Monday, September 10, 2012

The Overlord Legacy - Chapter Two - Pregnancy Drama

It's a bright and cheery day in Moonlight Falls (oxymoron, right?), and there's still a couple of hours until Rufus Overlord's carpool arrived. He has recently been promoted to Cutpurse, which is much better for his dignity than a Decoy, but he hasn't reached overlord status just yet.

Rufus has been feeling particularly neurotic today. He's been talking about conspiracies with his wife, Bambi, particularly about the driver of the ice cream truck.
"See?! It's parked in front of our house again! That stupid ice cream cone on top is probably a satellite listening to every word we're saying. I bet the hero that's destined to overthrow me is driving it."
"Now, now, dear, let's not get paranoid."
"They don't even sell Choco-Tacos. If THAT doesn't indicate a conspiracy, I don't know what does."

With her husband home for a couple more hours, Bambi decides that it's time to have the baby talk. Rufus shuts her down every time she brings it up, but oh, she just wants nothing more than to cuddle a little bundle of joy in her arms. Plus, she knows her time is short. She's only got about fifteen more fertile days left.
Bambi: "Rufus, you know what I was thinking?"
Rufus: "You actually think?"
Bambi: "...From time to time, I actually do, Rufus. But...there's only so much time left and...honey, I think we should have a baby. I mean, how will you be able to keep your overlord legacy going if you don't have any heirs?"
Rufus: "I'm an overlord. I plan on living forever."
Bambi: "Well...if worse came to worst, you need an heir to carry on your line. Do you think we could try? I mean, I'm going to be at home. Clearly I'm not going to run out and become an international super spy or anything."
Rufus: "....I see your point. I guess we can try for a baby."

And suddenly Bambi's visions and dreams erupt in a flash of glory, with singing and dancing and heavenly music playing. Her precious husband finally said yes. She imagines how romantic their baby-making will be. She imagines how fond their relationship will grow with a baby in the house. She envisions something like this...
Of course, Rufus thought about what he just said and in his mind, he envisions something like this...

But he agreed to do it. So he walks straight to the shower and yells, "You coming?" Not exactly the romantic endeavor that Bambi was hoping for, but she'll take it.

It just takes one try. Later that night Bambi feels a bit sick and she's sure it's not from the autumn salad she made for dinner. (Her husband meanwhile is coming up with genius inventions to take over the world while he sleeps.)
Bambi anxiously waits until morning, waits until the Sim Deity confirms to her that she is, in fact, carrying a precious baby Overlord.

The confirmation comes in the morning.

Evening comes around and Rufus gets back from work, having been promoted to a Thug ("I get to kill people now, honey!"), but immediately heads out for the gym. He needs to keep up his buff physique to out-thug the other thugs, after all. So Bambi decides to use the time he's away to catch up on her own requirements as a Desk Jockey. She'll take some time off for this pregnancy, but she hopes to get to work right away and she'll need to develop a relationship with her partner for that. So she invites her over. She seems to be a nice woman.
Then tragedy and nightmare strikes. The full moon comes out. Bambi had heard rumors of strange things happening in Moonlight Falls before she and Rufus moved here after they married, but she thought that's what they were - just rumors. Then this started happening...
What horrors! Bambi thought werewolves only existed in legends and scary children's tales! And now she's partners with one?! The horrific creature rises up in stature, sending Bambi tumbling to the ground. The werewolf licks her hungry lips.
Bambi screams. Her overlord husband isn't around to help her. Why oh why did she have to do this behind his back? Could things possibly get any worse?
...The answer is yes. Things can always get worse.


  1. That was a MEAN cliffhanger! :P I want to know what happens!

    I can't imagine playing on such a short life span. I upped the normal span to 113 days, so yours seems really quick! But I like it. It means you've gotta keep the story moving. =)

    Still love Rufus. <3

  2. Yeah I can't imagine a shorter lifespan. I am playing the normal lifespan for my legacy, but I use twallan's Relativity mod to slow down the clock during the day so I can get more done and actually document some action.

    I will say though, you're handling the speed VERY well and your dialogue is absolutely hilarious! One suggestion, take screenshots with the walls up, so we can see the transformation of the house from bland to "OVERLORD POWAH" decor! =P

  3. That's the one thing I keep forgetting to do - put the walls up for screenshots. Sometimes it's frustrating because the walls will block the perfect shot, but otherwise I'm already starting to renovate their house, so you'll get to see a new and improved Overlord house in future chapters.

    I thought about the impact a shorter lifespan might have on the story (like, maybe I wouldn't be able to add enough depth to the characters and all), but I just find it difficult to stay engaged in long legacies. I get "player's block" at the fifth generation consistently. So I'm thinking I'll stay more engaged this way and can actually finish the story.

    1. Sometimes you can get a better shot by zooming the camera way in to the sim's eye level, then hitting TAB to eliminate the UI which gives a more wide angle view. That's how I finally learned to take better ones, particularly in small rooms. My legacy founder's house is a real challenge though, its a super tiny 10x10 'micro' house so the rooms are super dinky and the half bath downstairs is barely big enough for the toilet, the sink and one sim... super hard to get the screenies of her in there having morning sickness hahs!

    2. I'll definitely try that next time, because my rooms aren't that big either and it's just frustrating trying to get a good shot with the overlord decorations in the background, so I often just give up and bring the walls down, even though that detracts from some of the atmosphere.

    3. Cool, you'll get the hang of it! You know you can tilt the camera up and and down by holding down your mouse wheel and moving up or down, right? Zooming way in to sim's eye level, then holding mouse wheel to tilt the camera a bit up or down should give you more angles for shots (always set up your shots with the game paused of course). Walls are a pain sometimes but you're right, it detracts if they're not there. :)

    4. I'd do that, but I play my Sims on a laptop without a mouse, so I can only use the X and Z buttons to zoom out and in.

  4. Wow, a werewolf as a partner and a zombie coming in the door! I can't wait to find out what's going to happen next

  5. *waits for witches and vampires to appear* Fun chapter! :)

  6. "I'm an overlord. I plan on living forever." That was hilarious.

    A werewolf Sim for a partner...well that was unexpected. Yikes, poor Bambi.

  7. And the Supernatural element comes to play here. I wonder how Bambi's going to get out from between a werewolf and a zombie.

    I'm even more curious to know how Rufus is going to take the news of his pregnant wife being threatened by what will surely become his future minions. Can't wait until he gets back.