Monday, September 17, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Eight - Betrayed

The Overlord household is a full and busy household, with many different ambitions and many different dreams.
Dungeon: "What's that glowy thing on top of your head?"
Jigsaw: "It's my shiny trap of death."
Midnight: "Rawwwr! Rawwwwwr!"
Rufus: "Midnight, darling, can you and that Abominable Snowman thing demolish those imaginary people and cities a little quieter? Daddy is trying to use chess strategies to plan his world domination techniques."
Jigsaw: "That little girl demolishes imaginary people? I shall have to play a game with her."
Dungeon: "Jigsaw, no. Just no."
Bambi: "Would you look at that. The Sim Deity left the walls down again."

Midnight and Maiden, like most toddlers, don't naturally play together. But they're cute anyway.

Strange, paranormal activity continues to happen within the house, to where even Bambi hardly notices it anymore. Hence the Floating Mop of Doom is no longer feared.
Perhaps more questionable is why Bambi is allowing her young son to eat ice cream for dinner. All-Star parents she and Rufus are not.

Rufus, meanwhile, is almost there. He has reached the status of Super Villain, just one notch below Emperor of Evil and one step away from establishing his name as the Evil Overlord of Midnight Falls.
His infamous actions are becoming renowned throughout the whole city. People shudder when they see him. Rufus loves it. He is finally being feared, finally being respected, finally becoming all-powerful. No bank is safe from being robbed, no person is safe from being held hostage. No person is even safe from threats gone wrong...or perhaps right.
Ghost: "Y-you! You...wicked man!"
Rufus: "Who are you? I feel like I recognize you."
Ghost: "You viciously ignited my house on fire by dousing it with gasoline through a firefighter hose and blasting fire by way of a military tank. It wasn't until after my body burned and I suffered an agonizing, torturing death that I came out as this ghost and realized you meant to torch the house next to me!"
Rufus: "Wait. You weren't the Leader of the Free World?"
Ghost: "No! My next door neighbor was!"
Rufus: "Ah. That explains why no one cared enough to come to your funeral. You're just a peasant citizen. Dreadfully sorry. Mistakes happen, you know."

Although he is so close to being Emperor he can taste it, Rufus knows he will mainly be Overlord in name. He will be feared, hated, hissed at in the streets, but he does not yet have the riches (or the castle, or the minions, or the moat filled with rabid alligators) to fully be able to control everything. This he will have to leave to the generations after him. Once he sufficiently trains Midnight in all things evil, he hopes she will pass his will on to the generations following. Perhaps, by Generation Ten, all of Moonlight Falls will be under Overlord control.
The corner has turned for Dungeon Overlord and he leaves his childhood behind. Doing his homework in his bedroom, Dungeon suddenly realizes his birthday is upon him and he happily accepts. He receives his newer, taller body and immediately recognizes some changes in him. First, his voice is much deeper. Second, his physique is much more developed. Third, there's this strange, passionate desire inside of him, a warm and tickling feeling deep inside his heart. It bursts into music, longing for someone to complete the lyrics. It's a happy half desiring to find its other half. Yes, Dungeon realizes, he is a Hopeless Romantic.
Dungeon finds his muse in writing beautiful songs, penning dark love poems, and drawing hopelessly romantic anime. Although he doesn't own any musical instruments, he still sings his songs around the house, being the Virtuoso that he is. It fills Bambi's heart with joy every time she hears them.

As for Rufus...
Oh, come now, Rufus. Emo kids are great. In fact, one of them won Addison House. You know, that reality TV show you were watching at the gym the other day.
Rufus: "What? That sounds like a shameless plug for one of your other stories, Sim Deity."
It is, Rufus. *hangs head in shame and sighs* It is.

Regardless, Rufus and Dungeon, who couldn't communicate when Dungeon was a child, have even less communication now that Dungeon is older.
Dungeon: "So, uh, Dad...I had this thought while I was writing in my journal the other day. I've heard of this meat called chicken, that it exists somewhere. What do you suppose it tastes like? How would you word it, lyrically?"
Rufus: "Warum zum Teufel würde ich mich über so etwas kümmern? Schreiben Sie Ihre eigene dumme Poesie."
Dungeon: "...Why are you speaking to me in German?"
Rufus: "Everyone sounds more powerful speaking German."
Dungeon: "I don't think you pronounced anything of what you said correctly."
Rufus: "Of course I pronounced it correctly. How else do you pronounce a W?" 

Dungeon, while he can't communicate with his father, has fun with his fairy friend, who aged up to a teenager not long ago.
Dungeon: "I love pillow fighting! Jigsaw and I do it all the time when I'm stressed out."
Fairy: "Who's Jigsaw?"
Dungeon: "He's, uh...never mind."
Fun can't last forever, however. Homework must be done, a formidable opponent to hopeless romantic and fairy alike.
Evening rolls around. Bambi is out shopping (according to what she told Rufus), and Rufus told Bambi he would be at the local gym working out. However, dragging along two toddlers is too much of a pain, so Rufus decides to stay home and work out to his groovy new stereo.
Peekaboo, Midnight.

