Monday, January 7, 2013

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Fifty-One - The Prey and the Price

Katt: "Come on, grandpa, you can do it!"
Gator: "Why in the world did I agree to do this?"
Katt: "You'll be good at it, trust me!"
Gator: "I'm putting my trust in someone who was a toddler just yesterday."
Katt: "What?"
Gator: "Nothing, honey. Here I go."

Steadying his feet on the snowboard, Gator looks down at the ramp. It seems a whole lot taller now that he's up here. For a moment, he almost wants to chicken out and just come back down. Werewolves are brave, fierce hunters and fighters...not snowboarders. The last thing he wants to do is break his hip before he turns to an elder.

But Katt is watching him expectantly, so he knows he has to go. Taking a deep breath, he pushes off.
Katt: "Grandpa! You're doing it! Look, everyone, that's my grandpa! He's snowboarding!"

It's a rush, a thrill, and a scary endeavor for the older werewolf, but he manages to stay on his feet and even look somewhat graceful while doing it. As he comes to a stop, he glances and smiles at Katt, who's hopping up and down and screaming cheers for him.

When Pappy Wolff was still around, he'd always talk about how his favorite thing was always spending time with his grandchildren, including energetic little Gator. Gator had sometimes wondered if Pappy was exaggerating, but he seemed to genuinely relish being around the little ones. Now, as a grandfather himself, Gator knows why. Katt came as an unplanned surprise in Severin's teenage years, but she couldn't be a more delightful child. Gator adores her.

Severin, meanwhile, has been taking a short walk around the festival with his friend, keeping an eye out for an opportune moment and an opportune place. He really doesn't want to explain to Katt that he has to leave for more "business" when she can clearly see him with a woman. Severin certainly wants his loving, but he doesn't want to make Katt feel like she's less important than Jackie.
Jackie: "You know if you catch snowflakes on your tongue, they turn to little drops of water. It's kind of fun."
Severin: "I can think of better places for your tongue to be."
Jackie: "Mm. Dayvid thinks so too."
Severin: "New boyfriend?"
Jackie: "Maybe."
Severin: "You seem to have a thing for vampires. Hope you don't smell too much like werewolf when you sleep with him tonight."
Jackie: "Do I detect a hint of jealousy in your voice?"
Severin: "You've already stated your intentions to rape me and we don't even need to be a committed relationship. Why would I be jealous?"
Jackie: "Well, you're certainly honest."
Severin: "Although at this rate, it doesn't look like we'll be doing much of anything. Too many people around..."
Jackie: "Mm. What's that word you always use? Starts with an N..."
Severin: "Nonsense?"
Jackie: "Exactly. Someone's built a lovely ice house over there. You suppose anyone's in it?"
Severin: "Not if we reserve it."
Severin and Jackie immediately discover their idea is less than ideal- they have to spend time packing up the entrance with snow after they get in to make sure no one can peek inside while they're in the act, and when they finally get down to business, they find it's extremely difficult to remain quiet while making love in the snow. It's not as sexy as Severin had anticipated. He finds himself constantly pausing and listening whenever he hears rustling outside the ice house, and he can't concentrate on the sex as much because of it. Still, he's gotten what he wanted.

After emerging from the house, Severin brushes himself off and readjusts his choker collar. Jackie does get a little rough with it sometimes. The other day at her house, she'd brought out a leash. The role-play was certainly amusing and he'd gotten quite a bit of delight out of being a "bad dog," but his father had looked at him strange when he came back home and had a reddened neck from all the tugging.
Jackie: "Well, that was certainly...interesting. I think I prefer the comforts of a house. Or at least some place warmer."
Severin: "I think I still have snow down my pants."
Jackie: "Where's your jacket anyway? It's freezing out here."
Severin: "Well, I don't need it now..."
Candy: "...Severin?"

Severin glances over. Candy's watching them. How long as she been there?
Candy: "Who is she?"
Severin: "This is my friend, Jackie."
Candy: "Your...friend?"
Severin: "Yes, my friend. Actually she was just going to cash in these festival tickets I won, since I don't want anything with them."

Jackie raises her eyebrow at Severin, but takes the few paltry tickets from him and walks away. Candy still looks uneasily at him. Severin quickly tries to think of an excuse to give her. It's not so big a deal with Jackie. They've always agreed to non-committal sex, no string attached, no feelings attached. Candy seems to be wanting a deeper relationship out of the deal, though. She's not quite okay with him sleeping with other women while he's sleeping with her. You know, Severin sighs to himself, I probably should have talked this over with her before we started doing anything.
Severin: "Hey, listen. Jackie and I are friends. Really. You can even ask her. She likes vampires, not werewolves. In fact, she's dating a vampire right now."
Candy: "So you two aren't together?"
Severin: "No. We've never been together."
Candy: "Oh...I guess I was just overreacting."
Severin: "Nah, it's fine. Anyway, if you'll excuse me. I have to go talk to my daughter."

