Saturday, January 19, 2013

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Fifty-Four - You're Looking Awfully Bloated, Dad

Katt: "Wakey-wakey, little vampire. Time to greet the morning."
Requiem: "No."
Katt: "Excuse me?"
Requiem: "Back to bed."
Katt: "You know what?..."
Katt: "I don't deserve to be talked to like that. And just for that..."

Requiem squeals in laughter as Katt tickles her bold little sister. Katt has managed to wake up early enough to get upstairs before Banshee starts screaming. As she picks up Requiem to get her to the potty chair, she notices grandpa's awake as well.
Gator: "We certainly wouldn't want to forget you, would we, Banshee?"
Banshee: "NO!!!!!"
Gator: "...And are those claw marks on the rails of your crib? Looks like you'll be taking after your father with your furniture-scratching tendencies...and your grandfather too."

Back in the play room, Katt plops Requiem onto the toilet seat.
Requiem: "It dark."
Katt: "Yeah, well, dad likes it dark."
Requiem: "Daddy up?"
Katt: "I haven't seen him get up yet. He'll be awake soon, I'm sure. Now come on, let's poop in the potty chair like a big girl."

Gator walks out of the nursery with Banshee in arms, ready to potty-train her as well, but waits when he sees Katt and Requiem. Banshee is not quite so patient.
Gator: "Well, it's your sister's potty chair too. You have to share, and so you have to wait your turn."
Banshee: "WHY SHE GO FIRST?!?"
Requiem: "Dumb sissy."
Katt: "Requiem!"
Requiem: "She too loud."
Katt: "It's not nice to call your sister names."
Banshee: "STUPID!!!"
Gator: "Sigh..."
Katt: "You know, I'm kind of glad I didn't have sisters when I was their age."

After more ruckus than it's worth, Requiem finally finishes up her potty-training and it's Banshee's turn.
Banshee: "Where daddy?"
Gator: "So you can speak quietly."
Banshee: "Sorry. WHERE DADDY?!?"
Requiem: "Sissy yell too loud. Dumb."
Gator: "...Severin, if you don't get your lazy butt out of bed in the next five minutes..."

Banshee grimaces, grunts, and finally lets out a shrill war cry as she strains her "doodoo" into the chair. Afterwards Gator grabs the bag from the chair, taking it to the trash can outside, which he knows will probably be his only two minutes of peace and quiet for the day.

Banshee looks around for a toy to play with, but can't quite think of any ideas. She decides to watch her sister for inspiration, to see what she plays with. Requiem merely glares at her noisy sister. Annoyed, Banshee pouts back. Requiem retaliates by showing her fangs. Banshee growls. From the back of her throat, Requiem emits a growl as well. Banshee blinks in surprise. She didn't know her sister could do that too. Curious as to what else she can do, Banshee pulls herself to her feet and assumes a stalking, hunting pose. Although a bit slower, Requiem manages to imitate that as well.

Now Banshee is excited. She can play 'hunter' with her sister! They can pretend like they're going hunting like daddy and grandpa do! Intrigued, Requiem decides to play along. As they begin, Severin slowly makes his way up the stairs to check on them.
Requiem: "Grrr!"
Banshee: "Sniff sniff...."
Severin: "Hey, gir--...what in...?"
Severin: "My, vampire daughter a werewolf..."
Banshee: "Grrrr!"

Before Severin can head back down the stairs to fetch his dad and ask what sort of weird creature he managed to create, Banshee enthusiastically throws her arms out and triumphantly howls to the ceiling. In the process, her arms smack right into Requiem's head and knock her to the ground.
Angry, Requiem yanks on Banshee's leg, pulling her off balance and sending her tumbling to the floor. Banshee shrieks and begins to cry, then pounces on Requiem and begins biting and clawing. Requiem, with the sharper fangs, doesn't hesitate to bite back. Before Severin can tear them apart, both girls are wailing and crying. Not entirely sure what to do, Severin decides to just scoop them up and put them in their swings, where they can be separated from each other for a while.
Banshee: "PUNISH HER!!!"
Severin: "Hey, you both were being too rough. I think you both need to calm down and that's what the swings are for."
Banshee: "SHE BIT ME!!!"
Severin: "Banshee. Chill out."
Requiem: "Dumb sissy!"
Severin: "Requiem! Mother of evil, what have I gotten myself into..."

