Friday, September 28, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Fourteen - What A Little Pixie Dust Will Do

Midnight pushes hard, drops of sweat pouring all over her nice clothes. She has no reason to change them - flexible workout clothes are for wusses, and besides, she's got a werewolf to do her laundry for her, so the sweat stains will come out in time. She watches the cooking channel as she runs, looking for tasty ideas to keep that silly fairy working.

Midnight has other things to think about as well. Her superior athletic ability (and perhaps her status as an Overlord) has promoted her very quickly. Soon she'll be in charge of her own squad and she needs to be ready for that day. Soldiers must tremble when she speaks. She must make that first impression if she is to take control of the military base in time.

She's also considering some...other uses for her servants back at home. Yes, it's quite nice that they do all the housework for her and even add some additional income. But what's the point of having a man-pet if you can't play with them a little? An Overlord needs to have fun when she's not planning to overthrow the world.
Going back to work at the salon is a difficult experience for Oliver. It's a conflicting turmoil inside of him - it gives him the illusion of freedom, but he knows he's not really free. If he doesn't return back home by the end of the day, serious pain will be inflicted on him. He's never experienced himself, but Jakkson's told him about it and he certainly never wants to feel it.

Multiplying his grief even more, Oliver passes by the horrible man that started all this on his way into the salon.
If that man hadn't become Emperor of Evil, if he hadn't set out to dominate the world and make a name for his family, if he hadn't fathered that wicked daughter of his, Oliver would be free. None of this would have happened.

Frustrated at all the emotions flipping inside of him, Oliver tries to focus on his clients. Some are easier to deal with...
Oliver: "So you're wanting a new wardrobe?"
Woman: "Yes. Now that I'm living with my honey-bunny-boo, I need to look sizzling hot for him everyday. All this old stuff I have now...pah! Too frumpy! Can you help me?"
Oliver: "You've come to the right stylist."

...and others are not so pleasant.
Oliver: "....What is it you wanted again?"
Old man: "I want some new rocking accessories to go with my awesome look."
Oliver: "Sir, you need more than....sigh. Okay. How about this black wristwatch?"
While Midnight goes to work (and Oliver nearly tears his hair out at the salon) and Jakkson goes hunting for more valuable gems and insects, Phantom has grown the first of his produce. He's very excited about it. None of the plants have died yet! He stocks the fridge with some of the fresh fruits and vegetables, then gathers the rest (along with his now-perfect honey and beeswax production) and flies over to the grocery store to sell the produce. He feels just giddy after receiving the Simoleons in exchange. Mama Pixie never, ever let him touch any money.

Still with honey and beeswax in hand, Phantom makes his way to the alchemy shop.
Clerk: "What do you want?"
Phantom: "I want to play with the cash register."
Clerk: "...You can't do that. Only I handle the register."
Phantom: "But it has buttons. And a crank. I love buttons and cranks."
Clerk: "Good grief, everything they told me about fairies was correct. Childish and annoying."
Phantom: "No, that's just Pixies. Come to think of it, actually that's just me."
Clerk: "Is there ANYTHING I can help you with?"
Phantom: "I'm selling beeswax, honey."
Clerk: "Excuse me?!"
Phantom: "Beeswax. And honey."
Clerk: "...Oh. I thought you called me...never mind. I'll take the beeswax and honey and see if they sell."
Phantom: "Thanks, babe."
Clerk: "...!!!!"

After freeing his hands (and gleefully turning the crank on the cash register for one precious second before the clerk smacked his hands away), Phantom prepares to float back home...until he sees a scientist nearby. A scientist with jelly beans in his hands. Mama Pixie always told him to never, ever eat any jelly beans. Some of them are poisoned. Phantom pauses, mulling over Mama Pixie's words in his head. Then he slowly approaches the scientist.