It's getting quite late, and the full day of playing has Katt worn out and tired. Gator decides it's time to head on home. Severin tells him he'll be home in a couple of hours. He wants to spend some time alone in the hot tub to think about things. Gator nods, then trots off to the car with Katt and heads back to the castle.

It's past curfew for children and teens, so Severin takes a quick look around to be sure they're all gone, then subtly strips to his underwear and slips into the hot tub. He doesn't intend on skinny-dipping tonight. In fact, he just wants to use the hot tub to relax and ponder a few things.
Life hasn't been perfect for him so far, but it's been pretty good. He admits that having Katt at such an early age wasn't the brightest of decisions, but really she's a charming little girl. And so impressionable. She doesn't seem to be inherently maniacal and evil like himself, but she can make good Overlord material in time.

But she'll also be a teenager soon. And once she reaches adulthood, it will be Severin's duty to give the castle to her and let her take the reins of the legacy, and he hasn't reached his goals yet. The town is beginning to notice him and admire his celebrity status, but he hasn't reached the coveted rock star status yet.  He needs to be the celebrity over all celebrities in Moonlight Falls. He can't hand off the legacy until he's at least close to completing that goal. Would Katt be willing to wait? But then, if she waits too long, she'll hardly have enough time to complete her own goals, whatever they are.

Severin also has to figure out how to focus on his goals without getting too sidetracked. He likes spending quality time with his daughter, but he's also eternally grateful that his father is around to take care of her. Severin doesn't know how his mother took care of him and his brothers while still accomplishing her legacy goals. Severin also wonders if his romantic interests could prove to be a fatal flaw in his plans. What if they distract him at a time when he least can afford to be distracted?
Severin: "Like if the hero showed up? I have to be fully prepared if the hero tried to stop the Overlord legacy by challenging me."
Jackie: "You know, some people hold out for a hero all their lives."
Candy: "I don't think they're as bad as you make them out to be."
Severin: "What in...?! When did you two get here?"
Jackie: "I bought some cool flippers with those tickets you gave me. See?"
Candy: "Ahh...I see the big deal of a hot tub in winter. This feels so good."
Severin: "I didn't even hear you get in."
Jackie: "You looked deep in thought. I wonder what you were thinking about."
Severin: "Well, wouldn't you want to know?"
Jackie: "Knowing you, it can't be anything clean."
Candy: "Oh come on, I don't think he's that bad."
Severin: "Yeah, Jackie, I'm not that bad."

Jackie shoots a glare at Candy and begins to open her mouth, perhaps to ask Candy how well she could possibly know Severin compared to her, but she chooses to stay silent. Severin breathes an inward sigh of relief.

Then Candy gets up.
Candy: "Mm, I'm thinking of going to grab something to eat."
Severin: "...Oh yeah?"

Candy stretches and slowly and purposely pops out her butt. Severin enjoys the show.
Candy: "Do you want to come with me, Severin?"
Severin: "Well, perhaps--"
Jackie clears her throat.
Severin: "Um..."
Candy: "Something sweet, maybe? Involving chocolate?" She winks at him. Jackie clears her throat again.
Severin: "I, uh...I don't suppose you could bring it here, could you? My body's just gotten settled to the tub."
Candy: "I can do that. I'll get something with chocolate...and whipped cream...and maybe even a couple of cherries."

Candy struts away, purposely adding a bit of seductiveness to her gait. Jackie waits until she's out of earshot to glare at Severin.
Jackie: "You were staring at her butt. You were totally staring at her butt."
Severin: "Maybe I was, maybe I wasn't."
Jackie: "You were."
Severin: "What do you care if I was, anyway? Don't tell me you're jealous."
Jackie: "I', I'm not jealous. I'm would fall for some bimbo like her?"
Severin: "She's not a bimbo."
Jackie: "Yes, she is. She's almost out of young adulthood and she still acts like she's in high school. I would've thought that someone with your 'genius' would pick a smarter partner."
Severin: "Hey, I don't bug you for sleeping with fruitcake vampires like Tristan and Dayvid, do I?"
Jackie: "They're not fruitcakes. You're just saying they are because you're a werewolf."
Severin: "I'm saying they're fruitcakes because they're fruitcakes, Jackie. I have nothing against vampires. One of the men I respect and admire most is my uncle and he's a vampire."
Jackie: "Well, at least they're not--"
Severin: "Hey, you know what?"