Trying to ignore the screaming protests of Banshee, Severin turns on the swing, then places Requiem in the other one. Curiously, Requiem looks down at her daddy's belly.
Requiem: "Daddy, you get fat?"
Severin: "That's enough. Nothing's wrong with me."
Requiem: "Tummy bigger."
Severin: "No, it's not. It's just the vest."

After both girls are secure and unable to claw each other's eyes out any longer, Severin goes downstairs to talk to his dad. His dad eyes his stomach a couple times as well, but Severin attempts to hide it, making it clear he doesn't want to talk about it. He still doesn't know what's going on, why he seems to get more and more bloated every day. He doesn't want to believe anything's wrong with him. What if he has a medical condition? What if it's serious? He knows he should get it checked out soon, but he'd rather not know. He wants to believe he can complete his part of the legacy without worry, without incident.
Gator: "So wait, what? You saw Requiem hunting?"
Severin: "Exactly like a werewolf, imitating Banshee almost exactly, although Requiem was a little more unsteady on her feet. And I don't know if she can howl."
Gator: "Traditionally in the past, supernaturals only reproduced with their own kind. It was a bit taboo to interbreed with other supernaturals."
Severin: "I didn't sleep with a vampire. I didn't even know Jackie was related to one."
Gator: "I know. And it's not taboo as much any more, although werewolves do tend to follow that rule more than other supernaturals. But anyway, when supernaturals did interbreed, typically the child was one or the other. As of late, though...there's been rumors of hybrid children."
Severin: "So Requiem could be part-werewolf as well as part-vampire, not full-blooded vampire?"
Gator: "It appears so, if she's hunting. She won't be able to hunt very well, though, just like none of her vampire abilities will be developed very well. Hybrid children have lessened abilities of both supernatural states."

Noticing how quiet it's been, Severin decides to check on his daughters and let them out of their chairs. He quickly discovers why it's been quiet.
Requiem: "She dead."
Severin: "She's snoring a little too loudly to be dead, Requiem."
Banshee: "....Mmm?"
Severin: "Alright, you're both awake. Can you two promise to behave? I can't...I mean, I don't like bending over as much anymore to separate your fights. Get along."
Requiem: "I always good."
Banshee: "HA HA HA HA."
Severin: "...Great. Just great."

Much to Severin's exhaustion, the rest of the afternoon is largely the same. When Katt finally gets home from school, Severin and Gator both let her handle the girls for a little while as they slump onto the couch. Severin's back is killing him and he has to sit still often to fight heartburn. What is going on with him?

Too tired to stay awake even past ten o'clock, Severin goes to bed early and falls asleep as soon as he hits the pillow. Gator and the girls follow suit soon after.

Darth Furball stretches out on the floor near his master's bed, resting. He knows an attack cat shouldn't stress too much over his master, especially since he's still walking and doing fairly well, but Darth Furball is still concerned that his master is not fully healthy. He must take special care and keep a sharp eye out for any hero-type figure that might emerge - he isn't sure his master's body is fully prepared to fight if the hero were to show up.
Darth Furball's ear cocks as he hears a noise, but it's only Severin slowly turns over in bed. Trying to relax, trying to rest, Darth Furball slowly closes his eyes.

Then he hears it. That's definitely an outside noise.
...It's that fool who dared approach the castle before, he just knows it. That fool whom he shoved into the moat, that fool he executed his well-trained ball-swatting maneuver on.

The fool is back. And he is to be pitied.
Paparazzi: "No! NO!!! Not that cat!! I'm sorry!! I'm sorry! I'm leaving now!! Don't eat me!!"

Morning comes around and Severin rises fairly early. Last night was a long night of tossing and turning, made all the more difficult with his expanding belly and aching back. The bedroom has started to feel awfully stuffy, and besides, Severin can hardly calm his growling stomach, so he decides to just get up already. He glances in the mirror before exiting to the dining room. He quickly looks away.
Severin: "This is getting ridiculous. I almost can't see my feet anymore. And...sigh. Why couldn't Katt do the dishes last night?"

Looking around the room, Severin discovers there are even dishes on the floor. Looks like Darth Furball knocked one down there at some point. Sighing, Severin slowly begins to gather them.
Requiem: "Play quiet!"
Banshee: "NO."
Severin: "I see you two are best friends like always."

