Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Addison House - Finale

Welcome to the finale of the Addison House, a show where strangers try to survive themselves and each other in a haunted house, all for the chance to win $50,000. Nearly two months ago, eight contestants stayed in this house; now there are only two.

Tasks were done, prizes were fought for, yet hearts were broken and tears were shed. Amie, Saki, Stefan, Lara, Alyssa, and Dewayne all fell short of a coveted spot in the Addison House finale. Science-loving Rocco and sculptor Lucas have pushed through with their hard-working hands, smooth tongues, and sheer determination. Now only one question remains: which man is strong enough to win?

Rocco was one of the harder workers during tasks, winning Immunity once and coming in the Top 3 in scores several times. He was also very careful and only broke an appliance once - after he had earned a Free Pass, thus Rocco has been the only contestant to never visit the cellar in the game. Rocco also worked hard to earn another Free Pass, and when money-earning was cut off, he was $9 away from earning yet another one. On top of his hard work, Rocco began making friends and raising relationships early, allowing him to survive week by week fairly safely. "It's all logic," he says. "If you have the brains, you can win any competition, even this one. I'm confident that I'll take home the money." Rocco has certainly performed to match his assertion. He's been one of the toughest contestants to compete against thus far - how much of a fight will he put up in the final round?

Lucas was practically the dark horse of the competition. Although he managed to stay out of debt for the most part, he never even came close to earning enough money for a Free Pass. All considering, he was pretty careful with his appliances as well - he did have one incident where he clogged the toilet twice within 72 hours, but avoided the cellar otherwise. Lucas performed tasks adequately enough, though rarely making the Top 3 scores and never winning Immunity. He also picked and chose which relationships to work on rather than increasing them all equally like Rocco did - although Lucas got along famously with Alyssa and Rocco, he made little effort to patch up strongly disliked relationships with Stefan and Dewayne. During the last couple weeks of the competition, however, Lucas made an incredible run for the money, winning Tiebreaker's Vote on Week 6 and initiating a best friend relationship with Rocco to ensure Rocco would not vote to eliminate him. "I came here for the money and I knew I'd have to work hard for it," Lucas says. "I wasn't entirely sure of myself when I first got here, but each week I survived, I realized that I could do this. I mean, why not me? I know I can win this, and I'm going to give it everything I have." Will Lucas's momentum sustain him in this final week?

This week's task requires our final two contestants to play (and win) games against each other. It is best of five - thus, a contestant must win three of the games to be the champion and take home $50,000. The games, in this order, are: Shuffleboard, Chess, Sim Gnubb, and Darts. If, by the end of those games, the contestants are two and two, the final "game" will be a fistfight. Whoever wins the fight, wins the money.

