Saturday, September 29, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Sixteen - All of You

Life is normal and yet a whirlwind for the occupants of Overlord Castle. Midnight continues to chip away at the military, stunning her superiors by her honest work and quick promotions. Jakkson has been finding insects, gems, and precious metals of higher value on his hunts.
Oliver's stylist work has been increasing in demand. Fortunately neither Oliver nor his client notice the Sim Deity left the walls down. (One of the Sim Deity's traits is Absent-Minded. I kid you not.)
Phantom's garden has begun to grow and blossom. He plants better quality seeds inside the fence and leaves the less-valuable plants outside, but still tends to them all.
When he's done with his plants and if he has spare time, he likes to play with the pea shooter. Such a timeless, childish pleasure.
Oliver and Jakkson laugh and bond during spare moments, but they don't dare tell each other their secrets. Oliver wonders how much tension would be in the house if Jakkson (or Phantom, although Oliver doesn't really consider Phantom) knew the relationship between him and Midnight. Oliver can pick up that Jakkson, as tense as he is around people, desires companionship and deals with loneliness. He'd probably feel even more rejected if he found out Oliver was seeing Midnight behind everyone's back.

Jakkson, meanwhile, keeps his own secret from Oliver. Perhaps Oliver and Phantom would be jealous at Jakkson being shown better treatment because of his relationship with Midnight. He doesn't need the entire house ganging up on him because of his status with her.
It's another day off for Midnight and today she's feeling headstrong...if not a little...well, horny.

She's decided today is the day. Today is the day she gets what she wants, and she won't take no for an answer.

Oliver leaves for work and Phantom flies off to sell his produce and honey. Jakkson walks outside, but Midnight catches him before he transforms to a wolf.
Midnight: "Jakkson. We're all alone right now. You wouldn't really think of running off and leaving me here, would you?"
Jakkson: "Well...I have to go hunt, you know. It's one of the responsibilities you gave me."
Midnight: "That's true...but you can go hunt a little later. I've got some other responsibilities for you right now."
Jakkson: "...You know we're on the front lawn. People can see us."
Midnight: "Who cares? It's not like anybody ever talks to us. I swear, sometimes you don't talk enough and sometimes you talk too much. I don't know whether to pry your mouth open or gag you."
Jakkson: "I don't think I'd be offended if you did either. I know I can be awkward..."
Midnight: "Not just awkward. You're stiff all the time. Relax, darling."
Midnight: "...There. Feeling better?"
Jakkson: "It's almost weird. It doesn't feel normal to not be tensed up. Ever since that wolf bite..."
Midnight: "You think you're so strange and disgusting because you're a werewolf. I don't think so at all. This is Moonlight Falls and werewolves are becoming more accepted here."
Jakkson: "I will never accept this curse. I would give everything just to be normal again."
Midnight: "I, on the other hand, hope you never do. I doubt I'd like you half as much. You're intriguing as a werewolf."
 Jakkson breathes in and focuses on the way Midnight's hand feels on his cheek. She's so soft and gentle. He never thought anyone would ever want to do this with him, especially after becoming a monstrous werewolf. But here, Midnight doesn't even care? How can she not be disturbed by it? Jakkson himself has never come to terms with it.

Funny. When Jakkson was first kidnapped by Midnight, he'd thought it was one of the worst things that could happen. Here he was, enslaved and forced to do manual labor for a cruel woman who'd deceived him and took advantage of him. Now, she's a woman who doesn't care about his werewolf state, who touches him softly, who even seems to care about him.
Midnight: "You've got to go hunting in a little while. I'm going to take a quick shower...and I think you should join me."
Jakkson loses all sense of what he should and should not do. He considers himself lucky just to have this happen at all. Fed up with the seclusion, fed up with the loneliness, Jakkson gives himself to Midnight without looking back.
Jakkson howls and runs off to hunt, a lighter spring in his step. Meanwhile Phantom flies back from the shop, collecting the money he gained from his goods. Midnight catches him as he comes in the door. Sure, Phantom can be...painfully annoying at times, but Midnight decides he's a challenge she wants to overcome. He's not a bad-looking fairy...

