Sunday, September 16, 2012

Overlord Legacy - Chapter Seven - Heir Apparent

It's a tense-filled morning for Bambi Overlord. Her husband has not yet talked to their son about potentially carrying on the Overlord legacy. If Dungeon has no interest in world domination, Rufus will hardly consider him a part of the family anymore and there will be no chance of living in the house after high school graduation. There's a hefty dose of shame that comes with that - most of Simkind stays at home until they're ready for marriage.

So Bambi sits down with Dungeon for breakfast before he has to go to school.
Bambi: "So,'re going to be a teenager soon."
Dungeon: "Yeah. Everyone says it feels really weird."
Bambi: "Well, yes. So, um...teenagehood is one step closer to young adulthood. Do you know potentially what you want to do?"
Dungeon: "I don't know. Maybe become a doctor or something. I can help lots of people that way."

Bambi's stomach twists. She longs for Dungeon to go after his dream of helping people, but she also longs to keep him close to her as long as possible. Rufus certainly won't accept a doctor in the house. Bambi doesn't understand how she can stay so in love with this man who is so hard to live with.

That evening, the conversation comes.
Rufus: "Dungeon, ol' boy. I have some things to talk to you about. How do you feel about robbing banks and holding hostages?"
Dungeon: "Dad, no. I don't want to talk about this."
Rufus: "What do you mean you don't want to talk about this? You're an Overlord. We're going to take over the world."
Dungeon: "I don't want to take over the world, dad. It's fine the way it is."
Rufus: ".......If that's the way you want it, then fine. But the world is going to turn out the way I want it, not the way you want it. You will have no part in this."

Bambi walks back into the bedroom, trying to contain the tears. She has to go back to work in the morning, when all she wants to do is spend every moment she can with Dungeon, now that she has limited time left with him. Why couldn't Rufus have been an ordinary man?
Bambi has her birthday in the kitchen by herself.
 While this is happening, Rufus is tending to the babies (oxymoron, right?). He sloppily gives a bottle to Maiden first. Maiden is a heavy sleeper like Dungeon turned out to be and she's...ugh...Good. For a moment, Rufus is worried about his future plans for world domination. On the off-chance he isn't invincible, who will continue to take over the world after he's old? Elderhood is coming quicker than he'd like to think.

Then he picks up Midnight.
Rufus: "Mm. You look just like that other gurgly poopy farty thing."
As if on command, Midnight lets one rip. Rufus crinkles his nose in disgust, then notices a smile on Midnight's face. But it's not just any's a fiendishly delighted smile.
Rufus: "You're...Evil?"
Rufus: "Yesh you're evil! Yesh! You're sho evil, yesh you are, you widdle evil thing! Daddy's got an heir! Yesh he does!"
Bambi, meanwhile, tries her best to balance motherhood with her secret law enforcement career. Just dealing with two dirty diapers, two mouths to feed, two babies who need attention is draining enough, especially when the crying seems to be nonstop.
To make things even more draining on her life, part of her job as a Lieutenant involves questioning people and writing reports. This takes time and effort, not to mention risk as more and more people recognize her as a police officer married to an evil overlord.

Bambi decides to experiment and see if supernaturals are more likely to leave her personal life alone than most humans she knows. So she interviews a fairy...
...a werewolf...
...and a vampire.
The vampire then offers her flowers, which she rejects with disgust. Then the vampire passes out on the ground from sunlight exposure. Maybe Rufus is right and vampires are bone-headed stupid creatures.

Since the Overlords don't own a computer as of yet, Bambi has to go write her reports in the library.
Libraries. So quiet and peaceful. Nothing inconvenient or noisy or evil happens in a library. Certainly nothing like a fairy beating up on an unsuspected human.
The twin girls have a quiet birthday at home. Bambi prepares to put the cake away.
Bambi: "Ugh! I can't get to the fridge!"
What the heck are you talking about? The fridge is unblocked.
Bambi: "I just...I can't access the fridge."
How can you not access the fridge?!
Bambi: "Can't you just put the leftovers away? You're all-powerful."
I have demanded that you do all of that yourself. You will do it because there is absolutely nothing blocking the--
 Oh. Jigsaw. Right. Carry on.

The twin girls are adorable. Normally Bambi dresses the toddlers, but for some reason Bambi can't figure out, Rufus is insistent on dressing Midnight. He doesn't particularly care about Maiden, but he wants to dress Midnight.
See if you can guess which one's Midnight and which one's Maiden.

Dungeon, just a day away from his birthday, eagerly spends some time with his sisters. It makes Bambi swell with pride just to watch.

Tomorrow marks Dungeon's teenage birthday. Bambi can already feel the tension between Rufus and Dungeon. What will happen when Dungeon's hormones start coming into play? What will the Overlord household look like?

Rufus' worries, meanwhile, have largely subsided. Although his son is sickeningly good, Rufus thinks his head's far too high in the clouds for him to be much danger. Maiden can be mainly Bambi's responsibility. Rufus, however, has an heir. He now has the responsibility to groom Midnight to take over where he leaves off when he gets too old to continue.

And he is fiendishly delighted.


  1. Rufus is a TERRIBLE father, but he cracks me up. I already like Midnight, and honestly their names are pretty cute. Very fitting of the children of an evil overlord.

  2. Rufus is hilarious as a father! I love the fact that the evil twin is Midnight and the good one is Maiden - it just seems so appropriate!


  3. "I can't access the fridge!" That whole conversation was hilarious.
    I love the twins' names, very fitting. Rufus discovering his heir was just hilarious. =D

  4. The twins are cute! It should be fun watching Rufus train his heir! :)

  5. I know Rufus is evil, but it still makes me kind of happy knowing he has a child he'll actually pay attention to. I look forward to seeing these kids grow up.