It takes Severin quite a bit longer than normal to bend down and pick up the plate on the floor. He really needs to do something about this health issue. Is this all side effects from that potion he dropped on him? And who's the amateur witch who made that crap? He or she ought to be arrested.
Banshee: "Kitty?"
Darth Furball: "Hmm. With enough training, you can assist me in protecting my master from the hero. You'd make a fantastic burglar alarm, shriller than any siren."
Banshee: "Kitty say MEOW!"
Darth Furball: "Kitty says death."
Severin: "Be nice, Darth Furball. They're my daughters. No pouncing."
Darth Furball: "Fine. I will maul your sheep toy as compensation."
Darth Furball: "And're not like the others. I always thought vampires were uglier, though. You don't look so bad."
Requiem: "...Scary kitty."

Within a few minutes, Gator heads downstairs with a laundry bag. He notices his son eating a rather unusual meal for breakfast.
Gator: "You know I made waffles the other day. There are still several left in the freezer."
Severin: "I know. I just...have this really, really weird craving for sweets."
Gator: "...You're bigger today."
Severin: "I know, dad. I know."
Gator: "Maybe it's just the effects of that potion you dropped on you, but I still think you need to get it checked out. Even if that means you have to set foot inside a hospital."
Severin: "I don't--"
Gator: "I know you hate the sound of going to the hospital, but Severin, you have to be honest with yourself here. Something's not right about your body. I don't think it's acid reflux. People...people have gotten tumors before, and they've--"
Severin: "Dad, please. It's not a tumor. I don't know what it is, but it can't be a tumor."
Gator: "Don't be flippant about this, Severin. I mean it."
Severin: "...If it doesn't start getting better by tomorrow, then I'll go to the hospital. I just want to wait one more day."
Gator: "Thank you. Meanwhile, it's Saturday and Katt finished all her homework last night. She suggested going to the spring festival today as a family."
Severin: "Yeah...we can do that."

Severin admits he's a bit hesitant going out into public just yet. His face is becoming recognizable by almost everyone in Moonlight Falls, and paparazzi seem to hunt him out wherever he goes. He can only imagine the headlines if they notice his

Nonetheless, Katt especially is eager to go, and the Overlords don't often get to go on outings as an entire family, so Severin agrees, hoping his puffy vest hides enough.
Katt: "We should get our picture taken, like we always do during each season! Banshee and Requiem weren't even born in our winter photo."
Severin: "When we had our family photo at the start of winter, you were their age, Katt."
Gator: "...And your grandmother was in that one too."
Requiem: "Who Gramma?"
Severin: "You...haven't met her, Requiem. She died before you were born."
Banshee: "I SEE EGG!!!"
Gator: "Well...looks like we'll be going egg hunting."
Severin: "As well as paparazzi hunting. It would be...
...rather disadvantageous to have my picture taken from a certain position."

Banshee immediately shrieks in glee when she sees the bee riders, the same ones Katt had played on before her teenage birthday. Knowing she will never be quiet until they oblige (and knowing Requiem has her attention fixed on the riders as well), Gator and Severin let the little ones have some fun on them.
Gator: "Look at you! You're flying so fast on that thing."
Banshee: "BZZZ BZZZ!!"
Severin: "You know what they say, Requiem. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."
Gator: "Thems be fightin' words, Sev."
Severin: "Thems be Overlord words."

After the toddlers ride to their hearts' content on the bee riders, Severin, Gator, and Katt manage to get them to hold still long enough to have a family picture taken for spring.
The family then explores the rest of the festival, staying within the same area but splitting up to do different activities. Gator and Katt decide to challenge each other to a game of horseshoes, leaving Severin in charge of the toddlers. Severin thinks he can handle it. Noticing a suspicious-looking woman trying to hide a camera behind her back, Severin bends down away from her to play with Requiem, who's found a dandelion to blow the petals off of.


Trying to be as subtle as he can about his belly, Severin goes to collect his other daughter.
Severin: "That's enough. Stop scratching the flowerpots."
Severin: "Daddy doesn't want to pay for damaged flowerpots. Daddy hates flowers."
Severin: "I seem to remember me saying something like that before in my younger days..."

