Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Fifty-Two - You Finally Look Like A Grandpa

Quietly Katt tiptoes into her father's room, trying not to wake him as she goes to take a shower before getting ready for school. She knows the castle only has the plumbing for one bathroom, but she wishes she could get to it without going through her dad's bedroom. She wonders how late he stayed up last night hunting.

After her shower, Katt tiptoes back out of the bathroom, only to run into her father, who's already awake.
Severin: "Everything go okay last night?"
Katt: "Yeah, nothing happened. I didn't even get to see any zombies out the window. I'm pretty sure Darth Furball was up all night guarding my bedroom."
Severin: "Excellent. I trained that cat well."
Katt: "How was the hunt last night?"
Severin: "Decent. It was decent."
Katt: "You know you're still in your werewolf form, right?"
Severin: "Oh...yeah, hang on."

Letting out a howl, Severin returns to his human form. He'd hardly slept at all last night, so his brain isn't exactly working that well this morning. Part of it was just being in his werewolf form, what with how resistant werewolves are to sleeping on a full moon night. Part of it was the realization that, probably today, he'd be the father of two new babies. And that's if Candy and Jackie don't have multiples.
Severin: "Urgh."
Katt: "Much better."
Severin: "Meh. ...And why is there no cat food in the dish? I filled it last night."
Darth Furball: "Hiss!"
Severin takes it to mean he likely ate it last night in his half-asleep state, leaving none for poor Darth Furball.
Severin: "Well, there's the bus for you. Don't keep it waiting."
Katt: "Grandpa told me that you used to always keep the bus waiting."
Severin: "That was before I had a kid. Chop chop."

Katt obeys and darts out the door to catch the bus. Severin fills the cat bowl, trying not to look at his glaring cat as he does so.
Severin: "Sorry, Darth Furball. My mind's elsewhere today."
Darth Furball gives one last glare at his master before digging into the food that he hadn't been able to eat last night. Severin watches his little feline friend, then decides to make up for eating all his food last night, especially since he'd had Darth Furball guard the house all night. As soon as Darth Furball finishes his foot and begins to lick his paw, Severin suddenly shouts, "I'm the hero! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Without a second thought, Darth Furball pounces on his leg and begins scurrying up. Severin laughs and pulls his cat off him before he can practice his special maneuver. When Darth Furball hits the floor, he immediately adopts a pouncing stance. Playfully Severin runs out of the room, his attack cat following close on his heels.
Severin: "Ahhh! Attack cat! Attack cat's going to get me! Look at me, I'm the hero and I'm getting chased by a cat!"
Gator: "What in the world are you doing?"
Severin: "Oh, ah....I didn't think you'd be awake."
Gator: "Sigh. Sometimes I wonder how different things would be if Tobie had been the heir."
Severin: "Nonsense. You love me bunches."
Gator: "Pappy Wolff is probably laughing in his grave over the offspring I've produced."
Severin: "...Well. Random doorbell. That's funny."
Gator: "You might go answer it."
Severin: "There's no one there."
Gator: "So the doorbell just rung on its own?"
Severin: "You know doorbells. They tend to malfunction."
Gator: "Sounds like it 'malfunctioned' again."
Severin: "You wanna go check it?"
Gator: "I'm in my boxer shorts, Sev."
Severin: "Maybe that'll scare them away."
Gator: "It's your castle, Severin. You ought to go answer the door."
Severin: "The doorbell's clearly broken, dad. You need to go fix it."
Gator: "I can't fix the human element, Severin."
Severin: "There's no human element."
Gator: "There's a human element pushing the doorbell button."
Severin: "Nonsense. It's broken and it won't stop ringing. It needs to be fixed."
Gator: "You fix it!"

(Note: To fully appreciate the conveyed scene, please watch this short clip:)

Swallowing, Severin finally walks over to the door and sets his hand on the handle. Darth Furball crouches by his feet, ready to attack anything that might come in.

