Saturday, September 22, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Ten - Exits and Sunsets

Bambi has endured many hard days in her lifetime. Arguments with Rufus, taking care of three small children, trying to keep a full-time job in law enforcement - all were quite difficult. But she's sure none of those times could ever be as difficult as this day. Her son, Dungeon, would become a young adult tonight. This is her last full day to spend with her firstborn.
Bambi: "'re going to enter young adulthood are you feeling about that?"
Dungeon: "It'll be an adventure. I know I have to move out tomorrow, so...I might as well enjoy my last day of teenagehood."
Bambi: " you know what you're going to do today?"
Dungeon: "The prom is tonight. I plan on going to that."
Bambi: "Do you have a special someone you're going to take?"
Jigsaw: "Me."
Dungeon: "No, Jigsaw, not you."
Bambi: "What?"
Dungeon: "Never mind. No, I don't have a date. Maybe I'll be able to ask the girl I like to dance when I get there, but...I'm pretty sure she's interested in someone else."

Bambi's not sure what to think at this point. Her son seems kind of morose, but she doesn't know how to help him. She knows he has to move out tomorrow. She knows Rufus won't budge on that point. She just hopes the prom turns out to be the event of Dungeon's life, an event to encourage him as he sets out on his own tomorrow.
Dungeon, Maiden, and Midnight get all dressed up for the prom, arriving without dates. Dungeon wonders if he'll get up the courage to ask his crush out to dance. Maiden is hoping the boy she's been talking to doesn't have a date. Midnight hopes the dweeb who's been crushing on her doesn't cling to her all night.

While the teenagers attend the big school dance, Rufus has been invited to a party by his former boss. At first he doesn't care to go, but he decides he should take the time to assert his dominance and rub it in his ex-boss's face that she now submits to him. He even insults his boss's girlfriend (the same chick she cast the love spell on at Rufus' birthday party), but they end up ignoring him. Frustrated, Rufus pokes around, hoping to light something on fire.
Alas, it is not to be. The house stays standing and unscorched. Rufus goes home disappointed.

The teens, meanwhile, have an...interesting...time at prom. Some doofus on the planning committee made the theme "Three-Eyed Llamas," which was just awful. Maiden gets closer to her crush, Ari, during the prom, and to her delight is crowned Prom Queen. The title of Prom King goes to Dungeon, probably from friends who rigged the ballot after Dungeon got rejected twice by his crush when he asked her to dance. Midnight impresses everyone with her dancing skills (including her admirer Anwar, whom she prefers to call Anweird), even winning a dance-off. Of course, the loser of the dance-off is upset and gives her a small shove, which Midnight doesn't take very well and, boy, you've never seen a woman fight so dirty, especially at the prom.

Regardless, it's judged a pretty successful night. Midnight and Maiden make it home before curfew, but Dungeon grows up right as he exits the school doors.
His parents are asleep by the time he gets home, but they're able to see him in the morning. He's quite a handsome young man.
In addition to a haircut, Dungeon develops the Nurturing skill, fitting very well with the rest of his personality. Should he get lucky in love someday, he should make a great father. One would never know he's the son of Rufus Overlord.

In the morning, while waiting for Dungeon's graduation ceremony, Midnight decides to set things straight with her creepy admirer. The responsibility of overlordship is about to fall into her hands and she doesn't need some pathetic sucker trying to distract her. She invites him over, which Anwar eagerly accepts and arrives at the front door within seconds.
Anwar: "Hey, cutie. Couldn't stop thinking about you last night. The way you did the Chicken Dance last night...ooh, it was so sexy."
Midnight: "Of course, darling. Had to turn you on, you know. I like my romance like I like my vegetables - hot and steamy."
Anwar: " should show me what you mean, if you know what I mean."
Midnight: "I'll show you what I mean. I'll put it in the form of a riddle. You ready?"
Anwar: "I'm always ready for you, honey."
Midnight: "I'm thinking of something that's creepy and distracting like a bug. What am I thinking of?"
Anwar: "...Mm, you got me, babe. What is it?"
Midnight: "It's YOU! You! See this speech bubble over my head? You! You're a creepy stalker and chickens everywhere hang their scrawny heads in shame when they watch you dance. I have big dreams and big plans and I certainly don't need some weak, pathetic little boy trying to kiss my feet. I can get minions for that, and they'd be a lot more useful than you."
Anwar: "...Someone in this group has issues."
Midnight: "I'll say. Why don't you go work those out."
Anwar: "I didn't realize you...never mind. I'm sorry I ever starting pursuing you. I'm sorry I ever thought you might be a great girl to get to know."
Midnight: "I'm sorry you thought so too."
Not all endings can be happy. While Midnight is relieved and can finally focus on her future world domination plans, Anwar goes home realizing the wise men were right - only fools rush in and fall in love.
Much to the aggravation of Rufus and Midnight, who have plans to write out, everyone hops into the police vehicle and heads to the school for Dungeon's graduation ceremony. It's a tearful event for Bambi, beaming with pride as her son not only graduates with high honors, but also as valedictorian of his class. Fortunately no one tells her what his class voted him to be ("Most Likely to be Mediocre"), but she probably would have been proud anyway.