Noticing even more paparazzi in disguise gathering around, Severin decides to pull out the guitar he'd brought with him. He's going to get photographed, so he might as well be doing something that would advance his career...and hide his belly even further. Keeping his two daughters in his line of sight, Severin begins to casually perform some of the songs he'd been performing at work.
He's gotten quite good at them, and of course, his iconic leopard-print guitar (many thanks to Grandma Midnight) has spawned dozens of lookalikes around town. Smiling, Severin easily transitions to an instrumental song of his called "Freezing Hot." People have often remarked, after hearing the piece, that it seems to remind them of a passionate, sensual evening. It's precisely what Severin intends - "Freezing Hot" secretly referring to the hot tub at the winter festival. Lost in the moment, Severin gets into his song, remembering those evenings. Those were blissful evenings. Of course, they did produce some little unexpected surprises, but nonetheless...

Bystander: "Oh my! Whose daughter is that?"
Severin: "...Some little unexpected surprises that destroy flowerpots. Banshee, knock it off!"
Bystander: "Oh my! What is that toddler over there doing to that rocking chair?"
Severin glances over in time to find Requiem's fangs hopelessly stuck in the wood of the rocking chair she'd attempted to gnaw. He doesn't know whether to laugh, cry, or bury his head in the flowerpot Banshee just finished hacking to pieces.

Gator and Katt, meanwhile, are so into their game of horseshoes that they don't even notice Severin trying to hold onto a flailing Banshee while trying to gently detach Requiem from the rocking chair.
Gator: "Alright, let's see here..."
Katt: "Come on, grandpa, you can do it!"
Katt: "Yeah! See? I told you. You're awesome at this game."
Woman: "...I've been practicing for hours every day and this old fart just beat me in three throws."
Katt: "That's my grandpa. He's pretty amazing."
Severin: "Banshee, would you stop?!"
Katt: "He can do anything. Roller-skate, snowboard, repair showers..."
Gator: "Aw, don't exaggerate, Katt."
Severin: "Stop scratching the furniture. I can't afford to purchase the whole freaking festival lot because you scratched everything."
Woman: "He just scored again. Why can't my grandpa be that cool?"
Katt: "I know. Mine's one of a kind."
Requiem: "Auughh! NANNY!!"
Severin: "Dad, could you go attend to Requiem? She's got her fangs stuck in the rocking chair again."
Gator: "Do you hear something? I thought I heard something call my name."
Katt: "I didn't hear anything."
Requiem: "NANNY!!!"
Severin: "Dad! I need you to go get Requiem!"
Banshee: "DADDY HELP!!"
Gator: "Alright, one more throw..."
Severin: "I told you earlier if you ran on the edge of the fountain, you would fall in. I told you."
Banshee: "I SO WET!!"
Requiem: "NANNY!!"
Katt: "Yes! You scored another one. Now it's my turn. ...Oh, where did dad go?"
Gator: "Probably having fun with your little sisters somewhere."
Katt: "Do you think he needs help?"
Gator: "He's pretty competent."

Rain begins to drizzle down, which is almost a blessing to Severin, as it means he can take the little ones home, where they at least have toys to distract them for a few minutes. Fortunately Katt volunteers for the task of washing the girls so Severin can relax a little.
Severin: "Sigh...Darth Furball. At least you're consistent. And trainable."
Darth Furball: "And apparently the sanest one in the house."

The evening, fortunately, goes much quieter than the afternoon did. Banshee and Requiem only get into a couple of fights. One comes towards the end of the evening, when the girls bicker over a horse toy.
Banshee: "MY HORSE TOY."
Requiem: "...Fine."

Crawling out of the room, Requiem goes right past her big sister.
Katt: "Whoa! Requiem, where are you going?"
Requiem: "Away from dumb sissy."
Katt: "Requiem. Where are you going?"
Requiem: "Down stairs."
Severin: "Requiem! Stop!"

Fortunately before Requiem can start sliding down the stairs, Severin sees her from the bottom and shouts at her. Katt runs and scoops her up before she can attempt anything. Severin tries to bolt up the stairs, but he can only get a couple of steps before nearly falling from a lack of balance. This stupid belly of his. What if...what if it really is a tumor?

Trying not to look weak in front of his teenage daughter, Severin straightens himself up and slowly walks up the stairs, careful to keep his balance and stature. When he finally reaches the top, Katt hesitates before handing Requiem to him.
Katt: "You're looking awfully bloated, dad. I'm...I'm worried."
Severin: "Well, don't worry. I'm fine."
Katt: "You almost fell at the bottom of the stairs, dad. You couldn't have gotten to Requiem in time no matter how hard you tried. Dad, please, could you go to the hospital tonight? Grandpa and I can put Requiem and Banshee to sleep. You need--"
Severin: "Katt. Enough. I'm fine."