Severin opens the door. There stands Candy, holding not one but two baby carriers and wearing a burning frown on her face. Severin's heart leaps into his throat. Did she just have twins? What if Jackie has twins too? What if his house is just flooded with babies and--
Candy: "Met Jackie in the hospital last night. We went into labor at the same time. I think she was having a rougher time than me, emotionally I mean. She knew she couldn't be a good mother, not with where she is in life now. Believe it or not, we had a little bit of a bonding experience."
Severin stares at her. Are they pulling a Tracey and just dropping the babies off at the castle without a second thought? Is he even ready to take care of another two babies? Is it fair to make his father help him take care of two more infants? Gator's almost old now.
Candy: "I decided to do her a favor and bring her child to you as well as mine."
She is. She's dropping them off.
Candy: "Haven't even named them yet. You can put whatever sick and twisted names you want on them. They're yours now. We'll be responsible and pay child support."
That's responsible?
Candy: "Here's Jackie's. And here's mine. ...I'd feel more terrible, but...but you have a child already. You should be more experienced at this than we are. And you have more help."
Severin doesn't feel like his experience with Katt has helped him much. He still feels too young to be a father.
Candy: "...And Severin? I hope I never see you again."
Good luck with that, Severin thinks. My face will be everywhere soon enough. 
Before Severin can catch it in time, Candy spits in his face, then turns and runs back to her car. The tires squeal as she zooms away from the castle forever.

Darth Furball immediately races outside to claw the tires before she can leave, but Severin grabs him and brings him back inside, taking the two baby carriers in with him.
Gator: "Well...looks like we've got some additions to the family."
Severin: "Yeah...I've got full custody again."
Gator: "You seem to have a knack for producing girls. We'll have a lot of little princesses running around the castle pretty soon."
Severin listens closely, trying to detect how his dad's feeling about this whole thing. He can't even detect a hint of anger or bitterness in his voice. It almost seems like Gator's just accepted the fact that they now have two baby girls in the house and his role as grandpa has just become much bigger. Severin's head is still swimming, not just that he's a father of three girls now, but that all three are living in his house. He's got two infants to take care of and he could hardly handle Katt.

The infant in Severin's arms suddenly begins screeching at the top of her lungs for her bottle. Severin quickly gets it and feeds her, his ears still ringing from the scream.
Severin: "Well...I've got a name for this one. Banshee."
Gator: "Banshee?"
Severin: "That scream...that scream..."
Gator: "Something tells me I'm not going to be getting a lot of sleep for a while. My bedroom's right outside the nursery."
Severin: "Something tells me the block isn't going to be getting a lot of sleep for a while."
Gator: "Mm...do you have a name for this little one here?"
Severin: "...Requiem."
Gator: "Like...the song you sing for dead people. Requiem."
Severin: "Yeah. Isn't it pretty?"
Gator: "I...I think I can get used to it."
Severin: "Dad, your name is Gator. Requiem sounds more melodic than Gator."
Gator: "My name is Weston. Everyone just called me Gator as a baby because of my personality and it stuck."
Severin: "...Weston?"
Gator: "Shut up."

Grinning, Severin turns his attention back to the little screamer in his arms. Gently he swipes some formula away from Banshee's mouth with his finger. Immediately Banshee snips at him.
Severin: "Banshee's a werewolf. She nipped at my finger."
Gator: "Nibble on her arm to be sure."
Severin: "Nibble on her arm??"
Gator: "Tiny nibble. See if she growls."
Severin gently nibbles. A squeaky growl emits from Banshee's throat. Then an ear-splitting scream.
Severin: "She's a werewolf. I'm not doing that again."
Gator: "Deity..."
Gator: "So who's the mother of Banshee?"
Severin: "That would be Candy. Jackie's the mother of Requiem."
Gator: "Her skin color is...a bit peculiar."

Gator gently nibbles on Requiem's pudgy arm. She growls. Gator smiles. She's a werewolf too. Two more members that can be added to the pack.

Just to be absolutely sure, Gator strokes the corner of Requiem's mouth with the tip of his finger. Requiem nips. Only it's not a toothless, gummy nip that werewolf babies give. Gator gasps in surprise and pain when two sharp, pointed teeth poke into his finger. Gator quickly pulls his finger out before Requiem begins sucking the tiny spots of blooding seeping through his finger. He stares at the baby in disbelief. Werewolves aren't the only creatures that growl or purr when nibbled on as a child. They're one of two species...
Gator: "Requiem has been born with teeth. Fangs, in fact."
Severin: "That's unusual. Does that sometimes happen among werewolves?"
Gator: "Werewolves grow teeth quicker than humans, but there's never been a case of one born with them."
Severin: "...So Requiem's the first?"
Gator: "Requiem's a vampire, Sev."