Severin quickly steps across the hot tub and plops down next to Jackie.
Severin: "Shut up. The more you talk, the more I think you're completely jealous."
Jackie: "I'm not jealous. And don't tell me to shut up."
Severin: "You're smiling."
Jackie: "I'm not smiling."
Severin: "Yes, you are."

Severin gently grabs her jaw and turns her head toward him, revealing the grin on her face. Before she can protest and wriggle away from his grasp, Severin plants a kiss right on her lips. Jackie's grin gets even wider. Good, Severin thinks, Maybe this will her own jealousy issues at bay for the time being.

Then he glances behind him and immediately springs away, removing his arm from around Jackie's shoulders and sitting perfectly still. Jackie does the same.
Candy: "Hey, what's going on?"
Severin: "Absolutely nothing."
Candy: "I saw you moving away from her. What were you doing?"
Severin: "I had to move closer to her to see if you were doing anything with the food. Better view over here, you know."
Candy: "I don't think it was the food that you got a better view of!"
Jackie: "You don't even have any food. I think you just lied so you could be a peeping tom and see if we were going to do anything."
Candy: "I did not! The stand was closed!"
Jackie: "Of course the stand was closed! It's almost midnight! What, you think people are going to work the stands at all hours?"
Candy: "You know what, Severin?" At this point, Candy grabs her clothes and begins angrily putting them on. "If you want to spend your time alone with this...this...scheming bitch, then go ahead. I thought maybe you were different, but you're just a man-whore like all the athletes in high school I dated."

Severin feels like sinking into the water and staying under for a good while when Jackie angrily climbs out of the hot tub. He had come here to relax and think. That's all he'd wanted to do. Relax and think.
Jackie: "Really, little girl? Really? If someone dressed a tree in trousers, you'd fall for it, bimbo. You don't get a happily ever after with a prince by kissing every creature with a dick you can get your face on."
Candy: "Excuse me?! I don't think you have any right to judge me in that matter, Miss Slut. How many boyfriends have you had now? Have you dated the entire town yet?"
Jackie: "I do it for fun and without expecting every one of them to fall head over heels in love with me. Because I'm not an idiot like some girls I know."
Candy: "You're just jealous that you don't have control of the hearts of every man you sleep with. You like it when men adore and dote on you and only you while you sleep with anyone you want. You're just upset that Severin doesn't care about you that much and he chooses to sleep with someone else. Someone who's a lot nicer and undoubtedly better in a lot of ways, I might add."
Jackie: "You know what? We'll see which one of us Severin prefers. Don't get your hopes up too far. Sev, which one of us do you like better?"
Candy: "You think he's going to pick you??"
Severin: "If I had to choose the one I want to be with the most right now, I'd pick the hot tub."

The girls stare at Severin in stunned silence. Severin calmly continues: "I've made it clear to both of you - several times - that I don't do commitment. I like both of you. A lot. And I'm not going to pick one of you over the other, because I don't do commitment. Sorry if that disappoints you, but that's who I am. That's who I've always been. Am I a jerk? Maybe. You can think of me what you want. But I made this clear upfront."

Without a word, Candy turns and briskly storms away. Jackie spends a couple extra seconds glaring at Severin before turning and walking away herself. Severin lets out a deep sigh and leans back in the hot tub. Finally, peace and quiet again. Maybe he'll never get to sleep with these women again. At this point, he just doesn't care.
Severin: "Sigh...that was ridiculous."
Grim: "Dum dum da dum dum dee dum, fa la la la la la la la la, dum dum da dum--"
Severin: "Am I listening to the Grim Reaper attempt to sing 'Deck the Halls'?"
Grim: "I don't know the words. I only know the 'fa la la la la' part."
Severin: "What are you doing here?"
Grim: "Looking to pick up some chicks."
Severin: "Really?"
Grim: "No. Had to go reap an old soul on the other side of the festival."
Severin: "I didn't hear any commotion."
Grim: "I couldn't make that big a commotion over the cat fight over here."
Severin: "Well, you know women when they're jealous."
Grim: "Well,, not really."
Severin: "Oh...sorry."
Grim: "That's alright. By the way, I noticed the Grim Reaper snowman you made over there. Very cute."
Severin: "Thanks."