And here we have our contestants in a staredown. Put on your tough faces, guys!
Rocco: It's been good getting to know you, Lucas...but it ends here. Brains triumph over brawn any day, and frankly, I don't know that you have either.
Lucas: Hard work always beats talent if talent doesn't work hard, Rocco. I will not back down. You're getting the fight of a lifetime out of me.
Rocco: True, I may not take home the $50,000 without a fight from you...but I'm taking it home anyway. I know I've got what it takes to win.
Lucas: As do I. Your brains can't beat my determination.
The contestants eat a power breakfast of organic waffles.
Rocco puts the leftovers away (or at least attempts to, having to wait on Asher Addison's ghost to quit possessing the fridge) and gets ready to combat his foe in Shuffleboard.
And here we are at the Shuffleboard table, ladies and gentlemen, with our two contestants getting ready. This is a game all about concentration and great control over one's arm strength. The goal: to slide one's pucks as close to the other end of the table as possible without throwing it off, knocking the opponent's puck off the end if possible. The game starts with Lucas!
Hmm, Lucas is off to a decent start, not as best as he could have done. Let's see Rocco.
Ah, he's doing much better. He already has a puck safely on the one-point space. This might be an exciting game, folks!
It's getting towards the end of the first game and Rocco is currently winning. He seems pretty excited - and for good reason!
Rocco: Aw, Lucas, what was that? That was a trash shot!
Lucas: You have three freaking pucks down there and I couldn't hit ONE off?!
It's looking like the first game might be awarded to Rocco...but wait...Lucas has made a couple good moves. Now he has TWO pucks in the three-point space! Oh my goodness! Unbelievably Lucas is catching up...and now the game is over...and it's a...TIE?!? Lucas roared up at the end (as he's known to do) and tied the Shuffleboard game 11-11.
Rocco: What do we do in the event of a tie?
You play again until someone wins!
Rocco: But I have to use the bathroom.
Lucas: All this concentration on Shuffleboard has made me sweat. I need a shower.
Rocco, Lucas: Fine.
This game appears to be going much the opposite. Lucas has pulled into the lead. The game is nearing an end. Will Rocco have a roaring comeback like Lucas did in the previous game? Will we have ANOTHER tie game?!
No! We will not! Lucas has won the Shuffleboard game, 11-6! The first victory goes to our little emo kid who's one step closer to moving out of his parents' basement.
Rocco: That was a fluke! I was nervous!
Lucas: I thought you didn't allow emotions to influence you, Rocco. All logic, remember? Told you I had it in me.
Let's give the contestants some food and some rest so they can have a clear mind for tomorrow's game. The outcomes could be dramatically different. Will Lucas' momentum send him soaring to another victory? Or will Rocco tap into his brain and figure out a fool-proof way to win?
It's bright and early (well, not so bright, but very early) and the contestants are up for their next game: Chess. Although they had a task (and other money-making opportunities after the task) that involved gaining the logic skill, they were limited to telescope use and tinkering with the chemistry table. None of the contestants have sat down to a game of chess, which requires just as much practice to win as logic skill. However, if an edge were to be given in this match, it would be Rocco, who has one whole point of logic higher than Lucas.
Both men are thinking very deeply about their moves. This could be a long game. Rocco is talking quite frequently during the game while Lucas has been largely silent. Is Rocco nervous and has to talk to himself to calm down? Or is it a strategic move to throw off Lucas' concentration?
Rocco: Alright, I think I've got this. Any way he moves, I'm going to get him stuck.
Hmm. This is not a good position for Lucas. Rocco seems to have the board figured out. Lucas has been thinking for a long time.
Lucas: .....Ah!
My goodness, Lucas. Your eyes are almost as big as Crack Dog's.
Lucas: You didn't notice this over here. Checkmate, by the way.
Checkmate? Has Lucas really beaten Rocco again - especially at a game leaning in Rocco's favor? Indeed, Lucas' cunning move has won him his second game. This is a pretty bad sign for Rocco. He needs to win the next three in order to win Addison's House. Is it possible? Very, very possible. However, Lucas has the significant advantage at this point. Will the dark horse complete his ride to victory, or does our little brainiac have a strategy up his sleeve to stop him?
Good morning everyone. The sun hasn't quite risen yet, but the contestants are up ready to face the third game in the series: Sim Gnubb. It's an outdoor game involving throwing a baton at little figurines to knock them down. Once all five figurines on the opponent's side has been knocked down, one has to aim at the King Gnubb in the middle. Knocking down the King wins the game. Once again, concentration is key. Apparently our contestants are getting their jitters out early - their first couple practice throws have gone straight up and landed back on their heads. Rocco is set to go first. He gets three shots, and so could potentially knock down three Gnubbs. Here he goes...
Oh, no. He didn't knock down ANY Gnubbs. Now it is Lucas' turn. How will his concentration fare?
Rocco, this isn't good for you, buddy. Two of Lucas's three throws knocked down Gnubbs. Will Rocco return the damage? Here's the baton, Rocco!
