Saturday, September 29, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Fifteen - Naughty and Nice

Midnight has been blazing through the military ranks, already a Squad Leader influencing her power over other soldiers. Everything is going according to the plan she and her father had written out. At the rate she's going now, the military will be under her control in no time, and once she has the military, she has exponentially more power.

As hardworking as she is, she enjoys her days off. Sleeping in and lazing around the castle have become much more enjoyable. She's fierce and dedicated, but she can't deny the military is very hard work, especially on her body.

This particular morning off, though, she decides to get up early. She has a lot on her mind. To her surprise, Jakkson is awake as well.
Midnight: "Mm. I don't normally see you up this early."
Jakkson: "I went to bed early last night. I, uh...didn't want to deal with the zombies that kept stumbling onto the front lawn."
Midnight: "I hate the zombies. I wish the Sim Deity would just get rid of them."
Jakkson: "I'm sure she's trying."
Midnight: "...Hey, what are you doing this morning?"
Jakkson: "Um...just getting ready to hunt?"
Midnight: "...Come with me. I want to show you the military base. I think you'd like it."
Jakkson: "Oh, okay..."

Without really knowing why, Jakkson goes with Midnight to the military base. He immediately gets stiff. He's only begun to get used to interacting with the outside world in werewolf form. He feels strangely naked going out in public in his human form. Have I really locked myself up for this long? he wonders. Awkwardly, he gets out of the taxi to follow Midnight. So lost in his own thoughts, he doesn't even notice the way Midnight is looking at him.
 In fact, Midnight can't seem to get his attention at all. So she decides to wait until after they've toured the base. She actually finds it hopelessly boring (she has to see it everyday, after all), but Jakkson, after trying to get over his awkwardness, actually enjoys looking around. The military is full of strong, brave people, much stronger and braver than he feels he is. He wonders if something like the military would do him any good. Would he get stronger or would he just crumble? Curse this stupid lycanthropy. His life was just fine before the wolf bite.

Midnight: "So, did you enjoy the base? That's where I work everyday."
Jakkson: "I did, actually. It was very interesting. I've never really seen anything like it."
Midnight: "I get the feeling you haven't actually seen a lot."
Jakkson: "Not lately, anyway. I don't...I don't like being out in the open."
Midnight: "You'll have to get used to it. Seclusion isn't good for anyone. Why do you think I don't keep you cooped up in the castle all day?"
Jakkson: "....Why did you bring me here anyway? Why did you want me to see the base?"

Midnight surprises Jakkson by stepping close to him and leaning in to whisper in his ear. It actually scares the junk out of Jakkson, but he tries not to show it.
Midnight: "Do you want to know the real reason?"

Jakkson swallows and holds perfectly still as Midnight gently grabs his hand. The rush of emotions hits Jakkson like a ton of steel - all the sadness, the awkwardness, and most of all, the loneliness. Once bitten by the wolf, Jakkson hardly ever interacted with anyone. Now as Midnight gets close to him and touches him softly, he remembers how he felt when she first began calling him on the phone. The desire to be accepted, the desire to be respected, the desire to be loved is just overpowering. He's been lonely for such a long time.
Midnight: "Guess. Why don't you guess why I brought you here?"
Jakkson: "...I really don't know. I couldn't tell you what's going on in your mind. I don't...I don't really understand a lot of this and I don't...I mean, I don't really--"
Midnight effectively silences him. Jakkson feels like melting. The warmth of her lips on his sends icy cold and burning hot shivers down his spine. His heart feels like it's about to beat out of his chest. In all honesty, he hasn't been kissed since his senior high prom. It wasn't long after he graduated that he became a werewolf and went into seclusion. For the first time in a long time, he feels...he feels...
Midnight: "So how was that? Do you get it now?"
Jakkson: "I...think so...maybe...I'm a bit slow."
Midnight: "You're not slow, silly. You just need some retraining. Just step closer to me, and hold me like this."
Midnight: "There you go. Just like that. want to try this again?"
Jakkson: "I....I'm....there's people watching us. I think...I think we ought to get home. I have to start hunting, you know. Last couple of days haven't been that great..."

Midnight doesn't protest. She realizes Jakkson just feels too awkward and shy in public to be comfortable with her, especially concerning physical displays of affection. Perhaps later she can pin him down at home. She knows what she wants, after all, and what an Overlord wants, she gets.

Jakkson, meanwhile, kicks himself inside for ending the morning like this. Why did he push her away when he enjoyed being near her so much? What a brilliant idea, to offend her now just when his loneliness started to ease! On the other hand, though, Jakkson just does not feel comfortable in public just yet. Surely everyone can recognize him as a werewolf by his torn clothes, even in human form. What would they think of a pretty girl showing affection to a werewolf?

Why did that stupid wolf have to ruin everything for him?
As they travel back home, Midnight gets a phone call. It's from her mother, which is rather strange - Midnight doesn't have the best of relations with her mother.
Midnight: "Hello? Mom?"
Bambi: "...Hello, Midnight."
Midnight: "What's going on, Mom?"
Bambi: "It's...well, your father and I are at the cemetery right now. We've been here for a little while."
Midnight: "What are you doing there?"
Bambi: "...Midnight, your father doesn't...he doesn't have many.....He just wanted to look at the cemetery. He knows he'll be..."