Severin relaxes for a couple moments more, then decides it's getting way too late and he needs to get ready to go back to the castle. Drying off and putting on his clothes, Severin watches as the Grim Reaper laces up some skates and teeters onto the ice rink. Severin takes a couple of minutes to watch as Grim figures out how to balance himself on the rink.
Severin: "It's kind of hard to get the hang of."
Grim: "Well, I've always wanted to try. Playing Solitaire in the netherworld gets boring after a while."
Severin: "I bet. But um, speaking of the netherworld..." Severin swallows, trying not to allow his emotions to get involved, trying not to let all the memories start rushing back. "...Grim, how's my mom? Did she make it down there okay?"
Grim: "She's doing quite well. She and your great-grandmother Bambi have especially been getting along. She's less rascally than Rufus and Midnight."
Severin: "Heh. I expect so. Just...Grim, are you allowed to bring messages from this world to the netherworld? Can you tell my mom that dad and I love her?"
Grim: "Well, she knows that already. She talks about her husband and children all the time, especially to your ancestors who never got to meet you. Your great-grandfather Rufus and grandmother Midnight are already proud of you based on her stories about you."
Severin: "I'll be glad to meet them someday. Just tell her that dad and I - and Katt too - are all doing well, that we love her...and tell her that I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye."
Grim: "Do you want to tell her now?"
Severin: "What?"
Grim: "I'll give her your message."
Severin swallows and allows one tear to slide down his cheek before wiping it away and saying right to Grim's hooded face, "I love you, mom. I'm going to make you proud of me. ....Goodbye."

Grim pauses for a moment, then nods.
Grim: "She got it."
Severin: "Thank you, Grim. ...And Grim, I'm sorry I got mad that day and, well...said all those crappy things about you for taking my mom."
Grim: "Don't worry about it. Comes with the job."

Severin waves a final goodbye to the Reaper before heading home. He feels as if a tremendous weight has been lifted off his chest. He realizes what it is - he's finally able to forgive himself for not telling his mother goodbye, because he's been able to tell her tonight.

Finally at peace with himself, Severin collapses into bed and falls asleep within minutes. Ever protective, his guard cat snuggles beside him for the night.


Two days later.
Katt: "Do you have to work today, dad?"
Severin: "No, but I still have quite a bit to do. I need to work out at the gym, then practice some of my songs in public to help with recognition. Meanwhile, I want you to go to the library today and start researching some skills or some things that you'd like to do in the future."
Katt: "Grandpa says I can be a good architect or athlete."
Severin: "...Well, research them and see how they can relate to our legacy."
Katt: "Do they have to relate to the legacy?"
Severin: "Katt, we're Overlords. We're preparing to take over the world."
Katt: "I know, I have to think about that now?"
Severin: "Yes. Go to the library and start doing some research."
Katt: "I just don't know how to practice being an overlord right now."
Severin: "Easy. Crush some of the snowman minions outside."

Eagerly finishing her pancakes, Katt trots outside. There's still snow on the ground, but she can see it melting fast. It's considerably warmer outside, in comparison with how bitterly cold it has been. She remembers - today is the first day of spring! She wonders what it will look like. The only season she can remember is winter.

She notices one snowman has already become the victim of Darth Furball, so she goes up to another.
Katt: "Alright, punk. You tried to revolt against my dad and you tried to revolt against me. But now judgment day has come. Die!"

Leaping on the snowman, Katt pummels and attacks it until it lies in a crumpled heap on the ground and she sits triumphantly on it.
Katt: "Whew. Our legacy is safe once more. All over rebels, take notice!"

Before leaving for the gym, Severin gives some training to his attack cat.
Severin: "Hmm...what is this red dot? Ack! Darth Furball, it's the hero! What are we going to do?"
Darth Furball: "That hero is no match for my ball-swatting maneuvers. Attack cat, preparing to pounce..."

Then, after working out and improving his physique (based on the requests from his agent), Severin decides to pull out his guitar and treat the patrons of the gym to some music.
Severin: "This is me and you...and we are change the world..."

Katt obeys her father's instructions and goes to the library to look at some reading material. As soon as she walks in, however, she notices a woman. This woman has blue hair, just like Katt does. In fact, Katt can recognize her own face in this woman's face. She looks just like her. this...
The woman freezes as soon as she sees Katt. It appears like she recognizes her too.
Katt: "Are you...are you my mom?"
Tracey: "Uh...w-what's your name, hon?"
Katt: "Katt. Katt Overlord. My dad's name is Severin. Do you know him?"

The woman is silent, her eyes seeming to gloss over as she stares at Katt. Finally she answers.
Tracey: "No. I don't know you and I would never, ever fall for anyone like Severin Overlord."

Katt begins to protest ("Hey! There's nothing wrong with my dad! Don't talk like that about him!"), but Tracey immediately disappears behind a bookshelf. Katt frowns. That has to be her mom. Has to be. Why won't she admit it? And why would she say something like that about Katt's dad? Her dad's the best dad ever!

Reaching down to the little girl Tracey brought in, Katt wraps her arms around her.
Katt: "I know I'm your big sister. Maybe someday we'll be friends! I hope you get to meet my dad someday too, even though he's not your dad."