Phantom: "What are those?"
Scientist: "These? These are homegrown jelly beans, son. Try one, and if you like them, you can buy a bag at the register."
Phantom: "Are they poisoned?"
Scientist: "Poisoned? Of course not! I try one jelly bean from each bush I produce and I'm not dead yet, am I? Try this one. I think it's cinnamon flavored."

And how could Phantom possibly resist? Cinnamon is yummy and warm and totally fun to swirl hot cocoa with. With excitement, Phantom pops the jelly bean into his mouth. The cinnamon is warm and spicy...almost too warm and spicy...actually it's very warm and spicy...Phantom feels it coming back up his throat. It feels like fire!
Scientist: "Gaaahhh!! What is wrong with you?? My face! It burns! You stupid creature!"
Phantom: "But...but how is it my fault?"
Scientist: "Nobody has spat up fire from a cinnamon flavored jelly bean!!"
Phantom: "Are you sure those little red ones aren't acid-reflux-flavored jelly beans? My stomach acid tends to catch fire when I burp it up."
Scientist: "This is from acid reflux?!?"
Phantom: "Yeah. You can imagine how literal my heartburn feels."
Scientist: "Would you get out of here, you twat?!"
Phantom: "Can I have another jelly bean? I don't want an acid-reflux-flavored one this time."
Scientist: "GO AWAY!!"

Rejected and disappointed, Phantom flutters home sadly, his fiery acid reflux still burning in his throat. If he hadn't sold his honey, he could've swallowed some to soothe his throat. That's what Mama Pixie always gave him.

Phantom perks up when he sees Jakkson in the front lawn. He must've just returned from his hunt. Excitedly Phantom turns into his ball of light form. Werewolves are so much fun to play with.
Jakkson: "Wha...? Hey, is that you, Phantom? What are you doing like that?"
Jakkson: "Oh, for always pop out unexpectedly."
Phantom: "Like a jack-in-the-box. You never know when I'm gonna pop out and scare you."
Jakkson: "I hated that toy growing up. I'm pretty sure mine was demon-possessed."
Phantom: "Really? Do you still have it?"
Jakkson: "No. My father burned it."
Phantom: "Did it pop out of the fire and laugh and chase your father around? Speaking of fire, I burped up fire today. I caught a scientist's face on fire, but it was his fault really."
Jakkson: "...I'll take your word for it. How do you do that, anyway? Burp up fire, I mean."
Phantom: "First put your first two fingers on your cheek, like this."
Jakkson: "...Like this?"
Phantom: "Yeah, like that. Then you stick your tongue out."
Jakkson: "Eah?"
Phantom: "Then you do this."
 Jakkson: "Clearly I'm a bit slow. I was actually taking you seriously there for a second."
The next morning Midnight wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. She hasn't gotten enough sleep, she's just about sick of the autumn salad Phantom constantly makes for meals, Jakkson hasn't picked up her clothes from off the bedroom floor yet, and her master bathroom toilet is dirty. She walks out to the dining room to grab something to eat and notices Jakkson eating his salad like an animal while Phantom whines about it.
Phantom: "Eww! You're getting wet salad chunks all over my side of the table, Jakk!"
Jakkson: "NOMNOMNOM"
Phantom: "Midnight, remember that bucket of chicken fat you said you were going to drown me in? Can you find that and dump it on Jakkson for a minute?"

Midnight takes a deep breath, trying not to overturn their salads on both of them. Then Oliver comes through the door.
Midnight: "You're late. Sleeping in much, are we?"
Oliver: "You gave us cheap springy beds. I feel like I haven't slept enough."
Midnight: "Why am I surrounded by incompetent fools?!?"