The bit of information doesn't sink in until after Severin gets back from the local store with some new equipment for the new additions to the family.
Severin: "...She does have fangs. But...but Jackie's not a vampire. I mean, she sleeps with vampires a lot, but--...wait, is it possible this isn't my baby?"
Gator: "I suppose you can get tested at the hospital. Are her...vampire boyfriends responsible with children?"
Severin: "I don't know. ...You would rather take care of her than give her to the man who could be her father, wouldn't you."
Gator: "She's in good, safe hands here. Besides, don't convince yourself she isn't yours. If I recall, Jackie's mother Haley did have a relationship with Dante Morganthe at some point in her life. Jackie could be his daughter."
Severin: "You're telling me Requiem could have the genes of the biggest fruitcake of a vampire in Moonlight Falls?"
Gator: "Possibly."
Severin: "...Dad, I don't even know how to take care of a vampire. Do they eat formula? Do I need to stock up on Vampire Sunscreen? Is she going to tear apart my throat in my sleep?"
Gator: "I'm not the expert on vampires, but from what I've gathered over the years, their full vampiric powers don't take effect until they reach young adulthood. They can eat anything else until then. I believe I've also heard that those who are born vampires experience a thirst for plasma, but it does not control them to the point where they seek to attack and kill others to drain them of their blood. That occurs with those who are turned, not born. But you may consider contacting your Uncle Oliver to be sure. Might as well get it from someone who has personal experience."
Severin: "...I almost completely forgot about work today."
Gator: "Better hurry."
Severin: "Will you be okay with the girls, dad? I know they just showed up on the doorstep, but--"
Gator: "It's alright, Sev. I'm more than capable. Don't worry about them and don't worry about me. Now hurry, or you'll be late for work."
Severin: "Thank you so much, dad...Weston."
Gator: "Don't make me bite you, pup."

Eternally grateful for his self-sacrificing dad, Severin bounds down the stairs to get to his carpool. He doesn't use the carpool often, but occasionally he does to avoid wear and tear on his vehicle. As soon as he runs outside, he hears the clicking of a camera.
Paparazzi: "Aha! Here's the famous Severin Overlord himself! Getting into a car...where could he be going? A flashy party? A date, perhaps? Maybe with that lovely lady at the winter festival the other day?"

Not wanting to deal with the paparazzi himself, Severin dashes to his carpool and leaves for work. As the paparazzi takes pictures, it begins to rain. The sprinkling doesn't stop Darth Furball from immediately flying out the door and shooting towards the paparazzi.
Paparazzi: "Ooh...you're a cute kitty. Nice kitt--whoa! Almost pushed me into the moat there! Heh heh."
Darth Furball: "Who is this strange man and why is he wearing a pink dress that is open in the back? He could be hiding anything under that dress. The ball-swatting maneuver my master taught me will be put to great use. He doesn't even have pants. I shall pretend to be a docile little cat, harmless and pure, and then, at the opportune moment..."

The Sim Deity shan't describe the fate of the paparazzi. He does escape alive.

Katt arrives home soon, bringing along Harold, a new friend from class. She hopes her dad won't be too upset to learn she's brought a friend to the castle. A child can't be the hero, can he? It should be fine, right? She decides to check with grandpa just in case. She knows her dad's working and maybe she can get Harold to leave right before dad comes back if grandpa agrees to stay quiet about it.

She's rather surprised to discover what he's doing.
Katt: "Whoa. When did we get two more babies?"
Gator: "Your dad's good at making them."
Katt: "How do you make babies anyway, grandpa?"
Gator: "Uh...a man and a woman do special things with their clothes off. They make a baby and the woman births the baby."
Katt: "What special things?"
Gator: "You can ask your dad later."
Katt: "Oh...so I have two new sisters? Do they have the same mom as me?"
Gator: "Yeah, you have two new sisters. And...no, they don't have the same mom."
Katt: "How many different women has my dad done special things with?"
Gator: "I don't know the answer to that question. Anyway, this is Requiem and this one is Banshee."
Katt: "Banshee?"
Katt: "...Got it. Hey, grandpa, do you think you could help me with my homework? My friend Harold already did his on the bus. He always does his so fast--...oh yeah. I have a friend over."
Gator: "That's fine. Why don't we work on it downstairs? Your sisters are getting sleepy, and babies tend to cry when they get--"
Gator: "...Sleepy."

