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Overlord Legacy - Chapter Forty - When Dreams Come True

Everything is set up. Amaranth has double-checked everything to make sure they're in place. If Gator wants an outdoor wedding, then she at least wants it to look like a wedding in an enchanted flowery forest. She even had the Sim Deity plant flowers all over the grass. Behind the ceremony location, Amaranth has placed a stereo, a bar, and a table with the wedding cake on it. Everything is set up. Everything is perfect. The newspaper has even said that today is going to be a sunny day. Now the only thing she needs is 12:00 to hurry and arrive.

Still antsy, Amaranth busies herself with filling up the drinks at the bar.
It's a good thing the drinks don't spoil. They'll be sitting out for quite a while. But Amaranth can't help herself. She wants everything to be as prepared as possible before the guests - and her groom - arrive.

After triple-checking everything, Amaranth heads back inside. She notices Tobie's awake.
Tobie: "'s the big day, mom. How are you feeling?"
Amaranth: "I can't wind down. I'm just ready to have it happen. I'm so ready..."
Severin: "So wait, where are you getting married again?"
Amaranth: "Just outside, on the island."
Severin: "In front of the car?"
Amaranth: "I moved the car and decorated the space. I think it looks charming."

Severin simply must go see for himself, since he has a hard time picturing anything but a car in the spot. His heart nearly drops to his feet as he sees it.

Tobie and Amaranth glance at the door as Severin runs in, letting out high pitched shrieks and shivering at the traumatic sight he's just seen. He paces the floor, muttering to himself to try and calm down. Amaranth and Tobie simply watch in entertainment. Finally Severin scampers over to his mother and decides to ask.
Severin: "Hey, uh, don't think you went a little bit...overboard, did you?"
Amaranth: "...I've been dreaming of marrying your father since before you were born, Severin. No, I don't think I went overboard."
Severin: "Do we really need all the flowers? There's enough perfume to choke and kill a small horse."
Amaranth: "I wanted a flowery wedding. My name is a flower, you know."
Severin: "There's nothing dark and sadistic about flowers."
Amaranth: "I know this might come as a shock to you, Sev, but I don't want my wedding to be dark and sadistic."
Severin: "But what's the point of having a wedding if it's not going to be dark and sadistic?"

Unable to keep up with Severin's logic, Tobie heads outside to check the scenery out for himself. It's a gorgeous day outside, if a bit hot. The decor actually looks quite nice. Tobie will be happy to see his mom get married under the flowery arch.

He then notices something else. Oh, surely his mother wouldn't mind if he took just one.
A WHOLE TRAY OF FREAKING DRINKS LATER, the Sim Deity finally puts an end to his madness and makes him fix another tray. Then she sends him inside. Good grief, Tobie. And here I was thinking you were such a good boy.

Noon approaches faster and faster, to where Amaranth can hardly breathe with her chest pounding so fast. Shortly before noon, she changes into her wedding dress. Examining herself in the mirror, Amaranth can't contain her smile. She feels lovely and she can't wait to see what Gator thinks of it.

First, however, she gets the unsolicited opinion of the maid.
Maid: "Oh! Oh ho ho ho! Playing dress-up from the costume chest, Ms. Overlord?"
Amaranth: " I'm getting married."
Maid: "You're getting....really? I love weddings! Drinks all around!"
Amaranth: "I expect you to clean and then go home. I only invited family."

Then Amaranth hears the sound of feet coming up the stairs. The noise of conversation begins to rise from downstairs. She immediately begins to tremble. Her guests are here. The wedding is about to commence. It's really, really happening.

The footsteps coming up the stairs belong to Soren.
Soren: "Wow, mom! You look beautiful in that dress!"
Amaranth: "Oh, thank you so much, Soren. I do feel beautiful in it. I just can't believe this day has finally arrived. I'll try not to cry the whole time..."
Soren: "No one will blame you if you do, mom. You've deserved this for a long time."
Amaranth: "I couldn't be happier than I am right now."
Soren: "Oh, I think you could be. Gator's downstairs. He's waiting for you."

