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The Addison House - Episode Four

Hello and welcome to Episode Four of The Addison House, a reality show where eight strangers try to survive tasks, each other, and themselves in a rumored haunted house, all for the potential to win $50,000. Let's recap on what's happened so far:
Week One, businesswoman Amie bickered and argued throughout her relationships and was eliminated first. Week Two, outdoorsy Stefan was set to go, but rock drummer Saki was eliminated in his place, as her unpaid debt saddled her with two extra votes. Stefan, however, could not make good with the second chance he was given and had a midweek meltdown during Week Three, resulting in him being the third contestant eliminated. The remaining five - Lara, Rocco, Lucas, Dewayne, and Alyssa - battle it out for $50 grand. Rocco and Alyssa have one Free Pass each, to avoid the cellar treatment for a broken appliance (Rocco is the only contestant to never have gone to the cellar).

This week's task is...Dog Week!
Say hello to Crack Dog. (Look at those eyes! They don't even close when he's sleeping!) He will be a part of the Addison House until Friday evening, taken care of by the contestants. Whoever has the highest relationship with Crack Dog by the end of the week wins Immunity. There is no monetary prize for first, second, or third place this week. However, contestants will be given a sculpting station, an easel, a sketching table, and two chemistry sets in order to earn extra money. Any skill gains that occur are irrelevant to the competition.

Also of note: Though Crack Dog will be choosing his favorite contestant for Immunity, he cannot vote for his least favorite contestant for elimination.

Now let's see what....oh boy. What's with the Christmas stuff?
Well, we didn't put that there. But why Chr--...oh wait. What day did Asher Addison die? ....December 19th. Figures. This is starting to get a little weird, folks. Let's just have a look at our contestants.
The contestants had quite some fun with Crack Dog.
However, this was the theme. They brushed him ALL THE FREAKING TIME. I'm surprised Crack Dog had any hair left on him after the week was over. Dewayne especially would spend ALL DAY just brushing the dog. Others would play with Crack Dog, give him treats, rub his belly, have fun, but no. Dewayne just brushed him.
Dewayne: You know that if you brush a dog at least twenty-five times a day, it lowers their risk of Blubber Bladder Syndrome, right?
....Whatever you say, Dewayne. Whatever you say.
When they weren't playing with (or brushing) Crack Dog, they were busy earning money. Lara and Lucas need to get out of debt, while Alyssa and Rocco can start working towards another Free Pass. Dewayne is probably brushing the dog somewhere.

Crack Dog himself was a bit of a hassle to keep up with.
He knocked over the trash can ("I FIND SOME CRACK!!"), shredded the good newspaper while leaving the old rotted one ("NOM NOM NOM"), repeatedly dug holes ("I BURY MY CRACK!!"), and did his business inside the house ("I GOTSTA PEE!!"). Fortunately Lara was around to praise him when he was good...
...and yell at him when he was bad.
(And then making Lucas clean up the pee puddle.)