An excellent recovery! Rocco has knocked down three Gnubbs on three throws! We've got a tight game on our hands! It is now Lucas' turn.....and he has knocked down one more. He and Rocco are now tied, each with two more Gnubbs to knock down.
We're getting close to a winner! Rocco has knocked down all of Lucas' Gnubbs! He now has to aim for the large King Gnubb in the middle. Knocking him down will give Rocco another day to fight for the $50,000. Rocco has one more throw left before he ends his turn. Is this the start of Rocco's big comeback? Will he take this game and then soar through the next two?
Here he goes, he's ready to throw! Annnd.......he misses! Rocco misses the King Gnubb, giving another chance to Lucas. And here comes Lucas, getting ready to throw...
It appears as if Rocco is giving Lucas a look of utter disgust and horror - which is quite understandable! Lucas, in three throws, has knocked over his last two Gnubbs, and upon his next turn, he can try for the King Gnubb. But before it can get to him, it's Rocco's turn. He has three tries to knock over the King. Here's his first try....nope, it's a miss. Try Number Two.....oh, almost! It shook the King! Will the third try do it?......NO! It won't! It's now Lucas' turn! Can he pull it off? Will Lucas win his third game straight and automatically take home the victory? This could be it, folks!
Here's his first try...the baton has left his hand...will he do it? Will he knock over the King?
The King is down!! Ladies and gentlemen, We! Have! A! Winner! Lucas has swept the last three games, surging through on momentum that has been building each week. Unbelievable! The dark horse became unstoppable in the final week!
Lucas: Oh my gosh, I actually did it. I won! I just won Addison's House!
You certainly did, Lucas. And what a grand finish!
Well, ladies and gentlemen, after seven weeks of watching eight delightful Sims take their residence in the Addison House, we have finally encountered our winner. Lucas did all the right things and started his power surge at just the right time and will walk away from the Addison House $50,000 richer than when he came.
Before we talk to our winner, let's get a final interview from our runner-up, Rocco.
It's been tremendous fun watching you to this point, Rocco. You've been a fierce competitor - one of the fiercest on the show, I must say - and you had fight in you even until the end.
Rocco: I guess so. I really thought I had the money, though. I couldn't imagine being beaten by some kid who just barely entered young adulthood.
He certainly had plenty of determination. But it was very inspiring to watch your hard work and how you used your brain to complete each task. What have you taken away from your time at the Addison House?
Rocco: Well, everybody seems to like talking about eco-friendly stuff.
I...noticed that too.
Rocco: But really, although I really wanted to take home the money, I don't regret any of it. I learned a lot about myself and about other people while staying here on the show, how I and other people react to being crammed in one building that's supposedly haunted.
(Off camera) Asher: "Supposedly"?
Rocco: Well, okay, it's haunted. But I can't fault myself for not working hard enough to get this far, to be able to be runner-up. I gave it all I could. I even made some friends, which I didn't anticipate would happen. I'm kind of glad for Lucas. He actually turned out to be pretty nice. I hope we can remain friends.
We're happy, Rocco. There was no doubt in our minds that you were giving your best. Good luck on your future endeavors, Rocco.
Lucas! How are you feeling?
Lucas: How do you think I'm feeling? I'm about to get handed a $50,000 check! I'm just...absolutely blown away right now. I can't believe this is actually happening.
Earlier you expressed that you weren't entirely confident with yourself when you first entered the show. We noticed you laid pretty low during the first half of the season. Can you describe exactly what gave you the confidence to start pushing for the finish like you did?
Lucas: I really thought I'd be one of the first ones voted off, honestly. I mean, not everybody gets my look and especially when I had run-ins with Amie, Stefan, and Dewayne early on, it wasn't looking good. Dewayne actually lasted a really long time, which kind of scared me. But I just realized that I had as much right to believe that I could win this competition as anyone else had. I felt a little intimidated by Rocco and Dewayne and...well, even Alyssa because they all did so well on the tasks. But I just started trying really hard and now, well, here I am.
So remind everybody what you're going to do with the money?
Lucas: I am going to find a nice apartment and move out of my parents' basement. They love me, but they want me out already! And, I mean, who knows...maybe I can plan a really nice date for Alyssa. I miss her quite a bit.
You're quite the charmer, Lucas. Any last remarks, Lucas?
Lucas: Not really. Just thanks to everyone who was rooting for me at home! *blows kiss*

And that's all, folks. Goodnight and thank you for watching the finale of the Addison House.


  1. SO COOL. I was rooting for Rocco, though. lol

  2. Just got around to reading this I thought it was great. Hope to see another season maybe.

  3. I just read this, and it was an awesome read! Now I kind of want to play this challenge, but I'd hoped to do an apocalypse challenge after I finish the random legacy, haha.