Amaranth tries to breathe around the lump building in her throat. She's so excited she just wants to scream. As she heads downstairs, she passes by Jackie Sumerai - Haley Sumerai's daughter. She's certainly not family and Amaranth certainly didn't invite her, but seeing as she's a teenager, Amaranth presumes her to be one of Severin's or Tobie's friends. Amaranth's so focused on trying to see Gator anyway that she doesn't spend too much time noticing Jackie. Someone else, however, does.
Severin: "Well, hey, Jackie. Didn't know you'd be coming."
Jackie: "Tobie invited me, actually. I figured I'd show up for a couple hours anyway."
Severin: "Tobie, hmm? He never tells me about his, uh...'friends.'"
Jackie: "Well, he's told me about you. I should mention that I have a boyfriend."
Severin: "That's okay, he won't mind."
Jackie: "He won't mind what?"
Severin: "Don't worry about it, girl."
Jackie: "I'm starting to be concerned about you."
Severin: "Thanks!"
Jackie: "That wasn't a compliment."
Severin: "How can that not be a compliment?"

Downstairs, Amaranth meets her groom. These are the last few moments before she gets to call him her husband. She can hardly stop the tears from rushing to her eyes.
Gator: "...You look absolutely stunning."
Amaranth: "So do you, Gator. Oh my gosh, this is really happening..."
Gator: "And let's not delay it any further. The guests are waiting outside. By the way, Phantom told me to tell you he'll be late. It's Eva's graduation ceremony today, so he and Delia are attending the ceremony, and then they'll be on their way."
Amaranth: "That's okay. I'm glad they're coming, whenever they arrive."

Gator and Amaranth walk down the aisle, signaling to everyone that the wedding is about to commence. The guests find their seats and anxiously and excitedly wait.
Oliver looks away, as the Sim Deity left the walls down again. She fixes it, don't worry.

Amaranth glances into the crowd, smiling back at the faces smiling at her. Two things concern her a bit though - first, the maid is not leaving. She hopes he doesn't end up being a disruption. Secondly, her father isn't here. She knows she invited him and he hadn't told her he'd be late. She knows he's very, very old and is starting to lack the ability to get around. She hopes he's okay.

Taking a deep breath, she turns back to Gator.
Amaranth: "Well...are you ready to go through with this? Will you...will you take me as your wife?"
Gator: "I'm ready. Let's do this."

Standing in front of the arch, Gator and Amaranth say their vow, though Amaranth can't say hers without breaking down in the middle of it. Gator smiles and waits patiently, affection oozing from his eyes. Amaranth's heart beats so fast she can hardly stand it.

Gator slips the ring on her finger. This is just the last step before becoming husband and wife.
Gator's hand feels so gentle on hers. The ring slips on perfectly. The diamond is so beautiful, and with such significance too. Erika Wolff had given this to her, as a sign of her blessing. Amaranth is so glad Erika could make it.

The wedding band for Gator has equal significance, as it's also his father's wedding band. Gator smiles as Amaranth slips it on his finger.
There's only one last step. One last step to make the marriage final. Amaranth gazes into Gator's eyes and whispers, "I love you so much."

Gator grins, but doesn't say anything in return. What he does give in return is far better.
The guests erupt in applause as Gator and Amaranth seal their marriage with a kiss. Amaranth's soul simply melts at the touch of Gator's lips. Perfect. This moment couldn't possibly be more perfect than it is right now. Her mind almost refuses to grasp it. Gator - finally her husband! Finally she doesn't have to spend any more nights sleeping alone. Finally she has someone to help her around the house. Finally she has someone to walk with for the rest of her life.

Erika Wolff lets the tears fall as she watches her son take on the Overlord name. She's rather glad she finally approved of Amaranth. She really is a sweetheart after all.
Keri Durwood, Amaranth's half-sister, sighs and smiles as she watches. She hopes someday, whenever she gets married, that her wedding feels as magical as Amaranth's.