Gator heads downstairs to help Katt with her history homework, leaving Banshee and Requiem quietly snoozing (after a while, anyway) in their swings. Gator hadn't expected more children to be brought into the house. He'd known Severin was content to have just one. He'd also hoped Severin would know better than to sleep around and not expect anything to happen.

But now Banshee and Requiem are here. And Gator doesn't mind too terribly. Unexpected things may happen, but a life is a life, no matter how they were formed, in his opinion. Besides, he likes babies. He likes grandchildren. He'll enjoy training Banshee in being a werewolf.

And he must pay on a debt of gratitude. His parents had wanted two children, and had begun birth control measures after Wilhelmina. So happy were they with their two children that his mom had gone to the hospital to have her tubes tied. They explained to her they couldn't - there was an unexpected mistake already in her womb.

And yet they kept him anyway. And they loved him anyway.
Katt: "I forget, where's Sunset Valley again?"
Gator: "Quite far from here. Close to two week's travel at sea. It was the first land that was largely inhabited by humans, before they began searching for other lands."
Katt: "So we couldn't drive to Sunset Valley?"
Gator: "No. We can't drive to most of the lands you'll learn about in your history class. Moonlight Falls and the towns nearby are on an island on our own."
Katt: "In class, Ms. Pendragon said that Sunset Valley was the first inhabited land by humans, and Moonlight Falls was the first inhabited land by supernaturals."
Gator: "Close."
Katt: "Oh wait...the island is the first land, not Moonlight Falls in specific."
Gator: "Correct. The island of Thealcany was first inhabited by supernaturals. Moonlight Falls is actually the newest inhabited city of Thealcany."
Katt: "Okay. This question says, 'Who were the original founders of Moonlight Falls?' I remember her talking about all the other questions in class, but I...kind of talked a little bit with Harold and I think I missed it."
Gator: "...And this is Ms. Pendragon's class?"
Katt: "Yes."
Gator: "...To pass that question on the test, the answer will be Ayden Van Gould. That answer is wrong, but she will count it correct on the test.
Katt: "It was our ancestors that founded it, right? The Wolffs?"
Gator: "Right."
Katt: "...I'll answer the Wolffs on the test. It's the real answer."
Gator: "That's my girl."

The night wears on, and Gator decides to head to bed early. He feels so tired, for some reason. Maybe just the emotions of the day. Katt and Harold get into the costume chest and quietly play in Gator's room, where the costume chest is held for lack of space.
Katt: "I found a moon rock!"
Harold: "Excellent. Make sure there's no Martian gunk on it, or we'll invite an alien invasion back to Moonlight Falls!"
Katt: "I think there are secretly aliens in Moonlight Falls anyway."
Harold: "No, there aren't."
Katt: "Yes, there are! They're supernatural, aren't they? Why wouldn't they live here?"
Harold: "Have you ever seen one?"
Katt: "They could be disguised."
Harold: "Why would they be disguised if they're a supernatural in Moonlight Falls?"
Katt: "Well, there are lots of humans here now. I'm a human. You're a human."
Harold: "I don't think there are aliens."
Katt: "You don't think a lot of things are real."
Harold: "Because they're not. People make up hype to scare us."
Katt: "You just moved here. You don't know anything."
Harold: "They're not real! People just play pranks. There's no aliens, and no vampires, and no werewolves--"
Katt: "My dad and grandpa are werewolves!"
Harold: "No, they're not. They're just lying to you."
Katt: "Yes, they are!"

Unwilling to battle it out verbally, Katt grabs one of the pillows that Gator isn't sleeping on and thwacks Harold over the head with it. Harold grabs the other pillow and thwacks back.
Katt: "My dad and grandpa are werewolves! I've seen them in their werewolf form!"
Harold: "Quit lying! You have not!"
Katt: "The town was founded by werewolves! And those founders are my ancestors too."
Harold: "Let me guess, your last name also indicates you're actually overlords and you plan on taking over the world. Ha!"
Katt: "Yep. We've got a lot of it done already."
Harold: "You're loony! So you're overlords, related to werewolves, and you believe in aliens too. What else?"
Katt: "And vampires and fairies. I have fairy and vampire uncles, actually."
Harold: "I told my parents this town was full of weird people!"
Katt: "They're not weird! They're supernatural!"
Gator: "Unnghh..."
Katt: "Now look what you did! You woke my grandpa up!"
Harold: "I woke your grandpa? You started it! And look. He's a human. He's not a werewolf."
Katt: "He is a werewolf! Grandpa, show him!"

