Thursday, November 15, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Thirty-Eight - For the Love of Werewolves

Severin has been sleeping for quite some time. In fact, he's been out for a couple of days without ever waking.
Amaranth knows she shouldn't worry so much. The doctor had given her some fairly comforting news, after all. The car had managed to slow down quickly enough to not kill her child on impact, although it did cause numerous broken bones and immediate unconsciousness. The doctor had been quite concerned, until Amaranth informed him that Severin was a werewolf. He then relaxed. Apparently werewolves have extraordinary healing capabilities, particularly with internal injuries, although it apples to external injuries and bleeding as well to a lesser degree. Depending on the injury and how young the werewolf is, the werewolf stays in a deep sleep for one to six days, after which the body works to restore itself and the werewolf wakes up after the healing is done.

Amaranth had asked whether all supernaturals had these components. The doctor shook his head. Fairies had varying levels of healing, based on their magical abilities. Vampire injuries, though rarely resulting in death, often took months to heal - the doctor had a rather sad story of a vampire who was caught in a building collapse and had to endure six broken ribs and a fractured leg for five years.

It's been two days, which is about the time the doctor had said Severin's injuries would be healed. Amaranth prays and prays he's right. She hopes so much that Severin will wake up today.

She hears small steps behind her, then sees Soren step beside her. It breaks her heart every time she sees him. As much as she's tried to talk to him about it, he keeps blaming himself for the tragedy, convinced that Severin nearly died because of him.
Soren: "...He's still not awake?"
Amaranth: "He should be waking up soon. I...I trust the doctor."
Soren: "...Come on, Severin, wake up. The house has been too quiet without you. I promise I'll scrub your toe jam if you wake up..."

Soren gives a small laugh, trying to joke. Amaranth notices his eyes welling up with tears, however. The accident has been hard on him, just like it's been hard on her. Tobie randomly cries as well, not knowing what to think about the situation. Calmly, Amaranth wraps her eldest son in a hug.
Soren: "If I had been paying attention, I could've grabbed him before he started running..."
Amaranth: "Soren. Please don't blame yourself for this. You couldn't have foreseen this. This isn't your fault. It's just an unfortunate accident...I could've been so much worse."
Soren: "It didn't have to happen at all if I'd been watching more closely!"
Amaranth: "Soren...that's enough. This isn't your fault. You have to believe this."
Soren: "I was responsible for him. You put him in my care and I was too busy complaining to notice him running. If I just grabbed his arm for a moment, this wouldn't have even hap--"
Severin: "...yawn. My goodness, Soren. Do you want balloons for your pity party?"
Amaranth: "Severin?"
Soren: "What...? Severin? You're awake?! Oh my gosh, are you feeling?"
Severin: "Hungry. And my butt feels weird, like I haven't pooped in three days."
Amaranth: "I'd say you're definitely feeling like yourself."
Soren: "Severin, I'm....I'm so sorry. I should've watched over you better. I'm so sorry this happened to you..."
Severin: "Yeah, yeah. Do we still have any pancakes left, mom?"
Tobie: "Severin!! You're awake!"
Severin: "Yeah. Who left this smelly plate of moldy food here?"
Tobie: "That was your plate before...before the accident, Sev. Mom tried to clean it up, but I told her not to, because...I wanted to remember you. I was scared that you wouldn't wake up again."
Severin: "So you were going to honor me with a stinky plate of rotted food?"
Tobie: "It would've been my last memory of you."
Severin: "Saints alive. Next time I need to wait until I'm more accomplished in life before I get hit by another car."
Soren: "....*facepalm.*"


As much as Severin doesn't think it's that big a deal, the Overlords have a small time of celebration with him. Amaranth takes the day off work to spend some time with her now-awake werewolf son, and Soren actually spends quality time with him as well (where typically he spends much of the day trying to avoid him). Much to Severin's disgust, Amaranth and Soren give him plenty of hugs (and in Am's case, kisses). Tobie is also relieved that his playmate is back.

