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Overlord Legacy - Chapter Thirty-Nine - The Prophecy of the East Wind

Amaranth: "Well...are you ready to talk about this?"
Gator: "Of course I am. I've been ready to talk about this for quite some time."
Amaranth: "As have I.
Paper boy: "....Sigh. I hate my job. I have to watch crap like this all the time. I job..."

Amaranth could hardly wait to get together with Gator and go over wedding plans. She's so excited - she's the first of the Overlords to have a wedding party. After all, her mother and father never married, and her grandparents eloped without a ceremony. Amaranth wants to go all out, make it a memorable day for everyone involved, make it special for the two of them. They've been through a lot together, and they deserve this.
Amaranth: "So I know I want it as soon as possible. How much advance preparation do we need?"
Gator: "Mm. Not much, I don't think. Maybe two days? We don't want to put it off too long, or at least I don't. The actual point is to be married."
Amaranth: "Yeah, I don't either. So two days from now?"
Gator: "Two days sounds good to me. I think we can get plenty done in that time."
Amaranth: "Especially if we ask the Sim Deity to be the architect and build and decorate the ceremony site. She's pretty quick."
Awww, Am, you flatter me.
Amaranth: "She can build us a little chapel, with lots of flowers and--"
Gator: "A chapel? I was thinking we'd have the wedding outside."
Amaranth: "Outside? Honey, I don't really like the outdoors."
Gator: "Trust me on this, Am, an outdoor wedding would be amazing. We wouldn't even need to decorate that much because the scenery is already pretty."
Amaranth: "But I'd rather have a chapel."
Gator: "We should have it outdoors. A chapel will feel too stuffy."
Amaranth: "Gator, I really don't want it--..."
Gator: "...I think we should have it outside."

Amaranth looks into his face and knows she can't resist him. He has no defenses for his sheepish smile and his puppy eyes. Even if she doesn't like the outdoors that much, she's sure she can appreciate it for her wedding. She'll be overwhelmingly happy just getting to marry Gator that she probably won't notice the outside air.

Amaranth: "...Okay. Where should we have it? There's a few places we can rent."
Gator: "Why would we need to? There's plenty of space on your little island. Just move the car out of the way and we can have the wedding there."
Amaranth: "At the castle?"
Gator: "Why not? It's pretty scenic, right? Plus it'd be comfortable and we wouldn't have to do a whole lot of moving. And if we wanted to sneak in a quickie after the cake cutting, well..."
Amaranth: "I rather get your point. I like your idea, actually."
Gator: "Told you."
Amaranth: "You didn't tell me anything."
Gator: "Well, regardless, I'm still right."
Amaranth: "Oh, hush up."
Gator: "Make me."
Amaranth: "Fine."
Amaranth closes her eyes and imagines this is the kiss that she'll have two days from now, the kiss on her wedding day. It gives her chills just thinking about it. It's almost here. Finally almost here.

After a bit of a kiss war between them, they slowly pull away.
Gator: "You should shut me up more often."
Amaranth: "Trust me, Gator...two nights from now, you'll be completely silent."


The next morning dawns and Amaranth is up bright and early to eat her breakfast. She could hardly sleep last night, dreaming of her wedding day. Just one more day! One more day and the magical event occurs. She's glad it's happening so soon. The next day after the wedding is her birthday, and she so wants to still be young on her wedding day.

She can't wait to invite all her family. It turns out Gator's siblings are both working that day and can't come, but his mother will be making it. Amaranth has also sent out invitations to Oliver, Phantom, Delia, Eva (the newly born Felirae, Tamika, is a bit too young and Delia would prefer to leave her at home with a babysitter), and of course her father Jakkson. With a small twinge of pain, Amaranth thinks about her own mother. She wishes she could've been here to see this.

Meanwhile, today has a big change of its own. Soren's graduation ceremony is this afternoon, and right after he plans on moving out. Amaranth will miss him sorely, but she's proud of him. He's a fine young man and he'll contribute a lot to the world, even if he's not contributing to the Overlord legacy.