Katt can tell by the look in her father's eyes that she needs to drop the subject. It's not a threatening or a mean look, but rather a stern look that indicates no amount of pleading will get him to consider her requests. Trying not to reveal the sudden tears springing to her eyes, Katt quickly hugs and kisses her father goodnight, then retires to her bedroom. She sits on the edge of her bed, letting some of the tears stream down. I've never seen his health like this before, Katt tries to wipe them away. He's always been strong, confident, athletic, active. Nothing could slow him down. Now he won't stop gaining weight, he constantly aches all over, he can't even jog anymore, he's exhausted all the time...What did that potion do to him? What if...what if the side effects are deadly? What if he's so stubborn and he doesn't get help until it's too late?

Severin had noticed the hurt on his oldest daughter's face when he'd dismissed her. He feels bad about it, but he's not in a position to talk about this with her. He's not even sure he can face what's going on himself. He doesn't want to allow himself to think about what could possibly be happening, how ill he could potentially be.
Severin: "Listen. You can't go down the stairs by yourself. You have to ask me, or grandpa, or your big sister Katt if you want to go downstairs."
Requiem: "But I strong girl!"
Severin: "I know you're a strong girl, and a brave girl too. But you can't do that. You'll get hurt."

Smooching his daughter on her forehead, Severin places her in her crib, as it's nearly her bedtime and he can already see her getting tired. Katt emerges from her bedroom with a children's book in her hand.
Severin: "You going to read them to sleep?"
Katt: "Yeah. By the way, Banshee's scratching my bed. I pulled her off a couple of times, but she's still there."

Sighing and wondering what life would be like if he were a human and had human babies, Severin heads into Katt's bedroom to retrieve Banshee.
Severin: "It's time for bed, Banshee."
Banshee: "I scratch bed!"
Severin: "We are Overlords, Banshee. Sleeping in scratched-up beds is beneath us. Stop ruining the furniture."

Banshee gazes into her dad's eyes, then giggles. Severin tries not to smile at her, simply kisses her forehead, and places her in her crib as well.

Katt has already started the story with Requiem when he drops her off.
Katt: "Look, see? This is Jimmy Sprocket right here."
Requiem: "Sippy-Cup of Fire!"

Severin begins to walk out of the room when Katt turns to him.
Katt: "Are you going to be up for a little while, dad?"
Severin: "No...I'm really tired."
Katt: "You're always tired nowadays, dad."
Severin: "I'm the father of two supernatural toddlers, Katt. I doubt even Uncle Phantom would have any energy left."
Katt: "That's not it. That's not why you're tired."
Severin: "Katt. ...Listen, I'm going to the hospital tomorrow if I'm not feeling any better. That's the end of this discussion. Goodnight."

Severin exits the room, trying not to show exactly how exhausted he is. He makes it to the head of the stairs before Katt quickly trots over to him, wraps him in a hug, and whispers, "I love you, dad. I'll try not to worry about you anymore, but I love you."

Gently hugging her back, Severin kisses her forehead like he did with his little girls and says softly, "I love you too. I'm going to be okay. Trust me."

As Katt heads off to bed, Severin slowly makes his way down the stairs, using much effort to keep his balance. His feet feel like lead as he stumbles into his bedroom, nearly tripping over his cat. Finally he gets to his bed. He doesn't even have the energy left to change clothes. He slumps down, trying to position himself comfortably.

It would shame his great-grandfather Rufus to know that Severin would be setting foot inside a place designed to help people in good hearts. But if this condition gets worse, Severin needs to know what's going on. The legacy could be at stake.

Author's notes: Banshee and Requiem are so much fun to play. They don't get along that well, but maybe that can change as they get older. Who knows?

Severin continues to have a hard time. Could it be a tumor in his stomach? Or...something else? ;)

I will try to keep updated more regularly (especially since I've had the screenshots for this and the next two chapters for quite some time), but this school semester is going to be utterly insane. I'm going to be so busy. I've taken 18.5 credits for three semesters in a row now, but this semester has SO MUCH MORE HOMEWORK than the previous two, not to mention RA duties, planning for a trip to Germany, and starting a relationship with my best guy friend. I really enjoy updating and hopefully I'll get to do so more often!