Before Gator can even wake up fully, he notices the sparkles. Oh yeah...his birthday.
He can feel the kids watching him. Hopefully he ages gracefully. He takes a couple of deep breaths, suddenly a little panicked. He remembers his own parents when they grew old. He remembers his father dying after he fell down the stairs. It's a sad fact about werewolves - healing powers become almost nonexistent and bodies deteriorate and weaken faster than even the human body. Vampires can remain just as strong in an older body. Werewolves are not so lucky.

The transformation is complete. Gator looks down at his body. He already feels much frailer. He can see the wrinkles on his skin. He pulls his long hair out of its ponytail, then glances at his fingers. They are gnarled and shake slightly.

He wonders if, when his time finally comes, the Reaper will restore him to a younger state, the state Amaranth remembers when she last saw him.
Gator: "Sigh. Welcome to life as an old wolf, Gator."
Katt: "You hear him? Wolf. He's a werewolf."
Harold: "Just 'cause he says he is doesn't make him one."
Harold: "Ow!"
Gator: "Mm...it's getting close to nine o'clock, young man. Curfew's in an hour."
Harold: "You're right...I'll be going. Thanks, uh...thanks for inviting me over, Katt."

Gator can hear some fussing on the other side of the wall. Sounds like Requiem is lonely. If it were Banshee, the entire town would hear her.
Gator: "Hey, you...yeah, I know I look different since you last saw me. I feel different too. Not too terrible, though. Spent too much time in sports to be too frail now."
As Gator brings the baby to his shoulder to cuddle her, he feels her pointed teeth poking into the skin on the base of his neck. Sighing, Gator gently pulls her out, wiping away the little specks of blood from his neck. Placing the babies in their cribs (Banshee is still sleeping when Gator lays her down), Gator starts to head back to bed. He runs into his oldest granddaughter before getting there.
Katt: "Wow...happy birthday, grandpa."
Gator: "Thanks, Katt. Feels kind of weird, actually."
Katt: "Well...at least you finally look like a grandpa now. All the other kids in my school have really old grandpas. Everyone thought you were my dad."
Gator: "They haven't seen your dad?"
Katt: "They thought he was my older brother."
Gator can see that. Severin's youth is still very apparent. He doesn't look old enough to be the father of three children, let alone one that's quickly approaching teenagehood.
Gator: "Well, it's almost ten, Katt. It's time to get ready for bed."
Katt: "Aww, grandpa, do I really have to? Can't we stay up in celebration of your birthday?"
Gator: "I'm not even staying up in celebration of my birthday."
Katt: "Can I stay up and see dad?"
Gator: "...You know what? I'm old. I can use old people antics to my advantage."
Katt: "What do you mean?"
Gator: "Look at those cheeks! I just wanna pinch them..."
Katt: "Ahh! No, grandpa! Don't turn into that kind of old person!"
Gator: "Pinchy, pinchy, pinchy!"
Katt: "I'm going to bed! I'm going!"
Gator: "Thank you. If you want me to be a cool grandpa, you'll have to keep your bedtime."
Katt: "I promise I'll keep my bedtime!"

Katt quickly dashes to her bedroom, glancing at Gator before she shuts the door. He smiles and winks at her. She grins back and closes the door to get ready for bed. Exhausted, it doesn't take long for Gator to wander back to his own bed and lie down. He hopes he doesn't weaken too quickly. He doesn't want Severin to see that. Nonetheless, it's time for him to put all he's got into Severin and to get him ready to be the alpha wolf. His time is almost here, especially now that he's got a baby wolf himself.

He'll think about it tomorrow. For now, he needs his sleep.


Darth Furball: "Hmm...what is this curious blue stuff in the water? Smells like it came from that bottle I saw earlier. 'Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner.'" Lick, lick. "You know, it's really not bad. Why doesn't Master put this stuff in my water dish?" Lick lick lick.

Gator, meanwhile, gets up fairly early after a shrill shriek comes from the nursery. He's had a good night's rest, so he quickly shuffles over to the nursery to assist the wailing Banshee.
Gator: "Alright, Banshee, let's...Deity. Your stench is about as powerful as your screams."