Feeling a bit jittery, Amaranth gets up and heads for her mirror.
There's definitely a few wrinkles on her face. Hopefully she can put on enough makeup to cover them up on her wedding day. She wants to be as beautiful as she can be, after all.

Exiting the room, she sees Soren has come down for breakfast.
Amaranth: "It's your big day, Soren. Time flies way too fast."
Soren: "Haha. I assumed you thought time didn't fly fast enough! Tomorrow's your big day, after all."
Amaranth: "Hmm. Strange how times goes so quickly when you're trying to hold onto something, and so slowly when you're anticipating something."
Soren: "Yeah. But things are on the up and up now. Things are going to be really good for a while now, or at least that's what I think."
Amaranth: "I think you're right."

Going outside to check the mailbox, Amaranth suddenly freezes. Something is different. Something is...very different.
...It's the temperature. What the heck? Amaranth looks around, wondering what's going on. The temperature never changes in Moonlight Falls. Things are always the same. The air is always warm, with a gentle breeze. It's just normal.

But one thing's for sure. It is definitely much warmer outside than usual. In fact, Amaranth would go so far as to say it's hot outside. It's almost a little uncomfortable. This is certainly very different. Amaranth's not sure what to think. What in the world would cause the normalcy of the town to change?

...Except the Prophecy of the East Wind. Has it come true? Amaranth gazes across the field across from the castle, watching as children on the playground sweat and seek shelter underneath the playground equipment, obviously as confused as she is. The Prophecy of the East Wind was given thousands of years ago, when only a handful of Sims lived on the Earth. It was given by a vampire who claimed to have dozens of prophetic visions and dreams. Hardly any of them came true. Most people thought he was a scam artist.

But is this it? Is this the Prophecy of the East Wind come true?

Deciding not to think about it just yet, Amaranth heads back inside. Soren had eaten the last of the pancakes and she knows Severin and Tobie will be hungry when they come down.

They're already downstairs when she comes in, and without her noticing they wander outside. Tobie wants to prove to Severin that there really are no fish (and definitely no alligators) in the moat. But, of course, as soon as they step outside, they feel the heat as well.
Tobie: "Whoa...what is going on out here?"
Severin: "It's...strangely hot. And there's no wind. I've never felt the world in this way."
Tobie: "...What do you think it means? Is there...something wrong with the world? I mean, did the sun just get closer or what?"
Severin: "Well, if that's the case, then we're all probably going to die by the end of the day, and the world itself will end and that will be the destruction of everything. And there's really nothing we can do about that, so there's not much sense worrying about it."
Tobie: "I don't know that that's really comforting."
Severin: "It's not that bad, if you think about it."
Tobie: "Says the guy who sings lullabies of the world blowing up in order to fall asleep."
Severin: "I sing them quietly."
Tobie: "No, you don't! You sing the same stupid verse in all sorts of different accents and voices. So no matter how tired I am, I can't fall asleep if you're not asleep."
Severin: "Well, I need some sort of happy thoughts in order to calm down my brain enough to fall asleep, and I can't seem to get those happy thoughts unless I sing."
Tobie: "I really think you go overboard with it. You sing in your freaking sleep sometimes. Last night you were singing the 'Pinky and the Brain' theme song in a deep opera voice while you were sleeping."
Severin: "You should've recorded me. I bet I sounded awesome."
Tobie: "Well, I wanted to, but you had this thing on your shirt and I didn't want to disturb you because of it."
Severin: "What thing?"

Severin looks down and Tobie brings his finger up quickly, smacking Severin right on the nose. An age-old, classic, annoying trick, and one of Tobie's favorites. Any time he feels like Severin's not listening to him because of a superiority complex, Tobie uses this little gem to even the field out a little more.
Tobie: "Every time! Haha! You fall for it every time!"
Severin: "........"
Amaranth: "Boys?! What on earth are you doing outside in your boxers??! Get in here now! The pancakes are ready."

