Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Nine - Prepare Ye The Way Of The Overlord

Having saved up enough extra money, the Overlords decide to finally add a second story to their home. It's certainly not enough to make it a castle yet, but at least Dungeon, Maiden, and Midnight don't have to crowd into one room anymore. They need the extra room for sleeping space and another bathroom - they don't yet have enough extra money to spend on more possessions. Here are the stairs going up, the hallway and open room (which leads to a balcony that is not pictured), the bathroom, Dungeon's bedroom, and the twin sisters' bedroom.

Midnight's nature shines through everyday. There's no doubt to anyone she's Daddy's Girl. She's been known to torment her twin sister...
...and booby-trap the kitchen sink...
...which results in something like this.
Midnight's also very fond of "presiding over the royal court." Rufus loves watching her do it. He knows he's getting older and if he can't have a castle in his lifetime, then he certainly hopes Midnight will have one in hers.
Midnight: "Listen to me, minions! You will build me a dungeon in three days and you will start now! No breaks for lunch! No pay raises! In fact, why do I pay you at all?! Work! Work! Work! Come on, you lazy bunch of maggots! Don't make me beat you with my scepter!"
Dungeon: "Dad, can you please make her shut up?"
Rufus: "Don't make me beat you with her scepter."

Midnight also, without any initiative from her father, has begun to terrorize the town. Her father is already well-known (and well-feared) for being a super villain. The town is already feeling uneasy about his heir.
Stranger: "Aww, you're dressed so cute. Do you like playing princess?"
Midnight: "Woman, your peasant face isn't even fit to gaze at my royalty."
Stranger: "What? How dare you--"
Midnight: "Shouldn't you be doing dishes or something? The kitchen needs you. Shoo."

While Midnight terrorizes the playground, Dungeon quietly watches her, staying hidden away on the playground equipment.
He's not sure what to think of his life, his family, or even himself. He knows his mother loves him, but his father is so disappointed. Dungeon knows typically the firstborn in the household is the heir in their society. In fact, if the firstborn doesn't become the heir, it's usually because they did something horrifically shameful. Dungeon hasn't done anything wrong. In fact, that's why he's not the heir. He tries to keep a tough face, but every day his father's words still sting.
Dungeon: "Hey dad, I made the honor roll today."
Rufus: "Oh, and I suppose you want a bumper sticker now."
Dungeon: "What in...? I said nothing about a bumper sticker. I was just informing you--"
Rufus: "Honor roll, schmonor roll! The only rolls I like are the kinds I can eat! And even then, I don't like whole wheat."
Dungeon: "Why can't you ever be proud of me?"
Rufus: "Because then I'd have to put it on a bumper sticker."

Dungeon wishes he could make his father proud of him for once, but he knows he doesn't agree with his father's ambitions at all. In fact, Dungeon's even more nervous of what the world will come to when Midnight is in charge. He's been trying to keep a good relationship with her (which he's been successful at), hoping he might rub off on her. But she seems just as determined to further world domination as their father. Dungeon wonders if he should perhaps join law enforcement like his mother, only with the specific intent of stopping his little sister. Yes, it would damage familial relationships, but it might save the world.

Just as he's thinking of his future, Midnight climbs up with him.
Dungeon: "What are you looking for, Middie? Cool rocks? I found a couple earlier."
Midnight: "No, silly. I'm looking for people that I can capture and make into my minions once I inherit overlordship."
Dungeon: "...sigh. I worry about you, Midnight. I don't....I don't agree with your ambitions."
Midnight: "I know you don't. But there's really nothing you can do about it. Don't worry about anything, I'll make sure no one picks on you when I grow up. I like you, Dungeon."
Dungeon: "...Thanks, Midnight."

Back at home in the meantime...
Maiden: "Hey daddy? Can we buy a seesaw? They don't have one at the playground and I really want one."
Rufus: "....Who are you again?"
Maiden: "Uh...I'm Maiden? Your daughter?"
Rufus: "....Hmm. Are you sure we didn't adopt you from Sweden or someplace like that? You don't look like an Overlord child."
Maiden: "Dad. Midnight's my twin sister."
Rufus: "But Midnight has black hair."
Maiden: "And Mom has blonde hair!"
Rufus: "...Do you suppose the Abominable Snowman lives in Sweden?"
Maiden: "What does any of this have to do with a seesaw?!"

Maiden: "Mom, I think dad's lost his mind. He thinks I'm from Sweden."
Bambi: "Sweden? For the longest time, he asked if I was from Norway."
Maiden: "That's not the point, mom!"
Bambi: "I know, sweetie, I know. Daddy's just...he's got a lot on his mind right now. I'll talk to him about it."

Bambi doesn't want to talk to her husband, though. The tension has still been thick in the air. She hasn't had the courage to talk to him for days. He hasn't served her with divorce papers yet, hasn't yelled at her, has still been sleeping in the same bed as her. But he seems a million miles away. She's not looking forward to this talk.