Perfect moments, however, are just that - moments. The maid has still not left, and has in fact come up the aisle.
Maid: "A very lovely wedding, Ms. Overlord! I'm so glad I was here to see it."
Severin will have none of it.
Severin: "Nobody invited you, Mr. Pinesol. If you want to watch a wedding, take your bag of bolts and putt-putt on home. I'm sure you've got a boob tube that you can watch plenty of weddings on. Make sure you point the antennae in the right direction."
Maid: "Oh, surely you can't blame me for stopping by after I'm cleaning. It's too spectacular an event not to witness."
Severin: "Are you sporting an erection, Mr. Pinesol?"
Oliver: "....Holy f**k."
Maid: "Erm..."

As the maid tries to squirm out of his rather awkward situation, Tobie gets up as he notices yet another uninvited guest, this time one of those sixty-three MacDuffs that wander around town.
Tobie: "What in...? That...that's not appropriate attire for a wedding! That's embarrassing!"
MacDuff woman: "Nothing wrong with flaunting what you got."
Tobie: "Oliver! You're the stylist! Do something!"
Oliver: "I can't exactly solicit my services in the middle of a wedding, Tobie."
Severin: "Is there a reason you're still here, Mr. Banana Pants?"
Maid: "Just...just..."

Amaranth looks at the crowd, which is actively starting to become unorthodox. Then she gives a small smile at her new husband.
Amaranth: "Well...welcome to my crazy family. How do you feel about being the new member?"
Gator: "I'm just as crazy about it as I ever was. I can't wait to be a part of it, Amaranth."

Walking down the aisle, Gator and Amaranth head over to cut the cake.
Amaranth: "It's marble cake."
Gator: "Mm...that's my favorite, you know."
Amaranth: "I know. Why do you think I--"
Severin: "CAKE?!? OH BOY!!! Now we get to the good part!"
Gator: "...That's my son, isn't it."
Amaranth: "It sure is, and welcome to life with him. He keeps things interesting."
Gator: "Okay, do we do this?"
Amaranth: "Haha! Oh, Gator. Allow me. I've been cooking for quite some time, so I know how to handle knives."
Severin: "Cut me a big slice, mom!! A big one!!"
Maid: "You know what this party needs? DISCO, BABAY!!"
Gator: "At least tell me the maid isn't part of the family."
Amaranth: "I'm sure once it's Severin's turn to take charge of the castle, the maid won't be here anymore. Actually, I'll have to talk to Sev and make sure the maid doesn't end up in a ditch somewhere."

As Amaranth and Gator start handing out plates of cake, the latecomers arrive. Amaranth's grin couldn't get any larger.
Phantom: "Ooh! Just in time for cake!"
Tobie: "Aagh! Uncle Phantom!"
Phantom: "Hmm...that display over there is quite lovely. Almost looks like an enchanted forest. I'm so glad Ammy has such good taste."
Tobie: "Uncle Phantom!! Quit!!"
Eva: "Dad, I'm pretty sure you're smacking Tobie in the face with your wings."
Phantom: "Is that the obstruction back there? I thought it was an elephant."
Tobie: "An elephant?!"
Phantom: "I considered getting Amaranth an elephant for her birthday, but it's kind of hard to carry them while flying over the ocean."
Eva: "Please tell me you didn't actually try that, dad."
Phantom: "Of course I didn't. I did try a giraffe, though, and they're not much easier."

Grabbing some cake, Tobie and Severin sit down to eat with their fairy uncle and cousin.
Severin: "You know, I think mom and dad should get divorced, and then the next day get remarried again so we can have more cake. Only they should have a private wedding, so there's more cake to go around."
Tobie: "We can just buy a cake at the store, can't we?"
Severin: "'We'? What kind of redneck are you? Getting married to my half-brother doesn't sound appealing, thank you."
Tobie: "No, I meant....ugh. Why can't you ever think logically?"
Phantom: "Actually I was following Severin."
Eva: "You're definitely a Pixie, dad."
Severin: "You're pretty great, Uncle Phantom."
Phantom: "Well, if you and Tobie ever do get married, be sure to invite me."
Eva: "Dad!"
Tobie: "I'm sure you kiss real good, Sev."
Severin: "Just out of curiosity, do you have to kiss to finalize a wedding, or can you do something else? I'm kind of good at projectile vomiting."
Eva: "......"
Phantom: "Really??"