Quickly he gets her over to the changing table.
Gator: "It's alright, we're getting you changed. See? Almost done."
Banshee: "AAAAAAAAAAA!!"
The noise sets Requiem crying as well, although not nearly as loud.
Gator: "There, look. Now we're done and you're all clean."
Gator: "If we can just get your daddy up here with a bottle of formula, we'd be all set, wouldn't we?"
Gator: "Well, there's no mistaking you for being Severin's kid. Now let's go check on your sister. She smelled pretty bad too."

Requiem's situation is far worse. She has somehow managed to poop all the way up her back. A simple diaper change isn't going to do much.
Gator: "Alright, Requiem. Let's get you scrubbed up and clean. It's really a shame I can't remove this burrito blanket. Rumor is babies perish when you remove it."
And that you will have to take up with your Sim Designer, Gator. I as the Sim Deity oversee everything and create people on occasion. I did not create your universe and the way it works.

It's not long before Banshee begins wailing again, which wakes everybody up.
Katt: "Was I ever that loud when I was a baby, dad?"
Severin: "Sitting next to a fire truck with its sirens going off isn't as loud."
Katt: "Are you bringing home any more babies? I didn't know you were having Banshee and Requiem."
Severin: "I really don't plan on bringing home any more babies."

Severin trots upstairs with bottles of formula. He quickly gives the first to Banshee, just to stop the wailing. Then he proceeds to feed his little vampire, Requiem.
Severin: "It's going to be interesting figuring out how to raise you, Requiem. Only experience I have with vampires is with Uncle Oliver. At least you and he can relate really well. I wonder what kind of powers you'll develop."
Just then Requiem bites the tip of Severin's finger as it gets close to his mouth.
Severin: "Aggh...Dad was certainly right about you having teeth. Don't eat your old man when you grow up, 'kay? ...Old man. I still feel like I've barely left high school."

Before leaving for school, Katt looks at the crumbs on her plate. School lunches are terrible. She decides to take as much as she can.
Katt: "Grandpa's cooking is so much better than the glop they serve at school."

Before Severin leaves on a mission to go talk to Dante Morganthe ("He's a celebrity, and you'll get wider recognition if you become friends," his agent tells him), he gives a treat to Darth Furball.
Severin: "You did very well in scaring off the paparazzi yesterday, Darth Furball."
Darth Furball: "His life was spared, but I at least ensured he would not be reproducing ever again in his life."
Severin: "...Why is the fur around your mouth all blue?"
Darth Furball: "That water flavoring you put in the toilet. It was delicious."
Severin: "Were you drinking out the toilet while dad was cleaning it?"
Darth Furball: "So it was not water flavoring you put in the toilet?"
Severin: "Well, I hope you don't get sick. Next time drink from the moat outside, okay? That water's okay."
Darth Furball: "The blue water will make me sick?"

Zooming off in his BathroomMobile, Severin heads to Dante's house - Dante, the likely grandfather of Requiem. Please, Sim Deity, Severin prays as he heads up to the front porch, let Requiem look more like Grandpa Gator and not like Grandpa Dante.
In all honesty, Severin's not terribly impressed with Dante's house. It doesn't look dark and foreboding. Shouldn't a vampire's house be dark and foreboding? Of course, Uncle Oliver's house isn't dark and foreboding. But then, he's playing human. Everyone know Dante's a vampire.

A ghost answers the door. Olivia Goth, death by electrocution. She invites him in. Severin tries not to look at her too much. He'll only become more curious as to how she died, and he's not here to talk to her.
Olivia: "Dante. A guest to see you."
Dante: "Tell him I'm not availabl--"
Severin: "Dante Morganthe. What a pleasure to visit you."
Dante: "Sev--...Mr. Overlord?"

Severin walks around the couch and firmly shakes hands with Dante Morganthe. Yes, it is Mr. Overlord to you, Severin smiles inwardly while staring Dante in the eye. You hold the position of 'Emperor of Evil,' but you hold it under my great-grandfather's name. The entire corporation you're 'in charge' of lives for the purposes, desires, and bidding of the Overlords. Any action you propose can be overruled by me at any time.
Severin: "Just thought I'd stop by. Not often you get to hang out with someone of your own...celebrity status, you know." Though really, your status is flimsy compared to my own, to be honest.
Dante: "Ah, yes, agreed. Normal conversations are not quite as common when you have a name around town."
Severin: "Frustrating sometimes."