Bambi approaches him by the window, this fateful area where he first discovered she worked in law enforcement. She hasn't quit that job just yet.
"Rufus, I wanted to talk to you about--"
Rufus: "Oh Bambi! Thank heavens you're talking to me again."
Bambi: "What? asked me to leave you alone for a while."
Rufus: "I know I did. But...I don't like being alone without you, Bambi. World domination is pointless if I don't have the support of my own wife. I know I'm...I'm a hard man to be with sometimes. Occasionally. Maybe two or three times out of the year. But...please...forgive me for being so angry with you, Bambi. I know you would never purposely cross me and try and stop my plans. You've always been supportive. I've decided...sigh...I've decided I'm okay with you staying in law enforcement as long as you wish. I have my dreams and ambitions and it's only fair to let you have yours too."
Bambi: "Oh, Rufie..."
Rufus: "So, please, Bambi...will you be my supportive wife again? Will you forgive me?"
Bambi: "I will, Rufus."
 Rufus: "Thank you, Bambi. I lo..."
Bambi: "Say it, Rufus."
Rufus: "Say what? I wasn't going to say anything."
Bambi: "Yes you were. You have to say it, Rufus."
Rufus: "...I like you."
Bambi: "No, Rufie, that's not it."
Rufus: "Okay, fine. I love you."
Bambi: "I love you too, Rufus. I always have and I always will."
Rufus: "Good. I'm glad I've made that up to you."
Bambi: "Well, there's still one thing you could do to make me completely happy with you again..."

 Rufus: "...If any of my coworkers see me like this, they're going to throw a spunkball through the window the next time I stop at a red light. Why did I ever agree to this..."
While Rufus is out mastering his athletic skill at the gym, the Sim Deity has placed in Bambi's mind the desire to make sushi. As this Sim Deity is not omnipresent, she momentarily checked on Rufus for a few minutes. Then she returns to find Bambi not making sushi, but goopy carbonara on the stove. The last time she attempted this meal, she caught the kitchen on fire (much to the delight of baby Dungeon). She seems to be doing okay this time, though...maybe I'm just paranoid.
....Or not.
The fireman comes to the rescue again, only this one's a vampire and not that quick at putting out fires. The last stove fire only damaged the stove. This one (with Bambi's assistance after the fireman wasn't putting out the fire fast enough) resulted in all this.
Yes, flee, fireman. Flee in shame, as all this is the result of your incompetence.
It is the morning of all mornings. Three birthdays are to be celebrated this evening - Rufus, Midnight, and Maiden. Unlike his previous birthday, it seems Rufus is beginning to accept the fact that he isn't invincible. He is actually aging and he actually has need of an heir.

Before he leaves to get ready for work, Rufus decides to talk to his heir.
 Rufus: "Midnight...I have something to talk to you about. We both have birthdays today. You're going to be a teenager, and I....I'm going to turn old."
Midnight: "...Dad, don't talk like that. You won' won't really be old. Not inside, anyway."
Rufus: "Eh, maybe. Regardless, I am getting older, Midnight. Soon I'll be....well, I won' here anymore. Then my plans, my ambitions for world domination...they'll go to you. Are you...prepared to take this on? Do you wish to carry on in my footsteps?"
Midnight: "Of course I do, daddy."
Rufus: "Bank heists, town decimation, ruling all of Moonlight're willing to take all of this on?"
Midnight: "Yes, dad. You don't have to worry. I'm going to carry on your legacy, and I'll pass it on too! Then when your ghost comes around, we'll have a castle with a moat built around it, and we'll own the world. I promise I'll do my best, daddy!"
Rufus: "You're a good little girl. Well, I're an evil little girl, but...good in my...eyes...BAHH! I don't know how to say that!"
Midnight: "It's okay, dad."
Rufus: "...Tonight I plan on doing it. I'm going to become the Emperor of Evil and my overlordship will be established. But I don't have control of all the little details of the town, just general power. It'll be up to you to start capturing and controlling the town. Now, let's go into the bedroom. I have my genius notes there. I'll show you everything that I want to happen."
Rufus: "So, do you understand everything? Are you ready? The time will come sooner than you think. We all only have a little over a month and a half to live, you know."
Midnight: "I'm ready, dad. I promise I'll make you proud."
 Rufus: "You have my blessing, Midnight. My wishes, my ambitions...they're all handed down to you. I've prepared the way as much as I can."
Midnight: "Your ambitions are my ambitions, daddy. I love you."
Rufus: " you a lot, Midnight."
Evening rolls around and the aging begins. Midnight goes first, adopting a style that fits her chilling, evil personality. She just looks like someone you'd shudder at if she walked by you on the street. She also acquires the Supernatural Fan trait. She hopes to work with supernaturals in the some way...
 Maiden goes next. In sweet harmony with her other traits, Maiden becomes Family-Oriented. She adopts a peppy, sweet style reminiscent of a fairy.
Rufus enters elderhood after he gets off work. The timing is perfect. His lifelong dream has been accomplished. His reign over the world has just begun and has acquired its first strong foothold.
He is Rufus Overlord, the Emperor of Evil.


  1. Love this legacy, very interesting and like to see where it goes from here. Although to be honest, I wouldn't shudder if I walked by Midnight, if I was her age (Teen) I would probably check her out or smile. Maybe add some dark makeup or something to make her scary or evil? Just a suggestion of course hehe.

  2. Midnight is hilarious!
    Rufus and Bambi are adorable,m but don't tell him I saidthat.

  3. Congratulations to Rufus! Er...I think. I love the contrast of Maiden and Midnight - and Midnight is properly awesome as a heir. Rufus and Bambi are actually kind of sweet together, aren't they?

  4. Yay Rufus--he achieved Emperor of Evil! He and Bambi are a darling couple. :)

  5. Love the opposing opposites of Midnight and Maiden - very cool Good vs. Evil type twins haha!

    Congratulations on achieving Emperor of Evil Rufus!!

  6. So it has begun. This town has officially been put on notice. The excrement has hit the fan for these peasants. Rufus has become the Emperor of Evil, and his heir has entered puberty. The same excrement that hit the fan is about to go down.

    And the variety within the family (Good vs. Evil) really brings this all out. I'm looking forward to where this is going.