Meanwhile, as Amaranth and Gator start socializing among their guests, Amaranth spots a most special guest coming across the drawbridge. She quickly wraps him in a tight hug.
Amaranth: "Dad! You made it!"
Jakkson: "Yes, honey, I finally did. You really must forgive this old man for missing the ceremony. I had gotten dressed and everything, but then my hip slipped and, well...I had to sit down for a while until it felt better. I'm so sorry I missed the ceremony. I wanted to be there for that."
Amaranth: "It's okay, dad. I'm just glad you're here now. I'm so happy that I get to see you today."

As Amaranth describes the ceremony to Jakkson (and introduces him to Gator), soft pop music begins to play from the stereo. People begin to come out to dance. Much to Severin's own surprise, Jackie shyly walks up to him.
Jackie: "Um...I know this will probably sound weird, you...would you dance with me? I mean, the music is playing and I don't want to dance alone..."
Severin: "Of course, of course. It's not like I have any problems with dancing."

Smoothly Severin pulls Jackie closer and they begin to dance together. Severin smiles, although not really at Jackie. He doesn't have any desire to actually be in a relationship with her, or with anyone else right now. But, well...he likes females. He likes to touch females. He likes females that like him, especially when they already have boyfriends.
Jackie: "'re a really good dancer, Sev. Abraham...I mean, my boyfriend...he never really could..."
Severin: "That's unfortunate. Everyone deserves to have a good dancing experience at some point in their lives."
Jackie: "Yeah...I can see that now. You know...I've heard a lot about you at school. A lot of people's opinions about you are really negative, but...I don't really think you're that way at all."
Severin: "I'm a lot of things. And right now, I can be what you want me to be. I'm happy with that."
Jackie: "Me too."
Eva: "It's good to see you could make it, Uncle Jakk."
Jakkson: "It's good to be here. I wouldn't want to miss it, if my hips would cooperate with me."
Tobie: "Mm...this stuff is good."
Tobie. I'm cutting you off. That's enough.
Delia: "Haha! Look at you, Soren. You know how to put on the moves!"
Soren: "I had some practice at the prom."
Phantom: "Oh, that radio...the source of all evil."
Delia: "It's just for fun, Phantom honey. You know I'm irrevocably in love with you."
Phantom: "I tried dancing at my prom. I think my date ended up in the hospital from a ruptured appendix after laughing so hard."
Delia: "Oh, Phantom..."
Phantom: "That's okay, I laughed at her as the ambulance carried her away."
Soren: "Are you sure your last name's not Overlord, Phantom?"

Meanwhile, the most intimate slow dance belonged to the bride and groom.
Amaranth: "...You really are a charmer, Gator. And you know how to hold a woman when dancing."
Gator: "I'm a really lucky man. Luckier than any man, really. You are very, very beautiful, Amaranth, both inside and out."
Amaranth: "And entirely, completely happy to be yours. This is by far the best day of my life. I couldn't be happier to spend the rest of my life with you."

The party winds down, and guests begin to leave (Oliver had to leave early, which Amaranth understands - outdoor weddings aren't friendly on vampires, after all). The Feliraes and Jakkson stay around a little longer, and Amaranth and Gator suggest going to the summer festival to celebrate the rest of the reception. The evening's still young, after all

But, before they get going, the last two party guests have yet to leave. They leave soon after this exchange.
MacDuff woman: "You're just jealous because I'm much more well-endowed than you, little girl."
Keri: "Or you show up to my half-sister's wedding, uninvited, dressed like a tramp. Yeesh. You're lucky Uncle Oliver didn't take his glove off and slap you with it for your fashion atrocity."