Midnight: "You've been bringing in good money from your produce, Phantom. I applaud you."
Phantom: "Oh, that's nothing. Did you hear about the toilet exploding on Jakkson yesterday? I set a trap on the toilet!"
Midnight: "That's...quite clever of you."
Phantom: "I actually intended it for you, but it was okay. The glare Jakk gave me was so worth it."
Midnight: "Well...I wish it had happened to me too."
Phantom: "...Really?"
Midnight: "You know, I don't feel I spend enough time with you, Phantom."
Phantom: "...You really don't. You always tell me to go do something else."
Midnight: "Well...I apologize for that. You deserve a lot better than that."
Phantom feels this weird tingly feeling inside when Midnight hugs him. It's even more tingly and happy than doing tricks and playing pranks, and there's nothing Phantom loves more than doing tricks and playing pranks. What is this strange feeling?
Midnight: "You know, I kind of like you, Phantom."
Phantom: "...I feel all warm and fuzzy inside."
Midnight: "Well, Phantom. I think you might like me too."
Phantom: "Well, of course I like you, Midnight."
Midnight: "No, I mean...deeper than that."
Phantom: "You mean Mama Pixie told me she doubted I would ever fall in love with anyone other than myself."
Midnight: "Well, I can't describe exactly how you feel.'s a wonderful feeling, hmm?"
Phantom: "...It makes me really happy! Wheehee!"
Midnight: "Oh, good grief, Phantom..."
Phantom: "You're so much fun!"
Midnight: "It's a good thing I got my strength in the military. Otherwise I think I might've dropped you."
Phantom: "No, Pixies have lighter bone structures. I'm easy to carry. It's those fat Dryads you have to worry about."
Midnight: "Well, regardless....I want you."
Phantom: "You want me to what?"
Midnight: "....I want to make love to you, Phantom."
Phantom: "Make love? How do you make love? Is that a special trick? Can you teach me how to do it?"
Midnight: "Oh, yes, Phantom, I can teach you. Of course, we have to go to my bed to do it."
Phantom: "Why? What does a bed have to do with creating love?"
Midnight: "No, no, making love. It's where we get into bed..."
Phantom: "Uh huh..."
Midnight: "And take off all our clothes..."
Phantom: "...Huh?"
Midnight: "And your man bits and my lady bits come together..."
Phantom: "AAAAAAAAGH!!!"
Midnight: "What?!"
Phantom: "NO!! NO NO NO! Mama Pixie gave me this lesson before! She called it SEX!"
Midnight: "...Yes, Phantom. That's what making love is."
Phantom: "Making love?! Mama Pixie always told me sex is what you do when you're in love and you want to make baby fairies!"
Midnight: "No, Phantom, you don't just....sigh. You don't just have sex to make babies, it's a pleasurable experience. I don't want a baby fairy any more than you do."
Phantom: "But you can accidentally make a baby fairy by having sex."
Midnight: "Phantom. The odds of that are slim."
Phantom: "That's what Mama Pixie always said, and then out popped me!"
Midnight: "....You know what, I don't know what I was thinking. Clearly your brain is nowhere near ready to handle any form of adult responsibility. Including sex."
Phantom: "You thought I could handle adult responsibilities?!?"
Frustrated with that awkward interchange with Phantom (and feeling stupid for ever trying to pursue him in any form), Midnight busies herself with working out and tinkering around on objects. She successfully upgrades the stove to make it fireproof, then turns as the door opens. To her delight, Oliver has come back home from work. Oliver gives her a little smirk, then immediately heads upstairs to put away his portfolio. He had some good jobs today. Unable to suppress a smile herself, Midnight comes up the stairs after Oliver.

