Friday, September 14, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Six - There's Something Wrong With Dungeon

It's the big day. Adulthood has finally caught up with Rufus, as much as he's in denial. Little does Rufus know, his sneaky wife Bambi has planned a surprise party for him. She figures out the names of his coworkers and his boss, and invites them while Rufus spends the day at the gym. Unfortunately Bambi has to go to work today as well and she gets off about an hour before the party. She hopes this doesn't mess with too many things.

It's a hard day for her as a Patrol Officer though. She had to deal with not one but two drug raids, which took a lot out of her. Exhausted, she picks Dungeon up from a friend's house and arrives back at her own home...only to discover some of the guests to Rufus' party have arrived early.
Coworker on left: "Oy! Is that Rufus' missus? She's a copper!"
Coworker on right: "I think I saw her snag my buddies at the drug raid this morning."
Bambi: "Um...uh...guys? didn't see me like this, okay? I don't have a job. I'm just a housewife."
Left: "Just a housewife? Does Rufus even know what you do?"
Bambi: "I said I'm just a housewife! That's what Rufus wants me to be and that's what I am!"

It takes a bit of pleading and begging (and bribing), but Rufus' coworkers agree to stay quiet about Bambi's secret occupation. She can only pray they'll keep their word.

Rufus shows up at 5:00, when Bambi had asked him to show. He's certainly surprised. In fact, he was getting ready to start blowing people up until he realized Bambi had only invited his co-workers, not strangers or random friends of hers. Rufus doesn't exactly like his coworkers, but he knows they're dumb enough to trust him and not do him any harm.

Eager to just get to the cake already, Rufus blows out the candles.
He is all alone in blowing out the candles, no companions surrounding him and cheering him on. Why? Because of this.
Door jams. They're even more fun than birthday parties sometimes.

The rest of the party is, well...interesting. It mainly consists of Rufus flipping out that he's now middle-aged.

Then this unfortunate scene occurs while Rufus is (finally) peacefully eating his cake.
Rufus' boss cowers as his coworker casts a frightening spell on her...which ends up being a love spell. His boss stumbles forward in a daze, then falls into the witch's arms and they passionately kiss each other for the first time. The witch then remarks, "Wow, you sure know how to throw an awesome party!" before leaving the house.
Rufus: ".....sigh. Bungling incompetent fools."

As the party ends and everyone leaves, Bambi chooses to reveal something that has recently occurred to her.
Rufus: "....What am I listening to?"
Bambi: "There's a little Overlord in there."
Rufus: "What? It must be eradicated. I am the only overlord."
Bambi: "No, Rufus. We're having another baby."
Rufus: "Oh....but we didn't discuss having another baby. We barely have room for another, and we're only subsisting off of one income."
Bambi: "....True. I didn't expect for it to happen either. But I'm sure everything will be fine, dear. We'll make it."
Rufus: "Of course we'll make it. I'm going to be taking over the world, after all."
Rufus goes to work the next evening in his promoted position, Con Artist. Bambi can hear the whispers around town about her husband. She doesn't know what to think of them. Some even mutter the dreaded words, "I have this fear that he'll end up taking over the town someday. If not him, then maybe his descendants. Someone has to stop that man."

With so much on her mind, poor Bambi completely forgets about someone else's birthday. Dungeon has his birthday right after doing a doo doo in his poopy chair.

His features very much resemble his father. His personality, however, does not. He's taken on the Heavy Sleeper trait (and no evil overlord can afford to be a heavy sleeper) and in many respects, he's a mama's boy.
Bambi: "Goodnight, Dungeon. Have sweet dreams tonight."
Dungeon: "Goodnight, Mom. I love you."
Bambi: "....I love you too, Dungeon."

Bambi goes to bed trying to fight back the tears. She hasn't heard "I love you" since Rufus was forced to say it on their wedding day. She's sure Rufus loves her - surely he would have left her by now if he didn't - but sometimes it really hurts not to hear it. On one hand, her tears are tears of happiness. Her son seems to be just as sweet and happy as he was when he was a toddler. The community will love his cheerful disposition and politeness.

