Monday, September 24, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Twelve - Quite Supernatural

"It's been a pleasure. Please do come again. You know how it is with fashion, always changing at an ever-quickening pace."

Oliver Portland says goodbye to his last client of the day, then returns to his desk to clean up some paperwork. It wasn't as hectic today as it has been the last few days. With graduation and prom being back to back, Oliver had been all booked up with makeovers. Fortunately things should start slowing down now.
Oliver: "Sigh. It feels like a stylist's day is never done sometimes. I'm actually rather glad I never became certified to be a tattoo artist as well, or else I'd never have any time to myself."

Saying goodbye to his coworkers, Oliver takes one more look around the salon to see that everything's in place. He stops to look into the mirror, something he is careful not to do when other people are around.
Oliver: "...Shame, really. I do hope I'm rather decent-looking."

It's an  interesting challenge to be a vampire working in a salon - so many mirrors to avoid, as nobody can see his reflection in them, a dead giveaway to his vampire nature. Oliver has managed to conceal his identity for the most part. Every morning he applies a special tanning lotion all over his body, a tedious process that allows his skin to look normal at least until evening. He's also learned how to retract his fangs to look like normal human teeth - it's extremely painful and takes much concentrated effort, but he's figured it out. Vampires are more accepted in Moonlight Falls than any other city (with perhaps the exception of Bridgeport, but Oliver would never want to live somewhere with so much pollution), but they're generally not trusted very well. Revealing his vampire nature might hurt his client base.

Oliver leaves the salon, but not to return home just yet. He hasn't visited the old secret archives underneath the library in a long time. He has a rather important decision to make tomorrow, and he'd like to see his horoscope without having to consult a fortune teller. He distrusts them more than he distrusts other vampires.
 Down and around the secret walls he goes, twisting and turning until finally he reaches the most special of bookcases.
Oliver: "Ah, it's certainly been a while. Now which book was it....? Ah yes, this one."
The bookshelf door opens up and Oliver walks through to visit his special place, the place he goes for wisdom and guidance. The room contains candles and a lamp surrounding the remains and the portrait of an old distant relative. She was said to be the wisest of vampires. Oliver believes her spirit assists him as he lights the candles.
Oliver: "There we are. Mm. I feel much calmer already."

Glancing down at his hands, Oliver notices them return to their original ghostly white color. Enduring the pain for a couple of moments, Oliver allows his fangs to come down as well. No sense hiding them here. His ancestor doesn't care that he's a vampire.

Walking over to the globe, Oliver touches it gently and closes his eyes, concentrating deeply to see his horoscope. The words come slowly and silently..."Know the way of the cow...lest the way of the lion overcome you..."
Oliver: "...Well. That certainly sounds ominous. I don't quite know how to interpret it off the top of my head."
Oliver: "So, which book will I need this time? Mm...this...? No, that didn't help me at all last time. I thought I made a note to burn that one. Where's the one on animal symbolism?....This? Yes, this one."
Oliver: "Alright, so...the cow symbolizes being alert to danger. The lion....the lion is symbolic for destruction. So know the way of the cow, that is, be alert to danger...lest destruction overtake me..."
Oliver thinks about the implications for the following day. He'd considered taking the day off from the salon to meet with an old friend that had stopped into town. He and Demitrius had grown up together, became best friends, graduated together...and were slain and turned by the same vampire together. That was many, many years ago. Oliver still doesn't feel like he fits in the century he's living in. Meanwhile, he and Demitrius lost touch, as Oliver took steps to become a fit citizen of society while Demitrius couldn't control his blood lust. Now Demitrius has promised he's changed. Oliver really wants to see him - he only has a few appointments tomorrow, one with Rufus Overlord's daughter Midnight which he really doesn't look forward to.

But what is the horoscope saying? What if Demitrius is lying? What if he attempts a vampire-on-vampire fight and Oliver loses - death would be long and agonizing. This may be the only warning he gets.

Oliver decides not to call off work. Yes, he'll have to deal with Midnight Overlord, the one who just inherited her father's evil maniacal position over the town, but at least he'll be safer that way.
Morning has broken. It's still dark outside, but the sun is just beginning to rise. Jakkson Smoak blinks his eyes awake, then lays completely still, startled at where he is. Why is he passed out next to a toilet? Where is he anyway?

Then it hits him, hits him so hard he swallows back down the vomit lurching up his throat. The rips in his clothes, the deep slashes on the walls, the hair all over the floor. It's been a full moon and he's locked himself in the bathroom. The shame, the terror, the disgust washes over his body. Slowly, trembling, he starts to get up.
He's terrified to look in the mirror. Has morning come yet? Has the full moon passed? Has he reverted or is he still that ugly, vicious, ruthless beast? Jakkson tries to take a deep breath, but has to swallow his vomit again. His heart beating like an Indian drum in his head, he gazes into the mirror.
Oh, thank heavens. He's a man again. Morning has come. He can release himself from his bathroom prison.