As she changes for work and prepares to walk out the door, Phantom flutters over to her.
Midnight: "What could you possibly want, fairy?"
Phantom: "Do you even know my name?"
Midnight: "I wish I didn't know you existed."
Phantom: "I'm Phantom. By the way, do you actually have a bucket of chicken fat?"
Midnight: "Phantom, just.....sigh. Do something useful, would you?"
Phantom: "Oh boy! I have some ideas. I'll do it tonight."
Midnight: "Whatever. I'm going to work."
Midnight doesn't think much about it, but Phantom actually does have something planned. He's just figured out a new trick and he can't wait to try it out on people.
Phantom: "Oliver! C'mere, I want to try this out."
Oliver: "Whoa, what the heck are you doing? Is this...glitter?! Phantom, I have work in the morning, I don't need to look like a disco--"
Phantom: "It's not glitter. I wish I would've thought of that. Darn."
Oliver: "...What in the world is this, Phantom? I feel...I feel really light and airy inside."
Phantom: "It's Flight of Felicity! I just learned how to do it yesterday. It makes you fly like a fairy for a little while."
Oliver: " know how to do nice tricks?"
Phantom: "I know lots of tricks."

Midnight comes in from work and stops to relieve herself in the bathroom. After she flushes, she holds back a scream when she sees Phantom right behind her.
Midnight: "What on earth are you doing?!"
Phantom: "Something useful, just like you told me to! Hold still and close your eyes."
 Midnight: "...I feel...different. What did you do?"
Phantom: "It's Flight of Felicity! You can fly like a fairy for a little while. I always feel sad for people who can't fly. It's so much fun."
Midnight: "Well...thank you, Phantom. I actually appreciate you for once."

Midnight: "Well, hey, Fangs. Looks like the fairy got you too."
Oliver: "Yeah, he did. But it feels pretty nice. I can't go very high, but it's a bit exhilarating, being able to fly."
Midnight: "I'm surprised at myself, but I'm inclined to agree with you. There's something I wanted to ask you, though. Where was that place that you mentioned when I talked to you on the phone? You know, the old place that you go to get some inspiration for the future? I think I called you to set up an appointment and you told me you were in there."
Oliver: "...You mean the Vault of Antiquity? I go there to think and...well, discern my fortune and my horoscope."
Midnight: "I want to see it. I'd like for you to take me there."

Oliver doesn't know what exactly she wants, but he can't exactly refuse even if he wanted to. Using their new powers of flight, Oliver and Midnight make their way to the library a few blocks away. Oliver shows her the innocent stairs along the side that lead down to the archives. Midnight is silent as she follows him inside.

The archives are cold but calming. Even Midnight can feel its silent effects. It's no wonder Oliver likes to come here to think.
Midnight: "...This is a special place. I can feel it."
Oliver: "It is, especially for supernaturals. There's an alchemy station hidden away in here, and rows and rows of books to help us. My ancestor's urn is even here."
Midnight: "I see. Do you ever use the alchemy station?"
Oliver: "No, I mainly leave that to the witches. They use it pretty frequently."
Midnight: "Hey now, that's not a nice way to refer to me."
Oliver: "Oh, I wasn't...I wasn't referring to--"
Midnight: "I know, I know, I was kidding."
Oliver: "Oh. Haha, I didn't know you ever...well..."
Midnight: "I'm evil and I'm an Overlord, but that doesn't mean I can't crack a joke here and there. Really I'm not that bad."

Maybe it's the archives messing with his mind, or maybe it's the pixie dust that Phantom had thrown on him. But somehow Oliver is inclined to believe her.

Midnight: "What's that over there? What's in that bookcase? It looks important."
Oliver: "Oh, this? a secret passageway."
Midnight: "Oh! What does it lead to?"
Oliver: " would be easier just to show you."
Midnight: "Please do."

Oliver opens the door, quite sure that he's out of his normal mind at this point. He doesn't show anybody his little hideaway, and yet he's giving Midnight Overlord free access to it. Maybe the Flight of Felicity has made him feel a little too light and airy.
Midnight: "What's this thing?"
Oliver: "That's what I use to see my horoscope. It's really useful in helping me plan out my days and know what's coming up."
Midnight: "Do you think I'll be able to see my horoscope?"
Oliver: "Yeah, just look into it."
Midnight: "...It's forming a maple leaf. What does that mean?"
Oliver: "...A maple leaf? A-are you sure?"
Midnight: "Positive. It's a red maple leaf."
Oliver: "That's...that's a symbol of romance in your immediate future."
Midnight: "Oh..."