Finally Katt finds a book on architecture and hops into a chair to start reading. Maybe she'll figure out how to form a diabolical plan out of architecture. Maybe.
She's not really sure if she wants to put so much effort into taking over the world, but it's what her dad expects of her, right?

Back at home, Gator cleans up the house a bit. Somehow Severin can manage to destroy the entire place. Gator wants it to be clean for the hunt tonight. It's a full moon and Gator's invited Waylon and Wilhelmina, along with another werewolf friend, Param. He doesn't want his house to look disgraceful in front of the pack.

As he returns from the mailbox, Gator suddenly stops. There's three lone little flowers growing in front of his house.
Gator remembers Amaranth saying that spring was  the season that brought everything back to life again. She'd also remarked how much she couldn't wait to see it. That was a dream that was never actualized. She passed away during winter.

Or was it?

Stooping down, Gator gently picks the flowers.
He knows the color of the flowers. It's the same color as a flower known as the amaranth.

Maybe Amaranth is right, and this is the season of rebirth and life. Perhaps this is her way of showing it. Gator doubts he'll ever know. But for now, he quickly takes the flowers inside and puts them in a special vase. He bends his nose down to them. They even smell like her.

From that moment, Gator determines he will keep these flowers alive for as long as he's alive. He'll take them to Phantom to keep renewing them if he has to. Then, when his time has finally come, he'll ask the Reaper if he can take the flowers with him to the netherworld. It will be his reunion gift to his wife when he gets there.


Severin, meanwhile, is busy stealing more hearts with his guitar at the gym.
Random chick: "Hey, boy. Mind if I join you? I think we'd make a great duet."
Severin: "Sure. Sexy guitar, by the way."
Random chick: "I bought it after I saw that's the one you had in Supernatural Celebs Weekly magazine."
Random dude: "Gasp!'re that guy on the fourteen posters my wife hung up on our bedroom wall!"
Random chick: "Sixteen, dear. There were two posters in this week's magazine."
Random dude: "She has to be facing that wall when we're making love. Your face is ruining our marriage."
Severin: "Sorry, dude."

After doing quite a bit of reading, Katt decides to go to the salon. She realizes her great-great-uncle Oliver probably won't be there - he mostly does home visits and appointments in his own house nowadays - but her uncle Tobie's a stylist too. Perhaps he's at the salon.
Katt: "Hi, Uncle Tobie!"
Tobie: "Katt! You've gotten so big already. Has time really gone by so fast?"
Katt: "It doesn't seem like it goes by that fast."
Tobie: "Well, we have different perspectives, I guess. How's your dad?"
Katt: "Oh, you know, he's busy a lot. Right now I think he's playing guitar somewhere. He was at the gym earlier. He has to get all muscly because then the pepperoni will notice him and he'll get even more famous."
Tobie: "...The paparazzi, you mean?"
Katt: "Yeah, that word. Dad's training Darth Furball, our attack cat, to guard against paparazzi coming to the castle though. Dad doesn't let strangers come to the castle."
Tobie: "Haha. That sounds just like him."
Katt: "What about you, Uncle Tobie? How are you? And how is Aunt Helen?"
Tobie: "We're wonderful, Katt."
Katt: "Dad told me you just had a baby."
Tobie: "We did! His name is Brandon. And we've been meaning to call your dad, but today we found out that we're expecting another baby soon as well."
Katt: "So I'm going to have two cousins?"
Tobie: "You sure are."

After a bit more talking and catching up, somehow Tobie finds himself involved in a game of Rock Paper Scissors.
However, he recognizes that evening is almost here - evening on a full moon night. It's not safe for Katt to be out and about on a full moon night. Other werewolf packs would probably leave her alone, but Tobie's heard rumors about the effects the full moon can have on other supernaturals. Vampires become more bloodthirsty, fairies become more prone to mischievous - and sometimes harmful - tricks, and who knows what chaos the zombies could cause?

If Severin doesn't come get her soon, Tobie will have to drive Katt home himself.

Severin's forgotten all about the full moon until it finally rises. He glances outside and realizes he's forgotten again. Why can't he ever keep track of the lunar cycle? His father will no doubt be disappointed that he's not at home to immediately start hunting. He knows his alpha wolf father prefers him to be at the castle at the time of transformation.
Severin transforms, and then immediately realizes he's not quite sure of Katt's whereabouts. He's sure she's home by now, but he hasn't checked or anything. One phone call to his father tells him that Katt's still out. Severin begins immediately bounding towards the library until he gets a phone call, this time from Tobie. Katt's at the salon. Severin breathes a sigh of relief. At least Katt's in good hands.