By the next morning, Amaranth is thoroughly convinced that Severin is completely healed and completely back to normal (as "normal" as Severin can be anyway). As the boys head to school, she's got some other business to take care of. Gator has asked her several times what she talked about with his mom, but she hasn't come right out with it and neither has his mother, much to his annoyance. Amaranth figures it's time to tell him now.
Amaranth: "Well, hey there, sexy. What's a handsome boy like you doing around these parts?"
Gator: "...Hmm. Waiting for a beautiful girl to show up, I suppose."
Guitar dude: "They come runnin' just as fast as they can, 'cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man! Hubba!"
Amaranth: "Well. Will I do?"
Gator: "Only you will do, Am. I thought you had work today though. What brings you here?"
Amaranth: "Well..."
Amaranth: "I kind of figured you'd want to know what your mom and I talked about."
Gator: "Are you finally going to tell me? I've been dying trying to get it out of you and mom! You looked really excited, so I'm guessing the encounter didn't go too badly."
Amaranth: "Oh, it certainly didn't. But before I go into the details, I have something very big to ask of you. You've done me many favors, and I just need to ask one more."
Gator: "You know I'd do anything I can, Amaranth."
Amaranth: "Well, good."
Severin: "Mmph. Still good at those surprise-attack kisses, I see."
Amaranth: "Couldn't resist. Now, I have to ask this request from a certain position...sort of like this."
Gator: "What in the world...? We're, uh...we're in the middle of a hangout, Am."
Amaranth: "I know, and I don't mind--...oh. I see what you're thinking. I'm not doing that."
Gator: "Well, there's a private area downstairs."
Amaranth: "Maybe later. I've got something else in mind now. It involves this box here."
Gator: "So you want me to do you a favor, and it involves you kneeling down and giving me a box."
Amaranth: "Yes. I want you to do something with what's inside the box."
Creepy guy in background: "Ooh...I wonder what's in that box?"
Gator: "So wait. All of this ties back into what my mom was telling you?"
Amaranth: "It does indeed. So anyway, the favor..."
Amaranth: "...I need you to propose to me. With this ring, preferably."
Gator: "Oh my g--....that's...that's my mom's old wedding ring."
Amaranth: "She gave me her blessing and her ring. I think it's absolutely beautiful. And...there's nothing between us now. There's nothing stopping us. So, Gator Wolff...will you take this box and propose to me with it?"
Gator: "Oh, Am...are you serious right now? I can't...I can't believe this..."
Amaranth: "I almost can't either. It's almost like a dream. But it's real. It's really happening."
Gator: "I love you, Amaranth. And I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Finally, the question that I've been wanting to ask you forever...will you marry me?"
Amaranth: "And the answer I've wanted to give forever....yes."


Soren: "Oh you and Gator are engaged now?"

Amaranth could hardly wait to tell anyone and everyone about her engagement. Finally her one last dream is coming true. Finally, she can spend the rest of her life with Gator! He can live with her in the castle, spend time with the boys, and nothing will prevent them from doing anything they want to do. They'll finally be together for good.

Soren is a bit surprised, but having come to accept Gator, he gives Amaranth an awkward congratulatory hug. His birthday is tomorrow, so he won't experience life with Gator around the house, but he's glad Gator will finally be making the difference he's always wanted to make. At least Severin can be able to live with both his parents, if only through his teenage years.
As Amaranth starts to talk about the wedding (she's so excited to plan it!), Severin and Tobie come bursting through the door and charging across the floor. So much energy, so much potential for something to get broken inside the house.
Amaranth: "Looks like a couple of youngsters need to go spend some time outside."
Soren: "Well...I can try the playground again. Only this time, I promise I'll keep a sharp eye on Severin. I promise nothing will happen--"
Amaranth: "It's okay, Soren. I trust you, and I somewhat sort of kind of trust Severin to be smarter and not run into the road without looking."
Soren: "I don't trust him at all."
Amaranth: "Okay, I don't either. But I trust you to keep a good eye on him."

Nonetheless, Amaranth still watches as Soren, Tobie, and Severin make their way safely across the street to the playground. She's relieved to see them make it just fine. This day has been so special to her. She plops down on the couch and dreams of the wedding. It's so close she can almost taste the wedding cake. Tears well up in her eyes.

It's finally almost here.


Tobie: "Severinnnn! Mooove! I want to slide now!"
Severin: "I am king of the mountain, lord over all I see."
Tobie: "You're a big bully, that's what you are! Let me slide!"
Severin: "Nobody takes the mighty king off his royal throne--"

Severin hardly completes his sentence before Tobie decides he's had enough, climbs up the steps, and shoves his brother down the slide. Startled, Severin takes a tumble at the bottom. It hurts more than he wants to let on. Instead he shoots a glare at Tobie. Horrible little whiner, not willing to let Severin play out his fantasies. After all, Severin knows he's going to be the heir of the Overlord legacy. His mother's already discussed it and Soren and Tobie don't even want that responsibility. And if Severin's the heir, then surely his brother has to submit to him in some regard.