The boys eat their pancakes in silence for a moment or two. Then Severin speaks.
Severin: "One of these days, I'm going to get you from behind, and it will be one of those days when you're wearing those old stained tighty-whiteys, and I'm going to grab them and pull them so far over your head and get them so stretched out that they'd be too big for Shrek the freaking Ogre. And then, as the stench of your undies causes you to pass out, I'll sew them onto your hat and then super-glue your hat to your head, so you will forever have those tighty-whiteys around your head. You will be forced to enter the world this way, and everyone at school will ask for your autograph because they'll think you're Captain Underpants. You'll only ever have success in comic books and on children's cartoon shows. The rest of the professional world will laugh at you, and every woman you ever try to flirt with will cringe, not only because your underpants are pulled all the way over your head, but because you chose to wear those ratty old ugly tighty-whiteys to begin with. You will get offers from a circus far away to be part of their freak show, and you will accept because it will be the only way you can make money. And you will spend the rest of your days traveling along in an old rusty train car, eating straw with the horses and calling a talking gorilla your best friend. And at the end of your life, maybe, just maybe, you will stop to consider how much your dear brother Severin hated it when you constantly flipped his nose."
Tobie: "...Isn't that a little excessive?"
Severin: "You flip my nose one more time and find out."

After finishing up breakfast, Tobie looks to see Soren reading the newspaper. He has a bit of a surprised expression on his face.
Soren: "They have a weather section in the paper. I've heard of the concept of weather, but I'm still not quite sure what it is."
Tobie: "I've never even heard of it. What's weather?"
Soren: "I think it has to deal with temperature changes, mostly, but there's descriptions of 'rain' and 'hail' in this week's forecast. They have pictures that look like they're from an ancient document somewhere. Under 'rain,' it looks like there are drops of water, and 'hail' looks like rocks. I don't know what that means though."
Tobie: "...Maybe 'rain' is when it gets so hot that people sweat a bunch?"
Severin: "And 'hail' is when it gets even hotter than that so everyone goes insane and starts throwing rocks at each other?"
Tobie: "Oh gosh...Soren, what if it is the end of the world?"
Soren: "Well, I hope it doesn't end before my graduation ceremony. In fact, we'd better get headed there now."

Changing into his robes, Soren leads the way to the car. Amaranth follows behind him, already feeling the tears welling up. He's grown up so fast! She just can't believe it!

Severin is the last one out, and comes to a shocking discovery as he comes out the front door.
Severin: "Whoa. Who are you??"
Maid: "I'm the maid. Amaranth Overlord hired me the other day to clean up the place."
Severin: "She what?!"
Maid: "...I'm here to clean the castle?"
Severin: "...Let me ask you a question, Mr. Clean. Do you consider yourself to be heroic?"
Maid: "Uh...not particularly. Look, I just go around and clean houses, okay?"
Severin: "And that's all you do? You 'just' clean houses?"
Maid: "Yes. That's my job."
Severin: "Tell me, why do you do this job? What's so intriguing about entering a bunch of different houses to clean?"
Maid: "I dropped out of high school, kid, and I can't get a job anywhere else. I have to do this in order to eat everyday. Yeesh, you have any more questions?"
Severin: "I plan on inspecting every last corner of the house when I get back, and if one speck of dust is out of place, I'm unleashing the rabid alligators from the moat on you."
Maid: " job is to dust the place. There won't be any dust when I'm done."
Severin: "Ah, afraid of your fingerprints showing up, hmm? I'll be watching you, Mr. Clean."

Severin plops down into the backseat of the car, facing the sighs of his annoyed family.
Soren: "Really, Sev, do you have to slow things down? I wanted to get to the ceremony early before the entry got clogged."
Severin: "Mom, did you hire a maid?"
Amaranth: "Yes, I did, Severin. I can hardly keep up with cleaning the house anymore."
Severin: "Mom, you could be inviting the hero into the house. Heroes wear spandex and costumes in comic books and movies. In real life, they could be disguised as anything. Even a maid."
Amaranth: "Don't freak out, Sev. I'm sure the castle is perfectly fine."
Severin: "Perfectly fine?! Look at the swine's car!"
Soren: "It's small and cheap. Looks like the car of a maid. They don't make a lot of money, Severin."
Severin: "The feather duster on the door! It's pink! Feather dusters aren't pink! Don't you think that's the tiniest bit suspicious?"
Amaranth: "Severin. You're overreacting."
Severin: "Over--...?! Aaagh!! If we all wake up dead tomorrow..."
Tobie: "You can't wake up when you're dead, Sev."
Severin: "You can keep your smart-alec tongue inside your mouth, Wedgie Boy."
Soren: "We need to get to the ceremony."