The dark lighting and the full moon begin to turn Midnight on. She looks at Oliver and immediately knows she doesn't want to wait for what she wants. Oliver turns to speak to her and is immediately silenced when Midnight jerks him into her grip.
Oliver: "...I'm assuming you have plans for me tonight."
Midnight: "I do. And you're not refusing me this time. If I have to tie your wrists to the bed, I'm having all of you tonight."
Oliver: "Well, I don't think you'll have to worry...
...I'm more willing tonight."
Midnight: "Good. I won't have to get too violent with you then."
Oliver and Midnight enjoy their sultry evening in between the sheets. Jakkson is out finishing up his hunt. But where is Phantom? Midnight only saw him leave the castle shortly before Oliver arrived.

At the alchemy shop this afternoon, Phantom discovered a jukebox. It's even better than the jukeboxes in the fairy houses. Phantom shows up and doesn't care who's in the shop or who's looking at him.
It's time to do the Smustle and ain't nobody going to stop him.

Author's note: I'm pretty sure the pic of Phantom doing the Smustle is my favorite pic I've ever taken in the Sims. It's so perfect for his personality.

And yes, Midnight's definitely taking advantage of her male companionship. I couldn't get her together with Phantom, though. Phantom's way too innocent yet and I couldn't bear to rob him of that. So Middie's only sleeping with Jakk and Oliver - Phantom's not in that equation.

I have a bit of a confession to make...I know as an author I really have to focus equally on characters and not play favorites. And truth be told, I genuinely love every one of the characters - they're all very different but yet very fun to play and develop. But honestly, I have fallen head over heels in love with Phantom. I threw him in as a pesky fairy and he was actually the least developed new character that I brought in (I hadn't thought too much about his personality and story, just that he was a bit of a prankster), and just the way that his character has gone and the way that he interacts with the story (even on free will!) has made my heart completely melt for him. I'm actually developing his story even further in my mind, but I'm trying to decide how much of that I'm going to incorporate into this story.

I am considering saving his character and then at some point (maybe after this legacy is done, maybe when I've gotten to the later generations of this legacy) I might bring Phantom back out and focus completely on his story, from birth to young adulthood, in a separate story. I'll have to see. But I know this second generation will have to end eventually and I think it's going to hurt even more to say goodbye to Phantom than it was to say goodbye to Rufus.

Anyways. Next chapter there's tons of drama - you don't want to miss it! Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


  1. To be honest, Phatom's my favourite too. I imagine he would even be the kind to enjoy Midnight's threats of gags and handcuffs~ *Eyebrow wiggle*.

    I foresee a baby in Midnight's near future. And I am soooo excited for the drama. >: D You bring out my inner evil overlord.

  2. Hehehe, I love Phantom too! His reaction when Midnight was suggesting sex was absolutely priceless!

  3. Phantom may not be in the equation but the bit where Midnight tries to add him to the equation was priceless!

  4. Well I already said in several previous chapters that Phantom has won my complete utter devotion to fairy-fandom! I can completely understand why Midnight's attempts to seduce him failed however, as sad as it makes me that he likely will not be the father of the next Overlord heir haha!

    As for developing him further, sure, why not! You don't even have to take him out of the legacy for that. Side plots and secondary families are often an important part of many storytellers legacies that I love. Like calisims Brannons, even though Elliott is the true heir, his brother Farrell is having a grand adventure and plays a very important role in the story. CeCe's got tons of great side characters who come and go. That's the beauty of twisting the plot how you (The deity who decides their 'fate') gets to have some control over! While you're limited the rolls you got, whatever happens on the side is completely fair game!

  5. Phantom is a very fun character! :) I love reading about him.

    Midnight is juggling 2 guys who live in the same house with her---I wonder how long that secret will keep---I wonder if Phantom will be the one to spill the beans, on accident, in his childish way---lol :D

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  7. "Mama Pixie gave me this lesson before! She called it SEX!" I agree with your decision to preserve Phantom's innocence - if nothing else, the alternative would shatter one of his most precious character assets. It was pretty funny watching Midnight try to "persuade" him, though.

  8. Phantom's awesome, but I'm really fond of Jakkson myself. Oliver's too stuffy for my tastes, but Jakk seems so sweet and fragile. I hope he's the baby daddy... =D

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