Midnight slowly turns to look Oliver full in the face. Oliver can't help but notice how close they're standing together, and suddenly his heart begins to pound. Midnight Overlord is evil and maniacal in many ways, but Oliver's never been able to deny her beauty. He's just been able to ignore it out of bitterness. Until now, that is...

Midnight steps closer to him, causing Oliver to catch his breath. He can feel her warmth brushing against him. He tries not to tremble. Gently, she places a hand on his shoulder. Oliver blinks and looks down, almost afraid to keep eye contact with Midnight, afraid of what might happen, afraid of what he'll feel.
Midnight: "...If you look into the globe, do you think you'll see a maple leaf too?"
Oliver: "I...I-I really don't know..."
Midnight: "I like my horoscope. Do you like it too?"
Oliver: "...I don't know what to think about it."
Midnight: "I understand, it must be...a little confusing. Do you believe horoscopes always come true?"

Oliver can't answer. He freezes as Midnight's face gets closer to his. He can feel her warm minty breath gently touching his cheek. He swallows as her nose softly touches the side of his. He just needs to lean forward a couple more inches and their lips will meet. She's so enticing right now...and as evil as he knows she is, he can't help but feel it's right...

...Then he gently backs away.
Oliver: "I'm...I'm sorry. My head's just not clear right now. I think..."
Midnight: "You think what?"
Oliver: "I just...I think I need time to think about this..."
Midnight: "That's fine...I can wait for you to come around."
Slowly releasing Midnight from his trembling fingers, Oliver leads her out of the Vault of Antiquity. He feels as if his breath has been stolen from him. What's happened to him tonight? Could this really be happening? What would life look like if...if....

Meanwhile, back at the front door...
Zombie: "Hey...what's a zombie's favorite toy? A deady bear! Ahh ha ha ha ha!"
Jakkson: ".....sigh."

Author's note: Overlords have to have fun sometime! ;)

Due to much playing, I have the next two or three chapter photos ready, I just haven't written them yet, so hopefully I'll have the time to upload them tomorrow and the day after.

Thoughts, anyone? Leave them in the comments! :D


  1. Phantom makes me laugh so much. I'd probably find someone like him incredibly annoying if I ever met him but reading about him is just so funny.

  2. I noticed what you wrote on "What did you discover..." so I think I know what direction your story is going >: D

    Honestly though, Oliver is cute but I'm shipping Phantom/Midnight. They're drive each other crazy!

    1. Shh! Lol those were practice runs. It might not turn out exactly that way in the future...

  3. LOL, when Phantom calls the cashier babe. And the "a deady bear!" joke! XD
    I love your little snips of humor here and there, it really makes your legacy a joy to read. :)

    Also; Oliver and Midnight! I never would have guessed!
    I'll be waiting for your next chapter. I think Im addicted lol!

  4. Phantom is indeed annoying; I think of it as part of his charm.

  5. I agree, Phantom is annoying but he's the fan favorite here! Oliver worries too much and Jakkson a little too easy to manipulate now. Phantom will give evil Midnight a run for her money! I suppose Midnight has a 'soft' side that comes out in a moment of weakness for romance... I bet she inherited that from Bambi. ;)

  6. Oh boy!! What a chapter. I'm so shocked that Oliver was the first to fall under Midnight's charm. I wonder if her emotions are at all mimicking her desires.

  7. A red maple leaf? She's going to Canada!

    Or it could be romance. The scene with Midnight and Oliver was pretty touching. To repeat myself, I like the direction the Overlord Legacy story is going.

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