The car is silent as Soren drives to city hall. Severin isn't shy about showing his disgust and irritation. He plans on scowling at everyone he sees at city hall, especially the graduates. Happy happy fun day, is it? Not while he's around. He hates when people don't listen to him, and he hates that they don't care about how they shut him down. If he's displeased, he'll make sure the world is displeased with him. Maybe then they'll listen better.
Amaranth: "Ohh! I can't believe this is happening! Sniff...oh Soren, I remember when you were just a baby. And now you're already graduating?"
Tobie: "Are you okay, mom?"
Severin: "Don't embarrass us, mom."
Amaranth: "Embarrass...? I'm not the one who flipped out about a maid, Sev."
Severin: "Why do you people never listen to me? You shut me down and assume I'm crazy. I'm not crazy."
Soren: "...You did, however, make us late. Now look."
Tristan Van Gould: "Mm...who's the hot chick with the boobs over there?"
Severin: "Now, now, Tristan. Soren's moobies aren't that big."
Soren: "You know, Sev, I have this urge to throw you through a window right now."
"Ouch!" "Quit pushing!" "Would you get out of the way? I have to graduate, you know!" "This sucks."
Man w/ brown hair on left: "Oh dear...I hate crowds." *chews nails*
Severin: "I'm pretty sure yellow nails are signs of a fungus. You enjoy chewing on those."
Soren: "Ugh. Sev, come on, the doors are this way. Don't make us even more late than we already are."
Severin: "Being late won't matter after the maid's killed us all tonight."
Soren: "Dude, I'll hire the maid to kill you if you don't get over here."

Graduation goes smoothly after the Overlords manage to get into the door. Soren graduates with high honors  and is voted Most Likely to Become a Rock Star. Soren's quite good at his music, but he thinks he wants to become a scientist instead.

After exiting city hall, Soren tosses his diploma in the air. He survived school - it's finally done! Now he can start on his own adult life.
Soren: "This is so great!"
Severin: "....Ah! Those balloons inside...if I took them to the sinks and...hmm..."

As the Overlords stand around talking for a little while, Soren suddenly feels something explode on the back of his head. Startled, he turns around, feeling his hair. It's wet, but not with blood. It wasn't that painful anyway. Then he notices balloon pieces on the ground...and more balloons filled with water in Severin's arms. Severin grins. Soren grins back.
Severin: "Yo, Tobie! Bet you can't dodge this!"
Soren: "See if you can avoid two at a time!"
Tobie: "Oh come on! I dare you to try and hit me!"
Amaranth: "Boys! You're in your formal wear! Do you seriously want to ruin your suits by throwing water balloons at each other?!"
Soren: "Come on, mom! I know you've got a wicked arm!"
Amaranth: "...Oh very well. But don't come crying to me when it hurts!"
Soren: "Haha! This is great!"
Tobie: "You guys better be nervous over there. I've got mom on my side!"
Soren: "Here it comes, Tobe! Hope you're ready!"
Amaranth: "Ohhh! You got nailed, Tobie!"
Tobie: "Good one, Soren! But can you take as much as you dish? Heads up!"
Soren: "Aw man!"
Soren: "This one's coming at you, mom!"
Amaranth: "Bring it!"
Severin: "You missed! Dude, you just got trumped by our mom!"
Amaranth: "If I can give birth to you and raise you all by myself, I can beat you at water balloons."
Soren: "Ohhh! Trash-talking, are we, mom?"