Suppressing a growl as Tobie gleefully slides down the slide, Severin plods over to the swing set, where Soren's keeping an eye on them.
Severin: "Soren, Tobie's being a jerk. He shoved me off the slide. I demand penitence, and I want you to enforce it."
Soren: "Severin, watch out!"
Severin: "My wrath would be calmed if he shaved his head, perhaps..."
Soren: "Sev! Back off!"
Severin: "You're not even listening to me at all. I said..."
Severin, of course, doesn't have a chance to repeat what exactly he said, as he gets a face-full of Soren's shoes, knocking him flat on his back. Soren quickly stops the swing and trots over to Severin, seeing if he's okay. Soren feels a bit guilty - it seems every time he tries to supervise Severin, the young pup ends up getting hurt somehow.
Soren: "Are you alright, Sev?"
Severin: "For a burnt sacrifice, I'll forgive your sin."
Soren: "I didn't mean to kick you. You're not supposed to stand right behind people who are swinging."
Severin: "I fail to see how your reprimand justifies the fact that you kicked me in the face."
Soren: "The law of gravity, Severin. If you stand right behind a force that's moving back at you quickly, you're going to get hit in the face."
Severin: "I hope to have this law abolished soon enough."

After a few more minutes of play, Soren tells the boys that it's time to start working on their homework. Setting a good example, he sits at a nearby table and works on his own. Tobie also sits down on the mulch and begins to work on his. Severin, however, feels rather funny. The full moon has just come out, and his body definitely doesn't feel normal.
It's almost...almost as if his bones are trembling inside of him. This definitely isn't good. Does this have something to do with the accident?

Then the full moon's beams shine down on the playground, and Severin suddenly feels sick to his stomach. He bends over, smacked by the sudden intensity of the nausea, and prepares to throw up. Instead, it feels as if his bones catch fire. His face is suddenly filled with excruciating pain. Even his gums feel as if they've been cut open, with his teeth somehow growing. Quite unexpectedly, his lungs emit a loud howl.
Is this the transformation? He's never actually transformed into his werewolf form before. He had no idea it would hurt this much. His aching jaw is forced out, his nose pinched and scrunched. His fingernail beds feel like they're on fire with the sudden growth of claws. Even his eyebrows feel painfully deformed.
Severin wonders how monstrous he looks. So much of his body throbs and throbs in pain. Severin's not even sure he likes this whole werewolf business. Suddenly, deep inside him, there arrives the intense craving to scratch something with his claws. Why is this urge overtaking him? Why does he suddenly crave raw meat? Why does he feel so out of control of his own body? Severin hates this. He relishes control, and he feels more and more like a beast every minute.
Tobie: "Severin, I know it's a full moon, but you don't have to howl at it just because you're a werewolf."
Severin: "Have...have 'oo even see' me yet?"

Severin finds it rather odd to talk with his jaw protruding like this. In fact, he has to pay attention to make sure he doesn't bite his upper lip while talking.
Tobie: "Nothing's different just because it's a full moon. If we finish our homework soon, then we can play again, but you need to stop messing around."
Severin: "I' not mess'n' 'round!"
Tobie: "Stop mocking me, Severin! I don't sound like that!"
Severin: "I know!"

Then Severin gazes across the way. There, right by the swing set, is another werewolf. Severin has never actually seen one in werewolf form. He doesn't even recognize that it's his uncle Waylon. Still trying to overcome the strange (and scary) new feelings in his body, Severin is struck with terror as he sees the distorted face of the werewolf. Does he look like that? Is he that hideous?!

Then the other werewolf spots him. Severin is slammed with lightheadedness. Is the other werewolf going to eat him? Does the other werewolf have a craving for raw meat...and does he hope to fulfill the craving by eating Severin? Severin screams. The other wolf screams. Then both pass out on the ground in fear.
Tobie: "Seriously, Severin. Stop messing around! You're distracting me."

In a couple of moments, both Waylon and Severin wake up. It takes Severin a few minutes to calm down and try to comprehend everything he's feeling. He tells himself this is normal, at least for him. He's a werewolf. Of course he's going to transform on a full moon. The pain begins to wear down as he gets used to the brand new feelings of his body. After relaxing enough, Severin decides to look at his homework, as much as his beastly urges tell him to shred it.

That's when Tobie finally notices him and lets out a high-pitched scream.
Tobie: "Oh my gosh! You''re..."
Severin: "Dry. But I'm sure urine has some value for the mulch."
Tobie: "Th-that's not f-funny, Severin!"

Realizing the chaos that can happen on a full moon, Soren quickly gets the younger boys home. Unable to control his urges any longer, Severin nearly pounces on the fridge in search of something. Unfortunately he can't find meat, but he finds something equally satisfying.
Soren: "Sigh. Do I need to get you a dog dish, Severin?"
Soren: "You just slopped ice cream onto my homework. I hope you're happy."
Soren: "Ugghhhh...."