On the other hand, Bambi can't imagine how Rufus will react. What if Dungeon doesn't want to carry on his father's legacy at all? Can Bambi be proud of him anyway? Should she be?
As Dungeon's childhood goes by, Bambi begins to become concerned about her son. Yes, he is a sweetheart, helpful around the house, always willing to give hugs and smiles. But lately she's been noticing to him talking to the air.
At first she shrugged it off as play-pretend with an imaginary friend. But then Dungeon started telling her that his doll Jigsaw had come to life and now talked and played with him. She'd laughed and told him he was cute, but Dungeon seemed insistent. Now Bambi is worried. Should she  take Dungeon to go see a psychiatrist? Is there something mentally wrong with him?
(The Sim Deity is more concerned that Bambi is not wearing pants around her son, but that's beside the point.)
Dungeon: "My mom still doesn't believe you're real yet, and I haven't even tried telling my dad. He'd probably try to blow you up to make sure you weren't holding a tracking device anyway. My dad is paranoid."
Jigsaw: "Dungeon."
Dungeon: "What?"
Jigsaw: "I want to play a game."
Dungeon: "You know, I kind of wish my dad named you something else."
Jigsaw: "Chuckie?"
Dungeon: "...Go take out the trash, Jigsaw."

Now disturbed that her son has been talking to the air all morning, Bambi wonders if some fresh air and good old-fashioned reading might help his mind. She sends him off to the library, telling him she'll come pick him up in an hour or two. Ever obedient, Dungeon walks to the local library.

Instead of plopping in a cozy chair with a book, however, Dungeon strikes up a conversation with a fairy child he meets, then plays games with him.
Dungeon's mother sometimes tells him not to talk with strangers, but Dungeon doesn't know why. Strangers are fun, especially the strange supernatural ones in Moonlight Falls. Just before he found the fairy child, he saw a full-grown werewolf walk in the library. Sure, they look strange, but what could really be the harm in a werewolf?

The fairy boy leaves shortly after and Dungeon decides to log into the computer. His family doesn't own one and he's curious about what you can do on them.