Much to Amaranth's delight, time slows down, if only momentarily, as she enjoys this time of laughter with her three sons. She doesn't even mind as their formal wear gets drenched. Such a simple concept, yet she's having so much fun. That mischievous little Severin. For everything he gets into, he can certainly cause some smiles.

But the afternoon has to end sometime. They leave for home, still laughing and talking about the water balloon fight, before Soren packs up his bags to set out for his new home. As he packs them into his new car (cheap, but it gets him from place to place), he heads back inside for one final goodbye. Amaranth is flooded with so much pride and joy and pain at the same time. She can't quite imagine what it will be like without Soren around the house.
Amaranth: "Sigh. The hardest moment is here..."
Tobie: "'re leaving now? You're not going to stay one more night?"
Soren: "No, Tobie, I can't. I told my landlord I'd be there today, so...I need to get moved in."
Tobie: "You've always been an awesome older brother, Soren. You're a good example to follow and you've taught me a lot. I know it's not manly to say it, but I'm going to miss you."
Soren: "Hey, it's alright. I'll miss you guys too. You take care of mom now, okay? Gator will be moving in soon, but she'll still need your help around the house."
Tobie: "Oh, I will. Don't worry about that."
Severin: "Well...I salute you as you embark on your quest for greatness, Soren. Good luck out there."
Soren: "Thanks, Sev. Don't get into too much trouble while I'm gone. I won't be around to keep you in line."
Severin: "The line wasn't meant for people like me."
Soren: "You know what I mean. Behave, at least a little bit."
Severin: "I'll do what I'm able."
Amaranth: "...Make good decisions, Soren. I'm so proud of you, and I love you so much. I know you'll greatly contribute to the world, no matter what you do."
Soren: "I love you, mom. You sacrificed so much to take care of me and my brothers, and I owe everything to you. Absolutely everything. Thank you...and I'll see you tomorrow at the wedding."

Amaranth doesn't try to stop her tears as Soren gives one final wave from the car and drives off to his new home. What a life he'll live. Amaranth knows he'll make her proud every step of the way.

Severin, meanwhile, decides to get straight to business. The whole weather change has intrigued him. Why the change? What does it mean? Does it affect his plans to further world domination? He doesn't know the answer, but he knows someone that tends to know the answers to anything. If he doesn't know them off the top of his head, he at least knows where to find them. Severin decides to pay a visit.
...After being scared the crap out of by the ice cream truck.
Severin: "That thing is not normal. Why does it stop in front of the castle so frequently? Is the hero inside that thing? I bet it's the stupid maid. Ugh. I may need to protect the castle more fiercely than I originally thought..."