Ohhhh boy. We've seen this before. I think it's time we sit each of our contestants down and talk about how they're feeling so far. Maybe we'll be able to do something before we get another Stefan on our hands.
Hello, Dewayne. We wanted to talk to you about how you're feeling, how you're reacting to the show so far.
Dewayne: ...
Are you okay, Dewayne? You look really...guilty about something.
Dewayne: Alright! I did it! It was me!
Whoa, what are you talking about, Dewayne?
Dewayne: I let the dogs out, who, who, who, who.
You know what, I think you're just fine, Dewayne. Have a nice day.
Rocco. How are you holding up? Are you feeling stable during the show?
Rocco: I guess so. Everybody's kind of annoying, but they're pretty nice at heart.
How are your emotions holding up?
Rocco: Emotions? What good are emotions? I operate on carefully-calculated logic alone. as long as you're able to logic out your next move, you're just fine?
Rocco: I can win this competition. All it takes is brains.
We admire your confidence, Rocco. You can go.
Hi, Alyssa. You seem pretty relaxed. How have you been feeling the past few weeks?
Alyssa: I've been feeling good! I'm productive, I'm hard-working, I'm beautiful. What more could I want? nothing is bothering you at this point in the competition?
Alyssa: Well, my boobs could be bigger and I need my nose fixed.
That's...not what we meant, but okay. One last question, Alyssa. Can you describe how things are between you and Lucas? We've noticed you've gotten quite close.
Alyssa: That's between us. I really respect him and...yeah, it's just between us.
Alright, thank you, Alyssa.
Hello, Lucas. You seem pretty bright and cheery today.
Lucas: My new expensive hair straightener came in the mail today.
I thought we limited what you could order through the mail while you're living in the Addison House.
Lucas: I have to have my hair straightened. I'm not about to appear on national television with crappy hair.
Fine, fine. How have you been doing emotionally, Lucas? How have you been handling the tough situations here at the Addison House?
Lucas: Each day at a time, man. Some days it's really rough, but I just remind myself why I'm here, and that if I could make it this far, I can make it to the end. A lot of people might stereotype me and think I'm not that tough, but I want to prove them wrong. I'm here for the money and I WILL get it.
Sounds like you're plenty motivated, Lucas. Good luck.
Lara. Have a seat. How have you been feeling during your stay at the Addison House?
Lara: It''s a little unsettling at times. I was really skeptical about there being an actual ghost in this house, but now I'm starting to wonder. Are you sure none of you guys have been involved with this - putting the sign on the cellar, the Christmas stuff in the living room?
I wish we could tell you yes. We've been carefully controlling and monitoring this show and something's been going on under our noses. But rest assured, we wouldn't let any harm befall you.
Lara: Yeah...sure...
Are you alright, Lara?
Lara: Yeah, I'm fine. Just can't sit still. I'm going to go work on my drawing.


Well, after some successful talks with our contestants, let's take a look at our footage of their week.
What are you guys doing?
Lucas: Teaching Lara to sing Phantom Of The Opera.
Lara: OooOOOooOoooOOOOhhH!
Dewayne: I'm cleaning the counter.
But the counter's not dirty.
Dewayne: Can you get me more soap? This grime won't come off.
Dewayne. The counter. Is clean.
Dewayne: Hey! Bubbles!
Rocco: Time to put these waffles away. It'd be a shame to waste them.
They're horribly burnt, Rocco. Even Alyssa wouldn't eat them and she was starving.
Rocco: It's not eco-friendly to throw away perfectly good food.
That stuff probably counts as charcoal, Rocco.
What are you drawing, Dewayne?
Dewayne: Me in my favorite dress.
.....Why do we even talk to you anymore? Let's look at Rocco's drawing instead.
Alright, Rocco. What'd you draw?
Rocco: It's a self-portrait. Looks just like me, right?
...You know, I'm just gonna go outside.
And here we have Alyssa playing chase with a raccoon. I didn't know you could actually do that.
Rocco: Mm, these pancakes sure are good. They have apples in them, and they're 100% organic. What are you eating?
Dewayne: Water buffalo brains. The producers wouldn't let me order any online, so I had to go out and find them myself.
Rocco: .....I hate talking to you.