Bambi can hardly speak and Midnight knows exactly what she means. Her stomach twisting and turning, Midnight catches the next taxi to the cemetery. She finds her father in front of the gates, still looking as good as ever, if only a little more tired.
Midnight, hoping to impress her father with all she's learned in the military, gives him a straight salute as she approaches him.
Rufus: "Haha...hi, Middie."
Midnight: "....Dad. What are you doing here?"
Rufus: "...You know, Midnight. You know why I'm here."
Midnight: "Dad...surely there's another way. Surely there's...something...."
Rufus: "...I just wanted to say goodbye to you, Midnight. You're my beloved daughter and I've heard great things about what you're doing in the military. Taking charge already! I'm very proud of you."
Midnight: "But it's not goodbye, Daddy. Please..."
Rufus: "Midnight, you have to accept it. It's...part of life. My spirit will always be with you. The sooner you learn to accept this, the faster you can go on and continue on the path you've chosen. Don't falter. Don't lose everything we worked so hard for."
Midnight: "I won't, Daddy, I promise."

Midnight sits in the taxi ride home, stunned silent. Her stomach is turning over and over. She knows death is just a natural part of life. But not her father...not now...

She hopes she doesn't get another phone call from her mother for a very, very long time. Rufus is an Overlord. He can beat the odds. He can live much longer still.
Back at home, Phantom excitedly flits to the bathroom and, after three failed attempts, finally causes the pixie dust to settle on the toilet. He'd just learned a new trick to make the toilet water explode the next time someone flushed it. He can't wait to see who falls for it. If he's lucky, it'll be Midnight!
Phantom: "....Ohboyohboyohboy!"

Walking outside the bathroom, Phantom notices Jakkson just starting to get ready for his day of hunting. With a sly grin, Phantom turns into a dark little ball of light and sneaks up on Jakkson. Then POOF!
 Jakkson: "WAAAAH! PHANTOM, YOU FRICKIN----!!!!!"
Phantom: "Ha hahaha ha haaaah!"
Jakkson: "Get over here, you little freak. Come on! Rrgh!"
Evening rolls around and Jakkson is out hunting while Phantom has entered a gardening competition at the arboretum. It's just Midnight and Oliver left to eat dinner. Oliver has just gotten out of the shower and hasn't changed back to his typical clothes yet. Of course, Midnight doesn't object.
Midnight: "And how was work today? How much did you bring in?"
Oliver: "It was decent. I had a couple of jobs, full wardrobe makeovers. One of them wasn't satisfied entirely, but you can't please everyone."
Midnight: "Hmm. Sounds like you have to be mentally tough in such a profession."
Oliver: "It's certainly not the easiest profession out there...if you'll excuse me. I have to catch up on my fashion design research. Have to keep up with an ever-changing world, you know."

Oliver tries to escape, to get away from the tension he still feels around Midnight. He thought it'd just been the pixie dust, but if he doesn't guard himself, he finds himself still thinking about Midnight and what happened at the Vault of Antiquity. Why does he feel this way? She's a horrible woman who's destroyed his pride and enslaved him. Why would he ever find her attractive?

Unfortunately for him, Midnight follows him up. He keeps his back to her, but his plans are foiled when she begins to rub his shoulders.
Midnight: "I've noticed some of your sketches...they're quite good. I'm thinking you should design me a dress. I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem, would it?"
Oliver: "I...I suppose I could."
Midnight: "Something nice, something sexy. Something you'd like to see me in."
Oliver: " I can't."

Oliver turns around and grabs her hands, trying to keep them away. His conflicting emotions are creating such turmoil in him right now. He can hardly think straight.
Midnight: "What's wrong?"
Oliver: "Nothing's...nothing's wrong, really. It's just...I don't know if it's the best of ideas for us know, be together. With the way the dynamics are in the house...I just don't know if it's best."
Midnight: "I could care less about what's best right now. I know what I feel and I'm not going to deny it."

Oliver holds still, feeling his defenses plummet faster than a free fall without a parachute. Those eyes of hers...they could seduce anyone. Oliver wants to deny how he feels right now. It shouldn't be right at all. But as the seconds tick by, he realizes he can't. Her spell is just too much for him to take.
Midnight: "Mm. It's about time. I was hoping you'd come around. My horoscope has to come true, you know."
Oliver: "...You're a wicked woman, in many ways."
Midnight: "I know. And I love it."
Oliver: "I know you do. You've got me right where you want me."
Midnight: "Yes, I do. And I know what I want you to do next."
Oliver: "..........."
Midnight: "Come on, Oliver....kiss me."
Oliver: "...I...."
Midnight: "Oh, must I do everything for you?"
Midnight's mouth is very warm compared to Oliver's freezing lips. Oliver wonders if it felt as good for her as it did for him. He wonders if a second kiss would feel as good as the he tries again...and again...

Midnight finally gently breaks away from Oliver's lips and brings her own close to Oliver's ear.
Midnight: "I want you. All of you. Now."

Oliver's senses suddenly slam into him. He can't deny falling for Midnight, but he knows he's not ready to make such a commitment.
Oliver: "I'm sorry, Midnight. I'm...I'm just not ready for that yet. I can't deny how I feel for you but...not yet. Not now."
Midnight: "I's okay. I understand."

But you won't escape me for long, vampire. You are subject to my will and I will have you - ALL of you - whenever I please.


  1. Is it wrong to be rooting for Midnight right now? I mean, on the surface it is SO wrong... but I love her!

  2. I wonder what Midnight is planning! Or if she's just enjoying her power over these silly men :P

  3. Midnight's evil and insane, but I think there's a hopeless romantic lurking somewhere under all that and the insane/evil bits are corrupting it, hahaha!

  4. Looks like Stockholm Syndrome's got 'em both good LOL

  5. Oh those poor men. But, like Cece, I can't help but root for Midnight!

  6. At this point, I'm beginning to think Midnight's plotting something. I mean besides world domination. Or perhaps a part of it. Well, there's just one left in the house to go for....