Comments are appreciated! I love hearing from you! :)


  1. "Could it be a tumor in his stomach? Or...something else? ;)"

    ... really. REALLY?

    I would actually burst out laughing if it WAS a tumor and you were just leading us on.

    Banshee and Requiem are friggin adorable. : ) Sev was blessed with two miniature versions of himself in female form. Can't wait to see them grow up.

    1. Hey, I have to give the cheesy drama narrator ending, where everyone knows what's going on but the narrator assumes it's still a secret. No story is complete without a cheesy drama narrator. :D

  2. Banshee and Requiem are so funny, especially their interactions with each other! I also loved Severin getting the comment back that he made to his mother as a toddler! :)

  3. I agree with Cece. If this 'bloating' is actually a tumour, I'll laugh until I wet myself, and then get really upset because I love Severin.

    Banshee and Requiem are sooo cute! And I think you've done really well in writing what I imagine it would be like to raise two toddlers who are always full of energy. I loved the scene at the festival where Katt and Gator were distracted and you kept writing Severins bits in but they couldn't hear it haha, made me lol to imagine what he was going through. Trying to hide his stomach as well as stop two toddlers from destroying everything.

    Aww, poor Katt all worried about her dad. I know how she feels. My dad refuses to go to the doctor unless he's at deaths door and I used to worry all the time when I lived with him!

    I'm assuming he'll 'get better' next chapter? And don't worry about not having time to update! I have missed reading about the overlords, but it can't be helped :)

    1. Having made considerable money babysitting and nannying for the last seven years, I know what it's like to run after two energetic toddlers for a few hours, or even a full day. It's pretty exhausting, but funny to look back on.

      I think the "I don't want to go to the doctor" thing happens with most guys. It wasn't so much with my dad, but with my older brother. I could write Katt's perspective from personal experience, after my brother had all sorts of pains and stuff going on for a long time and refused to think it was anything major. When we finally made him go, we discovered it was the beginnings of cancer, which thankfully got cleared up quickly since it was only beginning.

  4. Aw, I love seeing the toddlers interacting. It will be interesting to see how their rivalry develops as they get older.

    And I love how the rest of the family is reacting to Severin's... bloating. I'm pretty sure most of us have guessed what it is, although it would be funny if you decided to throw us a curveball instead. Poor Severin, we all enjoy torturing him so much.

    1. Yeah, I know. I'm beginning to think this silly legacy is turning me into an overlord myself. >.>

  5. I love Severin! And I'm SO glad to see that you had a bit of time to update, but YIKES you're taking on a load and a half aren't you? don't forget to sleep.
    I love the interactions between Requiem and Banshee. Do you have Twallan's Hybrid? Otherwise I'm really curious as to how Requiem managed the hunting bit.
    I'm also super curious how Severin is going handle his butt baby. lol.

    1. Sleep? What's that? *eye twitches*

      I do indeed have Hybrid, so this should be fun. :)

  6. I discovered your blog on New Year's Eve Day and thought it a wonderful way to end the year. Thank you for taking the time to create this charming story. I really look forward to the next installment, and am speculating already whether Requiem, Banshee, or "butt baby" will be the next heir. Darth Furball is my hero! (oops, no heroes allowed... let's make that my idol).

    1. Aww, thank you! I enjoy writing this legacy for myself, but encouraging comments like this really keep me going. I'm glad people like to read it. I like to try and make people smile.

      Wouldn't THAT be a twist, with Darth Furball being the hero? I rather think the world would be doomed...

  7. I love Banshee and Requiem. They're hilarious! My sister and I used to bicker like that. All. The. Time. Except we were much older and not quite so cute. =P

    Poor Gator. He looks old now. =( Still adore him though. He's probably my favorite character in your legacy so far, but Severin's a close second. I'm not terribly worried about him, although I do hope it turns out to be a baby instead of a tumor. A surprise pregnancy might be more traumatic though, haha.

    Good luck with school and boyfriend and RA duties and Germany! (SO jealous of the last one, btw.) I've missed you around the forum, but I'm glad you're still updating. And don't worry about gaps between chapters! We're patient. =)

    Great update! Loving your legacy! =D

  8. I can't wait to see the results of Sev's tummy troubles! I love the interactions between Requiem and Banshee. And Katt is such a sweetheart.

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