Charging to the salon, Severin scares half a dozen people, but calmly walks in.
Severin: "Thank you, Tobie. You don't have to stay now."
Tobie: "No problem. Be sure to leave soon. The salon is closing."
Katt: " look a lot...different as a werewolf, dad."
Severin: "No one ever called a werewolf a pretty creature, Katt. Now come on, we have to go home."
Katt: "Are you and grandpa going hunting tonight? Can I come?"
Severin: "No, Katt, you can't come."
Katt: "Why not? I promise I'll keep up and I won't be a bother--"
Severin: "Only werewolves can go hunting, Katt, and you're not a werewolf. Besides, being out on a full moon night is dangerous especially for a human child. The full moon causes a little bit of lunacy in every supernatural if they're not careful to control themselves. When we go home, I want you to stay inside while grandpa and I go hunting, and do not go outside for any reason. In fact, I will have Darth Furball stay beside you until we get back."
Katt: "What would happen if someone broke into the castle?"
Severin: "Darth Furball will know and will attack. I will leave you my phone and if anything happens, you need to call grandpa right away and hide in the bathroom. Lock the door behind you and grab the plunger as a weapon. Grandpa and I, and anyone else with our pack, will be back as soon as possible."
Katt: "So if a zombie were to break in, then I'd call grandpa?"
Severin: "Yes. We'll leave the front door locked so the zombies shouldn't be able to get in, but in case it happens..."
Katt: "If a fairy broke in, would they try to hurt me? What if another human broke in? Or a witch?"
Severin: "Do what I told you. Call grandpa, hide in the bathroom, grab the plunger."
Katt: "Or a...or a vampire?"
Severin: "...If you see it's a vampire, call Uncle Oliver first. Then call grandpa."
Katt: "Uncle Oliver's a vampire."
Severin: "And he will be able to protect you from anything. Okay? You got everything? Let's go home. Grandpa will be wondering where we are."

Waylon: "Gator. Still a young wolf, I see."
Gator: "Not for much longer. You still look young yourself."
Waylon: "Werewolves appear younger in werewolf form. I'd hate to have you see me in my human state."
Gator: "Regardless, I'm glad you could make it. Wilhelmina told me she was coming, but she hasn't shown yet. Neither has Severin, for that matter."
Waylon: "I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Wilhelmina. She very rarely keeps her appointments."
Gator: "That's...disappointing."
Waylon: "She behaves less and less like a werewolf every day. Heart-breaking, really. It looks like your son's here, by the way."

Severin's BathroomMobile pulls into the parking space, and Katt quickly trots out to run inside like her father told her to.
Katt: "Hi, grandpa! Hi, Uncle Waylon! We're home. Dad told me he's leaving his cell phone with me and I'm supposed to call you if something happens at the castle."
Gator: "Very wise. And remember your bedtime is at ten. I don't know if we'll be around to supervise you, but I will trust that you'll be in bed by then."
Katt: "I will."

The rest of the pack (minus Wilhelmina, who doesn't show) heads inside to gather before going out to hunt.
Gator: "........."
Severin: "I know, I'm late."
Gator: "Grrrr."
Severin: "I know you're pissed that I'm late."
Gator: "You're a grown wolf now, Severin. You have to learn to keep track of the lunar cycle. You can't be an alpha wolf if you don't know the lunar cycle."
Severin: "Alright. I'll pay more attention next time."
Gator: "It's important, Severin. Now, you've made proper arrangements for Katt?"
Severin: "I've given her everything she needs to do in case of an emergency, I've commanded Darth Furball to guard her until we return, and I've commanded her to not exit the castle for any reason. She's a trustworthy girl. She'll obey."
Gator: "I believe you're right. We're going to hunt by the baseball field tonight."
Severin: "Don't the vampires watch the baseball field for potential victims who go looking for them there?"
Gator: "Vampires don't hunt as a pack, they hunt alone, and even the most bloodthirsty vampire wouldn't be foolish enough to begin a fight between himself and a pack of werewolves. If another vampire is watching the field and the first vampire begins a fight with a werewolf pack, the other vampire will almost certainly flee rather than aid the other vampire."
Severin: "Makes me rather glad I'm a werewolf and not a vampire."
Gator: "Alright then, let's--"

Katt grabs some leftovers from the fridge to eat for dinner. Suddenly she screams and drops the plate on the floor, darting away. Gator and Severin immediately adopt an attack stance, while Darth Furball nearly flies into the room, hissing and preparing to remove the face of the intruder.
Katt: "He started clawing the chair I was going to sit in!"
Severin: "Param. Knock it off."
Param: "Must...scratch...must..."
Severin: "Knock it off!"
Param: "You don't command me, little wolf!"
Katt: "Make him stop, dad!"
Severin: "Param, I'm telling you, you have to--"

The conversation is cut short when Gator pounces on Param, knocking him unexpectedly to the floor. Param growls and begins to claw back, but Gator doesn't let him get away with it and fights back. Katt stares at the werewolves, horrified, while Severin closely watches his father to see how he fights. It occurs to Severin that he's never seen his father fight another wolf other than himself.