Trying not to think about it too much, Phantom heads to Janet Pok's house. No, he doesn't really know Janet Pok that well, but he'd texted her boyfriend and knew he was at her house for the evening.
Severin: "So let's get straight to business. I know you've noticed the weather change outside. It's confusing the whole town. Why is it here? Do you know anything about this?"
Oliver: "Hmm...there is the Prophecy of the East Wind. That's what most people have been referring to. Scientists are trying to come up with alternate explanations, but they're not as clear as the prophecy right now."
Severin: "What does the prophecy say?"
Oliver: "Oh, I don't have it memorized exactly. But there was a vampire about three thousand years ago by the name of Vorticae, who claimed that, beyond just reading minds, he could read the future. He had many prophetic dreams and visions, most of which are disputed to have never come true. Modern-day scientists consider Vorticae a bit of a scam artist, or perhaps schizophrenic. I don't really have an opinion on him myself, as I've only skimmed over the books containing his prophecies. But one of his more widely-talked-about claims is the Prophecy of the East Wind, which stated that a day would come when an east wind would blow in a spirit of chaos, and the world would experience mood swings, violently tearing away from its stagnant normalcy. Sometimes it would burn in anger, other times shiver in fear, and there's something in the prophecy about the sky falling. People have tried to interpret the prophecy in numerous ways, but there hasn't been any consensus. However, the sudden change of the temperature - and the scientific forecasts for objects falling from the sky that match the pictures given in Vorticae's books - are leading some to believe that this is the fulfillment of the prophecy. Quite an age we're living in, really."
Severin: "Okay, so...what else? Is there anything we need to be concerned about? I mean, if the sky falls, are we all going to perish with it?"
Oliver: "If I remember correctly, the prophecy ends with the east wind coming to hearken a 'great change' in the world, a change that would greatly affect the lives of 'naturals and supernaturals' everywhere. Some interpreters say the 'mood swings' of the earth are the 'great change,' while others say the change is something separate. That is, that some other great change will come and the 'mood swings' of the earth are merely a sign that it is about to happen."
Severin: "A great change? You mean, something like me taking over the earth? Heh heh heh..."
Oliver: "I don't pretend to know the answers to the prophecy. I haven't studied them deeply, though perhaps I should, as the world appears to be 'burning in anger' right now. Vorticae's beliefs could very well be correct. I will be busy for the next few days, however. You should consider looking at Vorticae's prophecies yourself and see what you think of them. They're in the Vaults of Antiquity, in the bookcase inside the second room on your left."
Severin: "But what are your personal beliefs about the prophecy? Do you think this is it? What do you think is going to happen now? Are there any other prophecies that haven't been fulfilled yet that we need to know about?"
Oliver: "I am not an expert in Vorticae's prophecies, so don't take this as expert opinion. But for my personal beliefs, I do think this is the fulfillment of the Prophecy of the East Wind. I'm also inclined to think that Vorticae was not a con artist, nor was he mentally unstable. I think many of his prophecies have been minor, so minor that people don't realize they've come true. Others have yet to come true. He has hundreds and hundreds of them so I haven't researched extensively, but that's what I'm inclined to believe."
Severin: "Okay...well, I trust your opinion regardless. You're the only person I know who's almost as smart as me."
Oliver: "Ha! Many thanks for your compliments, Severin."
Severin: "Plus, you actually listen to me whenever I want to say something to you. I feel like nobody does that with me. They just assume I know nothing or I'm overreacting. It's frustrating."
Oliver: "You might find a bit of comfort reading Vorticae, then. He rather felt the same way."
Severin: "Wow....I'm glad I came to talk to you, Oliver. I knew you could help. By the way, don't look now, but there's a hot chick with a tight sexy butt behind you."
Janet: "Thank you."
Oliver: "Speaking softly is not your strong suit, Sev."

Following Oliver's advice, Severin makes his way to the Vaults of Antiquity.
Severin: "Who wants to go down the dark creepy stairs? Actually, come to think of it, if the library would let me put a bed down here, this wouldn't be a bad place to live..."

He walks into the second room on the left, scanning all over the bookcase. Some of the books are so old that the binding is falling off and he can't even read it. He hopes Vorticae's prophecies isn't inside one of those. Unfortunately, after looking over the whole bookshelf, he doesn't find it, so he looks more closely at each book. Finally he finds it. The letters are nearly rubbed off the end. Many people must have looked at these prophecies before him.
Severin: "Alright. 'The Prophetic Visions and Dreams of Vorticae the Seer.' Let's see if we can't find that Prophecy of the East Wind."

There is no table of contents inside the book, so Severin spends hours looking through each and every prophecy, trying to find the Prophecy of the East Wind. Some of the 'prophecies' in the book read like stories or fairy tales, or even descriptions of nightmares. Severin wonders how many of those have prophetic value to them. There's many that he can't decipher what the meaning could possibly be. Perhaps later in life he can study the prophecies in-depth and ask Oliver's opinion on them. Surely Oliver knows much more about them than he does, even if he says he's not an expert.
Then he finds it. The pictures are unmistakable. There are pictures of water droplets, and rocks, and what looks like the sun. There's also a bumpy drawing. Is that a cloud perhaps? There are typically only a few clouds in the sky. Perhaps weather brings about more?