Oh my! What is this that's occurring? A fire has started on the lot!
Dewayne: Aw man. I didn't want my baked water buffalo brains THIS well-done.
Lucas: Stand back, everyone, I've got this.
Well, it's a good thing we have a Brave Sim on the lot. Good job, Lucas. That was over so quickly it didn't even damage the stove.
Whoa, who is this? There is a paparazzi on the lot. None of our contestants are celebrities. Why is she here?
Paparazzi: Ooh! Hello, young man. You're here already! Are you the gardener? Or are you perhaps Christine's new boyfriend? She's always liked them young!
Lucas: Um...what are you talking about?
Paparazzi: Why, Christine Addison, of course! Surely you know about her. Why else would you be on her property?
Lucas: I'm...on a reality show. I'm competing for $50,000. This isn't her property anymore, right? She's in jail.
Paparazzi: Oh, but she's just been released. Surely you've read it in today's paper!
Lucas: I think Crack Dog chewed it up...
Lucas: ...So apparently Christine Addison has been released from jail and she plans on coming back to her old house.
Alyssa: What?! When?!
Lucas: I don't know. Maybe a month from now, maybe as early as next week. How do you think Asher Addison's ghost is going to feel about this?
Alyssa: Someone please eliminate me!
Lucas: You know, you're kind of cute when you freak out.
Regardless, this is big news to us. WE didn't hear she was going to be released and coming back to this house. We'll try to keep her off the lot while the contestants are here, but...obviously we're not going to cross her, knowing what she's done.
Anyhow, it's time to announce who will receive Immunity this week, as we send Crack Dog back to the adoption shelter. The contestant Crack Dog liked the most is...Dewayne!
Dewayne: Here's my supermodel pose.
It's...great, Dewayne. Although Crack Dog also found great favor with Rocco and Lucas, Dewayne's constant brushing found a soft spot in his heart. I'm sure Dewayne and Crack Dog will miss each other quite some bit. For now, Dewayne is guaranteed to stay till next week. It's on the wire for everyone else.

We have no footage to show you from the cellar this week, because believe it or not, not one constant was sent this week! In fact, only Rocco broke an appliance, but he had a Free Pass and was spared (but still had to pay the $50 in repair costs).
As for money standings, the contestants put their talents to use and did very well this week. Rocco and Alyssa were BOTH able to buy another Free Pass (Rocco completed a sculpture worth $510!), so Rocco now has one (since he used his first) while Alyssa has two Free Passes. Dewayne was also able to buy a Free Pass for himself. The standings:
Rocco: $321 (with one Free Pass)
Alyssa: $309 (with two Free Passes)
Lara: $248 (she obviously worked VERY hard to get out of debt!)
Dewayne: $140 (with one Free Pass)
Lucas: $47

Saturday, a pool was installed for the contestants to enjoy a cool swim. Everything was going swell until Dewayne jumped in naked.
Eventually the contestants sucked it up and got back in, but not before Lucas hid Dewayne's clothes.

It's time for another elimination round, folks. Our winner of Immunity, Dewayne, will be revealing the results of the votes.
Dewayne: Oh boy! I'm so excited. If you're sitting down on the couch, that means you're not standing.
...Annnd they're not going home. Lucas and Rocco are safe.
Dewayne: And the ladies are in the bottom two. The one who will be eliminated this week is.........huh? There's two votes for each.
Yes, Dewayne. We have a tie situation.
Dewayne: Oh boy! Does that mean they both get to go home? :DDDD
No. It means you're the tiebreaker. It's up to you to decide which one stays and which one goes home.
Dewayne: Okay, I pick Lucas!
Lucas is not in the bottom two. You can't eliminate him.
Dewayne: Alright...the one I choose to eliminate is...
Lara: Me?! But...

Just as hard-working as she is sweet, few could have expected Lara to be sent home this early. She'd done her best to balance money-and-skill-gaining with building relationships, and she even came close to earning immunity a couple of times. Unfortunately, she was placed in a tie situation and was chosen for elimination by Dewayne...who probably does not realize that, had he not earned Immunity this week, he would have been in Lara's place. Working hard for Immunity pays off. Let's hear what Lara has to say about her stay at the Addison House.
Lara: I...I guess I'm just shocked right now. I never expected to be in the bottom two. I never would've thought Dewayne would pick me over Alyssa. I don't know...I guess you have to pick someone to eliminate. I really liked everyone and I think everyone kind of liked me too. I stayed clear of drama and tried my best to be kind to everyone, so...I guess I'm just surprised that they picked me to leave. But...what's done is done. I'm really not that upset about leaving the Addison House - it was starting to give me the creeps. I just know I'm going to miss everybody.

And I'm sure you will be greatly missed as well, Lara. We wish the best to you.

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