Piling into a couple of cars, Amaranth and Gator, Severin and Tobie, Jakkson, and Phantom, Delia, and Eva Felirae all head over to the park to check out the summer festivities. There's never been anything like it in town before. Deciding to have some childish fun, the adults gather around the water area and start a water balloon fight.
Meanwhile, Severin and Tobie head over to the face-painting tent. Tobie gets a fierce tiger painted all over his face. Severin...
Tobie: "You just had to go with the homicidal clown look. You just had to."
Severin: "You wanna know how I got these scars, boy?"
Tobie: "...By playing soccer? Bet you can't score on me."
Severin: "Oh, it's on."
Tobie: "Alright, come shoot, stop it!"
Severin: "Stop what?"
Tobie: "Stop staring at me like that! You and your stupid freaking clown face. Your glowing eyes don't help either! You're freaking me out!"
Severin: "Ready for some ball-kicking?"
Tobie: "...I see what you did there."
Tobie: "Aw man!"
Severin: "Victory! Victory to Cootchie the Clown. Homicidal clowns kick balls really well."
Tobie: "Severin! Quit!"
Severin: "...Tiger balls, even."
Tobie: "You know, I kind of get why Soren hated you so much."
Severin: "Thanks!"
Tobie: "That's not a compliment, Sev!"
Severin: "How can it not be a compliment?"

Wandering around for something else to do, Severin and Tobie start to head towards the arcade games...until Severin notices something far greater on the ground.
Severin: "Well, now. Explosives."
Tobie: "Ex--...explosives?!? Severin, no!!"
Severin: "I'm glad I brought my lighter today. How much of the earth do you think this sucker's gonna blow up?"
Tobie: "Why, Sev, why?! I kind of wanted to be alive at least until high school graduation!"
Severin: "Moonlight Falls shall be mine..."
"...loudly mine."

Both boys tremble as the explosive ignites, Severin out of excitement and Tobie out of nervousness. What kind of idiot would leave explosives lying around, knowing Severin Overlord simply exists? What kind of--

Tobie: "...Whoa. That's...that's actually pretty cool! It looks like a snowflake!"
Severin: "So wait...these explosives just make pretty shapes in the sky and that's it?"
Tobie: "Dude, set off another one!"
Severin: "I feel ripped off."

As Severin spends time kicking over the other explosives in anger while Tobie tries to convince him to ignite them and watch the light show, Gator and Amaranth glide around on the roller skating rink.
Amaranth: "Wow...this is more difficult than I originally thought. Oh--!"
Gator: "It's okay, babe, I'm back here to catch you."

With a smile, Amaranth gently grasps Gator's hand and they take their time around the rink. Amaranth thinks she's starting to get the hang of it. Slowly she lets go and starts to go faster. Gator grins, watching his beautiful wife in her elegant gown fly around on roller skates. Then he looks over and his heart nearly flies into his throat. Amaranth's father is trying his hand at the skating rink too. Jakkson, no, Gator whispers in his head. He understands the old wolf wants to join in, feel young again, spend even more time with his daughter and son-in-law. But the skates can't be good for his hips.

Gator slowly skates over to Jakkson, and just as he reaches him, Jakkson nearly tumbles. Gator quickly grabs his hands and catches him, steadying him on the rink. Who knows what that fall could've done?
Jakkson: "Agh...these old bones. They betray me more and more everyday."
Gator: "Are you okay, um...Mr. Smoak?"
Jakkson: "Please, Gator, just call me Jakk."
Gator: "You know, we should...we should go sit down by the fountain. My legs are starting to hurt anyway."
Jakkson: "Oh, come now, Gator, you don't have to make excuses. I know I'm pushing it. I just wanted to participate..."
Gator: "No, it's okay, Jakk. Am and I should take a break too. It's our first time and we don't need to twist our ankles or anything."
Jakkson: "...How do you feel about being a werewolf, Gator?"
Gator: "Oh...well, I mean, I was born a werewolf, so I've never known any difference. It's normal to me. But...I heard you were bitten when you were younger."
Jakkson: "I was. And I hated the curse for the longest time. But you's really not so bad. It's helped me live long enough to see my daughter get married to a good man."
Gator: "I'm glad I have your blessing, Jakk. Your daughter is an amazing woman, and I'm so lucky to be married to her. She talks about you a lot. She really loves and respects you."
Jakkson: "She's the most wonderful little girl. ...Now, why don't we skate off this rink, before people start getting any ideas. Two grown men holding hands, you know."
Gator: "Haha! I see your point."