Gator bites the tender area of the shoulder, the area Severin is all too familiar with. Param roars and attempts to claw Gator's face. Gator stays on top - he hasn't lost his position on top - and bites again. Param bites back, missing Gator's shoulder and latching onto his arm instead. Gator takes the opportunity to lunge for Param's neck, biting it firmly and pulling away, leaving a spattering of blood on the floor. Katt backs away to the couch, trying not to scream, while even Severin can feel his heart beating wildly.

One last bite to the shoulder and Param finally lets out the yelp of a wounded puppy, the same yelp Severin had let out the first time he'd fought his father. Param surrenders, but Gator stays on top for a moment longer. Growing deeply in Param's face, Gator finally speaks: "I gathered the pack together. I'm the alpha wolf and that is what you agreed to. Do not attempt to fight me again."

Param frowns, but nods. Gator gets off, pats himself down, then adds, "And don't scratch my furniture."

Severin glances over to see Waylon rubbing Katt's shoulders and comforting her. Katt seems to be calming down. Waylon must be telling her that Param's not seriously injured, and that werewolves have to fight sometimes. Severin turns to his father, who doesn't appear to have even been touched.
Severin: "Should I have done that?"
Gator: "No. It is the alpha wolf's responsibility to keep the pack in line."
Severin: "That...was an incredible fight. You were unstoppable."
Gator: "Your Uncle Waylon could've done it in half the time. It wasn't that impressive. Now come. It's time to hunt."

Making sure everything's okay with Katt, the pack lets out a howl to the moon and takes off for the baseball field.
They arrive and decide to sniff out the hospital nearby, after Gator catches a promising scent in the wind.
Severin: "...I'm picking up on it. It's bloodstone. It's nearby..."
Param: "Tsk. A little late on that, are you? I picked up the bloodstone scent two blocks ago."
Gator: "That's enough, Param. Waylon, are you picking up on anything else?"
Param: "Vampire in the baseball field."
Gator: "...We'll stick close to the hospital and leave the field alone for tonight. There's plenty here."
Severin: "Sniff' it is! I found the bloodstone, dad."
Param: "About time."
Gator: "Param! Shut the hell up and start hunting!"
Param: "Is your son a new werewolf, Gator? He seems like he's still a puppy, a juvenile at this stuff."
Waylon: "At least he found something. You haven't dug up anything in years."
Param growls. Severin suppresses a grin. Here he's being picked on by a werewolf bully that doesn't even have any bite to his bark.

After a good hunt, they begin to head home. Then Gator stops.
Gator: "It's been a good hunt. We need a victory howl. Severin?"
Severin: "...You want me to do it?"
Gator: "Yes."
Severin: "But you're the alpha wolf."
Gator: "And I commanded you to do it."

A little uncertain, but knowing he must obey the command of the alpha wolf, Severin takes in a deep breath, silently clears his throat, then lets loose the greatest howl he can muster.
His howl echoes in the air. Severin finds the breath knocked out of him from his own howl. Silence comes for a moment or two. Then Severin hears another howl from all the way across town. Another triumphant wolf pack. He smiles. So this is the werewolf community.
Gator: "Very good, son. Very good. Now let's head home. I have some raw steaks for us."

Gator is the first to arrive back home. He notices some clothes on the floor and glares at Darth Furball, who's likely dragged them out of the hamper to play with it. Still, he's starving, so he decides to ignore it for the time being.
Checking the clock, Gator notices it's almost eleven at night. Listening for a moment, Gator can tell Katt obeyed and she's now in bed. Darth Furball keeps a close eye on the ground floor, like Severin instructed him to.
Severin: "I admit, I like steak better than fish."
Gator: "So do I. Steak is more expensive though."
Severin: "Heh heh heh!"
Gator: "Enjoy. I'm not buying it every time the full moon comes."
Severin: "We have tons of money, dad."
Gator: "Still."

Severin's cell phone rings. He wonders who on earth it could be at this time of night. Turns out it's his agent. The Red Velvet Lounge wants him to stop by and order a drink to boost their business. Severin decides it can't hurt. He and his father are hardly going to sleep tonight anyway, so they might as well experience some night life while they're up.
Param: "What in the world?"
Severin: "We're going to the lounge. Gotta look spiffy for the lounge, you know."
Param: "We're in werewolf form. You can dress us up any way you like, we're still ugly werewolves."
Severin: "Nonsense."

