my sisters would say.

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    1. And now we never have to deal with Zack again. Such a damp, dreary place, that Riverview.

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    1. I'd never really played with the costume chest before, so when I saw a dinosaur, I thought it meant an actual dinosaur. No, it looks like Yoshi. But Severin always sees things a little differently. ;)

  4. Misslaheela, I love you! I have been waiting a really long time for you to reincarnate Rufus, and I believe he has just made his first official appearance in the form of a wild haired werewolf boy haha! I just did NOT get enough Rufus hilarity back then because you made your first gen so freakin short, and I MISS RUFUS!!!

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