The next day is rather uneventful, at least until the evening. The boys complete their last homework assignments - Tobie and Severin for their elementary school, Soren for good.
Tobie: "Ugh, this is so hard. 'If four trucks carrying seven apples each arrived at the store, how many apples are there being delivered to the store?'"
Severin: "The more important question is why so much fuel is being wasted on trucks carrying only seven apples each. For a math class, the teacher doesn't make much sense."
Soren: "It's just a theoretical question, Severin."
Severin: "Well, theoretically I could just slash the tires of the trucks and then there'd be no apples to even worry about. Then someone can take a sensible approach and deliver the fifteen apples by bicycle basket or something."
Soren: "Four times seven does not equal fifteen, Sev."
Tobie: "It doesn't? Man, I wrote it down too..."

Then it's time for the birthdays. Soren goes first.
Soren: "Yes! Young adulthood, finally!"
Amaranth: "My goodness, how the time flies. I'm so proud of you, Soren!"
Severin: "Your fly is down."
Soren: "Thank you, Sev...thank you."
Severin: "Just trying to help."

Then it's Tobie's turn.
Tobie: "Whoa...the sparkles always feel so weird..."

And finally it's Severin's time.
Severin: "This is going to be epic..."

Soren turns out to be a snazzy young man, ready to start learning guitar and even start a family. He really can't wait for the day when he gets to be married and have kids. The Sim Deity just sees a lot of success in the young man's future. She's quite proud of him...*sniff*
Tobie decides it's time to shave off the curls and go for a more comfortable look. He's got a sensible head on his shoulders, but he definitely likes an alternative look. Amaranth is rather sad to see his curls go, but at least he's coming into his own as a teenager.
Then there's Severin. He's a fine-looking young man, and he knows it. Although not quite as painful as his werewolf transformation, the physical and emotional transitions with becoming a teenager are pretty pronounced as well. It's now he gets the realization that girls really don't have cooties. After glancing at one of his mom's magazines on the dresser, he realizes the girl on the cover is quite pretty. Okay, a little more than pretty. Hot. In fact, she makes him oddly excited in a way.

He feels a bit more like a beast than usual, and he's not quite sure that he dislikes it. The teenage years are going to be an adventure.
One at a time, ladies. One at a time.

Author's notes: Severin's teenage pic isn't the best shot, but you'll get to see more of him coming up. I'm very excited to play his generation. But before we get there, I'm even more excited for Amaranth's and Gator's wedding. Finally, an actual wedding party in the Overlord legacy!

And yes, the proposal was actually really awkward. Why? Because Gator apparently hadn't showered from work. In some of the shots you can see the green stench floating off him. I tried my darnedest to get good shots where the stench wasn't visible, but I couldn't get it perfectly. Just pretend the stench is not there. And in fact, pretend that creepy guy in the background of that one pic isn't there either. For anyone who's curious, that is actually Doofus Gypsy (the guy who kidnapped Phantom in Gen 2). Alas, I turned him loose in the world because I can't bear to kill Sims (not even despicable ones like Doofus and Zack), and he's now an elder and here he is. Pretty funny actually.

I like Severin more and more as I play him. It's so good to have an evil Overlord back. Amaranth was much fun to play, being a bit more innocent than her previous generations.'s good to get back to business. :)


  1. ME FIRST! *Pounces on Sev* He's mine. I call him. I informed Misslaheela as to the fact that Gator existed, therefor his spawn should be mine.

    As for abolishing the law of gravity... I tried that. It didn't work. : ( I hate being a clutz.

    1. Now, now, Cece, you have to learn to share Severin with the rest of the world. I'm sure other people want cuddles with him too. Namely me.

      You and I share the klutziness trait, or whatever that is (Clumsy, I think?). Sometimes when I'm walking, I'll almost fall over like a drunk person even though I've never gotten drunk in my life. Or I'll turn a little too early to go through a doorway and instead smack right into the wall. :P

  2. Severin's 'growing pains' were cute, especially when Tobie peed himself haha! He also aged up well and I look forward to his teen years adventures and misadventures as I'm sure there will be some of both!

    I think you did a fine job of capturing the engagement. I always thought it was weird to have the female propose to the male because even overlooking the down on one knee thing (which is cute even for a girl) it annoys me about the ring because not even a sim dude is going to wear that sparkly giant diamond, is he? haha. I liked that you switched it around so that its actually Gator's mom's ring instead. That works, and I didn't notice Gator's green stench at all. In fact, he's so cute I'm sure he just smells like a dog who needs a bath. ;)

    1. Call me a traditional old fuddy duddy, but I think it's just really weird to have the girl propose. Not to mention using the totally wrong engagement ring ("Ooh! A 20-carat golden ring? That looks so great on my manly hands!"). So I turned it a little.

      But yeah, when I saw the stench coming off, I was like, "Really, Gator? The ONE DAY you don't take a shower is the day I send Amaranth to propose."

  3. Mmmmmmhhhhhhmmmmmmm Sevy can be my kingly werewolf anytime! :D

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