Saturday, January 19, 2013

Renewing Overlord Castle - Version 2.0

Hey, everyone! Misslaheela here, ready to show you the renewed Overlord Castle. You can see the original remake (from the suburban house to the original Overlord Castle, done when Midnight took over the legacy) by clicking this link here. (It will open a new window.) That way you can compare from the original suburban house, to the castle when Midnight redid it, to the castle when Severin redid it.

Let's not waste any time. On to Severin's castle!

As you can see, the basic floor plan and the outer structure is the same as Midnight's overhaul. The moat is still there, the turrets are still there, everything basically looks the same from the front, except that I added a couple of forest-y street lamps at the bridge.

Here is something new. I added a little enclosed area for the Overlord vehicles (Severin's BathroomMobile is currently in his inventory, so it's not there at the moment). Realistically, this whole thing is really impractical because there's no way to drive the cars across the moat, but hey, it's the Sims universe, and this looks more appropriate for the castle than a garage anyway. (Not to mention I had no room to actually build a garage.)

Back in Midnight's generation, this backyard area was used for Phantom's garden and bee boxes. Now we have a sort of ominous-looking structure, with stairs that lead down to a basement/cellar-type place. Almost looks like the entrance to a tomb. One would have to be brave to dare enter.

We are going to be brave, though, so once we head down the stairs we see...
...a brief side-glance of Severin's throne room. His throne is surrounded by tables carrying all the gems that Jakkson cut back when he lived in the castle. Every overlord needs one of these. It's too bad I didn't create one until now.

Down the rest of the hallway (to the right of the picture), there is a door on the left. That door leads to...
...a lovely bedroom for a teenage Overlord. Currently it is Katt's new bedroom. Nothing super fancy, but it has a nice cushy chair and a bookcase. The modern pictures don't really fit, but you have to have something that throws it off a little. I also wish I could figure out how to tile the ceiling. Haven't figured that out yet, or otherwise it would be done too.

All the way at the end of the hallway I mentioned previously, there's one more room, which is...
...the Bedroom of Honor. This room is reserved for special guests (if it is not being resided in at the moment) or for previous Overlord heirs. The master bedroom inside the castle remains for the current Overlord heir, but Severin created a nice spacious room to give due respect to previous Overlord heirs that choose to stay in the house. As such, this is currently Gator's bedroom. He even has some wine on the dresser for him.

So that's the nice cozy addition to the castle underground. Once we go inside the castle, we can see a much more efficient design than there was before.
What used to be a largely-empty seating area has now been converted to a decent study. There is a bookcase, two nice chairs, and a desk (with the laptop computer on it) facing the window. It is still quite dark, with minimal lighting, as is appropriate for an Overlord Castle. The wallpaper has stayed the same, but I did change the wood on the floor. I like it so much better now.

Here we have an updated dining area. I kept the medieval chandelier, but the chairs, table, and rug are completely new. I also added some appropriate curtains to the window. The dining area is so much nicer than it originally was, and now there are enough seats for everyone whenever a family dinner is called.

The kitchen area hasn't changed much except I added an extra counter (the fridge is now all the way to the left, just out of screenshot) and some curtains to the window. At some point, the Overlords got a free coffee machine from somewhere, but they never used it, so I got rid of it.

The main purpose of this shot is to show the little cove I made by the stairs, which now puts the cat dish out of the way and not in the same area where the humans eat, or in Severin's bedroom. Actually, I moved all of Darth Furball's stuff out of Severin's bedroom.

Here's the master bedroom. Everything's largely the same except I did get new carpet, new end tables (the old ones didn't even make sense...I have no idea why I chose them) and I also moved the dresser. There wasn't a lot I could do with this room because, right in the spot where the camera is, there is an invisible object and I can't find it to remove it. I have tried shift-clicking everywhere, I have tried resetting the lot, I have tried looking everywhere, and I cannot build or place anything in that area because of the invisible object. Also, the door leads to the bathroom, which has not been touched so there's not a picture of it. I really, really wanted to make another bathroom so this wasn't the only one, but I couldn't figure out where to put another one. Maybe in a future revision.

Upstairs, the first door you see is the laundry room. I also moved all the cat's stuff up here so it's out of the way, and it's a sensible place for a scratching post and litter box anyway. I was tired of Darth Furball's crapped-up litter box stinking up Severin's bedroom.

I did something a little different with the nursery, converting it into a forest theme. Not elaborate, but I think it works. The changing table and the potty chair is also in here. Just for a personal touch, there is a teddy bear in each crib - a witch bear on the right for Ransom, a werewolf bear in the middle for Banshee, and a vampire bear on the left for Requiem.

The nursery from another angle, where you can see Requiem's bear and the potty chair at the other end.

Moving Gator's bedroom to the underground made plenty of room for a wonderful playroom, filled with the swings, the costume chest, and plenty of toys to keep the little ones entertained. Everything about this room is new and I love it. Severin and Gator can plop the girls down here and they can amuse themselves for hours.

And last but not least, we have a children's bedroom on the other side of the nursery. It's a small bedroom with not much in it (mainly because all the toys are in the playroom), just a bunk bed for when the toddlers get older. I also decided to put a TV and a random bean bag chair, because I always wanted a bean bag chair as a kid. Interestingly I've played several Sim days, and the TV is almost never used. I'm not that bothered about it.

And that's the renewed Overlord Castle! It's got a little more space, organized a little better, and just looks a lot more Overlordish. What do you guys think of it? :D


  1. Wow! You did a lot of work! Sometimes it's just time for a change anyhow. I love the nursery and the basement area. And I can never get tiling the ceiling just right, either. If I do the edging, the middle never ever matches. I wouldn't worry about it too much. This is incredible as it is!

  2. A single bathroom? I've been there, with my first generation. 6 sims, 1 bathroom, much unhappiness. I hope you find a place to put at least a half bathroom soon! The castle looks great, I love the toddler areas. Where did you get those tree wall decorations from?

    1. The tree decorations come with Seasons, I believe.

  3. Great Re-Vamp, It looks great

  4. The re-vamped castle looks great :)

  5. Ceiling tiles:
    1.Get the camera angle you did for these pics
    2. Go to build mode (or go build mode first, up to you..). You have to use floor tiles, which I think is awful, because who has carpet on their ceiling?! But it's better than nothing.
    3. Apply the same as you would a floor.
    4. Go "OMG that was so easy!" and feel stupid that you couldn't do it sooner. (I only just wrapped my head around it last week)

    I think you have to have a floor above, so if you're on the top floor of the house you'll have to put flooring down on the roof level to get it to work.

    I love the castle though! It's very.... Castle-y?