He finds the "chat" button and starts a conversation with someone. His name is Duncan and he goes to the local high school. He's even starred in some commercials and is kind of a celebrity around town! Dungeon's excited. He's never talked to a real-life celebrity before. And Duncan's only about six years older than he is. What a cool new friend! He wonders when he can meet him in real life.
Bambi: "Dungeon! What are you doing?"
Dungeon: "Oh, hey, mom. I'm talking with this really cool kid I just met online!"
Bambi: "You're what?!"
Dungeon: "His name's Duncan and he's in high school, and he's even a celebrity, mom! I was just about to go meet him in the park by the playground."
Bambi: "Dungeon! You have no way of knowing this guy is who he says he is. He could be anybody! He could...he could even be a werewolf!"
Dungeon: "Ooh! Or a fairy! I played Rock Paper Scissors with a fairy today."
Bambi: "You're not going to meet anybody. I don't want you chatting with strangers online, Dungeon. People aren't always who they say they are. You should NEVER try to meet up with someone you talked to online. You need to consider your own safety, okay?"
Dungeon: "Sigh. Okay, mom."
Bambi: "Good. I noticed you hadn't finished your homework. You need to go home and get that done."
Bambi: "Honey, I need to talk to you about Dungeon. I'm concerned about him."
Rufus: "I am too."
Bambi: "So you've noticed too. He seems to be, just...lost in his own little world. He's lost in a fantasy. I know a lot of it is just part of being a kid, but he's so friendly that he doesn't even consider his own safety. He doesn't recognize any of the dangers out there. He's too easily impressed with everything and everybody. I'm worried for him. I think we need to do something more to protect him."
Rufus: "WHAT?! THAT'S what you're concerned about?! Gahhh! You're so blind and naive!"
Bambi: "Rufus! What are you talking about?"
Rufus: "There are bigger issues of importance here. Dungeon's too...too...good!"
Bambi: "...But how is that a problem?"
Rufus: "How is...that...a prob...?!? Bambi! Everything hinges on this! On the one millionth of a chance I don't end up living forever, I need an heir to carry on my legacy. What good would it be to establish myself as the ultimate Emperor and Overlord of Evil if the next generation just throws it away? Dungeon has no interest in the dark side, or mass destruction, or even taking over the world! And it's even worse. Do you know what I saw him doing yesterday? Do you know?"
Rufus: "He was riding on that blasted rocking horse, which I TOLD you we should never have bought, swinging his arm like he was swinging a lasso and hollering, 'I'll get you, bad guys! You won't get away from me!' That's HERO talk, Bambi! He has no interest in carrying on my legacy, and if he has no interest in carrying on my legacy, he can't be the heir and the second he graduates high school he is packing his bags."
Bambi: "Oh Rufus. Have you actually talked to him about potentially carrying on your legacy? Maybe you're just misunderstanding things. He's just a child. Just talk to him sometime and see what he says. Don't jump to conclusions."
Rufus: "...Alright. I'll talk to him tonight. But if he rejects it, he will only be a hindrance to my plans and they are of utmost importance right now, Bambi. I've just been promoted to a Henchman and I'm so close to being Emperor I can taste it. I can't afford distractions."
Rufus walks away and Bambi tries to contain herself. In her heart she knows Rufus is right. Dungeon is far too kind-hearted to ever carry on a legacy of evil overlordship. Dungeon will have to be kicked out as soon as he graduates high school and who knows if Rufus will let her see him again? Even if he does, their relationship won't be good. And what if Bambi's concerns are right? What if Dungeon is still unconcerned about his own safety and too trusting when he enters the world on his own? How will he make it?

The stress and panic sends Bambi into labor.
Dungeon: "Mom! Mom!!! What's happening? Dad, what's happening to mom?!?"
Rufus: "She's popping a squat."
Dungeon: "What does THAT mean?!? Is she...."
Rufus: "She's going to drop dead on the floor any minute now."
Dungeon: "WHAT?!? MOM!!!"
Bambi: "No, Dungeon, I'm...just fine. I'm just...having the...oohh...the baby."
Dungeon: "In your PANTS?!"
Rufus: "He has a point there."

And after much straining and pushing and repeatedly sending Dungeon to his room so he doesn't have to see his painful affair, Bambi gives birth to a gurgling little girl. Exhausted, Bambi asks if Rufus has a name for her.
Rufus: "Maiden."
Bambi: "Maiden? That actually sounds...kind of normal."
Rufus: "Well, you know, like Iron Maiden? Torture device and well-renowned heavy metal band?"
Bambi: "Oh...still, I think it's lovely."
Bambi: "Another...?"

And indeed there was. Maiden comes with a twin sister, Midnight. Unexpected twins are an unexpected blessing...and an unexpected extra dose of stress. Rufus' concerns about having another child were accurate. They barely have enough room for two children. Now three? That's two more tots to potty-train and teach how to walk and talk, along with a husband to attend to, an older son to watch out for, a house to maintain, and a law enforcement career to keep in secret.

Bambi wonders if she might not end up talking to imaginary friends herself when this is all over.


  1. I loved the differing worries Bambi and Rufus had with Dungeon! I fear Dungeon is going to be sent away though :(

  2. "foot sticking out of your patootie" made me choke on my coffee... HAH!


    Poor Dungeon, a good kid who looks like his Dad.

  3. That's right, why enjoy the rest of the party when you can just stand around watching two people dance like maniacs?

    Twins, huh? Didn't expect that. Let's hope Rufus can set aside at least some time for his three children lest they all grow up to usurp him/defect to the hero destined to overthrow him. Or should I be hoping otherwise?