Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Four - Fun with Daddy and Dungeon

Bambi has just been walking on sunshine since her precious son was born. After repeating it enough times, even the name Dungeon has a certain charm for her. She spends much of her time just playing and snuggling with the baby.
She doesn't let on to her husband, but having this child means more to Bambi than she can possibly express. For some time, she was worried Rufus would never agree to have children with her and she'd live and die without ever knowing that pleasure. For her, there is no greater joy and delight than being a mother.

Rufus hasn't quite caught onto the whole baby excitement thing yet.
Bambi (cleaning the bathroom): "How's Dungeon doing, Rufie? He loves when people make faces at him! Have you tried that yet?"
Rufus: "Of course, honey. I'm taking care of him just fine."
Bambi: "Awww. I knew you'd be a good father, Rufus."

In the meantime, while Rufus finishes his chess game takes care of baby Dungeon and Bambi gets ready to go for her jog, the Overlords would love to show you their renovated master bedroom and nursery. They'll probably add more to them when more money begins coming in, but it suits them fine for now.

Before Bambi leaves for her run, she knows Dungeon needs to be fed.
Bambi: "Rufie, I'm getting ready to go for my walk. Could you feed Dungeon in about five minutes?"
Rufus: "Why can't you just feed him now?"
Bambi: "Dungeon has to be on a strict schedule and his feeding time is five minutes from now. If we don't set a pattern now, Dungeon's inner rhythm and schedule will be whacky and he won't know know when to predict anything. It'll just be chaotic."
Rufus: "What's wrong with chaos?"
Bambi: "Just feed him in five minutes, okay?"
Rufus: "No, I think you should feed him now. Then I don't have to."
Bambi: "YOU will feed him in FIVE MINUTES! Our baby needs CERTAINTY in his life and YOU are not going to SCREW THAT UP by NOT FEEDING HIM during FEEDING TIMES."
Rufus: "Okay, okay! I'll feed him. Go enjoy your jog. Yeesh."

Bambi (offscreen): "I'm headed out the door, honey. Are you feeding Dungeon?"
Rufus: "Yes, dear."
Bambi: "Thank you, Rufie! I'll catch up with you later! Take good care of Dungeon!"
Rufus: ".....Thought just crossed my mind. Terrible thought, really."
The Sim Deity saw your thought, Rufus. A wish to see Bambi's ghost after she yelled at you? Really, Rufus?
Rufus: "I didn't mean it. It fled from my mind just as soon as it appeared."
That's because I right-clicked it, you twit.
Running is good stress relief for Bambi, and while having a baby is an incredible joy, it also puts a lot of pressure on her. It takes enough effort to be a supportive loving wife for Rufus, now she must put in the time to be a good mother. On top of this, she still wants to secretly work in law enforcement. She has a lot to think about on her run.

Her feet take her to the graveyard. The cemetery at her hometown of Bridgeport was actually her first date with Rufus. One wouldn't exactly call it romantic, but she'd fallen in love with Rufus there. She enjoys the peacefulness of the graveyard, the humbling solemness it brings. This time, however, she wonders how far she can push herself. Being a mother requires bravery, right? And she has to be brave to go into law enforcement. Taking a few deep breaths, Bambi decides to enter the catacombs. Rumor is, good things can be found there for those brave enough to explore.

Meanwhile, back at home with Daddy and Dungeon...

Rufus: "Alright, you little punk. You cry and wail and cry and wail when you don't get your way about something. The only one who's allowed to do that around here is me. I am the overlord, you are merely a descendent. I am in charge until I die and I plan on living forever. You're one-thirtieth of my age and you're already trying to boss me around. It's not going to work that way, kid. You hear me?"

And back at the cemetery, Bambi has returned from the catacombs. She looked high and low for things of value, but the only thing she found were zombie bears.While she was fleeing, a shelf of urns collapsed over her head. She came out looking like this.
Poor Bambi. She's got the ancestors of nine different families stuck to her body.