Severin looks at the prophecy:

The Prophecy of the East Wind
And after much of a time, an east wind shall bring forth chaos,
And the stagnancy of the earth shall flee,
And emotions such that plague the soul shall it bring forth.
In anger shall the earth burn; in fear shall the earth tremor;
In joy shall its pale cheeks change color.
E'en the very sky shall fall,
And out of death shall spring new life.
Yet these emotions no mortal can quell;
Yea, it shall greatly affect the natural and the supernatural alike,
Though they have not the means to resist.
And at this time shall come a mighty change,
A force which cannot be contained nor protected against.
And this shall happen in certainty.

Well, it certainly feels like the "anger of the earth burning." But Severin hasn't felt any tremoring yet, nor has the sky fallen. Could this be what the east wind has brought in? Is there enough proof? But then, Oliver believes it, and the scientists can't agree on what else it would be.
What 'mighty change' cannot be resisted? Severin would very much like to know, because he will certainly have something to say about it. Vorticae might think no one can resist a particular force. But Vorticae has never met Severin. He will resist what he wants to resist and nothing will stop him, thank you very much.

Heading back to the castle before curfew ends, Severin changes into his T-shirt and boxers. After brushing his teeth, he starts to head back to the room, which now feels slightly empty without Soren sleeping there anymore.

Then he stops.
Severin: "...Wait. The force that cannot be contained nor protected against...I mean, that could be part of the description of the weather, since the weather cannot be resisted. But it could also indicate a power that cannot be contained or protected against...not a power of the earth, but maybe the power of a mortal? A mortal which cannot be stopped, who will not be moved. A mortal determined to rule the world in power, a mortal who can set things in such vigorous motion that time itself wouldn't be able to stop the progress that comes generation after generation. A mortal... me."

Author's notes: First of all, if you have never heard the 'Pinky and the Brain' theme song, you've truly missed out, and I shall not neglect to inform you of this wonderful song. It would be a good theme song for Severin anyway.
In other news: here is where Seasons gets introduced. You don't notice a lot of it in this chapter, other than the citizens of Moonlight Falls feeling hot, but Seasons is definitely installed and summer is definitely here. You'll start seeing more of it coming up.

I loathe graduations. It's remarkable that the Overlords even got in the building at a decent time. With Amaranth's graduation, they literally almost missed the entire thing because they were stuck at the door.

Next chapter is Amaranth's and Gator's wedding, and just to give you something to look forward to: I have never enjoyed a wedding party as much as I enjoyed playing Amaranth's and Gator's. It was just perfect for them and it made me so giddy and warm and fuzzy inside. Their reception is awesome as well! Lovely. Just perfectly lovely.

One last note. Severin deserves cuddles. If that boy existed in real life, he would not get away from me. The third-to-last picture just made me absolutely melt for him. I need to go send him off to a photo shoot and get him in a calendar or something.

Anyway, that is all. Leave the comments below, and I'll reply as soon as I can! :D


  1. I love the prophecy as a means of introducing weather, and Severin's reaction to it is just so funny and so him!

    1. I was just going to make it, "An east wind blew through and now we have weather," but I decided to make it a little more elaborate. It also gives me an opening in case I want to use more of Vorticae's prophecies in the future for other things...

  2. I'm so glad you got everything fixed. I'm attached. I have to see what Severin is up to!

    1. Ugh, my Sims-playing life has been so much easier now that everything's in place and there's nothing else to worry about. Severin's a little stinker, but I love seeing what he gets into. Largely I catch him doing mischievous things autonomously!

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    1. Well, a few chapters away, anyway. I've actually put a lot of time into Sev's teenage years, to fit in some plot twists. But he'll be a young adult shortly, and then it will be time to start Generation Four. Still completely interested in my legacy. I'm really glad I chose to blog about this challenge, as it's very much held my interest.

      I've realized that Severin is kind of a mix between Rufus and Phantom. He's evil, maniacal, and a bit neurotic, but he's also a mischievous prankster that Rufus never really was. Maybe that's why I like him so much. :D

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    1. Maybe it's because I spent a lot of time focusing on Soren's personality, but I feel like I got a little more attached to him than to my other spares. Hopefully he'll be successful in whatever he does.

      Haha I'm still in the summer season of mine, but it has rained one day, so that helps. It's actually a bit tricky to try and think of why weather is suddenly there.

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