Dungeon walks out with his diploma. For the first time, he's proud of himself. He's accomplished something. Even if his father always thought of him as a pansy, at least he made valedictorian. He IS worth something.
Dungeon: "I did it, dad. I really did it."
Rufus: "...I'm not putting it on a bumper sticker."
Dungeon: "You don't have to, dad. You don't have to"
Dungeon has finished packing his stuff. He doesn't have very much, but his parents (well, primarily his mother) are graciously giving him some money to start his life with. 

Bambi is the first to say goodbye to her son. She desperately tries not to cry. She knows she'll see him around town. He's only moving to a different house - it's not like he's moving out of town. Still, she's losing someone she loves so dearly. She won't get to see him around the house anymore.
Bambi: "'s a gift from your father and me."
Dungeon: "A gift? But mom, you guys have already given me so much."
Bambi: "Please take it, Dungeon. I would give you so much more if I could."
Dungeon: "...They' keys? Mom, did you just get me a car?"
Bambi: "You're going to be independent now, Dungeon, living on your own. A car would benefit you greatly. This town is so large, it'd be much more convenient than taking a taxi everywhere."
Dungeon: "Thank you so much, mom. It really means a lot to me."
Bambi: "I love you, Dungeon...sniff..."

Next it's Maiden's turn to say goodbye.
Dungeon: "Keep doing well in school, sis. You've got a good heart. I know dad might not like it, but...keep doing what you love."
Maiden: "I know, Dungeon. You inspire me. I know if you can go out and do what you want to do, even if dad doesn't want it, then I can too. Dad and I...we don't get along. But I know in my heart what's right. I'm going to miss you, Dungeon."
Dungeon: "I'll be around. Just call me if you need someone to talk to."

Though it wrecks his nerves, Dungeon knows he has to say goodbye to Midnight as well.
Dungeon: "...You know where I stand on things, Midnight. You know I don't agree with your ideas, your goals, your plans. I don't believe they're right. matter what happens, no matter what you do, you'll always be my little sister. I'll always care about you. You can always talk to me about anything. I can't assist in your plans for world domination, but if you ever need personal help, I'll come as fast as I can."
Midnight: "...Thank you, Dungeon. I can understand why you wouldn't want to follow in our father's path like I am. Nothing you say will ever convince me to swerve from that path. It's what I'm destined for and nothing will stop me.'ll always be welcome here. Even if I don't respect your opinions, I do respect you."
Dungeon: "Just don't blow too many things up."
Midnight: "Of course I won't. I need a town to rule over, don't I?"

Dungeon needs to say one final goodbye - to his father.
Dungeon: "Hey, dad...even if I don't agree with your views, I still respect you as my father. You're a hard-working, brilliant man and you deserve the position you now hold because of that."
Rufus: "Thank you, Dungeon. Off you go now."

Packing all his possessions in his new car (including Jigsaw), Dungeon hugs his family goodbye one last time, then starts the car and drives away from the home he grew up in. It's a sad moment and a hard moment, but he knows a new life awaits him. He wonders what he'll bring to it.
Goodbye, Dungeon. May good luck follow you wherever you end up.
The next day is another big day for the Overlord household. Bambi will enter elderhood when evening rolls around, joining her husband in the sunset of her life.

It's an ordinary day for the twins, however. Dungeon's not around to make Midnight have pleasant conversations with her sister, so Midnight takes advantage of it.
Maiden: "Hey, Middie, how did you sleep--"
Midnight: "Shush. From now on, I don't have to talk to you. I have to put all my brainpower into my epic evil plans and your constant running mouth could destroy me in a crucial moment. Just because a hero never showed up to overthrow our father doesn't mean there's not a hero destined to overthrow me, and I have to be prepared for such an occurrence."
Maiden: "...Okay..."