Dungeon's birthday has arrived. Bambi really wishes she could throw a birthday party, but she knows how her husband feels about visitors inside their chambers. In fact, Rufus has been getting more paranoid as time goes on.
Bambi: "What do you suppose we do about it, Rufus?"
Rufus: "Build a moat around the house and fill it with rabid alligators."
Bambi: "When we have more money coming in, we can do that. We need safety for Dungeon anyway."
Rufus: "Dungeon? Who cares about Dungeon? This is ME we're concerned with!"

Anyhow, for Dungeon's birthday, Bambi makes Rufus promise to spend some quality father-son time with Dungeon, so Rufus takes his son to the gym.
Stranger: "There's a baby on the floor...what kind of person just leaves their precious babies on the floor?"

Some minor celebrity apparently takes pity and briefly plays with the baby. Dungeon appears to be fascinated with a couple of her, uh...assets.
Yeah, that's Rufus' son, alright.

But she eventually puts him down when Dungeon's diaper starts feeling warm. Dungeon stays quiet momentarily, then as soon as his mother walks into the door to check on Rufus, he begins to screech.
Random guy in bottom right corner: "Oh, the noise, the noise! My delicate eardrums!"
Bambi: "Dungeon? Why is he on the floor? Why is he stinky? Rufus, have you even fed him since you left?"
Rufus: "What are you talking about? I don't know who that baby is."

Then Rufus and Bambi have what we affectionately call a "tiff" and decide to go their separate ways for a little while. Rufus goes to the Toadstool, having heard there's a game called Whack-A-Werewolf there. Maybe he can release a bit of his frustration there. Having a baby gives him a headache, and he can't come up with genius strategies to overthrow the government and take over the world with a headache.

...And Rufus has found a clever way to overthrow the government and play Whack-A-Werewolf at the same time. You're still only a thug, Rufus. I wouldn't push it too hard until you have more power.

Bambi, meanwhile, after cleaning up Dungeon and giving him some food and comfort, has taken him to a decidedly interesting location for a baby's birthday - the local lounge. She places Dungeon on the floor so he can celebrate and have his birthday. She, meanwhile, walks off and leaves him to grab a small drink.
...And then she decides she wants another one.
...And to further drown her sorrows and her stressful day, she grabs one more.
Bambi! Contain yourself! Good Lord, you and Rufus shouldn't even be allowed to be within fifty yards of a baby and you're supposed to have three? Come on, guys. If you scar your children for life, they won't even be good overlords in the future.

Meanwhile, Dungeon ages up to a toddler. He's got the Virtuoso trait (no idea where that came from...the Sim Deity is not amused by Rufus' singing the shower) and also inherited mother's Easily Impressed trait. In terms of his looks, though? He's just like daddy. Dark hair, red eyes, arched eyebrows, thin mouth.
We'll have to see how this little one grows up. For now, it's bedtime for everyone. The Sim Deity will now be accepting prayers for this family. Good luck, Overlords.


  1. I love how whipped Rufus is by Bambi. Sure you're the overlord, Rufus, sure you are...

    1. Bambi's gotta get the upper hand sometime, you know ;)

  2. Somehow I think that Dungeon isn't going to be having much consistency in his life.

    On the plus side, I bet Whack-A-Werewolf could be an excellent father-son bonding activity in the future.

  3. Rufus is a riot. He's the funniest evil overlord wannabe I've seen in awhile.

    I'm surprised Bambi doesn't drink more, actually...

  4. Three kids? Poor kids. lol :D

  5. Well Dungeon is getting a GREAT start in life for his future coup and overthrow of Dad's power. >:)

  6. You know, the way things are going, it's highly likely Dungeon will wind up an evil overlord anyway with the parental attention he's getting. Actually, he's just as likely to betray and usurp his father's position, too.

    Way to go, Rufus. Way to go.