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The Addison House - Episode Two

Welcome to the next episode of The Addison House, where eight strangers try to get along and survive in a rumored haunted house. Let's look at a recap of what happened last time.
At the end of the week it came down to fun-loving German Stefan and hard-working sassy Amie, and as you can see, Amie was the one selected to leave The Addison House. Seven contestants remain.

In this upcoming week, a new rule has been placed - every 100 Simoleons of debt a Sim is in counts for one vote against them. This is to prevent clever Sims from potentially living for weeks at The Addison House without even attempting to pay off their debts. Sims should strive to pay off their debts - one or two votes against you can be costly at the end of the week.

Moving on, this week's task is: Logic! Three telescopes and four chemistry stations have been placed in The Addison House. Money this week will largely be awarded in prizes at the end of the week: the contestant with the most logic skill points will not only be awarded Immunity, but will also be given 75 Simoleons. The Sim with the second-most logic points earns 50 Simoleons, and third place earns 25 Simoleons. However, contestants can also earn money by discovering potions with the chemistry station. Whatever each potion is worth, will be awarded to them.

Another fun catch? If a potion with a negative affect (i.e. Liquid Horror) is discovered by a Sim, that Sim's least-favorite fellow contestant must drink it right away! If a potion with a positive affect (i.e. Mood Enhancer) is discovered, that Sim may hold onto it and use it whenever they like.

Now let's see what trouble our delightful contestants got into this week.
Alyssa enjoyed her night's stay in the Addison master bedroom. She reports being a bit uncomfortable all night, with a sense of unease hanging with her until she fell asleep. Believe in ghosts, do we, Alyssa?

Several things were rather common this week. Among them...

...getting blown up by the chemistry table. This is Lara...I think.
...not making it to the bathroom because six other people have to use the toilet at the exact same time. We make 'em squirm here at The Addison House.
...Dewayne doing weird, inappropriate things. He shooed everybody out of the kitchen to take his sponge bath. Step away from the glass door, Stefan!
Dewayne: Gee, I hope no one walks in while I'm stark naked in the middle of the kitchen. That would be embarrassing...
Stefan: Vhy did Devayne shoo me from room? Maybe I should go see...
Lara, as usual, is her own sweet self. Here she is, brightening Dewayne's day. She really is too nice...especially when Dewayne responds by mocking her stance on vegetarianism.
Our smart little nerd contestant has found a way to bend the rules. The bedroom is locked from 8am to 10pm, but somehow he sneaked pillows out of the bedroom and convinced almost every contestant to pillow fight with him in the creepy cellar ("Who's afraid of a silly ghost? I'm not!"). He tried to get Saki to join him too, but she's got other things to do, like bore people to death.
Another developing habit - Stefan has been getting more ornery. Where he used to balance his temper with pleasant talk, more and more he insists on arguing and yelling at people.
Stefan: Your face suggests a llama!
Rocco: What?!
Alyssa: Stefan! That isn't nice!
Stefan: You're right, it's not fair to the llamas.

On their logical pursuits, the contestants found some interesting things through their telescopes.
Alyssa has found a beautiful, peaceful lake.
French-fried Lucas is distressed that the house across the streets has no kitchen lamps.
Singed Dewayne always has to keep an eye on the cop cars. We're starting to get concerned about him.
Lara is being corrupted by her first viewing of porn.
Stefan is a little worried that he can see Dewayne in his telescope when Dewayne is actually inside the house. Now we're REALLY starting to get concerned about him.

Their potion tinkering also went fairly well. Ever-persistent Lucas was the first to discover the Stink Juice potion, which he promptly gave to Stefan. For whatever reason, Stefan has been utterly tormenting Lucas - they both strongly dislike each other now. It was sweet revenge for Lucas when Stefan immediately got hit with a stench...unfortunately, Stefan quickly discovered the same potion himself and doled it right back to Lucas.