The place is packed when the wolves arrive, and every head turns to see them come in.
Severin: "Well, gentlemen...let's get us some drinks."
Waylon: "A celebration for a good hunt."
Gator: "I'm game."
Severin: "Heh heh heh ha HAAAA!!"
Random celebrity: "Oh dear. It's that Severin Overlord. He's as loony as his great-grandfather."
Severin: "HA HA HAAAA!!!"
Gator: "Severin. I think you're enjoying spinning the blender a little too much."
Severin: "Have you tried this thing?"
Gator: "I'm starting to wonder if the spirit of Phantom Felirae has overtaken the body of my son."

Severin eventually finishes his fun with the blender and makes the drinks. The crowd dances on the dance floor, the music pumps through the walls, and Gator and Severin clink their glasses together in a small toast.
Severin: "A perfect night. Could it get any better?"
Gator: "It's been excellent. You're well on your way to hosting your own pack."
Severin: "...You mean being an alpha wolf?"
Gator: "Yes."
Severin: "Well, see? The night's gotten better already."
Gator: " the way, have you noticed your friend over there? Oh, what's her name...Candy?"
Severin: "Oh yeah? Is she on the floor?"
Gator: "Over on the couches."
Severin: "I ought to go say hello."
Gator: "And congratulations on the baby."
Severin: "And congratul--...wait, what?"
Gator: "She looks very pregnant."
Severin: "She, uh...she what?"
Gator: "Pregnant, Severin. She looks--...wait a minute. Severin, please tell me Candy wasn't your 'friend' in the same sense that Tracey was your 'friend.'"
Severin: "Eh..."
Gator: "...So there's a possibility the child is yours."
Severin: "It's...well, it's...highly probable. I, um...I really wasn't expecting, or wanting, this."
Gator: "Did you use protection?"
Severin: "Well, see, I--"
Gator: "You didn't. You didn't use protection."
Severin: "It was only one time!"
Gator: "Do you ever use protection?"
Severin: "Yes! I use protection with...with my friend Jackie. And yes, she's a 'friend' too."
Gator: "Well, I knew you were sleeping with her. the way, did you use protection the last time you slept with Jackie?"
Severin: "This is private stuff, dad!"
Gator: "You didn't, did you."
Severin: "The last time was spontaneous. But every other time I've used protection."
Gator: "You didn't see Jackie while we were hunting?"
Severin: "No, dad, I was concentrating on hunting."
Gator: "She was in the hospital. She walked in while we were hunting."
Severin: "The hospital? Was she hurt?"
Gator: "She was pregnant too, Sev."
Severin: "....F**k."
Gator: "If you did a lot less of that, you wouldn't be in this position right now."

Author's notes: Ladies and gentlemen, the babies. For those who were wondering who the next baby mama was going to be, well, Candy and Jackie both are. Ta da!

The Grim Reaper scene was completely unexpected. Severin got a notification saying a particular person had passed away (I think it was an old friend of Gator's or something, not anyone I paid any attention to). And I guess that person died on the winter festival lot, but typically I would hear the music, the game would give attention to the deceased person, and my Sim would run over to mourn. None of that happened, so I assumed the death took place on another lot. Then after the girls left and Severin was alone in the hot tub, the Reaper struts across and heads for the ice rink. I kind of had to do a double-take, like, "Alright, Sev, I think we might be having you finish up in there. It's's almost mid-- Is that the Grim Reaper??" Sure enough, he went to the skating rink. Stayed there for a while too. It worked wonderfully with the scene though.

The purple azaleas - the same color as the amaranth - in front of the Overlord Castle was spontaneous too. This chapter gave me a lot of random gems to work with.

Leave the comments below! I enjoy your feedback!


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      My Grim Reaper has been highly unusual. I've never seen him interact normally in the world as often as I have in this legacy. Fortunately he only does it after other Sims die. I can only imagine Gator's reaction if Grim decided to hop on the family computer and start playing computer games after Amaranth died.

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    1. Hmm. I didn't think leaving Katt was particularly irresponsible, but maybe that's just my upbringing. My parents would leave me and my little brother alone quite frequently when we were 8, 9 years old, trusting us to stay in the house and not go anywhere.

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    1. Yes, I do! Because it almost never works that way. I'm so used to my Overlords screwing around with everything I try to plan for them. XD

      I am enjoying Katt, actually. She's a sweetheart. If she'd been born a little later, I might've considered adding her to the heir consideration, but unfortunately if she were to be the heir, Severin's generation would probably not even last ten chapters. That was the length of Rufus' generation, which was entirely too short.

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