As the evening winds to a close, Severin's and Tobie's last stop is the snow cone machine.
Tobie: "I wonder what this tastes like. It looks like crushed ice."
Severin: "We'll never know if you don't hurry up."
Tobie: "Oh hush up, Severin, you can wait your turn. By the way...what do you think snow is?"
Severin: "I'm guessing it's shaved ice. Logically."
Tobie: "Oh, now you choose to be logical."
Tobie: " know, this is really simple, but it's actually really good."
Severin: "Mine is, anyway. Yours looks like piss."
Tobie: "Shut up, Sev. I like lemon."
Severin: "Still looks like piss."
Tobie: "Well, yours looks like a rainbow threw up on it."
Severin: "Rainbow puke is tastier than piss, I bet."

As the night draws in, everybody hugs goodbye and the Overlords return home. Severin and  Tobie head up to bed, knowing they have school the next morning. Gator, however, has some plans before retiring to sleep himself.
Gator: "Well, Ms. Overlord...not sure if you're aware of it, but I suppose I should let you know now. You married a werewolf. And he's hungry for you right now."
Amaranth: "Oh no. Whatever shall I do? Help me, someone!"

With a playful growl, Gator grabs Amaranth and plops her over his shoulder. In between giggles, Amaranth swats at Gator's back, pretending to fight. With a hushed howl (no need to inform the boys on what exactly they're doing), Gator places Amaranth on the bed, crouches over her, and gives a small, purr-like growl as he begins kissing her neck. Amaranth wastes no time in tugging Gator's bowtie off and clawing at his shirt. In a rough, beast-like manner, the clothes come tearing off. Amaranth doesn't mind. She's never going to wear the dress again.

As Amaranth lets her hands wander to Gator's sensitive spots, Gator continues to emit low growls of pleasure. Every last bit of clothing comes off, and much to Amaranth's delight, Gator becomes more and more animalistic in his touch and kisses. They've had plenty of gentle encounters. Amaranth's excited about a more rough one.

Gently grabbing Gator's ponytail, Amaranth smirks, "Bad dog. Don't make me chain you up."
The pleasure is deep and ravishing. Amaranth and Gator practically attack each other under the covers. When they're done, Gator rests on the pillow, smiling at his wife. Amaranth grins back, strokes her husband's cheek, and whispers, "Good boy."

Satisfied, Gator conks out. Amaranth stays awake for a little while longer, letting the tears spill down her cheeks. Every hardship, every lonely night, every insult, every terror she's ever endured are all wiped away in this one night.

Dreams really do come true, after all.

Author's notes: I LOVED writing this chapter so much. Am's and Gator's wedding was absolutely perfect. Were there interruptions? Of course. But they're the Overlords. You have to expect interruptions. ;)

I don't have much else to say. I think the chapter says it all. Gator is a very, very welcome addition to my Overlord household.

Comments? :D


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    1. I put a big effort into going to the summer festival because I thought it was only there for one day. I felt a little silly afterwards when I realized it was there all week, but hey, it made for a good reception.

      Poor Severin. The explosives didn't blow up the world. He was so disappointed.

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    1. You can thank the Overlords' autonomy for that. I was planning on making it as sweet as could be, full of love and joy and everybody behaving themselves. Severn and Tobie had other ideas - right as Am and Gator were kissing, they got up randomly and quit watching, and started interacting with other people. Then Tobie started drinking again and Severin started stealing the attention. But, it's an Overlord wedding, so what could I expect. ;)

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