Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Addison House - Episode One

Before starting their day, our lucky eight contestants learn a few more rules. In order to keep their privileges (shower, toilet, beds), they have to take care of them. Cleaning is definitely part of it, but another big part is not breaking the equipment. A stiff penalty is in place for anyone who breaks an appliance - they must spend 24 hours in the dark cellar where Asher Addison died. There is no food, no toilet, no couch, no anything - only rotted moldy old newspapers. The only exception to this rule is on Saturday - Asher Addison was killed on a Saturday and no one is permitted in the cellar on that day. Anybody in the cellar will be released as soon as Saturday begins, and if an appliance is broken, there is no penalty.

The task this week? Painting. Our contestants must try to gain as many painting skill points as possible - the one with the highest gain wins immunity. There is also another advantage - the money they earn selling their paintings will go toward a special prize. Over the weeks, as they collect money from their different tasks, once they earn 350 Simoleons, they can buy a Free Pass from the cellar. That means if they break something, they do not have to spend 24 hours in the cellar. Each pass is one time only!

There is another catch - if a contestant breaks something, they have to pay for the repairman (50 Simoleons). If they do not have the money, they are in debt and must pay off the debts before earning money for the Free Pass.

Now that we have the rules, let's look at our secret cameras and see how our contestants are doing...

And they're off! Our contestants are already getting started on their painting...except for Saki, who has interrupted Rocco from his painting to gossip. She hasn't even started on hers.

Saki's gimmick is to bore people to death. She does it all. the. time.
Lucas: Zzzzz...
Lara: Good grief, Saki, what did you do?!
Saki: I was reciting the periodic table. I thought he'd be interested.

Dewayne likes to mock other people and complain about them to everyone else, while Alyssa talks about conspiracies a lot. Dewayne especially likes to pick on nerdy Rocco, but here he's ranting about Stefan's face.
Dewayne: I mean, doesn't he look like a llama? I just want to pee like an Alabama racehorse every time I see him.
Alyssa: Uh, Dewayne? He's right over there. He can hear you.
Dewayne: *Klingon*

Mean-spirited Amie likes to argue with everybody about anything. Rocco talks about eco stuff like recycling and going green and renewable energy nonstop.
Amie: Tri-tip steak is better than PB&J, fool! Don't ever bring it up again!
Rocco: I, uh, didn't say anything, I just got out of the shower...
Stefan: Hey, chill out. She yell at everyone.
Rocco: Tri-tip steak isn't even organic!! She makes me feel so..freakin..CONSTIPATED! Hrrrrgh!
Stefan: (Man, he remind me of ex-girlfriend...)

Lucas's social interactions are usually limited to either telling jokes or talking about himself and his personal possessions. Here he's applying his daily moisturizing mask to keep his face all nice and perty.

Lara is just a sweetheart. She's always brightening people's days and staying out of arguments. But alas, with only one small bathroom, embarrassing walk-ins happen all the time.
Lara: Oh! Uh...oops...I, uh...I'm terribly sorry...
Lucas: Will you just get out already?! I'm a little busy!

Stefan lives on the edges. He's either very friendly and pleasant to talk to, or he's yelling and swearing at people in German.
Stefan: I hate dis burnt scheisse. Stupid Devayne, cook dis burnt scheisse...

And how did the contestants do about taking care of the appliances? Well...
...they sucked. This was taken shortly before Alyssa broke the sink in the bathroom (the toilet that Lucas is taking a dump on is also clogged). I originally planned on punishing them by letting them go without the shower and sinks, but this caused a very annoying syndrome among all contestants known as, "Don't-Do-Anything-But-Mop-All-Day-Itis." They would yell at each other for getting in the way of their mopping, shove each other aside to get mopping duties, and refused to paint or do anything. Once both sinks were gone, this also turned into "Keep-Trying-To-Do-The-Dishes-Even-Though-It-Is-Now-Impossible Disease." Rocco twice put the dirty dishes in his inventory and got disgusted by it later. So I called the repairwoman and got them fixed (actually, she fixed all but the bathroom sink, because the stupid contestants kept shooing her out of the room to use the now-fixed toilet and shower).

So who took trips to the scary haunted cellar?
Yes, all women: Amie, Alyssa, and Saki (Alyssa went twice, actually - she broke the sink shortly after Amie broke the shower and got to share the cellar with her). Left until they were faint, starving, and filthy after peeing themselves, perhaps the girls DID feel a ghostly presence in the cellar.
...Or at least Alyssa thought she did.

But despite some creepy feelings, no sightings of any ghost. Perhaps the "haunted Addison House" is just a myth after all.


We are at the end of the week, and Immunity is ready to be handed out. At five points of skill, the contestant definitely staying until next week is....Alyssa! *Applause, cheers, yada yada* Although Rocco, Lara, and Stefan all worked hard and came close, artistic Alyssa took the prize. She gets to stay for a night in the luxurious master bedroom.

On another note, the person who earned the most money from their paintings and is thus closest to earning a Free Pass...Dewayne! Bizarrely, the weirdo who hates art only painted three paintings and reached a Level 3 in painting, but managed to sell the most.
Dewayne: $164
Lara: $124
Stefan: $108
Alyssa: $55 (after subtracting $100 for repair costs)
Rocco: $52
Amie: $21 (after subtracting $50 for repair costs)
Lucas: $8
Saki: $0 (yes, that's right - Saki was too busy talking to everyone and didn't complete a single painting...she will be $50 in debt, as she had to pay repair costs)

Saturday is Fun Day. As a reward for surviving thus far, the group gets to play with water slides. Everyone (even Eco-Friendly Rocco who hates wasting water) is having the time of their lives...except Saki. She never once chose to slide. How boring.

It is now that time - time for elimination. All the contestants have given their votes. It is now the one with Immunity, Alyssa, who must break the news of who leaves the first week.
Alyssa: If you are seated, congratulations, you are guaranteed to stay. The two who are standing - Stefan, Amie - are in the bottom two. One will stay, and one will leave. The person who got the most votes against them and must now leave the Addison House is.....
...Amie. Sorry, Amie.

It appears Amie's constant harping and arguing with everyone was the kiss of death for her. Even Alyssa voted for her (shouldn't have scared her in the cellar, I guess) - in fact, she got four votes against her to Stefan's two, and she was the only contestant to enter the red zone in the friendship meter (with Stefan and Lucas). Anyway, as she cries and everybody (except Stefan, Alyssa, and good-hearted Lara) points and laughs at her misfortune, Amie packs up to leave.

Amie: I didn't want to be the first to go home. I'm a hard-working girl and I could've changed the business world with the money! I don't understand why everyone was so harsh. That idiot Stefan is always yelling at people! That's why I voted for him! They just picked me because they're shallow people and they don't like my curves. This whole thing is a sham!
Goodbye, Amie. We truly enjoyed your personality and the drama you caused and I'm sure some of our viewers were rooting for you. But now, it's time to say goodnight and goodbye to the Addison House.

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