Slowly Jakkson lets himself out of the bathroom (he always hides the key in a tiny area where his human fingers can pick it out, but his brutish claw can't get to it) and walks across the lodge, trying to stop the trembling. There's no point in being scared now. He's back to being a human again and he doesn't have to worry about locking himself up for several more days. Making his way to the espresso machine, Jakkson fixes himself a cup of coffee.
He takes it outside and slowly sips it, savoring the hot and bitter taste on his tongue.
It's peaceful outside - it usually is at the lodge. Few people ever come here. Perhaps that's why no one's noticed Jakkson's been living here for the last month or so.

After his coffee is gone, Jakkson steps to the river and throws a couple of stones across the water.
He wonders what's on the other side of the river. One side of him wishes he could go explore. He's always been an outdoorsy fellow. His mother would have to plead with him to come play inside after constantly having to bathe him multiple times a day. He used to take nature walks frequently, stopping by fishing holes and forests to examine earth's natural beauty. It was on one of those nature hikes that everything in his life turned upside down.

He'd been so lost in the beautiful scenery of the forest that he hadn't noticed the wolf creeping nearby. In fact, he didn't notice it at all until intense pain seared through his leg. He hadn't disturbed it at all, yet the wolf firmly and viciously latched onto his leg. Jakkson beat it with his hands, causing the wolf to let go and relentlessly bite at his hands. After enough straight kicks to the face, the wolf finally ran off, but Jakkson was left with multiple bite wounds and blood pouring out of his leg and hands. He immediately went to see a doctor, who treated his gashes and sent him home. Jakkson thought that was the end of it. It wasn't until the full moon that he discovered the wolf had passed on the humiliating and deadly disease of lycanthropy to him.
Now his whole life is in shambles. It's not just every full moon that he turns into a werewolf - even anger and grief can bring about the transformation. He feels as if he's losing more control of himself with each day that goes by. He now stays away from people, refusing to get a job lest he transform while he's working and wreak destructive havoc. Because he has no job, he can't afford a home, so he stays at the lodge, locking himself in the bathroom every full moon. He waits and waits for a cure for lycanthropy to be found, but scientists aren't even close. His hopes of a normal life slowly slip away. Will he ever return to his former self? Quoth the raven, nevermore.

Yet there has been a flash of happiness in his life, as of late. Some nice young lady has been calling the phone at the lodge to talk with him. She says her name is Midnight. After several talks, Jakkson had finally confessed to her that he's a werewolf, so she might not be as interested to meet him. Much to his surprise, she's told him she's a werewolf too. Jakkson is confused, but elated at the same time. He's never met a female werewolf. Midnight seems to know and understand what he has to go through.
Jakkson thinks deeply. He can't deny that he loves the conversations he has with Midnight on the phone. Human contact (or werewolf contact) is something he fears to initiate himself, so he revels it when Midnight calls. Having confessed so much of himself to her, Jakkson wonders if he should meet her already. She's told him she wants to visit and that she might even come by today. But will she really understand him? How does he know she is who she says she is? Should he perhaps escape to the woods for the day to avoid her?
...But really, how bad can she be? Even if she isn't who she says she is, he's not just a man, he's a werewolf man. Does he really have anything to fear? Besides, if he doesn't take this chance, what would he be missing out on? Perhaps something even...romantic could happen.

Jakkson decides he'll stay. If she shows up, she shows up, and if she doesn't, she doesn't. He'll just have to wait and see.
The eastern fairy house at the arboretum has been rocking and rolling all night long. Of all the fairy houses at the arboretum, this one's definitely the loudest and the most mischievous. Most of that can be credited to the works of one fairy in particular.
There are helpful fairies who are happy to serve others, known as Brownies. There are inspirational fairies who seek to become one with nature, known as Dryads. There are even skilled warrior fairies, known as Elves. And then there are mischievous fairies that love nothing more than to have fun at everyone else's expense. They're called Pixies, and Phantom Felirae is a Pixie of all Pixies. His entire life is dedicated to having loads of fun and pranking as many people as possible. The more volatile a person reacts to the prank, the better.

Phantom looks around, noticing absolutely no one at the arboretum. Usually some people wander in trying to look for fairies (that is, until Phantom gets a hold of them and scares them off for the rest of their lives). Yet there's no one here now. That's so depressing.
 Phantom: "Well, then. If the victims won't come to me, I shall have to come to them. My magic pranking trigger finger is itchy!"