Bambi drives in from work, where she has been all day. Her heart beats in her throat as she pulls into the driveway in her brand new police car that she owns. She wonders how she's going to hide this from Rufus. Perhaps she can just leave it at work and still take the taxi everywhere? No, she's a Lieutenant, she needs to be able to hop in her police car and respond on a moment's notice. Maybe she can keep it at a friend's house? But she doesn't really have any friends outside of her partner. 

She decides she'll figure it out later and walks into the house, still in uniform...running into Rufus, whom she never expected to be there.

Rufus doesn't know what to say at first. He can't stop staring at her. Bambi can't think of anything to say either. She's frozen, stunned, hardly able to breathe. She can hear her heart beating so loudly in her head.
Rufus: "Bambi...what is this? Why are you dressed like this?"
Bambi: ".....I'm so sorry, Rufie. I dream as a little girl was to become a cop. I wasn't going to interfere with your plans, I swear."
Rufus: "How do you not interfere with my plans by being in law enforcement?! A couple of my minions at work recently got hauled to the jailhouse by a female officer. Was that you?"
Bambi: "Maybe. I don't know.....oh, Rufus, please don't be so angry with me."
Rufus: "I was expecting you to stand by me and support me, Bambi. I truly thought...I thought you were with me all the way on this. But you've been working against me this whole time."
Bambi: "No, Rufus, it's not like that!"
Rufus: "If I can't even trust my own wife, who can I trust at all? You've betrayed me! What am I supposed to do now?"

Bambi: "Sniff...Rufus, I promise, I never intended to cross you. I want to support you in every way I can...I just tried to do that while still being involved in my dream at the same time."
Rufus: "...Why didn't you tell me that was your dream before we got married?"
Bambi: "I was afraid you wouldn't want to marry me if I told you."
Rufus: "....I can't deal with this now. Just leave me alone for a while, until I figure out what to do about this."
Bambi: "Sniff, sniff, oh Rufus, are you going me or something?"
Rufus: "No, Bambi, I lo--...I....I couldn' that to my own wife. There are...boundaries even this old Overlord won't cross. But...just leave me be. I need to get over this on my own."
Bambi: "I'm sorry, Rufus."

The next few days are filled with silence and tension. Bambi can hardly bring herself to look at her husband. She'd hoped she could go without him knowing about her occupation for a while longer, but she wonders now if it was even worth it. The hurt, the anger, the disappointment on Rufus' face is just too much for her to take. What if Rufus decides to divorce her? What if she will never be a part of Rufus' life again? She loves him far too much to leave him, even if he wanted her to. 

Rufus, meanwhile, tries to figure out what it all means. Why would his wife join law enforcement, knowing he was a criminal? Why would she join a career branch Rufus was planning to eradicate altogether? Why would she do something like this to him? 

And if she were willing to betray him in this manner, would she be willing to betray him in other areas? He knows all cops have partners. What if Bambi's partner is...another man? What if Bambi can't tolerate him anymore? What if she doesn't love him anymore? What if she doesn't respect him anymore?

Unable to think about it for long, Rufus decides to focus all his energy into Midnight.
Bambi and Dungeon, both uncomfortable with the tension in the house, choose to interact with only the toddlers for a while as well. At least Maiden and Midnight don't know what's going on. At least they can't judge yet.

The twin sisters' birthday rolls around and both age up into beautiful children. 

Maiden, not liking all the money spent on turning the house into a castle, becomes Frugal. There are better ways to spend money. She likes her mommy's ideas better than daddy's.
Midnight, on the other hand, develops a peculiar trait. It will surely aid in her development as an up-and-coming overlord. In fact, while the world begins to fear her father, they have much more to fear in the future from this little one. Our young Evil overlord has developed the trait Insane.
Ladies and gentlemen, the second generation of the Overlord household. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  1. Well -I- liked Addison House.

    When Rufus almost told Bambi he couldn't imprison her because he loved her my heart just broke. He DOES have feelings! <3 I hope they can figure things out.

  2. I love how Dungeon ended up with the Hopeless Romantic trait, that was so funny! Oh the horrors!

    Midnight is insanely cute. lol :P

  3. I also loved it that his firstborn son is "Emo" haha! (that'll teach ya Rufus!)

    I hope Rufus and Bambi can get through this minor bump in the road to world domination! :P

    I look forward to seeing how Midnight grows up, she's going to be awesome!

  4. I like Midnight already.

    Quite an interestingly diverse household. It was kind of sad how Bambi's secret of being in law enforcement leaked out so suddenly. I get the feeling the second generation will have a lot of problems to deal with.