Severin stays and enjoys a good conversation with Dante, coming across as friendly but still very much in charge. There's a lingering sense of unease coming from Dante as he sits in the presence of his superior. Still, Severin makes good progress in their relationship. And he makes sure the paparazzi sees them talking and saying farewell as he leaves the house. The paparazzi quickly scribbles away and takes photos of the "new friendship." Severin can count on it being in the newspaper tomorrow.

Before returning home, Severin decides to stop at the alchemy shop to look at Vampire Sunscreen. He knows he doesn't have to use it at the moment, but once Requiem gets older, he doesn't want her frying in the sun if they decide to take a family outing somewhere.
Severin: "...Um..."
Clerk: "Welcome to the alchemy shop, sir. What can I get for you?"
What the hell are you wearing?
Severin: "Just checking out your potions. Do you have Vampire Sunscreen?"
Clerk: "Sorry, we just sold the last of that yesterday. All our potions are over here."

Severin follows her to a rack and begins to look through the potions. He had no idea so many of them existed. There seems to be a potion for anything. One to make you lean and toned, one to make you happy, one to curse your enemies, even one to turn someone into a zombie. Actually, he remembers some kind of story Uncle Phantom told him once about him turning Grandma Midnight into a zombie...

Then Severin pulls out a bottle of greenish liquid and examines the tag on it with the description. Scrawled in messy handwriting is the word, "Fertilitee."
Severin: "What is this?"
Clerk: "That...hmm. That looks like a fertility potion. It increases your likelihood to produce children."
Severin: "Well, I certainly don't need that."
Clerk: "I, um...I don't know if I'm supposed to say or not, but I'll just say it anyway. That particular potion was made by an amateur witch. She really does try, but eh...her potions don't always turn out the best. Her Vial of Bliss potion that she brought in gave the consumer boils all over his body that stayed for a couple of weeks. She doesn't know her ingredients very well."
Severin: "Well, then, let me give this back."

Severin starts to put it back on the counter...then he drops it.
He tries to catch it on its way down, but he's too late. It crashes and bursts open as it hits the floor at his feet.
Severin: "Crap."
Clerk: "Oh dear...well, just knowing who it came from, I won't charge you for that."
Severin: "You think I'm going to break out in boils?"
Clerk: "Who knows? Maybe this one actually works and you'll be more fertile for a time."
Severin: "I have a decent-sized family already. I really don't need a fertility treatment."

Severin tries to clean the liquid off his shoes and pants, but some of it has clearly seeped through and gone through his skin. He hopes he doesn't get sick or anything. Regardless, for the next week or so, he's determined to keep his Mr. Happy inside his pants.

Fortunately nothing happens immediately. No hives, no rashes, no boils. As evening draws near, though, he does get plagued with an awful case of heartburn.
Severin: "Ugh...Sim Deity, tell me this isn't the effects of that stupid potion I dropped on myself."

Well, Severin, darling...

Author's notes: Anybody wanna take a WILD guess at what the potion does? :D

Yes, Gator is now old, and his ponytail isn't available for elders, at least not that I could see. So I just kept his hair long. It makes me so sad though. Goodbye, young Gator. :(

And yes, the babies are introduced. Banshee is a werewolf, Requiem is a vampire. They become toddlers next chapter, and they are adorable.

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    It would be so funny if it were triplet alien babies XD

    1. Oh, it wouldn't really be so funny. The Overlord Legacy would cease to continue if that were the case, since misslaheela would be rocking back and forth in a padded cell wondering how on earth she's going to handle Severin's SIX CHILDREN. :P

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      I wasn't sure how readers would like Banshee and Requiem as names, but of course, I'm not going to start giving my Overlord kids normal names at this point. Besides, I have a lot of girl names to pick from, so I might as well start using them.

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    1. I'd been waiting for an excuse to get the baby swings forever, and when the nursery set came out, I decided that was my excuse. Did it all for the swings, really. But I really do like the pack a lot. The new cribs are really nice and more appropriate for the castle. You'll see later what I did - Severin renovates the Overlord Castle in a little bit.

      Gator's nose has actually always been prominent. Severin's got it too, but it's more noticeable on elders, I guess. But yeah. I miss young Gator too.

      Unfortunately I can't have a genie baby in the game because I don't own Showtime. I wish though. :(

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