Phantom arrives at the park and tries to contain his squeal of delight. So many people to bother, so little time! Phantom scans each face, trying to find the cream of the crop. Then he finds her. The scowl on her grouchy face just makes him want to dance with glee. Wings flapping like crazy, Phantom zooms over to her.
Phantom: "Oh my! Hahaha! That cloud shape! That's the funniest thing I've seen in a while!"
Woman: "What? I don't see anything..."
Phantom: "You don't see anything? Not Hee hee hee!"
Woman: "What the heck are you doing?!"
Woman: " wretched, abominable Pixie! You deserve to just get locked up in a fairy house for the rest of your life! You horrible, dastardly, immature, pathetic, lousy, no-good, childish--"

As the woman rants on and on about all the terrible things Phantom is, he suddenly spots another goldmine. Who is that across the way? Is that one of the Overlords? Phantom walks away from the still screaming old woman to get a closer look. It is! It's Rufus' wife. Oh, what's her name...? Eh, no bother. Phantom turns into his tiny ball-of-light form and approaches Bambi Overlord. Oh, how he's always dreamed of playing a fairy trick on an Overlord!
Bambi: "Oh! Haha. Hello, little fairy. Alright, alright, that's enough. Why don't you show yourself now?"
Bambi: "Oh, goodness, you're close. Have you ever heard of personal space?"
Phantom: "Of course I have. I try to violate it as much as possible. Do you want to know why?"
Bambi: "Why?"
Phantom: "Well, come closer and I'll tell you."
As Phantom draws in, he formulates the "chattering teeth" magic in his fingers. Bambi, however, catches him doing it and forcefully blows it back into his face as it leaves his fingertips, blasting Phantom with a jet of freezing cold air.

Bambi: "Ha HA! Doesn't feel so good when your own tricks are turned on you, does it? Perhaps that will teach you to behave."
Phantom: "You're a c-c-cruel person. I was only d-d-doing it in f-f-fun."
Bambi: "Well, if it's not fun for you, then it wouldn't be fun for me either."
Phantom: "And you're the one who's in charge of this town? You're the overlord over it? You're not even a fun overlord."
Bambi: "Oh, no, Rufus handed leadership down. Our daughter Midnight has control now."
Phantom: "Your daughter? Is she here?"
Bambi: "No, I talked with her yesterday. She's going to the old lodge by the river to meet with friends."
Phantom: "The old lodge? You mean, the one that way?"
Bambi: "Yes, I suppose--"
Before Bambi can finish her sentence, Phantom flits away, headed for the old lodge. Sure, Bambi Overlord was no fun to prank, but he's heard great rumors about how evil and hot-tempered Midnight Overlord can be. How he hopes it's true! If he can manage to surprise her and light her fuse, it'll be the greatest prank of the century. He would officially be the most respected of the Pixies. Phantom can hardly contain his trembling of excitement as he zooms down the path to the lodge.
Oliver: "Hmm. She should be here about this time. She said very specifically she'd meet me here to go over what she wants before scheduling an appointment at the salon."
Voice: "...Midnight?"
Oliver: "WAAH! Who on earth are you?!"
Jakkson: "I think the more important question is, who are you? I've been here for the last...several hours."
Oliver: "I'm sorry, but this place is booked. I'm meeting one of my clients here in a few minutes and I was not expecting company."
Jakkson: "I've been here much longer than you. This place is not booked. You can call your client and meet elsewhere. What are you anyway, a realtor?"
Oliver: "No. I'm a stylist."
Oliver: "Speaking of which, what on earth happened to your clothes? It looks like you could use an appointment at the salon."
Jakkson: "It''s just my fashion style, okay? I'm fine with it."
Oliver: "Well, regardless, I'm meeting a client here. I would prefer for you to be off the premises, as it's a private meeting."
Jakkson: "I don't think so. I'm meeting a...friend here. We're not moving."
Oliver: "And what kind of friend would that be?"
Jakkson: "Her name's Midnight."
Oliver: "...Midnight? Midnight Overlord?"
Jakkson: "I don't know her last name. I just know her by Midnight."
Oliver: "You don't know who Midnight Overlord is? Where have you been? She's basically in charge of the town. You know, Rufus and Bambi Overlord's heir? She's the client I'm meeting. We're discussing new fashion ideas for her."
Jakkson: "This doesn't make sense. How can she be meeting you and meeting me at the same time?"
Suddenly the door opens behind them. Oliver and Jakkson immediately look, but rather than Midnight, they see a fairy walk through the door.
Jakkson: "Now who are you?"
Phantom: "No time for pleasantries. Is Midnight Overlord around here? I have exciting important business with her!"
Jakkson: "Join the club. We're expecting her too. I will repeat the question: who are you?"
Oliver: "Just the biggest pest the city of Moonlight Falls has ever housed."
Phantom: "Thanks! I try."
Jakkson: "Okay, guys, this is really starting to freak me out. I'm...I'm not getting angry. I am NOT getting angry. I'm just...confused. I have no clue who either of you are, yet we're all looking for the same person in the same location, and she isn't here."
Oliver: "That is...rather suspicious. She is an Overlord, after all. Her motives might not be the purest..."
Phantom: "I really hope she's in a bad mood when she gets here. It'll be so much more fun."
Jakkson: "I don't know. I just have a really bad feeling about this."
Oliver: "Maybe my horoscope meant something different than how I interpreted it."
Phantom: "...Is something tickling my wing?"


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