Other than Lucas and Stefan, the only other contestant to discover a potion was (perhaps not surprisingly) geeky Rocco. He found the Stink Juice AND the Bladder Flow potion and gave them both to Dewayne. He can't stand him because he doesn't make sense to him.

We have some drama blossoming! Things are starting to get very heated with Stefan - he is actually displaying physical violence.
We're starting to think this angry German needs some counseling or anger management courses.

Later, Stefan actually started a fight with Lucas, which our cameras weren't quick enough to catch. However, we did get the aftermath...
Yes, a burnt-up Lucas won the fight.
Stefan: Vhatever. I let you vin.
Lara: Not impressed, Stefan. Not impressed.
Lucas: Punk!

But, ho...a potential friendship developing between Stefan and Saki?
Normally Stefan never tolerates gossip and small talk, but Saki seems to have grown on him.
He's even nice to Lucas when she's around. Are we going to see a romance blossom in The Addison House?

And another development! We have our first pair of friends on the show.
Alyssa and Lucas seem to have hit it off. She even cheers along when he boasts about his possessions. Does this pretty princess have a thing for the emo kid?
Look at that smile. I think he's smitten.

Of course, no episode is complete without seeing who got sent to the haunted cellar! Which careless contestants broke appliances and received their punishments this time?
Dewayne, Lara, and Stefan all made their first appearances in the cellar - in fact, Lara got sent twice this week. But it was nothing compared to poor Saki - she was sent to the cellar THREE TIMES this week.

One of those three times occurred toward the end of the week. Stefan had been getting more and more volatile and during a period they were actually locked in the cellar together. The filthy conditions were enough to set Stefan off.
Much to our shock, Stefan got physically violent with Saki, the one he'd shown so much tenderness to throughout the week. Things developed, and soon...
...But Stefan is apparently a real wuss. He lost to Saki just like he lost to Lucas. Fortunately Saki was released from the cellar soon after the fight. Rather chilling to watch, knowing what happened in that cellar fifty years ago.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to announce the winner of Immunity this week. The Sim guaranteed to stay for Week Three is.....Rocco!
Rocco: You serious, Clark?
We sure are, Eddie...I mean, Rocco. Though all the contestants worked very hard (all except for Saki got at least 5 1/2 skill points), Rocco pulled away with 7 1/3 logic skill points. Alyssa came in second with 7 1/4 points (one time she literally stayed up ALL NIGHT with the chemistry sleep!), while Lara came in third with 6 skill points.

Money standings have also changed dramatically:
Rocco: $222
Dewayne: $119
Alyssa: $105
Stefan: $78
Lucas: $38
Lara: $-1
Saki: $-200
This will count as two votes against Saki. This may be a game-changer, folks.

Saturday the contestants had some fun being kids again on a playground built in the backyard for the day.
Then it was time for Rocco to announce who would be leaving this week.
Rocco: If you're sitting, you are staying. That's good because I like most of you.
Dewayne: I can cross my legs like a girl.
Rocco: ...*sigh*. Stefan, Saki, you're in the bottom two.
Saki: It's okay, I smell the money. Stefan's been such a [bleeeeeeep]. I got this.
Rocco: The one who leaves The Addison House is...

...Saki. I'm really sorry, Saki.

Talk about a surprise turn of events! Even the contestants are too shocked to point (except for Stefan, but that's pretty obvious). Saki's unpaid debt ended up being bigger than she'd anticipated. If she'd put more effort into skill-gaining (to get Immunity) or earning money to pay off the debt, those two votes wouldn't have done her in. Even if she'd had $199 in debt, only one vote would've counted. That one vote literally meant the difference. Drama-causing Stefan stays one more week.
Saki: I'm not bitter and I have no regrets. Things just turned out this way, you know? I should've worked harder on other things, but...I just didn't. I guess what hurts the most is being deceived by Stefan. I really thought something was happening, you know? I really thought....but he's really not who I thought he was at all. Still, I wish everyone luck.

And we wish you luck too, Saki. We'll miss you.

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