While Bambi retires from her law enforcement job, Rufus decides to take a walk in the park. With many days off and no more corporate ladder to climb, Rufus has the time to do such things. Looking around, he enjoys the serenity of the park. It's all generally under his control - no one would dare oppose him to try and take it back. All is well.

...Until Rufus notices another older gentleman wearing Rufus' trademark outfit.
 Rufus: "WHAT?! You fiend! You dare to copy my overlord attire?!"
Old man: "So we shop at the same store. So what?"
Rufus: "So what?!? Nobody impersonates Rufus Overlord, Emperor of Evil! I suppose you want to overthrow my position! Might you be the hero destined to overthrow me, who instead wasted his time and got old and grew a beer belly? You'll certainly not overthrow me now!"
Old man: "What are you rambling on about, you old geezer? Mind your own business."
Rufus: "GEEZER?!"
Rufus: "Take this, you scoundrel! You cad! You'd be a lousy excuse for donkey manure, much less a man!"
Old man: "How dare you, sir!"
Rufus: "No, no, how dare YOU!"
Old man: "How dare you no-no my 'how dare you'?"
Rufus: "You dare to dare me?!"
 Rufus: "Let this be a lesson to you. No one imitates my outfit and comes away unscathed! You will change in the next ten minutes, before I burn those very clothes off your body."
Old man: "Y-you ruthless, gutless, ugly monster!"
Rufus: "Watch your tongue, swine!"
Old man: "How could you say such a thing?"
Rufus: "You're right, it isn't fair to the other swines."
Old man: "I am done with this conversation!"

Nearby a fairy woman, quietly playing chess, has stopped to watch the commotion. Rufus, needing to clear his mind, sits down to play with her.
Rufus: "...I suppose this means checkmate?"

Amused, Rufus plays a game with himself, then wanders over to the old man's family, who is having a picnic.
Son: "Whoa...isn't that the guy who beat up our father?"
Other son: "He's the Emperor of Evil...he's the Overlord of the town..."
Rufus: "....It's been a good day today."
Evening draws near. Rufus returns home to find his wife nearly in tears. A lump forms in his throat. He's noticed a strain in their relationship since he became Emperor of Evil. The red glow makes it difficult for Bambi's Good nature to be around him. It gives off a frightening, dark, haunting effect that Bambi isn't comfortable around. Rufus is proud that he's finally received the glow of Emperor, but he doesn't want to hurt his wife.
Rufus: "What's wrong, Bambi?"
Bambi: "...It's nothing, Rufie."
Rufus: "Bambi. I'm a genius. I observe that you are upset. Can't you tell me why?"
Bambi: "Oh, Rufus, it's just so hard to be around you. I feel scared and uncomfortable every time that glow appears. Before you became Emperor, I could just accept that our paths were different, but your glow fights against my nature. I feel like our relationship crumbles everyday and it takes all my effort just to sustain it. I love you, Rufus! I don't know why I have to feel this way! I'm having my birthday tonight and the end of our lives is coming...I don't want it to end with the way I'm feeling now..."
Rufus: "...I'm sorry the glow is making you feel this way. I...suspected this might happen. There's nothing I can do to make it stop. But...I'm willing do whatever is necessary to keep our relationship strong."
Bambi: "...Just promise you'll love me no matter what."
Rufus: "I'm an evil overlord, Bambi. I'm not supposed to love anyone but myself...and all that got thrown out the window when I first laid eyes on you. Try as I might, I...I'll never be able to stop caring for you, Bambi. You're more than just a trophy wife."

Still crying but now smiling, Bambi steps away and experiences her final birthday. Her hair turns gray and wrinkles begin to develop on her face, but to Rufus, she's still as beautiful as the day he met her at their high school prom.
Bambi: "Well, know what they say...'Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.'"
Rufus: "...My mama always told me this stage of our lives is the 'sunset days.' The sun is setting and soon it will be gone...but the last moments are breathtakingly beautiful. That's what she said, anyway. I think it's a bunch of mamby-pamby."
Bambi: "...Well, I think it's lovely. And I think she's right. And I couldn't be happier to spend my sunset days with you."
Rufus: "...I'm a very lucky man, aren't I."
You certainly are, Rufus. You certainly are.


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